800 Whatsapp Status In English For Girls & Boys (The Ultimate List!!!)

Whatsapp Status in English is our latest collection of beautiful and amazing quotes that can help you express the way you feel to the world.


What Is WhatsApp Status?

Whatsapp status is a feature on WhatsApp that allows you to express yourself or share information via text, photo, GIF, and video.

It can be seen by everyone who has your contact and it disappears automatically after 24 hours of posting it. You can even find some of our suggested Whatsapp statuses below.

What Should I Put For WhatsApp Status?

Before you dive into our list of WhatsApp status provided below, here’s how you can pick the best Whatsapp status for your next update. Here’s how to pick a good Whatsapp Status from our collection of statuses below:

1. Determine How You Feel In The Moment: Whatsapp status is about sharing how you feel in the moment with everyone that has your contact and is also using WhatsApp. So, the first thing you should do is know how you feel at the moment: Happy, Sad, etc

2. Locate The Proper Category: For instance, you are not feeling happy, what you have to do is go down to the ‘Sad Whatsapp Status’ on our category below and find one of the quotes there that best represents the way you feel at the moment.

3. Pick The Best Represented Status: Ensure you pick the status that properly represents how you feel. You can also modify it to suit your present state of mind.

4. Go Ahead And Publish It: Now that you’ve gotten what you want, go ahead and publish it.

Whatsapp status in english

Amazing Whatsapp Status In English – WhatsApp Status.

Searching for an amazing Whatsapp Status? Our collection of Whatsapp Status below features the best ways you can express yourself and also reveal your thoughts, emotions and your views in a creative style:

  1. No, I’m not lucky; I’m BLESSED.
  2. I’m Awesome. F**k your opinion.
  3. Never give up on anything you love.
  4. I never changed, I just grew up. And I think you should try it sometimes.
  5. I didn’t argue with the boss! I was merely explaining to him why I was right.
  6. I’m so jealous of my parents. I wonder if I’ll ever have a kid as amazing as theirs.
  7. God is very creative; I mean, just take a look at me!
  8. Life is too short. So, don’t waste yours reading my WhatsApp status.
  9. No one is as good as me when it comes to sleeping, I even do it with my eyes closed.
  10. I speak my mind. I never mind what I speak.
  11. My day without U is incomplete.
  12. Engage in something today that your future self will be proud of.
  13. Amazing Whatsapp Status In English
  14. Don’t limit your challenges. Challenge your limits.
  15. Turn your face to the sun, and shadows will fall.
  16. Never take anyone’s kindness for their weakness.
  17. The funny thing about this world is that no one is leaving it alive.
  18. If you do what you always did, you’ll get what you always got.
  19. Don’t allow your yesterday to take up too much of your today.
  20. Instead of raising your voice, it’s better to improve your argument.
  21. Don’t always strive to be a man of success, but a man of great value.
  22. If he’s stupid enough to walk out of your life, then be smart enough to let him go.
  23. Falling down may occur as a result of an accident. But staying down is simply by choice.
  24. Weak people will always revenge. Strong people forgive. And intelligent people simply ignore.
  25. whatsapp status in english
  26. In the morning while I was driving my Bugatti, the alarm woke me up.
  27. Mosquitos are like family. They are annoying but they still carry our blood.
  28. I’ve been wondering what will happen if every Doctor’s Wife eats an Apple a day.
  29. Don’t let their negativity bring you down. Keep shining.
  30. Distinguish yourself with character.
  31. If she doesn’t make you a priority, then explore your options.
  32. There’s no way you can get result and excuses at the same time. You’ll have to choose one.
  33. In the process of going after things you want, don’t forget to be grateful for the things you have.
  34. One of the hardest things to do is doing nothing… You never know when to finish.
  35. These days, the book store is the only evidence that we have that there’re people out there still thinking.
  36. If there’s anything I’ve learnt very well from college, it’s texting even without looking.
  37. According to science, light travels a lot faster than sound… Maybe that’s why people appear to be bright until they speak.
  38. Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. But today is a gift, and that’s why we call it the ‘Present’.
  39. Don’t live your life based on how many breaths you’ve taken, but by how many moments that take your breath away.
  40. Whatsapp status in english
  41. I’ve got just 1% battery left. Whoever sends me a message or calls me has declared his or herself my enemy.
  42. I was pretending to work, so the M.D also pretend to pay me. Anyway, I don’t like talking about it.
  43. If you walk out of my life without a REASON, don’t try walking in with an EXCUSS.
  44. I’ve decided to make the remaining part of my life, the best part of my life.
  45. I’m always happy in front of those who hate me, because I know it kills them.
  46. Home: The Only place I can look very ugly and still enjoy it.
  47. And who even needs a hairstylist when my pillow gives me new hairstyles every morning?
  48. I enjoy hanging out with friends who make me forget to even look at my smartphone.
  49. True Friends never judge each other. Rather, they judge others together.
  50. Don’t expect them to treat me like you were treated. After all, all animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.
  51. Sometimes I begin to wonder how my online friends are going to be informed of my demise (Death). This gives me so much concern.
  52. Nobody is worth your tears, nevertheless, the ones who do will Never make you CRY.
  53. They think I’m now heartless. No, I only learned how to use the heart Less.
  54. During that awkward moment when the caterpillar thought the world was ending, it turned into a butterfly.

Whatsapp Status

  1. Anybody who has not made a mistake before has never tried anything new.
  2. Tom & Jerry made me know that life is boring without enemies.
  3. Why try to fit in when you were originally made to stand out?
  4. I never worry because life is a journey, and all I want to do is enjoy the ride.
  5. Life is like a mirror; It smiles back at you when you smile at it.
  6. When you have everything under control, then you ain’t moving fast enough.
  7. Whatever you find yourself doing, give it your 100% except you’re donating blood.
  8. The harder it is for you to get something, the more you’ll appreciate it when you finally arrive.
  9. Don’t be afraid to fight for whatever you believe in.
  10. The easiest way to destroy your enemies is to make them friends.
  11. The three most powerful words apart from I LOVE YOU is this ‘Salary is Credited.’
  12. whatsapp status
  13. We all have that one friend who will say “I’ll be right there by 7 AM” and then they finally show up by 9 AM.
  14. Why does my bed feel extra comfortable whenever it’s time to go to school?
  15. Sometimes I don’t like to explain myself. This is because I know that I’m right.
  16. Whenever people try to bring you down, this shows that you’re above them all.
  17. If you truly care for someone, then their happiness becomes your priority even before your own.
  18. One of the things I love the most is doing those things people said I couldn’t do.
  19. If you think you are bad, then just call me your dad.
  20. If you think you’re a player, I’m the coach.
  21. Don’t judge me by my past because I don’t stay there anymore.
  22. Please, hold me responsible for what I say, not what you understand.
  23. Don’t let anyone intimidate you. You’re unique, just like every other person.
  24. Don’t blame the player, blame the game.
  25. whatsapp status
  26. Every problem also arrives with a solution. If you think it doesn’t have a solution, then it’s not a problem.
  27. I wish I had a recording machine that can record all my dreams and let me watch them later.
  28. Dreamlike you would live forever. But live each day like it’s your last.
  29. The boys may lie more, but the ladies lie better.
  30. I hardly trust anyone. But if I tell you that I trust you, then don’t make me regret it.
  31. Disappointed but I’m not surprised.
  32. Alive or simply breathing?
  33. I felt so special at first until I saw you talking to everyone the same way.
  34. No one cared anymore. So, I stopped talking about the way I feel inside.
  35. Sometimes all you need is that special person that makes you forget that your heart was once broken.
  36. Somewhere in the darkness, I lovest myself.
  37. Whatsapp status
    They Call It Pride, But I Call It Class Because Lions Never Mix With Cats.
  38. Don’t be in a hurry to judge anyone, you don’t know what storm they’ve been facing in their lives.
  39. So much trouble in the world.
  40. I’m a loyal type, but it seems that I’m always loyal just for the wrong people.
  41. Cheating is a choice. So, stop telling me it was a mistake.
  42. That moment when you are smiling because one dirty thing just landed on your mind.
  43. There’s no relationship without trust. Once it’s absent, it becomes just two friends trying to act like lovers.
  44. Sometimes the only way to keep people close to you is to maintain a distance from them.
  45. I See a lot of enemies who will be acting like friends. But I do not recommend them because I know their agender.
  46. Trying to advise someone who thinks they know better than you is a waste of time; A cup that is full needs nothing new.

Nice WhatsApp Status for Girls

Are you a girl searching for a way to show off your emotions, view or thought to your family & friends on WhatsApp? Below are ready-to-use examples of girls Whatsapp status:

  1. Smartness is a perfect beauty.
  2. Life is Easy, but the queen is busy.
  3. She came, she saw, she conquered.
  4. Every good girl is a bad girl that has not been caught yet.
  5. She’s the perfect combination of “So Sweet” and “Don’t Mess With Me”.
  6. Whatsapp Status for Girls
    It’s Okay If You Don’t Like Me Not Everyone Has Good Taste.
  7. I’m that girl you can only find in your dreams but never in your reality.
  8. When it comes to competition, I don’t see a need. I’m simply one of a kind.
  9. I’m a girl with a heart, a b!tch with an attitude, and a lady with class.
  10. Treat me like a queen and I’ll treat you like my king. But if you treat me like a mere game, then I’ll show you how it’s played.
  11. Good girls help people, bad b!tches ain’t got your time.
  12. My mind is the reason I’m a girl, My attitude is the reason I’m a b!tch, but my class makes me a lady.
  13. Beauty may be a thing of the skin but attitude lies deep down in the bone!
  14. Don’t think every man is a fool, some remain bachelors.
  15. You see those impressive things your boyfriend does to you? I thought him that!
  16. For me, his stories are now History, but for him, my story remains a mystery.
  17. Whatsapp status for girls
    When Your Ego Speaks With Me, My Attitude Replies You.
  18. I’m so loving the kind of confidence that makeup comes along with.
  19. Any lady who doesn’t ask too much deserves so much.
  20. Keep your head, standards and heels high.
  21. I’m that queen with an invisible crown.
  22. Strong women are not ladies with attitudes. They are ladies with standards.
  23. I may not be the only girl that every man wants, but I’m definitely not the one that every man had.
  24. Never go looking for a guy that will resolve your whole problems, you wouldn’t find him. Rather find a man that wouldn’t allow you to face the problems all alone.
  25. Status for Whatsapp
  26. I wish I could go back to being a child. I just found out that bruised knees can heal a lot faster than a broken heart.
  27. The reason why most girls want a taller guy is so she can get her arms around his neck whenever they are kissing or hugging.
  28. The most amazing feeling any girl can experience is happiness. So, always make your lady happy.
  29. All a girl wants is a man that can make her laugh when she thought she couldn’t smile again.
  30. Queens are never afraid to fail because to them, failure is just a stepping stone to the next level.
  31. It takes just one bad boyfriend for you to realize you deserve so much more.
  32. Smart ladies come with an open mind, foolish girls come with an open heart, but the easy girl comes with her legs wide open.
  33. It doesn’t matter how you look, once you’re confident, you’re $exy.
  34. Every girl should copy the Butterfly. It’s pretty to see, but hard to catch.
  35. Why suck my blood? Why can’t these mosquitoes go ahead instead and suck out this fat?
  36. Every Woman’s dream is to eat without growing fat.
  37. Whatsapp status for girls
    Eyes Love Quotes
  38. Characteristics of Every Girl? They never let you touch their face, hair, phone or even boyfriend.
  39. It can be cute when the boys get jealous. But when a girl is jealous, be prepared for World War III.
  40. Women know less but understand more, and that’s why they’re considered wiser than the men.
  41. Ladies want guys who can tell them “I Love You” all through the night and prove it all through the morning.
  42. Can’t you see the pain you put her through? How fast you’ve forgotten how you promised to always be her man.
  43. A strong woman will stand up for herself. But an Independent woman will stand up for everyone else and this is because she’s stronger.
  44. Most men prefer to pick rocks and throw away diamonds… Even with a loyal and gorgeous girlfriend, they still flirt and cheat.
  45. To the broken-hearted ladies: Hold ur head up high and ur middle finger even higher, let him know what great good he is missing.

Good Whatsapp Status for Boys

Hello guys!!! Seems you are here to find a cool Whatsapp status for your next update. We’ve got a list of amazing statuses for boys right here. Just scroll down and find one that best expresses your inner feelings as well as your worst behaviour:

  1. Be young, be dope, be proud.
  2. I’m so cute and no ifs or buts.
  3. I’m simply awesome. So, who cares.
  4. Life is a Βítch. You’ve got to learn how to f**k it.
  5. Every bad boy needs a good girl who will be bad just for him.
  6. I’m that smart guy who intentionally does stupid things.
  7. Whatsapp status for boys
    Boys Attitude Status
  8. Behind every handsome guy is that ugly relationship that made him afraid to love again.
  9. Have you streamed the movie titled ’50 Shades of Awesome Looks?’. Hey! I’m the lead actor.
  10. I’m that naughty boy who doesn’t play with the hearts but the minds.
  11. Who cares about ladies when we’ve got a bunch of cute boys in the hood.
  12. There’s one thing I always like to do, it’s called what I want!
  13. I would rather be a king in hell than a slave in heaven.
  14. Get real with me or just get lost.
  15. I may not be the man of your dream but I’m definitely not the type you have.
  16. One thing I never do is compromise my dream for others.
  17. Try not to mess with the best.
  18. Whatsapp status for boys
  19. In life, I either win or learn.
  20. I’m a lot better than your ex and so cooler than your next.
  21. you are the architect of your fate, the captain of your soul.
  22. Set your goals high, don’t bring them down until you are able to get your desired result.
  23. I’m that hot dude who got a super cool personality.
  24. Champions keep getting it wrong until they get it right.
  25. Change is constant, so never fight it.
  26. I always stand on what I stand for.
  27. How can I control my temper when you can’t control your stupidity?
  28. I’m not the perfect edition, I’m only the original.
  29. Mama said to me ‘Son, chase your dreams’.
  30. Self-confidence is the best outfit. Own it and rock it.
  31. Never settle for less. Know your worth all the time.
  32. If you treat yourself with great respect, then others will follow.
  33. Whatsapp status for boys
  34. Be kind to others, work hard, and amazing things will begin to happen.
  35. From the first day I entered the earth, the devil knew it was going to be a series of competitions all along.
  36. If you don’t want to see a different aspect of my personality, then try not to mess with me.
  37. Knowledge and attitude are the major foundation of real beauty.
  38. He once loved a girl but she broke his heart. Now every piece of his broken heart loves different girls. How can you say it’s not fair?

Whatsapp Status About Me

  1. Loading… A better version of ME.
  2. It will be impossible to spell Awesome without ME.
  3. Whenever words fail me, music speaks.
  4. Mistakes are proof that I tried.
  5. Cast me to the wolves and soon I’ll come back leading the pack.
  6. I’m not in any way near perfection. I’m only a limited edition.
  7. I’m in a serious fight against Myself.
  8. The music in my soul can be loudly heard by the universe.
  9. Life taught me a lot of lessons but like the others, I bunked those classes too.
  10. I used to be a cool boy until global warming turned me into a hot dude.
  11. If you think you’re the player, then I’m the GAME.
  12. My attitude is like a mirror; it reflects who is in front of me.
  13. Shout out to all my haters, I’m sorry you couldn’t vex me.
  14. Stop trying to fix me because I’m not broken.
  15. I’m always going to be the queen, no matter how they shuffle.
  16. I heard you’re a player. It’s nice meeting you; I’m the coach…
  17. I’m far from the usual. Please, your opinion isn’t needed.
  18. Hey! are you searching for the weapon of mass distraction? Here she goes.
  19. Whatsapp Status About Me
  20. Smart, Intelligent, friendly, Gorgeous, kind, hilarious, charming, sweet, and… Well, enough about ME! How are you?
  21. Love me like it’s a game, I will show you how we play it.
  22. My mother told me ‘we learn from mistakes’. Thus, I will be making as many as possible, and soon, I’ll be a genius.
  23. Most times I act like I’m a normal person. But, these days it’s getting boring so I just get back to being the real me.
  24. I don’t make the right decisions, what I do is find any decision and make them right.
  25. You can’t tell me who I am. I’ll tell you who I am.
  26. Everything that doesn’t kill me makes me stronger.
  27. Don’t step on my toes, because I’m the weapon of mass destruction.
  28. Everything that was supposed to kill me now makes me feel alive.
  29. You remind me a lot of my next girlfriend.
  30. Whatsapp status about me
  31. Not everyone is meant to stay in your life.
  32. If you say you don’t like me then why are you trailing my every move?
  33. It’s understandable if you hate me, but why knock my hustle? If I were to be loosing, I’m sure you wouldn’t care.
  34. Don’t ever downplay on a girl’s ability to find something out.
  35. True happiness can only come when you are able to look at yourself in the mirror and like what you see.
  36. I’m not the best, but I’m nothing like the rest.

Attitude Status For Whatsapp

Your attitude is a definition of who you are. It reflects the way you feel and your pattern of thinking. Below is the best collection of Attitude Status which includes creative and sassy attitude status:

  1. Attitude is Everything.
  2. New levels, new devils.
  3. I am glamorous; I am classy. I’m a lady!
  4. attitude Whatsapp status
  5. When you speak to me with your ego, then you get replies from my attitude.
  6. Never get jealous of anybody. If he’s hotter than you, then you’re cooler than him.
  7. Blessed are the people who never expect anything from anyone, for they will never be disappointed.
  8. Don’t ever take life too serious, no one is getting out of it alive!
  9. I call it my style, not an attitude.
  10. attitude Whatsapp status
  11. I’d rather lose a lover than love a loser.
  12. I want to say a big “F**k you all!” to all my haters.
  13. Even in a room full of art, I still gat dem boys staring at me.
  14. If you have a small dream, you’ll end up working for those with a bigger dream.
  15. It’s not that I’m cranky. It’s just that I have a violent reaction to stupid people.
  16. All I want is someone that can see the fire in my eyes and still wants to play with it.
  17. If you want to attract a queen, then treat yourself like a king.
  18. attitude whatsapp status in english
    You have to be odd to be number one.
  19. If you think you can’t change your fate, why don’t you try changing your attitude?
  20. A bad attitude is just like a flat tire. You can’t move an inch until you fix it.
  21. The only disability in life is a bad attitude.
  22. I may act like a lady, but I think like a boss.
  23. I do what I want, But they do only what they can.
  24. Only if he knows how much pain one little thing can cost her.
  25. They thought I was drunk, they never knew I was only chemically off-balance.
  26. My dress mode is propelled by comfort & style, not actually to impress you.
  27. I’m a strong believer of the timelessness of attitude, and the timelessness of style.
  28. Winners focus on winning, losers focus on winners.
  29. attitude status for whatsapp
  30. God has given you one face, but you decided to make yourself another.
  31. You can say it to my face because my back is not your VOICEMAIL.
  32. Here’s my jug of care. Oh, look! It’s empty.
  33. Whether you love me or hate, that will never change me.
  34. I already know that I’m flawless, so save your opinion.
  35. Your attitude is your price tag, it shows how valuable you’re.
  36. People tend to hear your words, but feel your attitude.
  37. Attitude status for whatsapp
  38. Should in case my attitude happens to be your problem, then stop talking to me.
  39. Don’t try to be perfect because it will never happen. But always stay unique.
  40. Most relationships started with “Can we talk?” and ended with “I think we need to talk”.
  41. Not all marriages begin with “will you marry me?”. Some started with “Mark I’m pregnant…”
  42. Save your attitude for yourself. For your information, my blocklist is way bigger than ur friend list.
  43. A positive attitude is capable of turning even a storm into a sprinkle.
  44. I really don’t give a f**k about what you think about me. I’m amazing & I know it.
  45. attitude status for whatsapp
  46. I’ll never be anybody’s half-time, spare-time, down-time, or sometimes. So I’m asking you not to waste my time.
  47. We met, we liked, we chatted, we texted, we called, we dated, we committed, I loved U, but you cheated, we are done, you are deleted.
  48. attitude status for whatsapp
  49. God didn’t create me with remote control. This shows that I wasn’t created to be controlled.
  50. A weakness of attitude is directly proportional to the weakness of character.
  51. Do not decide when you are sad… Don’t reply when you are angry and don’t promise anyone when you are happy.

Funny Status For Whatsapp

Do you want ribs cracking funny Whatsapp status? Below is some hilarious Whatsapp Status for your next update:

  1. I love shopping but I hate to spend money.
  2. I’m not a lazy person. I’m just on my energy saving mode.
  3. Look! I found something… It’s your nose, it was inside my business again!
  4. I’ve stopped fighting with the demons inside of me. We’re now on the same side.
  5. Yesterday I couldn’t do anything but today, I’m finishing what I started yesterday.
  6. I’ve been having issues with my employer. All I want is to go on a 6-months vacation… Just two times a year. Is that too much to ask for?
  7. Funny Status For Whatsapp
  8. At first, I started with nothing, but now, I still have most of it.
  9. Her Knight in a shiny armour later turned out to be an idiot wrapped in an aluminium foil.
  10. I’m desperately searching for a way to install Google on my brain.
  11. Please stop the looting! our government hate competition.
  12. I’m so in love with my job, but only when I’m on vacation.
  13. If you can confuse them, then why waste energy convincing them?
  14. funny whatsapp status
  15. I used to think that air was free… Not until my sister bought a bag of chips.
  16. I’m so in love with my six-pack so I decided to protect it with one layer of fat.
  17. I dislike people who steal my ideas even before I think of them.
  18. Running away does not in any way help you with your problems except you’re fat.
  19.  About 85% of the boys have girlfriends. The remaining 15% have brains.
  20. The only way to make time to wait for you is to remove the battery.
  21. funny whatsapp status dp
  22. I hate it when people interrupt me while I am ignoring them.
  23. If common sense happens to be so common like everyone says, why don’t my friends have any?
  24. There was a time I had one favourite neighbour of mine until he started using a password on his Wi-Fi.
  25. An ugly personality destroys a pretty face.
  26. You were so beautiful until the 30 days Photoshop free trial ended.
  27. Funny Status For Whatsapp
  28. I enjoy conversations with children. Older people never bother to ask me what my second favourite reptile is.
  29. I found the smartest way to double your money; it’s simple. Just fold your money into half and send it back into your pocket.
  30. Salvation is free, but you must buy a bible.
  31. How can you greet me Good Morning, have you forgotten it’s a Monday Morning?
  32. Funny Status For Whatsapp
  33. How do you know true friends… They don’t judge each, but will rather judge other people together.
  34. Apart from hospital oxygen, I thought air was free of charge… Not until I bought a bag of chips.
  35. I’ve been through a lot lately, I can’t BEER this anymore…
  36. People have so many troubles in this world… But my only concern is “How do I inform my online friends when I’m dead?”

WhatsApp Status Quotes

  1. I often need expert advice. So, I just consult myself.
  2. Do you know the hardest days of the week? The first five days after the weekend.
  3. Even if I had arrived with instruction, you wouldn’t still be able to handle me.
  4. I’m currently having an allergic reaction to the universe.
  5. Today was a hectic day. I was so busy converting oxygen into carbon dioxide.
  6. Money can’t buy you happiness, but it can take you to shopping. Be wise!
  7. Whatsapp status quotes
  8. There’s a big difference between someone who desires you and someone who’s willing to do anything just to keep you.
  9. They laughed at me because I was different. I laughed at them because they were all the same.
  10. BEER: the only substance that can make you see double and yet you feel single.
  11. Hiding the truth from me so you don’t piss me off is just the best way to piss me off.
  12. I don’t give a f**k about anyone who doesn’t give a f**k about me.
  13. I respect everyone’s privacy. If you don’t ask me, then I wouldn’t tell.
  14. This is me, and I’m not changing for anyone.
  15. Of course, I’m smiling. Nevertheless, you ain’t the reason any more.
  16. I look around there was no one to hold my hand, so I just put my hands inside my pocket.
  17. Pain makes you do the thing you never thought you could do.
  18. In the original plan, I wasn’t meant to be a backup plan for anyone. So, choose me else you lose me.
  19. I don’t go mad and this is because I’m mad. I only try to go normal from time to time.
  20. Seeing is believing. So, don’t tell me, just show me.
  21. Whatsapp Status Qutoes
  22. The problem is that I don’t have enough middle fingers to show you how I feel.
  23. The future belongs to those who think they’re crazy enough to change the world.
  24. A nice dress can change your appearance but nice behaviour will change your life.
  25. Whenever things don’t contribute to your life, then start subtracting.
  26. Don’t just go through life, rather grow through life.
  27. Sometimes war is the only way for lasting peace.
  28. Opportunity lies in the middle of every difficulty.
  29. It’s up to you to decide how the story is going to end.
  30. single girls status
  31. Even if you can’t do great things at the moment, learn to do small things in a great way.
  32. If U think that you can, then you can. And if U think that you can not, then you are right.
  33. You must be able to fight through bad days in order to earn the best days of your life.
  34. Life is all about appreciating the past, focusing on the present & taking a bold step towards fresh milestones.
  35. Faith is about taking the first step even when you can’t see the complete staircase.
  36. How can you read the next chapter of your life when all you do is re-read the previous chapter?
  37. Our purpose in living is to help one another. But if you can’t help anyone, then at least don’t hurt them.
  38. That awkward moment when you thought you’ve moved on… And suddenly you see your ex… then begin to feel something for the person.

Best Whatsapp Status In English

  1. I’m too big to be your toy.
  2. One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.
  3. She treated me like an option, so I left her like a choice.
  4. I live my life to express, not to impress you.
  5. Beauty may quickly capture the eyes, but personality quickly captures the heart.
  6. Two important factors of an easy life: Walk like you’re the king, Or you walk as if you don’t care about who the king is.
  7. Staying single is my dominant attitude.
  8. single status images Wallpaper with Quotes
  9. You can try all you can to look like me, but you can never be me.
  10. Beauty may fade with time, but your personality life forever.
  11. If they hate you for no reason, then give them at least one reason.
  12. I believed in you, but your words mean absolutely nothing to me now. Your action has said it all.
  13. If you think that I changed, then you really didn’t know me.
  14. Ladies, can you please stop comparing every guy you meet with your ex. Not all the guys are players.
  15. Don’t worry because you couldn’t make it today. Life usually offers us a second chance called ‘tomorrow’.
  16. I’m not afraid of commitment, I’m only scared of wasting my time.
  17. I live… I cry… I love… I fight… But what I don’t do is give up.
  18. Don’t F**k with my feelings if you don’t want me.
  19. Try to be perfect before you can judge me.
  20. Whatsapp Status Quotes.
  21. I hate treating people badly, I only treat them accordingly.
  22. Don’t treat me like an option, else I’ll leave you like it’s a choice.
  23. Look around you, and you’ll find something to be grateful for.
  24. Sometimes what we intend to change, ends up changing up.
  25. There’s only one that can change your life. That person is YOU!
  26. Life is very short. So, I don’t waste mine hating on people.
  27. rain status for whatsapp
  28. The worst thing you can do is love someone at the expense of your self-respect and dignity.
  29. If you don’t give a sh**t about me, same here.
  30. How many times both of you fight doesn’t matter, provided you both love each other.
  31. The feeling of love is something that can never be explained.
  32. Do you know how you know you love her? When you still think of her while studying.
  33. We’ve got over 7 billion people on earth and you feel I still need you? Sorry! But you’re highly mistaken.
  34. In college, we first learn the lessons before we are given a test, but in life, we are first given text even before we learn the lessons.

Whatsapp Status Love

  1. Whenever I think about you, I don’t feel so alone.
  2. I love you… I just wish you say ‘you love me too’.
  3. Love is a universal language only understood by the heart.
  4. My life is now so beautiful because it’s filled with your love.
  5. I can wait in the world’s longest queue just to have a moment with you.
  6. Together forever and never to part. Together forever our love will last.
  7. You’re the only reason I smile, breath, love, and live.
  8. When it comes to love, age is nothing but a number.
  9. Distance is sometimes a test to actually see how far love can go.
  10. Even in a place covered with millions of people, all I see is you.
  11. Metting up with you was by fate. Becoming friends with you was by choice. But falling in love with you, that was absolutely out of my control.
  12. I know you love me but we can’t do it here… Love may be blind but our neighbours are not.
  13. Love is an equation in maths. Love is a reaction in chemistry. It’s also war in history. Love is the Heart in art. But when it comes to ME, Love is YOU.
  14. All I want to do is stay in your arms, and you hold me close and never let go of me.
  15. No one else can make me feel those colours that you bring into my life.
  16. The most long-lasting relationship started unexpectedly.
  17. The same person who makes you the happiest can still be the same person who hurts you the most.
  18. If someone truly loves you, they’ll always create time for you no matter how busy they are.
  19. Please stay with me while we grow old; living each day together.
  20. True Love Status for whatsapp
    True Love Status
  21. It’s so easy to think of you; I do that every day.
  22. One of the reasons I love this town is because it gave me you.
  23. I just want to stay with you twice in my lifetime; Now and forever.
  24. Your dazzling love is bright enough to make the stars quickly fade away.
  25. Your beautiful smile is the only thing I need to be courageous enough to face all my life struggles.
  26. Those three words “I Love You” said in a second, may take a lifetime for you to prove it.
  27. Love is the only thing that makes the world worth living.
  28. I want to grow old with you… Will you allow the same?
  29. love whatsapp status
    Lovingyou SMS (messages)
  30. Once in a while, just right at the centre of an ordinary life, Love gives us a fairytale.
  31. Love is not defined by how many times you say the words ‘I Love You’. It’s how much you can prove it.
  32. It’s so amazing to find that person who makes you smile even when they are not around you.
  33. Life offers us a lot of beautiful people, but just one person is more than enough for a beautiful life.
  34. Wise men said we fall in love just once in our lifetime, but it’s not true because I fall in love over again every time I think of you.
  35. I was already in love from the moment I saw you, and luckily, you smiled right at me because you knew it.
  36. Every night in my dreams I see you. And, every night, I’m rushing off to bed just wishing that someday, my dreams come true.
  37. Even in a hall filled with people, all I want to see is you.
  38. Wait for that man who can do anything to be your everything.
  39. lovely whatsapp status
    Love comment
  40. No matter how strong you think you are, there’s always one person who can always make you weaker than you know.
  41. Strong relationship don’t just happen overnight. It takes time, patience, and two lovers who truly want to stay together
  42. I get curious, I get jealous, I get worried, I get mad. But it’s all because I love you really much and don’t wish to lose you.
  43. If she loves you, she may be angry at you for many reasons, but will never leave you.
  44. All I desire is a man that will still love me even without my makeup. You only know it’s true love when you’ve lost it.
  45. I never ignored you. I was only waiting for you to talk to me first.

Sad WhatsApp Status

  1. Words are fewest when grief is deepest.
  2. Maybe they hate me because I’m too good!
  3. Tell me how am I supposed to live without you?
  4. My favourite place to cry is in the rain. There, no one sees my pains.
  5. With much wisdom, comes much grief.
  6. Loving someone you can never have is the greatest pain.
  7. Missing you is the heartache that never goes away.
  8. I just wish I could turn back the hands of time, and then you’ll still be mine.
  9. I miss you ever since you walked away. I miss you more each day.
  10. A beautiful diva with a set of gorgeous EYES, an epitome of a hidden world of LIES & HURT.
  11. sad whatsapp status
  12. Bad memories ain’t the reason you’re sad. It’s the good memories that you can’t bring back.
  13. Sometimes you’ve got to take a break away from everything.
  14. Sometimes, just a break away from your daily routine is all you may need.
  15. Don’t worry about the pains, it will leave once you’ve learnt the lessons.
  16. The causes of sadness are high expectations.
  17. It doesn’t end in the dreaming but in the doing.
  18. Sometimes it’s dangerous to be too nice.
  19. You know you are not over it when you still feel hurt by your previous relationship.
  20. sad whatsapp status.
  21. Don’t always expect something to happen, it’s a lot better be surprised than to be disappointed.
  22. I don’t think of the past because it brings tears, I don’t think of the future because it comes with fears, I just live in the present with all the cheers it brings along.
  23. Both the people who have made us and destroyed us are the reasons we’re built up.
  24. I’m so lost in this world made up of coffee, books, and rainy days.
  25. I don’t regret anything in my life, including my painful past. I look back and smile knowing too well the past experiences is also part of what made me who I am today.
  26. I don’t have to show anything to anyone. There is nothing to prove.
  27. Your previous relationship was a waste of time if you didn’t learn anything from it.
  28. I love him but sorry Heart because I’ll be listening to my brains. I think it knows better.
  29. The fact is that I still miss you, but my pride wouldn’t let me admit it.
  30. Sometimes all I want for a Christmas is a hug.
  31. It’s a good thing that you learn how to forgive and forget. Forgive anyone who hurts you and forget they ever existed.
  32. Sad whatsapp status
  33. I may be able to block you on Twitter, delete you on Facebook, But I can’t block or delete memories of you and me from my heart.
  34. Don’t be scared of losing someone. But if they make you feel that way, then they are the ones who should be losing you.
  35. Saying you are okay will save you the stress of explaining all the reasons why you feel sad.
  36. I feel so sad whenever my food comes to an end.
  37. To avoid being hurt, ensure that you keep your expectations of everyone very low.
  38. Sadness flies away always on the wings of time.
  39. Sometimes I just wonder if I was born to be so sad.
  40. Those people who always try to keep everyone happy, are usually the saddest people in their secrete place.
  41. I’m fine: the perfect sentence for hiding all my agony.
  42. I’ve got my pride, I will not cry, but it’s making me weak.
  43. The pains inside where so strong, until I began to feel nothing at all.
  44. The worst times of our lives are the best times of our lives to learn important life lessons.
  45. The highest pain that can come from a Love Zone is loving that person who you know you can never have.
  46. Most times I just smile to keep my fears hidden and sometimes I simply laugh to hide my tears.
  47. I enjoy crying in the rain Bcos that’s the only time that no one has to find out that you’re in pain.
  48. The fact that you once knew me doesn’t mean I’m still that person.
  49. You have a higher chance of solving a problem when you confront them instead of running away from them.
  50. Everyone will definitely hurt you because no one is perfect. You just have to find the one that’s worth suffering for.
  51. sad whatsapp status
  52. The human wants are insatiable. So, just do your sh**t because you can’t please everybody.
  53. Life is often a cruel master. It hurts but you may not know it.
  54. All the words that my heart couldn’t express came out in the form of tears.
  55. How can you be happy when you continue to hold on to those things that make you sad?
  56. Roses are red, violets are blue. I am so sad, what about you?
  57. All I want for Christmas is a kiss from you and your whole self. I hope I’m not asking for too much?
  58. All I want is for you to keep my place in your heart only for me and no one else.
  59. A good man will never want to deliberately make his woman sad. He’s careful not to use words that will hurt her feelings; less he is responsible for her pains.
  60. Some people who are currently heartless, once cared too much.
  61. Men who are the most positive are also men who are most credulous.
  62. Ghosts are real. Monsters are also real. They both live inside of us, and sometimes they win the battle.
  63. After the whole drama between me and my boo, I know He still cares for me.
  64. The only opinion that count is the one I have for myself.
  65. Everything is so funny for some people provided they’re not affected by the situation.
  66. What is the name of that classic book that you know everyone admires but don’t read?
  67. Be kind to everyone that you meet, you may never know what pains they’re going through.

Happy Status for WhatsApp

Do you want a happy Whatsapp status that can easily communicate your merry mood to your friends & family members on your WhatsApp contact? Below is the merriest Whatsapp statuses for you:

  1. Happiness is more of an inside job.
  2. There’s nothing life a happy life. We only have happy moments.
  3. You deserve to be happy. Never let anyone make you feel otherwise.
  4. There’s nothing like a happy life, all we have is just happy days.
  5. Happiness is also a habit – Ensure you cultivate it.
  6. The secrete to happiness is being yourself.
  7. You don’t need a perfect life. What you need is a happy life.
  8. Keep whatever keeps you happy, and leave whatever makes you sad.
  9. Happy mood is just like a balloon. One prick is enough to ruin it.
  10. English Quotes About Always Staying Happy
  11. The wealthiest man on earth is that person who’s happiness does not require money.
  12. If you smile, the whole world smiles with you. But if you laugh, they all think you’re high on drugs.
  13. Extracting happiness from ordinary things is the art of staying happy.
  14. Smiling doesn’t mean my life is perfect. I’m just thankful for all the blessings of God.
  15. In the end what really matters are those happy moments.
  16. Having a happy heart is very essential for great happiness.
  17. happiness whatsapp status
  18. True happiness can be defined at that moment when you refuse to be annoyed by your annoying spouse or roommate. Always stay happy, things will work out just fine.
  19. The truth above all truths is that staying happy should be your main goal.
  20. Almost everyone can make you happy doing things that are special. But it takes only one special person to make you happy even without doing anything… It’s me!
  21. My idle guy is not the one who makes more money than others or the cutest among them. My idle guy is the one that knows how to make my smile all the time.
  22. One of the things I enjoy is seeing my parents happy, knowing too well that 90% of the reason is because of you.
  23. Enjoy every moment. Think of only things that make you happy. Let go of all the feeling and things that make you sad. You were created to be happy.
  24. The bravest person in a relationship is the one who apologizes first. The strongest person is the one who forgives first. Meanwhile, the first to forget is the happiest person.
  25. Happiness doesn’t mean a life without sorrows or worries, happiness is simply a state of mind.
  26. It is time to be happy again.
  27. happy quotes for whatsapp
  28. Any time you enjoy wasting is not a wasted time.
  29. Life is a lot better when you’re smiling.
  30. Think about all the beauty you still have around you and be happy.
  31. Engaging in what you enjoy is called freedom. Enjoying what you do is happiness.
  32. The master key to happiness is love.
  33. The quality of your thought has a big influence on your happiness.
  34. There remains only one happiness in life, and it’s to love and be loved in return.
  35. Use your smile to change the world. Never you allow the world to change your smile.
  36. Why search for happiness in the same place where you lost it?
  37. Life is too short to be spending much time with anything or person who sucks out the happiness from you.

Whatsapp Status for Exam

  1. Exams are coming!!!
  2. No more Whatsapp till after exams!
  3. Please grow up Maths, I’m tired of solving your problems for you.
  4. If a thermometer can bag ‘degrees’ even without brains, how much more me?
  5. I’ll definitely get my life back when these exams are over.
  6. Everything was just going perfect, until… Boom!! the exam date was released.
  7. During Exam: My Study Period = 15 Minutes! But My Break Time = 3 Hours!
  8. Don’t stay up all night studying, you will sleep all through the exam in the day.
  9. Hey! Don’t disturb brilliant minds at work!
  10. Please back off with your disturbances, it’s exam time!
  11. exam status for whatsapp
  12. Dear exam, I’m pleading with you to be nice to me. Thanks!
  13. All I want to say is “damn” the exam.
  14. I think the reason God created cousins is so that our parents can compare our marks.
  15. Dear Google, is there any way you can sit next to me during these exams?
  16. Be easy on yourself, do the best you can and forget the rest.
  17. Stay away with your troubles, my last exam is coming up tomorrow. Good luck to me!
  18. When the examination is over = Oh Yeah!!! But when the result is released = Oh Shit!
  19. exam status for whatsapp
  20. There’s always this supernatural power that comes on every student during the last 5 minutes of every examination.
  21. Exams are very formidable even to the most prepared, for the greatest fool may ask more questions than the wisest man can answer.
  22. Exams are just like Girlfriends. (1) Hard to Understand. (2) Ask Lots Of Questions. (3) More Explanation is Required. (4) At the end of the day, the result are always FAIL!
  23. I didn’t fail… I just postponed my success.
  24. I just changed my relationship status from being single to being in a relationship with studies. It’s actually exam time!
  25. I am in a relationship with studies, and its exam time! Exams are finally over, let’s party all night!
  26. Exams On! Life Off!
  27. Get one bad grade, and watch your GPA drop like the economy.
  28. Grades are not yardsticks for measuring intelligence and age isn’t used to measure maturity.
  29. Happiness Definition?: Having to finish all your examinations.
  30. Hey friends, I’m switching off my phone because of my examinations. But, I’ll switch it on in 15 minutes.
  31. I’m way clever than these marks. F**k examinations.
  32. It’s exam time again! Wish we were allowed to use the lifeline.
  33. Exam tension is so much that even if the exams where give to you to take home, you’ll still forget where you live.
  34. The Law Of Studentology states that ‘A book in a state of rest remains that way and is covered with both soil and dust until the exam date approaches.’

Latest Whatsapp Status

  1. If you can’t beat them, join them.
  2. Jealousy is the final stage to witchcraft.
  3. I look better than you even on a sickbed.
  4. You have to be your number one priority.
  5. You can do anything, but not everything.
  6. Trust the process, the timing is never wrong.
  7. Getting started is the secrete to getting ahead.
  8. Have the courage to follow your own dream.
  9. The starting point of all achievement is desire.
  10. There is no traffic jam along the extra line.
  11. Don’t dream it, wish it. Don’t just wish it, do it.
  12. latest whatsapp status
  13. There’s no second chance in life. It’s a one-time offer.
  14. Never leave that girl you need, for the girl you want.
  15. Girls are like car park spaces, all the good spots have already been taken.
  16. Some people’s life is just like diarrhea… No matter how much they try… The sh**t keeps coming.
  17. Common sense can be likened to deodorant – Those who need it often don’t use it.
  18. I don’t have the most charming look but I can charm you into loving me.
  19. Smart people are always hopeful because the only thing they think of is winning.
  20. It’s better you’re hated for being who you are than be loved for being what you’re not.
  21. We don’t want to hear your dreams, show us.
  22. One of the most difficult question: Describe yourself.
  23. latest status for whatsapp
  24. Once a year, try to visit places you’ve never visited before.
  25. Your ultimate responsibility in life is to love yourself and to know that you are more than enough.
  26. Don’t be shy to hold her hands in public, it simply means you are proud to have her in your life.
  27. There are always two sides to a story… and then there’re the screenshots.
  28. If life throws a lemon at you, convert it to lemonade. DON’T just stop there, go ahead and look for someone who life has offered vodka, and together, you guys can party all night.
  29. My mum used to tell me that time waits for no one… But she was wrong. If time doesn’t wait for you, just remove the battery… And start poping champaign, this life is too rosy.
  30. new whatsapp status
  31. During the day I don’t believe in ghosts. But at night, I become more open-minded.
  32. Do you know that someone out there really cares for you? It’s not me o… But someone.
  33. You will not know all you have until… You clean your room.
  34. I know you are busy, but it’s not too difficult to pick up your cell phone or leave a text for the one you love.
  35. Men’s problem is that they let go so easily… While women’s problem is that they never forgive that easily.
  36. I put on a smile and pretend everything is fine, but if you look deep down, inside my church shoe, you will notice my socks is sliding off.
  37. Stop crying about the past, it’s gone. Stop stressing about the future, it’s yet to arrive. Just live in the moment and enjoy every bit of it.
  38. Respect is exclusively reserved for those who deserve it and not the people who demand it.
  39. Giving people a second chance sometimes is like… giving them one more bullet for their gun Bcos they missed you the first time.

Short Whatsapp Status

short whatsapp status

  1. I’m a rare gem.
  2. Excellency is my attitude.
  3. This king does not need a queen.
  4. Sooner or later only a good look wins.
  5. Courage is grace under pressure.
  6. Life is so beautiful & I’m so gorgeous.
  7. Display your personality with class and pride.
  8. Learn how to love yourself.
  9. Every day is a second chance.
  10. Don’t rest until you are proud.
  11. So broke that I can’t afford to fail.
  12. You don’t understand it if you can’t explain it.
  13. Bitter trials are nothing but blessings in disguise.
  14. You don’t owe anyone an explanation. #BeYourSelf.
  15. I don’t know where to start. But I will do it anyway.
  16. No masterpiece has ever been created by a lazy artist.
  17. Believe that you can, and you are already half-way there.
  18. Zero Expectations, Zero Disappointments.
  19. The harder you work, the luckier you become.
  20. That moment when words fail, tears speak.
  21. Sometimes, silence can be the ultimate screen.
  22. Keep moving! There’s nothing new to read.
  23. Let’s live forever or let’s die young.
  24. Happiness is a good fever.
  25. Prove them wrong.
  26. Always strive to be better.
  27. Always do the right thing.
  28. Life: the perfect definition of a beautiful struggle.
  29. I’m thankful to the Universe for every moment.
  30. Never let those DREAMS remain just dreams.
  31. You still care, if it still hurts you.
  32. The past in my head, but the future is in my hands.
  33. God never make mistakes. I mean… Just look at me.
  34. I would either find a way or create one for myself.
  35. My style is a reflection of my attitude and personality.
  36. Behave like the sun. Shine and let your enemies burn.
  37. I only focus on my dreams and ignore rest.
  38. Sorry but I am very allergic to local girls.
  39. Bad looks are often the causes of weak characters.
  40. Music – Always there whenever you need it.

My Life Status

  1. Life is only a one-time offer, ensure to use it well.
  2. Life is NEVER easy for those who only dream.
  3. Life is like riding a bicycle. You have to keep moving in order to maintain balance.
  4. One moment of pure joy is a lot better than one lifetime of sorrow.
  5. Sometimes, life teaches you lessons that you may not wish to learn.
  6. The chains of habit are too light to be felt until they are too strong to be broken.
  7. Life is too short. Thus, focus only on the things that matter the most.
  8. Life doesn’t give you what you need, it gives you what you want.
  9. The troubles of life are endless. What you have to do is learn how to face it.
  10. Life is about living and laughing.
  11. inspirational quotes about life and lesson
  12. Let your life be the message that you preach.
  13. Life is very short – Always Chat Fast.
  14. Life is a test you didn’t study for.
  15. Change your life when you change your heart.
  16. A mistake can only be considered a lesson when you learn something from it. But if you don’t learn anything from it, it remains a mistake.
  17. Going through life without any challenge is like going to college without learning any lesson.
  18. A Life where there’s no suffering is a life where there’s no happiness.
  19. Be patient with yourself. Sometimes, good things take time.
  20. whatsapp life status
  21. Be careful about how you spend your time. There’s no Ctrl + Z in Life.
  22. Your problem is not a problem. The problem is your reaction.
  23. Finding your gift is the meaning of life. Giving it away is the purpose.
  24. If you’re strong enough to say GOODBYE, life will definitely greet you with a NEW HELLO!
  25. Don’t always ask God for what you need when you pray, rather thank Him for what you already have. The Lord knows all your needs as well as when you need them.
  26. Never judge any man without hearing his complete story and why he did the things he did.
  27. Sometimes you just have to BELIEVE even without seeing.
  28. There’re times in life when you’ve got to drop some stuff in order to carry more relevant things.
  29. Don’t feel sad when people talk about you. First of all, you must be very important for them to sacrifice their precious time only talking about you.
  30. In order for life to smile right at you, you have to, first of all, give it your good mood.
  31. Whenever you embark on a journey, don’t look back until you get what you want.
  32. whatsapp status about life
  33. Sometimes you don’t have a second chance, no time-out, no next time. Sometimes it’s either NOW or NEVER!!
  34. Mom is the only person who loves you truly without expectations.
  35. I used to think that there’s always a reason for everything that happens, but I was able to find out later that most times reasons ain’t enough to give an explanation of why everything happened.
  36. Don’t ever strive to draw people’s attention to your presence, rather make them miss your absence.
  37. When life visits you with a thousand reasons to cry, show it that you’ve got a million reasons to always smile.
  38. Anyone who wants to be part of your life will always find a way. Those who don’t will always find excuses.
  39. life status for whatsapp
  40. My life is nothing but a movie. You find failure, success… But most of all is DRAMA.
  41. No matter how much you hate college, there’s always a part of you that misses it when you leave it.
  42. Having something is a lot better than having nothing. But nothing in life is better than something wrong.
  43. Life is like a camera, ensure you focus only on what matters… Seize a good time… But if things never work out as planned… Take another shot.
  44. If you must accomplish your DESTINY, then remain true to your Heart.

Happy Birthday Whatsapp Status

Do you Want to wish yourself a happy birthday on Whatsapp or You Want to send someone birthday wishes in your WhatsApp status? Below are happy birthday wishes you can upload on your WhatsApp status:

Happy Birthday Whatsapp Status

  1. My warmest wishes for an amazing happy birthday.
  2. Congratulations on your birthday! I’m sending you good wishes and love.
  3. Happy Birthday. I can’t believe it took you [His/Her Age] years to be able to look this good!
  4. On this your special day, ensure you don’t let ageing keep you down. It may be very hard to get up again.
  5. Quest: What goes up & doesn’t comes down? Answer: Your age!
  6. I’m so glad to hear you are over the hill instead of under it. Happy Birthday to you.
  7. You are really great at ageing… Can you at least try to look older? Wishing you many happy returns on this your birthday.
  8. I spent several hours on the internet searching for the best birthday message for you, but then I gave up. Happy Birthday.
  9. A little grey hair isn’t a big price to pay for having so much wisdom.
  10. If grey hair happens to be a sign of wisdom, then you’re going to be a genius soon! Happy Birthday.
  11. Wishing you a very happy birthday! And pray all your dreams to come true.
  12. Happy Birthday, Dear, there’s no one I’d rather be quarantined with except you.
  13. (insert age) is just a perfect age. I think you are old enough to know your mistakes and young enough to keep making some more. Wishing you a Happy Birthday!
  14. Congratulations on this your special day! Wishing you a fabulous day ahead and a happy birthday.
  15. I pray your birthday is full of rainbows, sunshine, laughter and love! Sending you good vibes your way on this your special day.
  16. I had wanted to get you something very inspiring and amazing for your birthday, but then I remembered you already have me.
  17. A wise man once said, “Forget about your past because you can’t change it”. But I would like to add: “Forget about your present because I didn’t get you one”.


  1. Happy Birthday to my favourite friend! I hope you have a good day ahead.
  2. Wishing you a fantastic birthday and a wonderful year ahead! Thank you for being such a dear friend.
  3. I’m grateful for all the fun times we’ve shared together this year and most of all, your friendship. Here’s to many more years! Happy Birthday!


  1. Happy Birthday to such an amazing brother, I hope you have a fun-filled day today.
  2. I’m so surprised at how long we’ve been able to put up with each other. Happy Birthday, Naughty Boy.
  3. Happy Birthday to such a lovely brother! I hope you know much adventure awaits you, on this your special day? I pray you to enjoy it to the full!


  1. May today be the beginning of a joyful, glorious, and wonderful year. Happy Birthday, sis.
  2. Sisters fill your heart with joy, and laughter and your soul with bright sunshine. Happy Birthday, Dear sister.
  3. Happy Birthday to the coolest sister in (Your Continent). May today bring along brighter and more fun stuff with it.


  1. Many happy returns to my loving and beautiful wife.
  2. Happy Birthday to the criminal who stole my heart, to the light of my life, my angel, my wife!
  3. Once in a lifetime, just right in the middle of ordinary life, love offers us a fairy tale. I’m so delighted to be part of this fairy tale with you! Happy Birthday, the queen of my heart.


  1. Happy Birthday to my lovely partner in crime. Today is another special day for us to do some mischief just like every other day!
  2. Happy Birthday to my dear husband who also happens to be my beloved boyfriend. There’s no heart big enough to contain all the love I have for you.
  3. Some days you are my hero. Other days, you are the king of my heart. But today you are the king of the cake! Happy Birthday, Sweetheart!

Beautiful Whatsapp Status

  1. Beauty is another kind of attitude.
  2. I was not born beautiful. I learned, worked & finally I won it.
  3. Imperfection is a perfect beauty.
  4. Beauty is actually the radiance of your soul.
  5. There’s beauty in everything, although not everyone can see it.
  6. Beauty is a powerful warrior and a smile happens to be its sword.
  7. You start becoming beautiful the moment you start becoming your true self.
  8. Beauty isn’t found on the face; it’s that light that is found in the heart.
  9. God has given us eyes to see nature’s beauty and hearts to see each other’s beauty.
  10. Beauty Status
  11. Oh, how different our idea of beauty would have been if only our eyes could see the souls instead of the bodies.
  12. I don’t miss a chance of seeing beautiful things around me because beauty happens to be God’s handwriting.
  13. Take care of your spiritual inner beauty. In the end, it will be reflected on your face.
  14. Great beauty comes from simplicity.
  15. Real beauty springs from within.
  16. The True beauty of every individual will always reflect in their souls.
  17. Being beautiful is not really a burden for me. In fact, it works for me every single time.
  18. Good character matters, the beautiful look is a plus, but being cool and smart is a must.
  19. Beauty is far from looks. It’s simply one’s nature, and the way they make others feel about themselves.
  20. The most beautiful things of life can’t be touched or seen with the eyes. They are only felt by the heart.
  21. Your physical beauty will only capture the eyes, but your invisible beauty will capture the heart.
  22. Most people are like butterflies which can’t see their amazing wings and their beautiful body which is admired by others.
  23. Beauty Status
    Beauty Status & Quotes
  24. Having a fine face is not what beauty is all about. It’s about having a pure mind, pretty heart, and a beautiful soul.
  25. You don’t need to be accepted by others for you to be beautiful. You only need to accept your own self.
  26. Whoever creates beauty around themselves restores his own soul.
  27. The merrier you are, then the prettier you become.
  28. Beauty is simply staying as the best version of yourself both on the inside and outside.
  29. Beautiful Whatsapp Status
  30. Always remain as your own kind of beauty.
  31. Don’t overlook your true beauty in the process of trying to create beauty.
  32. Beauty is nothing but character, confidence, and charisma.
  33. I’m so beautiful and If you know me very well, you’ll know that I don’t lie.
  34. The most appropriate way of paying for a beautiful moment is to enjoy it.

Cute Whatsapp Status

  1. Everything is possible.
  2. And now, I will do what is good for me.
  3. If you can still breathe, then you’ll be fine.
  4. You’ll think that I’m fine, but I’m breaking inside.
  5. You must be the ODD one to be the NUMBER ONE.
  6. He broke the wrong part of her. He broke her wings and forgot she had claws.
  7. I may not be able to resolve all your problems, nevertheless, I promise you wouldn’t have to face them all alone.
  8. In life nobody wants pain, they all want happiness. But don’t forget you can’t have all rainbows without rain.
  9. In life, the greatest loss is not death, rather it’s what dies within us even while we’re still living.
  10. cute whatsapp status
  11. It’s a mixed feeling. Sometimes I wonder why I am wasting my time with you, and some days I can’t stop thinking about you.
  12. If you desire me, let me know. If you don’t want me, then just let me go.
  13. You text me first and then go ahead to ignore me when I reply.
  14. Silence is golden, but the duct tape is both shiny and silver.
  15. I know who I am… Your approval is not welcomed.
  16. My attitude is completely made up of how you treat me.
  17. We will all die, so stop feeling so special than me.
  18. I am beauty and chaos intertwined. The perfect definition of a tornado of roses from the divine.
  19. cute whatsapp status
  20. Don’t let my personality and attitude confuse you. While my personality is who I’m, My attitude is who is in front of me.
  21. When I was born, the devil was scared of my arrival. Little did he know we are on the same side.
  22. You don’t need to impress anyone, proof yourself to yourself.
  23. When you find yourself in a difficult situation, Only a positive attitude can change everything.
  24. Imagine Earth without “Art” it will just be “Eh”.
  25. What other people think of you has nothing to do with your business.
  26. I’m young enough to try again but old enough to know better.
  27. Cute whatsapp status
  28. I do not have an attitude problem, I only have a personality you just can’t handle.
  29. I was about paying the car dealer for my new Lamborghini, then my alarm woke me up.
  30. You are free to Hate Me, After all, not everybody has good taste.
  31. I like talking to classic people. That’s why you find me talking to almost no one, except myself.
  32. Until you feel my pain, don’t judge me.
  33. I’ve got what they can’t. That’s why all these haters will be hating on me.

Motivational Whatsapp Status

  1. Talent without hard work is nothing.
  2. Don’t tell your dreams. Show them.
  3. Inhale confidence. Exhale doubt.
  4. If you’re going through hell keep going.
  5. To be victorious, you must conquer from within.
  6. Nothing big was achieved without enthusiasm.
  7. Opportunities don’t just happen, we create them.
  8. Train ur mind to always see the good in every situation.
  9. It’s the small changes over time that results in a huge result.
  10. Successful people are givers and not takers of positive energy.
  11. Motivational Quotes for Employees
  12. If you don’t pay the sacrifice for what you want, what you want becomes the sacrifice.
  13. Some opportunities come just once in a lifetime.
  14. The dictionary is the only place where success comes before work.
  15. They call me the dreamer, but I’m the one who doesn’t sleep.
  16. Don’t Just Dream About Success, Work For It.
  17. Good things will definitely happen. Stay positive.
  18. Every problem you encounter comes with an equivalent seed of opportunity.
  19. Commitment and Dedication is the key to success.
  20. Don’t stop when you are tired. Only stop when you’re done.
  21. There’s no harm dreaming of becoming the world’s best at whatever you’re doing.
  22. Anything worth doing is worth doing well.
  23. All I want is to become a goat (As in ‘Greatest Of All Time’).
  24. Make the most out of life, enjoy it because that’s the way it is!
  25. You don’t need to prove anything to anyone. Just go ahead and be the best you can be.
  26. No one should be harder on you than you’re on yourself.
  27. Your love keeps me strong but your hatred makes me unstoppable.
  28. Believing in yourself is the first secret to success.
  29. Mother hen is the only creature that SAT its way to SUCCESS.
  30. Don’t ever hide your intentions of becoming the world’s best at whatever you do.
  31. It’s better to rest in peace with memories than just dreams.
  32. Inspirational Quotes About Life and Struggles
  33. Tough Time Never Last But Tough People Do.
  34. If you want to enjoy your life, then stop comparing yourself to others.
  35. Life is very short, so smile while you still have teeth.
  36. You can’t turn back the hands of time. Lost time can never be found again.
  37. Be thankful for the little you have and you’ll receive abundantly.
  38. Pay close attention only to those things that matter.
  39. Tomorrow is going to be a lot better. So, just cheer up.
  40. Most of the prominent figures in the world started out with nothing.
  41. Living means continuous struggles and continuous winning.
  42. In order to achieve greater hight, you must not only dream but also believe.
  43. The pain that couldn’t kill you today will only make you stronger tomorrow.
  44. Begin anywhere.
  45. motivational quotes about work
  46. Love doesn’t have eyes or eyes, just heartbeats.
  47. Yes, I’m the original version and I’m changing for anyone.
  48. Whatever goes wrong, take responsibility.
  49. A glass full of positive attitude can produce more miracles than any wonder drug in the world.
  50. The only thing that matters is that you are more than enough for yourself.
  51. The Energies of a positive attitude is drained by a negative attitude.
  52. If opportunity doesn’t knock, go ahead and build a door.
  53. Success happens to be the by-product of your attitude.
  54. Usually, the end of one story leads to another. So, for everything you thought you’ve lost, you will always have a better one.
  55. Ensure to follow the path that your heart desires, it will always take you down to the place you’ve always want to be.

Emotional Whatsapp Status

  1. Life doesn’t stop for anyone.
  2. ‘I Love You’ those where your favourite lies.
  3. Sometimes, all you gotta do is pretend like everything is fine.
  4. There’re a million reasons to die, and a billion reasons to cry.
  5. Some broken hearts never mend and some tears may never dry.
  6. How often can ones heartbreak until there’s no more piece left to be broken?
  7. What am I trying to give when no one gives me a try.
  8. Sometimes, it takes a good fall for you to actually know where you’re standing.
  9. I’m not surprised by fake people anymore. It’s loyal people that freak me out this time.
  10. Sometimes those emotions that can break your heart, are the very same ones that can heal it.
  11. In reality, everyone is going to hurt you, all you have to do is pick the ones worth going through the pains for.
  12. Arguing with the one I love is something I don’t like.
  13. Emotional Whatsapp Status
  14. When gross darkness smuggles its way into one’s life, even their own shadow leaves them alone.
  15. I don’t think these will work again, please, just go away… I can’t tell how much longer I can hold back these tears.
  16. Sometimes we think that holding on is what makes us strong, while in reality, it’s letting go.
  17. Sometimes those emotions are too strong to resist that you can’t help walking into the same trap over and over again.
  18. All I’m fighting for is to get you out of my head, but in my heart, I’m holding unto every single word you said to me.
  19. My silence is so loud, nevertheless, no one is listening.
  20. No matter how much I try not to miss you, but in the end, I still do.
  21. Emotional Whatsapp Status
  22. You don’t deserve her if you don’t respect her feelings.
  23. The simplest exam on earth is life. Although, so many people fail to try to copy others without realizing that everyone’s question paper is different. #JustBeYou…
  24. If I’m to re-incarnate for all ages, I will still choose you over and over again anytime I return.
  25. Stop crying because she left you. Smile because she’s given you an opportunity to find another person better than her.
  26. It’s so painful when you’re ignored by the one whose attention means the whole world to you.
  27. I don’t like it when people bring up things from my past life just to hurt me.
  28. I miss the smiles, the laughs, all the good times, and the way things were. But, I don’t miss you.
  29. Relationships are like drugs, they either give you a good feeling or kill you.
  30. Every time I decide to trust her, she gives me one more reason not to.
  31. Emotional Whatsapp Status
  32. Walk-in my shoes, and you will understand how painful it is to hold back your tears or even fake a smile.
  33. Just one lie discovered is more than enough to create hundreds of doubt over every truth expressed.
  34. That moment you thought everything was going to be perfect, and suddenly things fall apart.
  35. Tell me, honey… Tell me that your feelings for me haven’t died?
  36. In the modern world, truth begets hatred, but flattery wins friends.

Inspirational Statuses for Whatsapp

  1. Never, Ever Give Up!
  2. Fortune favours only the bold.
  3. Be the best that you can be.
  4. Make the most out of your life.
  5. Screw it. I’m ready… Let’s do it!
  6. When all is lost, only hope remains.
  7. H-O-P-E (Hold On Pain Ends).
  8. Motivate yourself, and challenge yourself.
  9. Make it happen. Let your success shock them.
  10. I am alive, motivated and ready to slay the day.
  11. Believing in yourself is magic. If you can make that happen, then you can make anything happen.
  12. Your circumstances don’t matter. What matters is the stuff you are made up of. The same water that softens a plantain, hardens an egg.
  13. It doesn’t matter what happened yesterday, that was yesterday.
  14. Do one thing every day that scares you.
  15. Only fail when you stop trying.
  16. Failure is not the opposite of success, it’s actually part of success.
  17. Only the paranoid survive.
  18. You achieve whatever you believe.
  19. Hustle in silence, allow Ur success make the noise.
  20. Hustlers don’t sleep, they nap.
  21. Everything comes to him that hustles while he waits.
  22. Invest in ur dreams. It’s better to grind now and shine later.
  23. It’s only in the dictionary that you find greatness comes before hustle.
  24. Talent will only carry you so far without hustle.
  25. If we are courageous enough to pursue… All our dreams can come true.
  26. Inspirational Whatsapp status
  27. Things may likely come to those who wait. But that will be the things left by those who hustle.
  28. Don’t limit yourself to things you can do. You can actually as much as your mind can imagine.
  29. 20 years ago was the perfect time to plant a tree. But the second-best time is now.
  30. It is almost impossible to beat someone who never gives up.
  31. If they doubt how far you can go, go so far to a distance where you can’t hear their voices anymore.
  32. Whatever you can imagine is real.
  33. When one door closes, another one opens. Though we often stare too long at the closed door that we don’t even see the door that has been open for long.
  34. Whatever you’re, just be a good one.
  35. Impossibility is nothing more than an opinion.
  36. Hold the vision, trust the process.
  37. Make every day your masterpiece.
  38. Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.
  39. Nothing is going to work unless you do.
  40. Work like someone is working 24/7 to take it away from you.
  41. The load is not the thing that breaks you down. It’s simply the way you carry it that do.
  42. Steady your eyes on the star, and ur feet on the ground.
  43. I Never Dreamed About Success. I Worked For It.
  44. If you must go to bed with satisfaction, then you must wake up every morning with determination.
  45. You too can also shake the world in a gentle way.
  46. So many opportunities are missed by so many people because it is usually dressed in overalls, and looks like work.
  47. The only difference between Extraordinary and the Ordinary is the “Extra” at the beginning.
  48. Don’t be scared to forgo the good to go for the best.
  49. It’s up to you to decide if it’s going to be “one day or day one”.
  50. Business Motivational Quotes
  51. Success is a habit because we are what we repeatedly do.
  52. To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong.
  53. Let your excitement of winning be greater than your fears of losing.
  54. True entrepreneurs are those without a safety net underneath them.
  55. The commonest thing in the world is unsuccessful people with great talent.
  56. Most people want it to happen. Some wish it would happen. Few make it happen.
  57. Great things are created from the combination of smaller things brought together.

Whatsapp Status About Friends

  1. Best friends make hard times easier and good times better!
  2. Life is a lot better with friends.
  3. Friends are the chocolate chips in the cookie of life.
  4. A good friend is what the heart needs all the time.
  5. True friends are blessings from God.
  6. Friends such as you are rare and precious.
  7. Deep conversations are priceless when discussed with the right people.
  8. My heart and yours are very old friends.
  9. An honest friend is the most precious gift you can receive.
  10. No matter where we find ourselves, friends are the people that create our world.
  11. Only a good friend can see the first tear, hold the second one, and stops the third.
  12. I find my second self in my friends.
  13. friendship status
  14. Friends are the people who make it easy for you to believe in yourself.
  15. You really don’t need to be crazy so you can be my friend. Just give it time and it will eventually happen.
  16. The stronger the friendship, the less cleaning you have to do when they come over.
  17. My friends are a team of crazy clowns.
  18. You’re the strongest person in the world if friendship is your weak point.
  19. One friend is enough to change your whole life.
  20. A true friend will reach for your hand but touch your heart.
  21. A single loyal friend is worth more than a hundred thousand relatives.
  22. Friends are human angels assigned to follow you through life.
  23. God has made us friends knowing too well that our parents can’t handle us as brothers.
  24. A day well spent is the one spent with true friends.
  25. friendship status
  26. True friendship is one in which the silence between two people is comfortable, where words become optional.
  27. Friendship is like a flower which blooms in all Seasons.
  28. We go together like Donuts and Coffee.
  29. Life is absolutely nothing without true friends.
  30. Distance makes no difference when it comes to FRIENDS.
  31. The best friendships are the ones you never expect.
  32. Whenever we gather together as friends, we don’t gossip, we are actually distributing vital information.
  33. It’s PRICELESS Finding that friend with the same mental disorder.
  34. Friends status for whatsapp
  35. I have a friend who started with nothing, but today… He still has most of it.
  36. You are always on top of the list whenever I count my blessings.
  37. Friends are siblings God didn’t give us.
  38. FRIENDS are the FAMILY we choose.
  39. I don’t need part-time friends in my life. I’m sorry about that… Do you know why? Because… f**k you that’s why.
  40. There’s always a friend for each stage of life. Only a few are lucky enough to have one friend through all stages of life.

Romantic Whatsapp Status

  1. Not even a million fight can make me dislike you.
  2. The good things in life are better with you.
  3. You reached for my hands, but have touched my soul.
  4. My days are a whole lot better whenever I talk to you.
  5. I’m not a photographer, but I can picture you and me together.
  6. To love yourself is the beginning of a lifetime romance.
  7. The shortest definition of Jealousy in a relationship; “I actually care about you”.
  8. When I’m with you, time pause and I forget about the billions of others out there.
  9. Missing someone is not easy. But knowing you can’t do anything about it, makes it even harder.
  10. If two hearts are loyal to each other, then distance doesn’t matter.
  11. Love Sentence
  12. How does she know she is special to you when you treat her the same way you treat others.
  13. Some people will never change no matter how hard you try.
  14. Of cause I’m selfish. I don’t like sharing you with anyone.
  15. The earth accommodates over 6 billion people. But still, you need just one.
  16. Hanging out with compatible people makes you forget to even look at your phone.
  17. I hurt people and I make mistakes because I’m not perfect. But whenever I say “I am sorry”, please don’t doubt me… Because I really do.
  18. Thanks for loving me even after seeing what mess I can be, how hard it is to handle me, and how moody I can be. You are the perfect one for me.
  19. True Love Status for whatsapp
    True Love Status
  20. I miss us, I miss you and how we used to engage in a longer conversation. Nevertheless, we must move on Bcos it’s pointless.
  21. How I wish you know how much I like you. How much you make me happy, how much I enjoy talking to you, and how much I wish you’re right here with me.
  22. You’re my one and only true love. And even though I may not be your first, but I can do anything within my power to make sure that you’re my last.
  23. I’m not selfish, but I’m protecting what’s mine.
  24. Love doesn’t have eyes or eyes, just heartbeats.
  25. You’re the chosen one for me. The lady I chose to grow old with me.
  26. She’s a monster… A beautiful monster… But I don’t mind because I need her.
  27. Sometimes it isn’t love. You just care too much to let go of the person Bcus you don’t want to see them hurt.
  28. Sending messages is fine, calling is okay. But seeing you and being with you is the best.
  29. All I want is someone who can accept me at my weakest and accept me at my strongest.
  30. best friend forever Status for whatsapp
  31. It’s awkward how you can stay for several months without talking to someone but they still cross your mind every passing day.
  32. Don’t judge people because if you do, you will never have time to love them.
  33. Real men are not after the most beautiful girls in the world. They are after women who can make their world the most beautiful. I’m a real man, and that’s why I’ve found you.
  34. Good looks are not everything. It’s important you find a good heart that will love you at your worst, and an arm to hold you at ur weakest.

Lonely Whatsapp Status

  1. No love, no tension.
  2. You learn the best lessons through loneliness and pain.
  3. I wish you know how much I break inside when you ignore me.
  4. Right inside of me, I know I still need to be loved and cared for.
  5. Walking alone in this brutal world does not scare me at all.
  6. All I just want is someone who can give me a loan and leave me alone.
  7. Wish I could hurt you just the same way you hurt me.
  8. I’m not afraid of numbers. After all, pigeons flock together, but eagles fly alone.
  9. If she asks you to leave her alone and you do, then you absolutely don’t have brain cells.
  10. It’s better to stay alone & be happy than be with someone and be unhappy.
  11. I’d rather be alone than be with someone who makes me feel lonely.
  12. Lonely Whatsapp Status
  13. If the relationship must be in secrete, then you shouldn’t be in it.
  14. I just wish I can see you right now. I really want to be with you.
  15. You’ll never know the value of a moment until it ends up as a memory.
  16. Fake is becoming a new trend – The current reason I trust no one except myself.
  17. I will never hurt you. Oh… What a beautiful LIE.
  18. Yes, I’m happy. But you are no longer the reason.
  19. No matter how hard you try… You just can’t please everyone.
  20. The only good thing I know how to do best is to hide my feelings.
  21. I see you when my eyes are close. But when I open them, I miss you.
  22. Don’t worry… Most people just need to lose something in order to realize what great good they had.
  23. Forgetting and waiting are both painful. But the worst kind of suffering is not knowing what to do.
  24. Lonely Whatsapp Status
    sad love status
  25. You don’t need to be strong all the time. Sometimes all you need to do is stay alone and let all the tears out.
  26. I love your eyes, your smile, your humour, and your personality. But the only thing I don’t like is that… I’ll never be yours.
  27. Staying lonely sometimes is good and helps you learn how to be more independent.
  28. I haven’t had a good time in a long time.
  29. Loneliness is not actually being alone. It is a feeling that no one cares.
  30. Wish I could transfer these pains to you, even for a moment. Not actually to hurt you, but to make you see how much you hurt me.
  31. One of the hardest things to do is not talk to someone that you once used to talk to every day.
  32. How heartbreaking it is to see the one you once loved with all your heart, fall in love with another person.

Loving you Status For WhatsApp (Lovingyou)

  1. Sometimes Love is all you need.
  2. Loving you is easy because you’re beautiful.
  3. Everything that I do, is out of loving you.
  4.  Lovingyou was the best decisions of my life.
  5. I love you and I relish every single moment spent with you.
  6. I dropped a tear in the ocean, any day that I find it that’s the day I’ll stop loving you.
  7. Hundreds of memories, a thousand thoughts, a billion feelings, all for that special one.
  8. I’ve tried everything loving you, but you keep telling me lies.
  9. lovingyou Com
  10. Forever is quite a long time. But I wouldn’t mind spending all of it by your side.
  11. In love, your religion, your educational background, your social status doesn’t really matter.
  12. If I’m given a choice to choose between breathing and loving you, I would use my final breath to say that ‘I Love You’.
  13. Ladies are like stars, you find a lot of them out there, but just one makes all your dreams come true.
  14. I’ve always been an impatient man… I never knew a day will come when I’ll be willing to wait for all ages, provided I end up with you.
  15. If you think gentlemen no longer exist, then you’re lying. Gentlemen exist but they’re only attracted to ladies and not sluts.
  16. I made a wish upon the star, and you came true.
  17. We are an imperfect individual, Only perfect for each other.
  18. I hate to be your number one. I just want to be your only one.
  19. Please don’t give up on me, because I’m not giving up on you.
  20. There’s no happy ending in true love. This is because when love is true, then there’s no end.
  21. lovingyou whatsapp status
  22. Teach your heart to love when it’s ready, not when it’s alone.
  23. If I was offered just two times to be with you, I will choose now and forever.
  24. You gave my life a new meaning and I’m proud that you’re mine.
  25. If I could wish for one thing all through my lifetime, It would be to turn back the hands of time, so I can find you sooner and love you much longer.
  26. For every passing day, the love I have for you continues to increase.
  27. Love grows only when we choose to act in love toward other people.
  28. Every time I set my eyes on you, I fall in love over and over again.
  29. Another smile, another day, another week, another month, and another year. But there will never be another you. I love you…
  30. LovingYou status
  31. I want to ask you for a favour. Can you please don’t forget me?
  32. Things have their way of fixing their own self. Just don’t underestimate the power of love, prayer, and faith.
  33. You may not have a good voice texture, but sing for her… She will definitely smile.
  34. Since I was born, until now, your smile is the most cutest thing I have ever seen.
  35. It gladdens my heart to see you smile. But I’m most delighted when I am the reason.
  36. What you stole from me is worth more than any amount of money you can imagine. It’s my HEART… But you can keep it anyway.
  37. I don’t need your money… I don’t need new phones or cars. All I want is to be alone with you.
  38. Have I told you that you are the only one for me? You fill my heart with laughter… Take away all my sadness… Heal my sorrows, that’s what you do.
  39. I never planned to love you, but I am glad I did.

WhatsApp Status FAQ

Below are some frequently asked questions and answers on Whatsapp Status:


ANSWER: To find or access status, either swipe left or tap the ‘Tab’ from your WhatsApp Homescreen


ANSWER: If you want to post your own Whatsapp status, go to my ‘My Status’ located at the top of the Status screen. Click on it and post whatever you want there. Alternatively, you can also click on the circular green icon located at the bottom right corner.


ANSWER: Go to the Status Screen and you’ll see a list of newly updated Statuses go ahead and tap on anyone you want to view.


ANSWER: Your status usually stays for 24 hours before automatically disappearing, but you can delete it sooner if you change your mind or if you have a fresher update.


ANSWER: If you don’t want a particular person’s statuses showing up on your Status Screen, just tap and hold the particular status you want to mute, an option will appear, go ahead and select the MUTE.


ANSWER: If you later feel the need to unmute any of the statuses that you muted before, all you have to do is go to your Status screen, scroll down to the Muted Statuses section, tap and hold the status you wish to unmute.


There are two ways you can go about this manually or automatically (the use of app).


  • Launch your WhatsApp on your smartphone.
  • View the desired status you wish to save.
  • Open your File Manager app.
  • Ensure you enable the “show hidden files”.
  • Go to Your WhatsApp Folder Located (Internal Storage –> WhatsApp –> Media –> Statuses.)
  • Copy all the videos and photos that you desire to save.
  • Paste them in any folder on your phone that you desire, other than the folder you just copied it from.

7ii). AUTOMATIC (The Use Of App):

These happen to be the simplest method, all you have to do is follow the guide below to set it up:

  • Navigate to Google Play Store on your smartphone and install ‘Status Saver‘.
  • Go to your WhatsApp and view/download any status you desire to download.
  • Click on the Save icon and any video or image you select will automatically be saved on your internal phone storage.
  • You can access all the saved images from the app (Status Saver).


Below is how to know who viewed your WhatsApp Status or Profile.

  1. Launch Your WhatsApp.
  2. Tap on The Status Tab.
  3. Tap On ‘My Status‘.
  4. Your status will show up –> Search for the eye icon.
  5. Click on the Eye icon –> All the people who viewed it will display.


  1. Launch the WhatsApp on your smartphone.
  2. Navigate to Settings –> Account –> Privacy.
  3. Then turn off the Read Receipts.
  4. Locate any person’s status and view it.
  5. Keep Read Receipts turned off until that particular status has expired.

NB: If you have any question outside our topic ‘Whatsapp status‘ that you want an answer to, feel free to navigate to the official WhatsApp FAQ page.

WhatsApp Status In English Summary

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