Top Status (Top 100+ Amazing Love, Hate, Friendship, Sad, FB Statuses)

Have you been looking for the top best attitude status, Love status, friendship status, hate status, Facebook, Whatsapp status, etc? We have them all here. You can use any of the Top Statuses to express your self and your current state of mind.

top status
Top Statuses


Top 10 Love status

  1. Love Has No Age, No Limit,  and No Death.
  2. Loving You Is All I Want To Do.
  3. Everybody is addicted to something, Mine is You.
  4. Unbreakable Relationship= Love + Trust + Loyalty.
  5.  I’m A Lover Not A Fighter, But I’ll Fight For What I Love.
  6. Loving you is easy because you are beautiful.
  7. True love is eternal.
  8. Without caring, love will lose its savor.
  9. You’Re My Strength But Loving You Is My Biggest Weakness.
  10. I Fell In Love With The Way You Touch Me Even Without Using Your Hands.

Top 10 Life Status

  1. Life Is Never Easy For Those Who Only Dream.
  2. We Only Have One Life. Use It Well.
  3. It Takes Just One Person To Change Your Life: You.
  4. Life Is Too Short To Be Hating On Others.
  5. Life Is Like Photography. We Develop From The Negative.
  6. Life Is Much Brighter When We Focus Only On What Matters.
  7. In Life, You Have To Count Your Blessings While Learning Your Lessons.
  8. Life is like riding a bicycle, to maintain balance, you’ve got to keep going.
  9. Life is very easy but we choose to make it complicated.
  10. The Good Life Is One Guided By Knowledge and Inspired By Love.

Top 10 Attitude Status

  1. My Attitude Is Totally Based On Who Is In Front Of Me.
  2. I don’t Give A Sh**t If you talk behind my back.
  3. I don’t need Ur attitude because I have one of my own.
  4. To all you haters!!! Thanks for making me famous.
  5. If attitude kills, then I’m the weapon of mass destruction…
  6. Ur attitude is like a price tag, and it shows how valuable you are.
  7. Learn to say NO and live a tension free life!
  8. Sometimes I need expert advice… So, I just talk to myself.
  9. The Guy With a BeArD will never Look Weird.
  10. Roses are red, skies are blue, out of my five fingers the middle one is for you.

Top 10 Friendship status

  1. True friendships are always eternal.
  2. Heaven will be Hell without friends.
  3. Life will be super boring without best friends.
  4. A True Friendship Always Refreshes The Soul.
  5. You are the Brother I got to choose!
  6. True Friendship Is Rarer Than True Love.
  7. I once met a stranger she is now my best friend.
  8. Good friends are the chocolate chips in the cookie of life.
  9. One loyal friend is worth more than ten thousand relatives.
  10. Best friends are the safest locker in the world where all secrets are kept.

Top 10 Hate status

  1. I hate stupid people and there’s nothing to do about it!
  2. I hate that I love you so much.
  3. All I want to do is hate you so very much. But I can’t.
  4. I hate to be lonely. Yet I love to be alone.
  5. Don’t let people hate you for no reason, try to give them one.
  6. I still think of you, and that’s the reason I hate myself.
  7. I hate the fact that I love you, but I will never have you.
  8. D!ck head like you are one of the reasons we have middle fingers.
  9. You only hurt a heart that loves you. You can’t hurt the one that completely hates you.
  10. It’s coming late… Supposing I treat you the way you treat me, you would have hated me long before this time.

Top 10 Facebook

  1. Your greatest goal should be to outperform yourself.
  2. Speak your mind and don’t ever apologize for being too real.
  3. Life is growth. If everything was easy, then you’ll never learn. Just enjoy the flow of your life.
  4. If you think money can’t buy happiness then deposit your money in my bank account and you will see.
  5. That moment when someone tries to hurt your feelings without knowing you’ve been dead inside for years.
  6. That awkward moment you are in the middle of telling a lie and your best friend shows up.
  7. Your worst battle is always between what you know and what you feel.
  8. Get up every morning and be thankful for your life no matter how good or bad you think it is. Someone somewhere is fighting to survive.
  9. Life is like Facebook. People will like your problems and comment, but no one will solve them because everyone else is too busy updating theirs.
  10. Life is too short to worry about stupid things. Have fun. Fall in love. Regret nothing, and don`t let people bring you down.

Top 10 Whatsapp States

  1. Life is too short to waste it reading my WhatsApp status.
  2. I won’t give up on you… So don’t dare ever give up on me.
  3. Alive or just breathing?
  4. Some times love is all you need.
  5. I’m disappointed but not surprised.
  6. I’m not okay. I’m only good at pretending I am.
  7. It’s Ok if you don’t like me. After all, not everybody has good taste.
  8. I just finished blocking most numbers on Whatsapp. But if you can read this, then you got lucky…!!!
  9. When I open my eyes I miss you. When I close my eyes I see you.
  10. Sometimes it requires losing something in order to realize what you’ve had.

Top 10 Sad Status

  1. I was probably born to be sad.
  2. I get sad when my food comes to an end.
  3. When words are fewest, grief is deepest.
  4. I see the beauty in everything but in me.
  5. All my agony is hidden with the words “I’m fine.”
  6. I felt so much for her that I started to feel nothing.
  7. I felt so special until I saw you talk to everyone like that.
  8. the worst kind of sad is not being able to explain the reason why.
  9. I haven’t felt right in a very long time.
  10. According to Jean de La Fontaine, “Sadness flies away on the wings of time”.

Top 10 Happy Status

  1. A smile is a happiness; you find just under your nose.
  2. Always stay satisfied, and a reason will come along.
  3. There is no happiness without action.
  4. Try to be the reason someone smiles today.
  5. Be satisfied even when you have nothing, and you will be happy with everything.
  6. To continually, choose only people who choose you.
  7.  I find myself satisfied with the simple things and also appreciating the blessings God gave me.
  8. Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.
  9. Be stupid, Be crazy, Be silly, Be whatever, Be weird. Because life is too short to be anything but happy.
  10. A person needs just three things to be truly happy in this world: something to do, someone to love, and something to hope for.

Top 10 Nature Status

  1. We are nature’s caretakers.
  2. Nature continually wears the colors of the spirit.
  3. Earth is one of the things we have in common.
  4. Beauty has always been nature’s style since day one…
  5. Look deep inside of you and embrace the natural beauty within.
  6. The earth smiles through the flowers.
  7. The earth is music to those who are willing to listen.
  8. We’ve found the enemies of nature, and it happens to be Us.
  9. Let’s give nature a chance. She knows her business more than we do.
  10. Don’t get it twisted I’m not an environmentalist, but an Earth warrior.

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