Single Quotes for Girls [100+ Latest Quotes for All the Single Ladies]

Single quotes for girl happens to be our most current collection of unique quotes for all the single ladies. Our collection of quotes for single women features hundreds of beautiful quotes that will help you express how you feel about being single as a lady.


Being Single Quotes In English

  • Being single simply means No drama, No stress, No settling for Less.
  • Being single means you’re strong enough to wait for what you deserve.
  • Don’t let the fear of being single drive you to a wrong relationship.
  • Being single is another opportunity to completely live on your own terms and conditions.
  • Being without anyone is better than be with the wrong person. Those who fly solo have stronger wings.
  • I’m not that woman who thinks that A man is an answer. I’m only tired of being alone.
  • Being single has thought me the value of my own company.
  • Being single is a lot better than staying with the wrong person.
  • I enjoy every single moment of being single. This may be the only big moment of a lifetime.
  • Being alone doesn’t mean I’m selfish. It means I’m wise enough to choose loneliness over staying with the wrong person.
  • Being single has never been my misfortune. It’s my decision and my choice.
  • Lots of ladies prefer to stay single these days. I believe it’s because they already know that being single happens to be the best.

Single Girl Quotes for WhatsApp

  • I’m Single, Wild and Free.
  • Stay single and flirt with everyone you like.
  • I’m single and I wish that I could have this moment for life!!!
  • All I need is a beauty and a beat. I and music are enough for me.
  • I’m single with zero intentions of searching for a guy. I’ll sit here and let him find me this time.
  • Yes… I’m single and you’ve got to be super amazing to stand a chance of changing that.
  • Not taken, Not single either. Just waiting for something more real.
  • I’m single because God is still busy writing my love story.
  • Solitude is my perfect companion. And I’m yet to see a companion more companionable that it.
  • I’d rather remain single than stay in an unfaithful relationship.
  • Wanted by many, but taken by none. Looking at some, but waiting for just one.
  • It’s better to stay single than let anyone define who you are.
  • It’s better to be alone than be with that guy that makes you feel single.
  • I’m still single because I’m too good for the wrong person.

Proud to Be Single Quotes for FB

  • I’m single and Proud.
  • Single and satisfied.
  • Being single is not my destiny, it’s only a status.
  • I’d rather be solo than be in a false relationship.
  • For me, being single means I’m too fabulous to settle down for trash.
  • I’m single, even though there’s one person in this world that I’ll never cease to love – Myself.
  • The problem is not that I’m single and enjoy it, but that I’m lonely and enjoy it that way.
  • I’m single doesn’t mean I don’t know anything about love.
  • Currently in a relationship with loneliness.
  • The reason I don’t converse with everybody is that I am not everybody. I’m single.
  • I’ve got lots of space in my heart, but I’m afraid of letting animals come shit inside and toy with my feelings.
  • Sometimes the best way to earn respect is to prove to people who think they are your everything, that you can do without them.

Instagram Caption for Single Ladies

1. Single Women Quotes with Images: What’s a Queen Without Her King? Well Historically Speaking, More Powerful.

single quotes for girl with caption

2. Single Women Images With Caption: No one can hurt you when you’re alone.

single quotes for girl with images
Single Quotes for Girl with Caption.

3. Single and Proud.

Single quotes for girls
Short Single Quotes for Girl.

4. No… I’m Not Single.

Instagram Caption for Single Ladies
Instagram Caption for Single Ladies.

5. Single is a word that describes a person strong enough to live and enjoy life without depending on any other person.

single quotes for girl
Single ladies Images With Caption.

6. I’m Not Single But In A Relationship With Freedom.

Quotes for Single Girls
Quotes for Single Girls.

7. I Enjoy Being Single. I’m Always There When I Need Me.

Single Quotes For Girl
Single Quotes For Girl.

8. I’m Single For A Reason. Waiting For The Right One To Come Along.

Single Quotes for Girls In English
Single Quotes for Girls In English

9. I’m Single Because God Is So Busy Writing The Best Love Story For Me.

10. If Your Relationship Status Says “It’s Complicated”, Then You Should Stop Deceiving Yourself And Change It To ‘Single’.

Quotes for Single Girls On Valentine’s Day

  • I am going to be celebrating this Valentine’s Day in Han’s style… Solo.
  • Yes, I’ll be single on valentine’s day. No, it’s not a big deal.
  • I’m single and also ready to get nervous around anybody I find really attractive.
  • If you could see what my ex looked like, only then you will realize why I consider every Valentine’s Day more like a Halloween.
  • Being single on a special day like Valentine’s day can be so boring. Nevertheless, it’s a whole lot better than steaking with an idiot.
  • Only a few people are privileged enough to enjoy Valentine’s Day with the people they truly love, but fewer have the blessings of enjoying it a lot more alone.
  • If falling in love is all it takes to be free, then my heart is going to be in solitary confinement this Valentine’s Day.
  • Being single this period simply means getting to do whatever you want this Valentine’s day.
  • The loyal pizza delivery guy, who generously spreads pepperoni over the cheese, happens to be the only Valentine I need this year.
  • I intend to file a lawsuit against the administrators of Valentine’s Day next February for singles’ discrimination.
  • I’m even surprised that even my calendar has dates, but no date for me on this Valentine’s Day.
  • If acquiring a date was as easy as getting fat, I’d definitely have lots of boyfriends to spare for the others.

Single Quotes for Girl

  • Life is easy but the queen is busy.
  • I’m that queen who doesn’t need a king.
  • I’m a single lady with an independent will.
  • Stupid people excel more at good relationships.
  • Even broken still lives on.
  • I’m more than enough. I have absolutely nothing to prove to anyone.
  • I’m a badass single lady who has the sole right to screw as many guys as possible.
  • Technically, I am single, even though my heart is already taken by someone that I can’t actually call my own.
  • The cherry on the pie is the guy for me. Nevertheless, I’m the pie and the pie is good for me even all by itself. And even if cherry doesn’t show up.
  • When glass breaks, you can easily fix it if the pieces are large enough. But unfortunately, things don’t just break sometimes, they actually shatter. Nevertheless, if you can let the lights in, then the shattered glasses will glitter.
  • I’m freeing myself from all attachment and I’ll be getting myself ready for the strangest adventure.
  • Don’t Be Afraid To Walk Alone. And Don’t Also Be Afraid To Like It.
  • Don’t get mad when you see that he wants it. If you like it, then I think you should put a ring on it.

Happy Single Girls Quotes

  • My happy ending never includes a guy. I just survive on my own and someday free myself up for something a lot better in the future.
  • Stop chasing happiness in a relationship when bliss has always been with you all through your lonely times.
  • None of my exes are happy in their relationships or even married, it’s, therefore, safe to say that I was not their problems.
  • I’m a lot happier staying on my own. I decide how much time I want to spend with someone, nevertheless, I’m not in search of anyone to spend my eternity with or live with. I absolutely don’t want anybody bugging me or living in my house for now.
  • I decided to stay single because I don’t want anybody to ruin my life now that I’m running it perfectly.
  • If we seek paradise outside of our own selves, then we may not have paradise in our hearts.
  • All I see are happy couples whenever I’m single. But whenever I’m in a relationship, all I see are singles that are happy.
  • It sucks spending special days alone, but nevertheless, you don’t have to spend any money just to make someone happy.
  • The only adventure that is open to the cowards is marriage.
  • Sometimes I just decide to stand alone just to show everyone that I can still stand alone.
  • There will be no need for a prince charming in order for me to have my own happy ending.
  • Just because I’m alone doesn’t mean I am lonely.
  • The most profound relationship you can enter is the one with yourself.
  • The good thing about staying a single woman is that you feel free to sleep around. You can sleep all over your bed. Turn from Right Left. and Middle.

Funny Quotes For Single Girl

  • Being single is my full-time job.
  • Whoever succeeded in aborting my Mr Right will never escape my wrought.
  • One of the advantages of staying single is that you have all the time in the world to eat all the fries alone.
  • I guess I would have to date myself today.
  • Let’s celebrate to not having to celebrate Valentine’s Day.
  • Today I’m going to spend quality time with my ex… box 360.
  • I’m currently like a one-man shipping vessel – Ain’t got no mate.
  • Forever a loyal member of the “All The Single Ladies Association”.
  • I’m still single because I’m damn so hot that I virtually burn everything around me.
  • My heart was created to only pump blood and not fall in love, and that explains why I’m still single.
  • I have the most handsome guy in the world as my boyfriend. But the only problem is that he’s invincible.
  • My mother in law and her husband are childless, and that’s the reason I’m still single.
  • I consider myself more like a free agent than a single lady. I’m more single than you know. I need to mingle than I show.
  • Being single happens to be extremely pretty cool. It’s a good sense of irresponsibility.
  • Every rose has its thorn, but this does not mean I’ll have to put up with a ton of pricks.
  • If being single is a crime, then I would have been the most dangerous criminal on earth.

Being Single Attitude Quotes

  • Staying single is my attitude.
  • Single But Not Searching.
  • Be Dope, Be Single.
  • Stay Single or You stay faithful.
  • One of the signs you are special is being single. You just have to wait a little longer for that one in a million partner.
  • Yes, I’m single. But No! I don’t need a significant other to be happy.
  • At first staying single meant nobody wanted you, but currently, it means you are 5exy, super pretty, and you’re taking all the time you need to decide what your life will look like and who you want to spend it with.
  • Still single because I don’t want anyone to start controlling my life.
  • I’m not just alone. I am alone and free.
  • Intelligent girls seem to be the only people that are single these days.
  • I’ll keep staying single until I find that special person who is worth my time.
  • S.I.N.G.L.E (Strong, Independent, Noticeable, Glamorous, Loving, & Enlightened).
  • Everybody has that one special person who completes their life. For me, that’s Me.
  • I’m neither single nor taken. I’m simply reserved for the one who truly deserves my heart.
  • When they asked me the reason I’m single. “I don’t know! I think I’m Beautifully Awesome”.
  • The first person I love is myself, and that’s because that’s the only person I will be spending all of my years with.
  • I’m single, but not because nobody wanted me. I’m simply resting my heart until it’s finally ready to fall in love again.

Motivational Quotes for Single Women

  • pigeons always fly in pairs, eagles soar higher alone.
  • You’re single because you’re strong enough to survive on your own.
  • There are places in life that are better when visited alone. So embrace the beauty of your solo journey.
  • I would rather mercilessly lock up my heart with a very strong padlock than fall in love with a person who doesn’t have an idea of what they mean to me.
  • Why am I dying to mingle when I was born single?
  • I’d rather catch flights than catch feelings.
  • The last thing I would want to do is get addicted to someone.
  • Our hearts will remain unpractical until they are made unbreakable.
  • I’m thankful for my ex. It’s because of him that I’m a lot better and ready for the next.
  • Fabulous and single, exclamation point.
  • It lasted for a long time, nevertheless, I’m now happy (Being single). And, I call it being self-partnered.
  • Single people are the strongest people. They’re strong enough to live their life and enjoy it without relying on others.

Single Quotes For Girl Video

Video Credit: Crazy Kanmani.

Do you know it’s better to be alone and be happy than to be with someone and be so unhappy? The truth is that no matter how precious that relationship is, if it costs you your happiness, then it’s not worth it one bit.

And that’s the reason I add the motivational quotes for single woman section so as to inspire them not to feel like it’s the end of the world if they find themselves single.

You know, the trend now is like anyone who is not hooked up begins to feel dejected and feel like she’s not pretty enough, and stuff like that. But don’t forget that being single means you are strong enough to survive on your own.

And besides, it’s a lot better to be single than to dabble into a relationship that will do nothing but leave you broken. Just get busy with your life, and when the right time comes, you wouldn’t need a soothsayer to tell you that the time is right.

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