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Sad Status about life

1. We were both a perfect match but sadly matches usually burn.

2. It’s really sad to see those you trusted become what they had promised they will never be.

3. The saddest thing that always happens to most people is loving someone who used to love them.

4. People always say follow your heart, but sadly, where do you go when your heart is broken into two?

5. Why am I still alive…?

6. Tears are words that are difficult to explain.

7. Never be sad for what has already been over, at least you once had it…

8. One of the saddest feelings in life is having it all and still feeling sad.

9. It’s better to be alone than to begin to gather one’s self.

10. The worst of it all is a feeling of sadness without a cause.

11. Our sweetest songs are those which tell of our deepest saddest thoughts.

12. I’m feeling so sad and empty inside.

13. You don’t have the right to please everybody.

14. If only you can see the pains behind the smile.

15. It hurts, but I’ll be fine… I’m used to it.

16. I’m never alone because loneliness is always with me.

17.I hide all my inner scars with a fake smile.

18. No one cares in reality, they’re just curious.

19. A fake smile can hide a billion tears.

20. Feelings are like visitors, all you have to do is let them come and go.

21. Another word for my pain is my silence.

22. I’ve been through lots of troubles I don’t wish to share. I’m now only good at hiding my feelings.

23. You would never understand anything behind my smile.

24. Most people are like a balloon… Appearing bright and cheerful, but lonely and empty inside.

25. Give them a smile and they will never see how broken you are inside.

26. And, I’m sad. Again.             

27. I don’t want to be left alone, I want to be alone.

28. Staying alone most times is better because no one can hurt you.

29. There are sometimes when we all feel lost.

30. I’m more broken than it shows.

31. Expectations have been the root of all heartache.

32. Loneliness usually doesn’t kill though sometimes I wish it did.

33. There are some people in our lives that are like clouds. When they disappear, it becomes a brighter day.

34. This is not a status. This is to let you know that no status currently matches my feelings right now.

35. Some people come into your life and just leave without any explanation and without saying goodbye.

36. I’m always left with sad feelings anytime I’m ignored by the one I love.

37. Leaving your happiness in the hands of anyone gives them the right to drop it anytime they like.

38. One of my biggest reasons for loss is expectations.

39. Sometimes, the past memories can hold us back and never let us move on.

40. The saddest thing that can happen to someone is being forgotten by those they can never forget.

41. What the heart can’t delete are always replayed by the mind.

42. He’s left, but the memories still remain.

43. The saddest feelings come when you realize that you have been lied to, and used by those you trusted.

44. When you get too attached to somebody, when they leave, you feel lost.

45. It’s sad to have those unwanted memories always flashing back.

46. Moving on is always hard when your memories are pulling you back.

47. I admit it’s hard, but I gat to get you out of my system.

48. Sometimes you just need to get away.

49. Sometimes you feel better staying ALONE!

50. It’s OK… Seems I was originally designed to stay alone.

51. I’m usually silent on the inside but screaming on top of my voice from the inside.

52. It’s sad most times when you get stuck in the middle not knowing whether to Give Up or Wait.

53. I’m gradually schooling myself not to allow my happiness to depend on people.

54. Though it’s sad, I’m getting used to every day hurt.

55. Depression is sadness without a well-defined cause.

56. I’m the one who loves the sound of his feet walking away from anything not meant for him.

57. It’s sad when someone continuous to stay in your heart but impossible to stay in your arms.

58. Each time I get too happy something bad always happens.

59. I’m scared of happiness because it will always end up the opposite direction for me.

60. No matter how close you are, people who are not meant for you will always walk away.

61. I can take anything from anybody, but not lies from the one I trusted.

62. One of the keys to happiness is to always remember that people are not permanent.

63. That awkward moment when you thought you were important to someone, only to find out you are not.

64. Some of the saddest people on earth are the funniest persons.

65. The cure to sadness most times is just a long walk in the woods.

66. It’s Ok if you decide not to talk to anyone for a while.

67. There are people who can hurt you in an attempt to heal themselves.

68. Most people who sadly walk out of your life were there to teach you how to let go.

69. I wish people could drink their words like water. Only then they will realize how bitter theirs taste.

70. Of all the lies you told me, “I love you” was my favourite.

71. Crying in silence is the loudest form of bitterness and sadness.

72. Most times all you have to do is smile, hold back the tears, pretend everything is okay, and just walk away!

73. Every day is certainly not going to be a good day, some days will be sad days.

74. To experience happiness, you must first know and understand sadness.

75. I’m addicted to sadness.

76. Sadness is truly my company.

77. I have been very sad for years, and please don’t tell me it gets better.

78. I’m tired Of fighting. Can anyone fight for me just once in my lifetime?

79. Sometimes holding saddens you more than just letting go. 

80. One of the times I miss the most are the times when I meant something to you.

81. It really saddens me to know I only exist to you when you need something.

82. Smiling is always easier than explaining why you are sad.

83. There’s nothing more depressing than having it all & yet you still feeling sad.

84. Trust is like a paper. If you crumple it, it will never be perfect again.

85. If there was nothing like sadness, then happiness will not exist because they co-exist.

86. I wish my brain had a map that will lead me where my heart should go.

87. If you are strong enough to say bye, life will always bring you a new Hello!

88. Just when I’ve decided to trust someone, they give me one reason why I shouldn’t.

89. I hope you’ll find out one day just how much you’re hurting me.

90. Sometimes love appears like a dream and suddenly disappears like a nightmare.

91. Even when it hurts me the most, I still say I’m fine with a smile.

92. Desired by many, taken by none, chatting with some, but just waiting for one.

93. I’m sick of crying, I’m tired of trying, yes I’m smiling but inside I’m dying.

94. It’s obvious that nothing will change but for some reason, you still wait.

95.Every birth is redeemed by death and every happiness is redeemed by sadness.

96. When people treat you like a joke leave like it’s a comedy.

97. Approaching it technically, I’m single, though my heart is already taken by someone I can’t have.

98. Tears are the language of a broken heart.

99. People don’t cry because they are weak. They cry because they’ve been too strong for too long.

100. It’s not the brain that produces tears but the heart.

101. A tear is made of 1% water and 99% feelings.

102. If only you had the power to read my heart, you’d be in tears.

103. I gave you my heart and you broke it, but I still love you with all of its pieces.

104. Not everyone is replaceable. Be careful who you hurt.

105. Some times, sorry is not usually enough. You just have to change.

106. If what you desire is to make me cry, at least be there to wipe my tears away.

Sad Status

  1. Sometimes it takes sadness to know happiness, absence to value presence and noise to appreciate silence.
  2. Letting go is the most important part of moving on.
  3. That sad moment when you mistakenly come in contact with an old conversation between YOU and that friend you don’t talk to anymore.
  4. Don’t ever cry for that person who doesn’t value your tears.
  5. I know what unhappiness feels like, but I’ve also learnt how to stay happy.
  6. A million words wouldn’t bring you back, I know because I tried, nor would a million tears, I know because I cried.
  7. In a single moment of misunderstanding, we tend to forget all the lovable moments shared together within a minute.
  8. I know you’ve already blocked me. Nevertheless, I love to still stare at your blank profile.
  9. A lie will always remain a lie, no matter how small or big it is.
  10. It is a sad thing to be happy alone.
  11. The smile on my face is not an indication that my life is perfect.
  12. I’m sorry I was not good enough. But I tried to be.
  13. Bad relationship will always change good people.
  14. Things change… And even friends leave, but life doesn’t stop for anyone.
  15. I don’t regret my paste, my only regret is the time I spent on the wrong people.
  16. Nobody appreciates you when you’re nice, they only notice you when you become bad.
  17. When I’m talking most people think I’m bad, but by default, they should be more worried when I’m quiet.
  18. I judge a person’s heart from the way they treat their pets.
  19. I’m so sad because I know you will easily forget those precious moments that I’ll never forget forever.
  20. I truly care about you, but it seems you care more about someone else who doesn’t even care about you.
  21. Why am I so bad at being good!!!
  22. I’m so disappointed in my self, but the truth is that I’m still waiting right here for you till now.
  23. Because you always find me smiling doesn’t mean that I’m happy.
  24. It’s really sad and hurt so much to say goodbye to that special person you don’t wish to let go, but more hurtful when the person wants to leave.
  25. The only way most people can learn to appreciate you is by losing you.
  26. It doesn’t matter how much you try, some people and things will never change.
  27. Sometimes two friends need to fall apart for them to realize how much they need to fall back together.
  28. I find it difficult letting people come close to me because those that came close to me and promised to never leave have all left.
  29. I enjoy listening to sad music when I’m sad, it makes me double sad.
  30. That moment when words fail you and tears decides to speak.
  31. Each time I decide to trust someone, they give me more reason why I shouldn’t.
  32. You can easily miss a friend who died, you can also miss a friend who moved away, but it will be worst when you miss a former friend you see every day.
  33. It’s easy for me to block you on Twitter and delete you from my Facebook but it wouldn’t be easy for me to block or delete memories of you from my heart.
  34. Things may change but the memories of the way you made me feel is something that will never change.

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