New Royal Status for FB [70+ Latest Royal Attitude Status]

Royal Attitude Status in Hindi and EnglishWe have provided our users with over 70 royal status for those who want to show off their attitude on Facebook and other social media platforms. Below are the best new royal status in Hindu and English with images.


Royal Attitude Status in English

Excellence is not all about talent and skills, it’s an attitude.

I don’t show or give attitude, I only return it.

Always stay away from people capable of ruining your day with their attitude.

My attitude depends on the way you treat me.

Your direction in life is determined by your attitude.

Excuse me, there is something I found under my shoes. Oh… it’s your Attitude!

To know your limit, you’ll have to reach your limit.

Those who hate to be judged are always the first to judge others.

I and my wife live happily for 30 years and then we met!

If it is very easy, then you’re doing it wrong.

Don’t ever lose hope or give up. When the SUN goes down, the STARS come up.

Beauty can only catch the eyes but personality catches the heart.

Don’t give up, you don’t know what tomorrow brings.

Stop checking my status and Go get a life…

I don’t dream of success. I work hard for it.

A real friend will reach out for your hand and at the same time touch your heart.

Beautiful people are usually not good, but good people are always beautiful.

Each time I decide to quit smoking, I need a cigarette to think it through.

You are my queen, just like everyone else.

The best answer for a fool is Silence.

I went to check my blood group and it was “Be positive.”

If you think you are bad, call me dad because I’m badder.

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You can be anything when you be yourself.

I will definitely win though not immediately.

I was Born Cool, but I’m now hot because of Global Warming.

Living alone is better than friendship with a fool.

Life is too short. Please chat fast.

Always Not Available. Just keep trying your luck.

I’m not a lazy man, I’m just on my energy-saving mode.

I’m envious of my parents. I wonder if I could have a kid as cool as theirs.

Marriage is like a workshop, where the husband works and the wife shops.

I was driving my Lamborghini this morning and the woke me up.

Most of us started out with nothing and some of us still have most of it.

I have more than enough money to last me the rest of my life unless I buy something.

Life will not always give you what you need, but what you want.

Whenever my friends are around my world is full of smiles.

I’m in search of someone to give me a loan and leave me alone.

I wonder if God created cousins so that our parents can compare our marks.

New levels, new devils.

Don’t forget you you’re unique, just like everyone else.

I’m currently having an affair with life but I’m in love with my dreams, though I’m married to success.

Sorry vegetarians we can’t pretend.

The special family you choose are your friends.

Etc= End of thinking capacity.

Have you noticed that Ugly start with ‘U’ and Awesome ends with ‘ME’.

Every day new smartphones are produced as well as new stupid people.

Time is precocious ensure you waste it wisely.

A real friend will always see the first tear, catch the second and stop the third.

The reason I wake up every day is not to impress you.

I just need four months vacation, three times a year.

When life gets tough, just remember you made it through because you were the winning sperm.

Don’t steal. The government hate competition.

I don’t forgive others because they deserve it, but because I deserve peace.

Love her like a wife, Protect her like a daughter, and respect her as a mother.

Success is no by chance or luck. It’s learning, hard work, endurance, sacrifice and the essential of them all, love what you do.

Don’t get it twisted between my attitude and personality. My personality is who I am, while my attitude depends on who is in front of me.

I first saw your perfections and I loved you. I then saw your imperfections, and then I loved you even more.

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Royal New FB Status


All you need is my FB status to keep you motivated.

Hello Everyone! Say Hi to the new FB Famous – Me!

I’m the simplest puzzle you can’t solve.

I am “Awesome” Don’t Question it… Just deal with it…

Tom N Jerry taught me that life is boring….without ENEMY’S

It’s easier to stand with the crowd, It only takes courage to stand alone.

I’m like a flower – It doesn’t think of competing with the next flower. It just blooms…

I Don’t Need To Copy Any Celebrity I Have My Own Personality.

Comfort zone is a beautiful place where nothing new ever grows.

I Don’t Believe in Flaunts, I Actually Accept Them Who Come With Reality.

Sometimes, It Feels Good Being Yourself.

Attitude__#My Hobby# Ego_____ #My Passion.

I stand for what I Believe. I speak for what I see. And I strive for what I want…

Take me the way I am, not the way you wish me to be.

Straight roads never produces skilful drivers.

People who know me, never doubt me. People who doubt me never knew me.

I talk a lot, I smile a lot, I also laugh a lot too…. but be careful when I’m silent…

There’s nothing special about me. I’m just a limited edition.

Thanks to all those who left me during a bad situation. Your absence gave room for my good situation.

New Royal Attitude Status in Hindi

1. वो अपनी गली की रानी होने का गरूर करती है,नादान ये नहीं जानती की हम उसी शहर के बादशाह है !!

Royal attitude status

2. हम जैसे सिरफिरे ही इतिहास रचते है,समझदार तो केवल इतिहास पढ़ते है !!

Royal attitude status

3. मैं न अन्दर से समंदर हूँ न बाहर आसमान,बस मुझे उतना समझ जितना नज़र आता हूँ मै !!

royal attitude status

4. इतनी एहमियत तो बना ली है दोस्तो में की,मेला लग जाएगा समशान में, जब हम जायेंगे आसमान में !!

Royal attitude status

5. ये हमारा ही हुनर था की हम पट गए,तू तारीफ़ अपने जलवों की अब कितनी भी कर ले !!

6. जिस तरह अपनी पेहचान खुद बनाई,उसी तरह में अपनी जन्नत भी खुद बनाऊंगा !!

Royal attitude status

7. मेरी शराफत को तुम बुज़दिली का नाम न दो,दबे न जब तक घोडा, बन्दूक भी खिलौना ही होती है !!

Royal Attitude Status

8. लड़की चाहिए तो तेरे जैसी नखरेवाली,वरना बहुत मिलती हे सामने से लाइन मारने वाली !!

Royal attitude status

9. तु क्या ‪‎हमारी‬ बराबरी करेगी‪ ‎पगली‬ क्यूंकि जिस ‪‎गाडी‬ से तू‪ ‎शहर‬ घूमती है,उस गाडी से तो हमारे ‎नौकर‬ ‪आया जाया‬ करते है !!

10. तुम मुझे जैसा सोचते हो वैसा मैं हु नहीं,जैसा मैं हु वैसे तुम सौच भी नहीं सकते !!

11. दोस्ती के दरवाज़े लाख बंद कर तू,मैं तो हवा के झोंके सा हूँ, दरारों से भी आ जाऊँगा !!

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