Latest Rain Status [100+ Rain WhatsApp Status in English]

Rain Status is the various sayings about the rain that has become prominent and can be used to update your social media accounts during the rainy season. They can be used to update your Facebook, Instagram or Whatsapp status during the rainy season. Below is our collection of the latest rain status.

Latest Rain Status

1). Of all the seasons, the most romantic of them all is the rainy season.

2). I enjoy it when it rains over me.

3). Let the rain come down and wash all the pains of yesterday

4). The rainy season is just the perfect weather for two.

5). Heavy rain + Dark night + Coldness + Nice blanket = Perfect Night Rest.

6). Let the rain pour down and overflow until it drowns all my sorrows.

7). Others just get Wet while Some feel the Rain.

8). It may be stormy for a while, but it will never rain forever.

9). Whenever it rains, you’re the first thing that comes into my mind.

10). Rain Drops is the Bravest thing created by God. It falls on both the weak alongside the strong.

11). My life is a storm, You are free to come in if you can dance in the rain with me.

12). I love it when it Rains

13). Rainy days are lazy days because they make you want to do absolutely nothing.

14). Love is something that no one can explain, like the smell of rain, the look of a rose, and the feeling of forever.

15). I’m Listening to the rhythm of the rain.

16). Without a blanket, a book, and a cup of coffee, rainy days are boring days.

17). I feel you whenever it rains.

18). Under the rain and under the sun I’ll certainly run to you, my love.

19). I find My love in the rain.

20). Let me kiss your lips in the pouring rain.

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Rainy WhatsApp Status

1). I love to sit in the rain because it washes all my worries away.

2). I find inner peace walking in the rain.

3). The Rain makes someone’s heart GO Romantic.

4). You make my rainy days sunny.

5). You are always my rainbow on the rainy days.

6). I want to make our with you, cuddle you, and watch movies on a rainy day.

7). Rain makes a heart go Romantic.

8). I find my love in the rain.

9). I have fallen for you just like the rain.

10). Difficulties are part of the packages. You will also find “RAIN” in a RAINBOW.

11). That awkward moment the rain starts raining just after washing your car.

12). Whenever it rains, I feel you.

13). The rain will always stop no matter how hard it pours.

14). Rain makes a heart go romantic.

15). It’s Raining over here and I wish you are here with me.

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Rainy Status Facebook

1). Whenever the rain is pouring, Face book seems to be boring.

2). To get a rainbow you must go through the rain. To find true love you must go through the pain.

3). Life without troubles is like the whole year without rain.

4). You may not like rain but it’s important for the crops. You may not like the problems, but there’s a lesson to learn.

5). Falling in love is like the rain, it can’t be predicted but there are signs before it ultimately falls.

6). As he kissed me, all I could do was wonder how I was burning alive even in the middle of a rainstorm.

7). Worrying is like walking around with an umbrella, and waiting for the rain to come.

8). I’ll be making use of you this period. Do you remember it’s the rainy season? I’ll need you to make me hurt.

9). I want to hold you and kiss you when it’s raining really hard so that all we can see is just ourselves.

10). Life is not about waiting for the storm to be gone it’s about learning to dance in the rain.

11). He who thinks that pure happiness is Sunshine has never danced in the rain.

12). All I want to do is chilling all alone in the rain.

13). Rain Rain go away, come again another day because I’m late for work.

14). Marriage and Love are like walking in the rain together.

15). Tears are just like rain. They loosen up our soil, allowing us to grow in different directions.

16). Clouds come floating into my life, but this time they didn’t come with rain or storms but colors to add to my sunset sky.

17). Dear Sun, I know you’re always hiding behind the clouds. But hide and seek is over, let’s have some sun.

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One Line Rain Status for Whatsapp

1). Enjoying the rain with a cup of coffee.

2). I feel like I have you around me whenever it rains.

3). Happy rainy season to all my real friends.

4). Ignite the fire of your love and let it warm my soul for the rain has brought so much cold.

5). When it rains hard, I miss you hard and wish I could kiss you harder.

6). I love the rainy season so much. It’s the most romantic season.

7). Enjoying the rainy season with my boo.

8). Without rain, there would be no life.

9). There would be no crop without rain. Learn to embrace the storms of your life.

10). I find peace in the rain.

11). I love walking in the rain because nobody sees me when I’m crying.

12). Let the rain shower me with its blessings.

13). The rainy season is an awesome moment.

14). Life is like a storm, you get an umbrella or learn how to dance in the rain.

15). I feel you whenever it rains.

16). There’s always something better after the rain.

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Funny Rain Status

1). The rainy season is a whether for two, but pregnancy for one.

2). I’m always motivated when it rains – Motivated to do absolutely nothing.

3). The Earth and the Sky never meet each other, but send LOVE Through Rain.

4). It’s raining, I think I should be in bed snoring. Won’t bump my head so I can wake up in the morning!

5). Examples of good Combinations: A cup of coffee and the rain.

6). I miss you, but I miss you more now it’s raining. Happy Monsoon!

7). When I was a kid I thought when it rains, angels were crying.

8). I like rainy days with a book, a cup of tea, and a blanket.

9). Only mentally strong people smile when it’s raining.

10). After the rain comes sunshine.

11). Say F**k me with a pitchfork while I’m running sideways in the rain.

12). Sometimes You Lose, Sometimes YOU Win, and Sometimes It Rains.

13). I told my boo that we should cuddle on a rainy day Watch Old movies and make out and she said let’s pray… It’s not fair!!!

14). When it rains, the first thing that comes to my mind is my bed…

15). I wish this rain can stop so I can go outside, get a pack of coffee and when I come back it should start raining heavily. I don’t want to go to work today.

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Rainy Status For Each Day [Rain Status Today]

1). Today I don’t feel like doing anything. Please lord, let it rain…

2). I wish to share an Umbrella with you during the rainy days.

3). Its rainy season Please always be with me to make me hot.

4). Act like the rain, carefree. Love like the ocean, never-ending. Be like the sun, warming up someone`s day. Have a beautiful day ahead.

5). I love falling asleep under the sound of rain.

6). Just like the rain, your first love is always ever fresh.

7). I feel like crying in the rain…

8). The flames of my love for you is ever burning hard, not even the rain can quench it.

9). With time every heartache will fade away like the storm which runs out of the rain.

10). It might be stormy now, but it will never rain forever.

11). Get your ships ready to sail, for the storm is over.

12). The rain has come along with cold winds. I just wish to feel the warmth of your embrace.

13). Never ask for the rain to be lighter. Rather pray for a better umbrella.

14). I always dream of holding your hand and walking in the rain.

15). Don’t complain, Pain is part of the plan. There’s no rainbow without rain.

16). The Rainy Season is the best season to show love.

17). Like a plant, the rain showers my spirit and waters my soul.

18). The rainy days will certainly come but the good thing is that they wouldn’t last forever.

19). Darkness sometimes can be too bright, and the rain gives you delight.

20). Let the rainfall and wash the negative vibes of the former week.

Rain WhatsApp DP Pictures Images Wallpapers with Quotes

rain status

Save a boyfriend for a rainy day and another in case it doesn’t rain.

status for rainy days

If people were rain, then I was drizzle and she was Hurricane.

rain status for whatsapp

I like walking in the rain so no one can see I’m crying.

let the rain of yesterday wash away my pains

Let the rain wash away all of my pains of yesterday…


rainy days status

Rains are the best shower to have because it refreshes you and also lightens you up.

learn to dance in the rain

Rain Status DP: Life is a storm, you either get an Umbrella or learn to dance in the rain.

Rains are the best days because it makes everyone expressive…

Rain is that downpour from the falls from the sky. It is actually caused by precipitation and condensation of water vapor. There are three types of rain; while the first called Frontal Rain requires two masses of air to come in contact before the Frontal Rain becomes established.

The next is the Orographic rain which takes place when the cloud forms as a result of the topography of a place. And… Finally, the last is the convective rain which takes place which results in the activity of the convective cloud.

Most people enjoy this season for many reasons which we have listed above. Some people say the rain makes them feel romantic, some believe the rain washes away their negative vibes, and some others get emotional about this period. You can use the comment section to tell us what’s your own thought about the rainy season and the rain. Do we hope you enjoyed our collection of the latest rain status for WhatsApp and Facebook?

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