All You Need to Know About The Quebec Immigrant Investors Program

It is important to note that the Quebec immigrant investors program has been designed to enable selected individuals of Quebec to gain permanent residency in Canada.

Quebec offers a certificate to those who pass the qualifications required. Applicants are expected to reside on the French side of Quebec.

The qualifications needed for applicants of the Quebec immigrant investors program are :

Legally acquired net worth

As an applicant, you are required to have about 2 million dollar net worth and present proof that it is legal.

You are to tender documentation that backs up your assets for proof that your income is legal and is worth over 2million dollars. Detailed documentation is to be taken on past employment income, businesses you engage in, inheritances and more.

Suitable management experience

The fundamental aim of the Quebec program is to lure business tycoons and gain investments into the program as most of the applicants have experience in managing businesses.

The suitable experience needed is having an experience of two years to be selected among duties on planning, management skill on the control of finance and human or material resources under the investor authority to.

Investment and financing

Quebec has made it possible for successful applicants to invest in Investissement Quebec for a period of 5 years.

The capital used in investment is refunded with an interest. The selection certificate is given to the applicant before he or she arrives in Canada and it is valid for 5 years.

The Quebec Investor program allows successful applicants to fund the size of their investment through assigned brokerage firms and investment banks. Usually, the finance plans impose a down payment before the bank loans the balance of $1.2 million. The applicant then deposits the sum with Investissement Québec.

The down payment would not be refunded at the expiration of the 5 years. Interests and fees are taken by banks from the down payments the immigration also takes theirs, leaving the down payment as the investors’ net cost.

Is Quebec immigrants investors programs open?

There was a suspension placed on the Quebec immigrants investors programs on March 31, 2021, by the Quebec government and it has been moved to April, 1st 2023.

Why you should choose the Quebec immigrants investors program

The Quebec Immigrant Investor Program comes with several advantages. A large number of business investor immigration programs, such as the EB-5 program in the United States, expect individuals to establish a variety of jobs within a given time.

Quebec Immigrant Investor Program does not require such and that makes it stand out among other programs on immigration.

The program also allows the immediate family of the applicant to attain a permanent residence permit.

Other Canadian immigration options for immigrants

The Quebec Immigrant Investor Program is presently the only immigration program in Canada organized for foreign investors. The federal government of Canada was in charge of managing the Canadian Immigrant Investor Program, but it was brought to a close in 2014.

There are lots of Canadian immigration options for foreign investors with experience in managing a business. One option for immigrant entrepreneurs is the federal startup business program. It is for individuals whose ideas are bought by some specific organizations in Canada.

Other programs that offer immigration entrepreneurship programs are Ontario and British Columbia.


The Quebec programs are of great benefit to foreign entrepreneurs. If you are a big business person why not try applying for the Quebec program to enjoy the packages that come with it.

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