No Love Status for Whatsapp [50+ No Love Whatsapp Status]

There are times in our lives when we have no love things or people around us. Most people may experience this feeling of lack of love because they may be feeling betrayed by a person or object in question. Below are 50+ no love Whatsapp status.

No Love Status Quotes for Whatsapp

1. No money… No Love…

2. If no pain, then there will be no love.

3. There is no love without suffering.

4. A man with ambition but with no love is dead.

5. There is no love like that of the mother for her child.

6. There is no love which does not become help.

7. There is no love of life without despairs of life.

8. There is no love story without obstacles.

9. I searched for years and found no love.

10. She left me heartbroken with no hopes and no love. But, I’ll be fine.

11. There is no forgiveness without love and there is no love without forgiveness.

12. It’s better to remain single than in a relationship where there is no love.

13. How can you say you have love, while the world around crumbles and you stand idle.

14. No love is entire without worth.

15. He swore with his life that he loves me, but when I looked into his eyes, there was no love there.

16. I’m not gonna replay a track I don’t get any love for.

17. Though she hurts me, yet there is no love lost between me and myself alone!

18. There is no love more intense than the one we have for our children.

19. Wherever destruction reigns, men are weak and there is no love.

20. Most people grow up in a house where there is no love and emotions, and it kind of sticks with them.

21. One who has no love in his heart will always remain selfish and try to possess everything to himself.

22. Where there is no imagination, there will be no passion, and where there is no passion, there will be no love.

23. I love her even though I know she has no love for me.

24. It feels like I would never be good for him. He doesn’t love me.

25. Revenge is only found in the hearts of those that has no love.

26. The pains of no being loved is worst than the pains from a bullet wound.

27. Try to love again after the pain because there’s always a rainbow after the rain.

28. I don’t love what I hate….

29. I have no love for those who pretend to care in my face and go to my back to spoil my reputation.

30. I love him and I know he’ll certainly love me too in the end, and if he doesn’t love me, then it’s not the end.

31. He first taught me how to love, and now how to stop loving.

32. He says he has no love for me, but he will only miss out on his blessings.

33. Don’t let your loyalty make a fool out of you.

34. I only pretend to have no love, but I’m actual scared of being hurt.

35. The one who has no love has not learnt how to live.

36. I fell in love with you, but you didn’t catch me.

37. Getting hurt is just another way to find your strength.

38. I act like there is no love, but deep inside, I really do love you.

39. Those who usually act like they don’t care are the ones who care the most.

40. I always get hurt because I’m always the one who loves more and hurts more.

41. Count how many nights I’ve been thinking of you… Zero Nights… with Zero love. #No Love

42. Loving you wasn’t a mistake, but thinking you loved me too was the mistake and problem.

43. Forgiving doesn’t mean forgetting. It’s just letting go of the pains.

44. It huts to no know that you presently have no love for me.

45. It often hurts to let go, but most times it hurts more to to keep holding on.

46. The truth hurts but just for a while. But a lie hurts forever.

47. Don’t hate those who don’t love you, because it will only make you look like them.

48. You wouldn’t understand the feeling of not being loved until you become the one feeling it.

49. Don’t hold anger, pain and hurt. They’ll only steal your peace, energy and will keep you far from love.

50. He says he has no love for you. Go ahead with your life and don’t give him the satisfaction of seeing you suffer.

51. Where there is no love between the story and the author, there will be no love between the reader and the book.

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