My Life Status In English: Top 100 WhatsApp Status About My Life

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My Life Status

Top 100 My Life Status In English

  1. All I Wish Is To Change My Life, Not My Status.
  2. My Life. My Rules. My Attitude. My Mistakes. Who The Hell Are You To Judge Me?
  3. I know I’m Awesome… I Reall Don’t Give A F**K About Your Opinion.
  4. My Life May Be Filled With Ups And Downs, But It’s All Ok When You’re Around.
  5. To My Family & Friends: Sometimes I Forget To Tell You How Much I Care About You And How Grateful I’m For Your Presence In My Life. THANK YOU!
  6. Only Me, Myself, and I Can Change My Life. No One Else Can.
  7. I Choose To Make The Rest Of My Life, The Best Of My Life.
  8. My Life Status? I’m Very Talented But F**King Exhausted.
  9. I’m Sad But I Still. That’s My Life.
  10. My Life, My Choices, My Mistakes, My Lessons, Not Your Business.
  11. It’s My Life Not Yours. So I’ll Live It By My Rule and Not Yours.
  12. I Never Worry, Life Is A Journey; I Just Want To Enjoy The Ride.
  13. I Ain’t Got Nothing To Say To You. My Life Is My Message.
  14. Life Is A One-Time Offer, Use It Wisely.
  15. My Life Is Like An Ice Cream, I Want To Enjoy It Before It Melts.
  16. I Don’t Have A Perfect Life, But I’ve Had Series Of Perfect Moments In My Life.
  17. I Love My Life Because It’s Got You In It.
  18. I’m Happy For Every Single Moment Of My Life Because In The End… This Is My Life.
  19. Story Of My Life… I Care Too Much Much & That’s The Reason It Hurt Me Too Much When He Walked Away.
  20. I Love My Life Because It’s Got You In It. I Love You Because You’re My Life. Through Out My Life: I’ve Lied, Loved, Trusted, Hurt, Missed, Lost, And Made Mistakes, But Most All… I’ve Learned.
  21. You Are The Best Part Of My Life.
  22. It’s My Life. So I Want To Live It My Own Way.
  23. Today, I’ve Decided To Be Happy With Myself And Enjoy My Life.
  24. My Life Is So Blessed Because I Never Needed Anything Until I Had It.
  25. My Life Is Like A Camera. So, I Face Each Day Of My Life With A Smile.
  26. I Want To Be Free… Free Like A Bird.
  27. My Life Is A Journey And Not A Race.
  28. My Life Is Like A Movies. There’s Failure, Success… But Most Of All Drama.
  29. She’s The Miracle That Makes My Life Complete.
  30. Small Steps In The Right Direction Can Turn Out To Be The Biggest Step Of Your Life.
  31. If You Like Me, Raise Your Hands. But If You Don’t, Maybe You Should Raise Your Standard.
  32. Your Life Is Too Short. So, Don’t Waste It Reading My Whatsapp Status.
  33. Look, Our Time Has Expired. It Time You Exit My Life.
  34. If My Life Was A Movie, Then No One Would Believe It.
  35. There’s A Part Of My Life That Will Forever Remain In Love With You.
  36. Today I’ve Decided To REFRESH My Mind, DELETE All My Problems, UNDO All My Mistakes, And Save All My Happy Moments.
  37. First, My Parents, They Give Me My Life, But Then They Try To Give Me Their Life.
  38. My Life Biggest Mistake Was Thinking I’ll Be Ok Without You, But The Truth Is That I’m Not And May Never Be… I Miss You.
  39. I Would Rather Die WIth All Of My Memories Than Just Dreams.
  40. I Decided To Start Living A Happy Life So I Tied My Happiness To My Goals Instead Of Tie It On People.
  41. I May Have Failed Today, But Life Will Definitely Offer Me A Second Chance Usually Known As Tomorrow.
  42. I Don’t Dream My Life. I Live My Life.
  43. Life Is Short, So Smile While I Still Have Teeth.
  44. Whatever I Decide To Do, I Ensure It Makes Me Happy.
  45. I Live My Life Like Photography. I Develop From The Negative.
  46. Forget About The Pains, But Never Forget The Lessons.
  47. I Don’t Take Life Too Serious Because I Know I’m Not Getting Out Of It Alive.
  48. My Success Comes From The Sum Total Of All My Efforts, Repeated Day In & Day Out.
  49. Where There’s No Struggle, There’s No Strength.
  50. Today I’ve Decided To Close The Door To My Past, Open The Door To My Future, Take A Deep Breath, Step On Through And Begin A New Chapter Of My Life.
  51. All I Want To Is Spend The Rest Of My Life Laughing.
  52. I’ve Waited All The Days Of My Life Just In Search Of Someone As You.
  53. You Can’t Begin A New Chapter Of Your Life If You Keep Re-Reading The Last One.
  54. I Don’t Talk, I Just Act. I Don’t Say A Thing, I Just Show. Lastly, I Don’t Promise, I Prove.
  55. I’ve Got Less, But It Was Best.
  56. I Think Twice But Speak Just Once.
  57. I Am Who I Want To Be, And Not What The World Want Me To Be.
  58. The Most Important Parts Of My Life Is Music, Internet, Food And Sleep.
  59. Life Doesn’t Get Easier So I Got Stronger.
  60. My Life May Not Be Perfect, But I’m Grateful For Everything I’ve Got.
  61. The First Step To Changing Your Life Is Changing Your Priorities.
  62. I Love Everyone But I Trust Only A Few, But I Do Wrong To None.
  63. My Life Is Like A Data Pack, I Try To Use Every GB Completely.
  64. I’ve Met Lots Of Wrong People In My Life Who Teach Me The Right Lessons.
  65. Each New Level Comes With A New Devil.
  66. A Good Life Is One Guided By Knowledge And Inspired By Love.
  67. Every Day I Focus On The Positive And Try To Live My Life To The Fullest.
  68. I’m Just Trying To Find Some Colours In This Black & White World.
  69. Life Is A Game, So I Just Play It!
  70. I Don’t See Life As A Problem To Be Solve, Rather I See It As A Reality To Be Experienced.
  71. Life goes on. With or without you.
  72. I Can Change The World By Being Myself.
  73. I Don’t Joke With My Time Because Lost Time Can Never Be Found Again.
  74. My Life Is Usually Boring Without Enemies.
  75. I Can Sum Up Everything I’ve Learned About Life In Three Words “It Goes On”
  76. Until You Get Your Heart Broke, You May Never Learn To Love.
  77. I have more conversations in my head than in real life.
  78. In Life, There’s Still So Much To See.
  79. One Of The Hardest Question I’ve Ever Encountered In Life Is ‘Describe Yourself’.
  80. In Life, Problems Never Seizes To Come And Go. It Never Stops. All You Have To Is Enjoy, learn, and face it!
  81. I Really Don’t Want To Get Disappointed In Life So I Never Expect Anything From Anyone.
  82. I Live My Life To Express And Not To Impress.
  83. I Don’t Force Anyone To Stay In My Life. If Anyone Wants To Stay In Your Life They Will Definitely Find A Way To Do That.
  84. I’ve Never Had Any Regrets In Life. It’s Either Lessons Or Blessings.
  85. If You Want To Fulfil Your Destiny Then Learn How To Stay True To Yourself.
  86. I Love To Enjoy My Life Sometimes. I Remember Hitler Said That The Amount Of Money That Is In Your Bank At The Time Of Death Is The Extra Work You Did Which Wasn’t Necessary.
  87. My Life Is Worth Much More Than Silver & Gold Put Together.
  88. Life Is Better When I’m Smiling.
  89. Giving Up Is Not My Thing, Even When I’m Alone.
  90. It’s My Life So I Wouldn’t Let You Teach Me How To Live It.
  91. My Smiling Face Doesn’t Always Mean A Smiling Heart.
  92. I’m Too Busy To Have Time For Regrets.
  93. My Dreams Wouldn’t Work Unless I Do.
  94. Dear Lord I’m Grateful For This Awesome Life You’ve Give To Me And Please Forgive Me If I Don’t Love It Enough.
  95. Faith Is Taking The First Step Even Without Seeing The Complete Staircase.
  96. I Always Cherish What I Have Before Life Teaches Me How To Love What I Have Lost.
  97. Even If I Can’t Help Someone In Life, Atleast I Don’t Hurt Them.
  98. Sometimes I Just Lose The Battle Just To Ensure That I Win The War.
  99. I’m Careful These Days Because Life Has No Ctrl + Z.
  100. I Dream It. I Wish It. And Finally, I Do it.

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