Messages For a Sick Person: 50 Funny Ways to Cheer Up a Sick Person

Funny Messages For a Sick Person: If you have a sick friend or relative, then letting them know that you still care about them even in their trying times can be a big relief for them. Calling them to check up on them, and sending them Get well Jokes and messages can go a long way to cheer them up.

You may not really understand it, but being sick for most people can be a downer. It’s during this period that little things mean a lot to them. Showing them you care or maybe saying funny things to them can mean a lot to them and can also go a long way to cheer them up towards getting better soon.


Messages For a Sick Person

Sending a sick person whether a relative or a friend get well soon messages can go a long way to show the person how much you care and think about them. So, if you are in search of some lively words that can help cheer up your sick friend or relative, then below are messages to send your sick relative or friend. It will show them you about them.

Messages For a Sick Person
Messages For a Sick Person.
1. I wish each day supplies you with enough strength to carry on with each passing day as you journey your way down to recovery.

There’s nothing as important as showing someone you care when they are going through their trying times. The Message above is suitable for both a close friend and an acquaintance.

2. Each petal of that flower I sent to you represents kisses and hugs all sent in full for your quick recovery.

This message for a sick person is usually suitable when it is accompanied by flowers. You can send it to your friend, someone you love or maybe someone you crush on.

3. Seriously thinking of you and hoping you recover speedily.

It’s always good that you inform the sick person that despite them going through rough times, but they are still always in your heart.

4. It hurts me to see you feeling so blue. Therefore, here are my get well wishes to you.

This message is to let the sick person know that they are not alone and that you are also in this with them, and also wish that they get better soon.

5. I’m sending you tons of good and healthy vibes for your fast recovery.

You will notice that this message for the sick person was short and straight to the point, but yet carries so much care in it.

6. I hope you feel better soon Cos I’m missing you so badly.

It’s also important that you let your sick friend or relative know how much you miss them.

7. I don’t think there’s any sickness strong enough to hold you bound, not with all the prayers I’ve offered on your behalf.

It doesn’t just end at missing your sick friends or relative, also let them know you are also praying for their quick recovery.

8. I wish I can take this pain away from you faster than even the doctors would.

When you love someone, you can just stand to watch them go through pain. And, if it were in your power to make the pains go away, you would – Also let them know about that.

9. I can’t wait to see you bouncing just like you used to. I’m wishing you an easy and fast recovery and I’m hoping you will be feeling better in no time.

You can help boost the faith of your sick friend or relative by simply saying positive words of faith to them. Let them know they are strong enough to make a quick recovery.

Funny Messages For a Sick Parent

Whether it’s a sick grandma, grandpa, direct parents, step mum, or stepdad, we have Funny get well jokes that can easily cheer them up. I’m sure they would gladly do the same for you and almost anything, just to make sure you are well again. Below are funny get well messages for your parent or grandparents.

10. The disadvantages of being beautiful are that you get loved by both humans and the virus.

Make them feel special and beautiful with your kind words. This will help brighten them up.

11. I came to the hospital and I saw all the delicious meals they present to you. Now I understand why you don’t seem to be getting any better.

You can tease your mum or dad with things you see around them when you pay them a visit at the hospital. You have to be creative to poke fun at whatever you can lay your hands on.

12. Grandma, I’m starving and can’t eat any good food at home because you’re currently at the hospital! Please get well soon because I miss those delicious meals of yours.

If your grandma is so great at cooking, it’s important you remind her how great her meals are and how much you really miss it while she’s away. So try to add all this in your message to her.

13. Dear mom, I miss you. Please get well soon because my clothes are all dirty and their lots of dishes in the sink and the entire house is not just the same without you.

For all those lazy boys or girls who can’t do anything for themselves if their mom doesn’t do it for them, then feel free to send the message above to your sweet mum.

14. Feel good soon, dad. I really miss you and all the snacks you usually buy for me when coming back from work.

If you have an ill superhero dad who always buys you your favorite snacks, then I think you should ask him to get well soon because you miss his snacks already.

15. Get well soon mom. We are all tired of daddy’s meals.

You can remind your mum how bad your dad’s food taste, and she should be fast enough to come to save the whole family before it gets wiped away by your daddy’s bad meals.

16. Mom, we miss those harsh voices of yours while scolding us. Please come back home because we need it once more.

Mothers are always famous for scolding their children usually in a bid to make them better versions of themselves. Send this message to your mum to show her how much you love her.

17. According to a recent discovery, those who receive a get well card seem to get well faster than those who don’t receive any.

As funny as it may sound, but that’s the truth and you have to also let your sick parent know about it.

18. Now I see how it is! So, you got sick just about when it was your turn to foot the lunch bill. I want you to feel better soon so I can have my revenge.

Hahaha… Even though it’s not his or her making to be sick, and even though you don’t really mean what you say, you can put a smile on their faces by telling them you want revenge.

Funny Get Well Jokes for Siblings

If you have that special brother or sister who is currently feeling blue or under the weather, it’s only wise that you send them hilarious get well wishes since laughter is the best medicine.

19. Sending all my warmest regards so you can feel twice the warmness of fever. Lol… I was only joking.

You can crack your siblings up with the jokes like these, and it will help cheer them up to a quick recovery.

20. It seems you ate all the chocolate cakes without me and that’s the reason you are in this horrible condition. I just hope you learn your lesson and feel good soon.

If your sibling love chocolate, then you can capitalize on that to give them something to smile at. This message will help them get better soon.

21. I can no longer tolerate your absence from this house. There’s virtually no one else to fight with.

If you have that brother or sister who is always picking up on your, or you picking upon them, then just let them know that you miss them.

22. Stop resting on the bed all the time, you are already fat and will become more if you don’t take a walk once in a while. Get well soon.

This message was programmed to tease your siblings. You can easily crack them by sending them this kind of message.

23. I miss you a lot, including your bad and annoying sense of humor.

The love that siblings share is so strong that despite all the squabble and fights, they still love and come through for each other.

24. I never knew a day will come when I’ll feel so bored because you are not right here with me. I miss all your jokes. Please get well soon so I can remind you how awful your jokes are.

Even if your mum or dad is good at telling jokes, you can still sarcastically downplay how funny they are. Also, tell them you are missing the jokes anyway.

25. Now I understand what it is to be away from my partner in crime. Please get well soon, dear.

If you have that lovely brother or sister who you can’t do anything without; including the good and bad, then go ahead to let them know you miss them.

26. Please, Jane, try to get better as soon as possible. Don’t forget you owe me some money.

Borrowing money is a norm among siblings and if your sick sister happens to have borrowed you some money before getting ill, then I think it’s the right time to make fun out of the situation.

27. If you can promise to connect me with that chocolate nurse, then I don’t mind packing my bags to come to join you at the hospital. But if not, then better get back home because I hate hospitals.

Except your sick sister or brother connects you with the hot nurse at the hospital, only then can you start visiting him frequently. If not, tell him or her that you are allergic to staying within the hospital environment.

Funny Messages For a Sick Person (Friend)

Good friends are hard to find and impossible to forget. If you have a sick friend, who is going through some hard times, then I think what you should do is go through the list and find any of the funny messages to send to your friend. Below are funny things to say to a sick friend:

28. Haven’t I prayed enough? You are supposed to be well by now! Please get well soon, else I’ll come and break the other leg. Lol… Just kidding, dear.

You can send this funny get well message to cheer up your sick friend. But ensure they know you’re joking.

29. I’m praying you Get well soon so I don’t have to come over to the hospital for the second time.

Tell your sick friend that when next you want to visit him, it shouldn’t be in the hospital.

30. I know you are a very nervous person and that’s the reason I’m writing so I can encourage you. Hope to see you get back stronger.

Only your best friend and your true friends know your secretes and most times, they are usually in the best position to make you feel at peace with your own self.

31. I already told your mum how much I have been praying for you. Please get well soon and make my prayers come true.

Most times when you tell your friend how much you’ve been overestimating yourself to someone, your friends wouldn’t want to let you down when those same people are around. The same also works in situations like this.

32. How long is it going to take for you to get better? I’m getting sick of missing you.

Mentioning how much you miss your friend can give them the inner strength to make want to feel better and be with you.

33. At first, I thought you were invisible, but I’m currently sure that you’re a human too.

This message is usually suitable for your sick online friends, or friends you’ve not been able to see face to face.

34. I want to remind you that your laziness has piled up so much that it is causing me too much work, so hurry up and get well soon. You really need to help me with it!

If you have that lazy sick brother or sister who usually shy’s away from house chores, let them know how much their sickness is making you do too much work.

35. Should in case you are still wondering, I actually sent those flowers to that nurse and not you! Lol… Just kidding! I hope those flowers heal you as soon as you see them.

This message holds enough humor that contains an inside joke that only your circles of friends can understand.

36. I know you were lying when you told them you were sick. Get up so we can go party.

People may get away with fooling others, but not fooling their friends. And, this is because their friends know their secrets.

Funny Messages for your Sick Boss or Colleague

Creating something that will not be perceived as an insult to someone’s personality is not really easy. Unlike sending hilarious messages to your friend, you need to be more careful when sending them to your boss or colleague. Below are some carefully carved-out funny get well jokes for your senior colleague, junior colleague, or your boss.

37. Just like the others, this one will pass too.

This is taken from a famous quote, and it can sound hilarious. You can send it to your sick boss or colleague to give them hope.

38. Boss, you are virtually the strongest person I have ever known. Besides, with that your head that is stronger than a rock, I know you will get better because you’re such a stubborn man.

I know this may seem a little bit informal to send to your boss, but if he or she is the type that is always acting too official, then you can send him this kind of message to crack him up.

39. I want you to fight with that sickness with the exact same strength you use in fighting me. Please Get Well Soon.

It’s a normal thing to pick up a fight with your colleague at the office and still trash out the issues. So if you can mention an inside joke that can make things more amusing and personal, then that will be great.

40. This is just one of the bad phases and I’m definitely sure it will pass away very soon, just like the junior high goth phase.

You can easily remind your sick boss or colleague about something in the past that can make them laugh out super loud. That nostalgia and laughter can be just the right thing they need for the peak in energy.

41. The office hasn’t been the same since you became ill. We now party through the day and complete almost nothing.

You can send this kind of message to your boss informing him or her of the underperformance at the office, maybe he would want to come as soon as possible to ensure everything maintains a  peak performance just like it was before he left.

42. Why are you the only person always taking a sick leave? Anyway, we are hoping you get well soon and return from your vacation, sorry… I mean sick leave. Feel good soon.

This is can be a riff on your colleague or boss faking sickness just to get sick leave. It’s more fun when you actually send it to those you know who would never in their life think of doing such a thing.

43. Heard you ain’t feeling good. So, where are you right now? Madrid? Paris? Maui? It doesn’t matter where you are vacationing, I mean staying, just get well soon.

You can send an ironic message; more like a riff especially to those who you know would never do such a thing.

44. I know you are really sick right now. Just don’t worry take your time to recover. And when you come back, also take your time to handle those tones of office files piling up right at your desk.

You can threaten your colleague or boss with more work piling up at their desk. Also, let them know that no one is willing to help them out with that, and see if they get well soon.

45. We both know that you are too old for this! How can you fall sick just because it was your turn to clean the office? Please get better soon so I can take my revenge.

You can use an inside incident from your office space to compose a hilarious message for your sick colleague.

Funny Messages for a Sick Kid

No father, mother, or well-meaning senior will be glad to see the kids go through pain. You can help lighten their burden by incorporating some humor inside a Getwell message for them. Below are some funny messages for a sick kid:

46. Get better soon, or I’ll move my things from my small room into your spacious room.

Kids love their space. But oftentimes, those spaces can be invaded or taken over by their siblings if they happen to stay away for too long.

47. Do you remember how you couldn’t eat for two days because you lost a bet? I think this illness is nothing when compared to that!

Memories are one of the best ways you can cheer your kid up. You can talk about he or she once made a silly mistake; such memories are capable of bringing a smile to his or her face.

48. Get well soon my child. And I promise that when we get home, I’ll buy you a lot of ice cream until your brain will freeze!

Almost every child loves ice cream. You can promise your kid of getting him lots of ice cream if he gets well soon.

49. Your teacher called and she informed us that Recess has been canceled until you feel better. Get well soon!

Kids love recess so much. You can send them this message to let them know how important they are.

50. Please come back to school because the playground is boring and empty without you. Your friends and classmates are all waiting for you to get well soon and start a game of tag!

Most kids prefer the playground to the classroom. If your kid or classmate is among those who love playgrounds, then inform them that the playground is boring without them.

51. The tooth fairy stopped by today and she was asking after you. I promised her that you were going to be back soon.

You can use special events and characters such as the tooth fairy for your sick kid who just lost his or her tooth.

52. The Metropolis asked after Superman when they called. I told them you’d be there in no time. So, Get well soon!

You can inspire your kid by calling him, Superman. It can act as the perfect medicine to lift his spirit.

53. The teacher called to inform me that the whole class is missing you and they wish you get back to class as soon as possible.

You can let your son or daughter see how important he or she is by informing them how much their class misses them and wishes they come back to school quickly.

54. I’ve been writing poem’s lines from the day one that you got ill and you need to see how big it has become. Please feel better soon because I’m almost out of new lines.

Inform your kid how long they’ve stayed sick, and how much you are running out of patience because you miss them badly. Maybe this will motivate him to get back on his feet better and stronger.

Cheering Someone Sick to Recovery With The right Get Well Message

There are different messages that you can send to a sick person for a quick recovery. But we’ve decided to employ the hilarious method to cheer your sick friends and relatives to feel better again.

There’s nothing as exciting as sending Messages to a Sick Person, maybe your sick relative or friend, and knowing they are smiling as a result of the funny get well jokes you sent to them. And luckily enough, we have a good number of getting well jokes featured on this page.

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