Mental Health Get Well Messages and Quotes for a Speedy Recovery

Mental Health Get Well Messages and Quotes is our most recent collection of message ideas for mentally challenged persons.

Mental illness is one of the commonest problems rocking the world. The National Alliance on Mental Illness in their research “Mental Health By the Numbers” said that approximately one out of five adults in the United States (18.5% or 43.8 million) experiences mental illness during a given year.

Another research said that in the United Kingdom almost one out of every four people every year will experience a mental health challenge. With these statistics, it’s safe to say that you can easily spot out someone who is mentally ill. Nevertheless, unlike visible injuries and injuries that are easily understood such as cancer, a broken leg, or mental illness are often overlooked.

It’s easier for us to send get well gifts, flowers, and cards to people with a normal illness, than that friends going through anxiety or depression. They are usually not viewed the same way with those with a normal illness, meanwhile, in reality, they should have been.

Why is it so difficult to send a get well soon card to a friend who is almost taken out due to acute depression? Or a co-worker suffering from bipolar – who’s going through some rough spell? Everyone wants to feel loved and happy when they know that they are in the heart of someone.

It is no different whether we are infected by the covid-19 or have some mental health challenges. Sending a get well message or poem can really serve as a boost for anyone feeling lonely or smitten with illness.

Sometimes it’s difficult to come up with a Good Get Well Message that sends wishes for a speedy recovery for someone that’s going through anxiety or depression. It’s easier to create a get-well message for someone with a fever than it is to create a Get Well msg for some mental illness. You can easily come up with a get well message that can poke fun at someone with a fever than it is with someone with mental health issues.

You can even wish someone with a normal illness to get well, but you can’t send a get well soon message to someone with mental health issues and this is because it’s almost impossible to recover quickly from a mental health challenge. The best you can do is cope with the situation.

It’s, therefore, best that you truly understand the concept of writing a great well message for someone with a more complex illness. Unlike normal illness, you can’t afford to say the wrong thing or phrase when sending a Get Well message to a mentally ill person.

I know the last thing every normal person would want to do is make someone who is already ill feel even worst with their get well messages. That’s why most people ask themselves questions such as ‘what should I write that sounds patronizing?’, Should I send jokes or just try to make him/her laugh? Is this ailment something they would rather keep private and maybe handle it their own way?

The questions above are the reason we try to offer this guide as help. Should in case you’re still trying to figure out the right way of writing a get well message for a mentally ill person that wouldn’t be offensive, then below is a guide to writing a supportive, touching and well-organized words that can comfort that friend or family member facing some mental health challenge.

Get Well Cards For Mentally ill People

Most get well cards are usually suitable for physically ill people. But if you wish to send a get well card specially designed for mentally ill people then you have limited options.

You can try ‘Hope Street Cards‘ which produces get well cards specially meant for those who are experiencing a mental health issue. They even have brilliantly crafted funny get well cards.

Another great place you can obtain a get well soon card specifically designed for mentally unwell people, then try The Royal College of Psychiatrists. Their get well cards are created in collaboration with carers, psychiatrists, service users, and lots of other mental health experts.

Even if you can’t get cards from any of the stores mentioned above, you can still do handmade get well cards. As a matter of fact, your friends may even value hand made cards and that will, in turn, serve as a real boost for them positively go through their tough times.

In whatever you decide to do, ensure that your ailing friend or family member knows that you’re always thinking of them. Below are tips for writing a good get well message for those struggling with a mental health issue:

Things You Shouldn’t Write or Say

  1. Never say things such as “common, snap out of it”. Unlike normal illness, mental health challenges are not something that you can just quickly exit from – It’s actually a serious ailment. So try not to downplay on the severity of mental ailment by making use of such phrases in your sentence or get well message.
  2. Try not to be patronizing. Saying things like “Have you tried yoga” or something like “exercise might just be helpful” when you already know that things that might likely be offensive when it comes to mental health is very little. Stop carrying the little knowledge you got from a piece of article you read online to start offering expert advice. Sometimes what they need is just encouragement and not someone to talk them down.
  3. Just like I stated the first time, always avoid phrases like ‘get well very soon’. Do you know why? The ‘very soon’ may work for normal illness, but everyone knows that mental health illness takes a longer time frame to disappear. Those words may be perceived by the receiver as being placed under pressure to recover soon. And while that phrase may sound nice to you, it may sound awful and lead someone suffering from intrusive or depressive thoughts to negatively see almost everything. Therefore, I strongly recommend simple messages that will receive the exact way it was intended. So, bearing that in mind, I recommend words like “I’m hopeful that you will feel better soon”.

Things to Say or Write

  1. Stay Positive: The major idea of sending a get well card is to give hope and assurance of a quick recovery. Thus, it’s important that you stay positive in the tone of your message. Don’t capitalize on the negative aspect of the sick person’s health. Remind them that they are always in your heart and they also have the company of friends and family who are always there for them.
  2. Offer To Support Them: While reminding them of how much you are thinking of them, also offer to support them in any way that you can. Just try to go a step further and try to be there in person. You can either help with the dishes, laundry, or whatever you think you can do.
  3. Send Witty Messages: You can try to incorporate some witty phrases that they can easily relate with. The idea is to see how you can make them laugh or at least put a smile on their face. You can use an inside joke if you guys are close, use a pun or a silly get well card. Whatever puts a smile on their face is welcomed.
  4. You Can Add Some Positive Quotes: You can also throw a positive quote that talks about the troubles of life and how they’re powerful enough to still overcome.

Examples Of Mental Health Get Well Messages

Below are some examples of mental health get well messages you can either write in a get well card or a message to attach to a flower. You can also send them as an email to someone who is going through a mental health issue.

Motivational Mental Health Get Well Messages

  • Tough times never last, but tough people do.
  • Now that you’ve stumbled, I hope to see you make it part of the dance.
  • It wouldn’t be easy, but hard doesn’t mean impossible. You’re a strong dude and I know you can do it.
  • I’m eagerly waiting for you to come back with some more mind-blowing ideas for our next vacation.
  • I’ve always known you to be a strong dude. I’m also sure this illness is nothing compared to the real battles you’ve been fighting since day one. Hope you feel better soon.
  • You’ve always been a fighter. So, I’m sure you’re going to pull through this one soon.
  • I feel so empty without you near me. This is to wish that you feel better soon because we’ve got a long way to for achieving all our beautiful dreams in life.

Supportive Mental Health Get Well Messages

  • If you ever need anything, just call on me and be sure I’ll be there.
  • Whenever you feel like talking with someone, just let me know and I’ll be right there.
  • I just hope you know you’re not the only one on this. We’ve all got your back.
  • I’ve made a special place for you in my heart. It’s a place no one else can occupy except you.
  • Don’t forget you are a Liverpool fan. And with me, you will “never walk alone.”
  • If you want someone to help with the dishes and laundry, you can count me in.

Funny Mental Health Get Well Messages

  1. I’ve always known that you were mentally unstable. But it’s only clear to me now.
  2. All my imaginary friends think you’ve got serious mental problems!
  3. I’m sure you’re enjoying all the attention people are showing towards you. Hope you feel better and get your a$$ right back here.
  4. I’ve been praying for your speedy recovery because I don’t want to visit the hospital for the second time.
  5. Congrats! Your madness has officially been satisfied.
  6. Be sincere with me each time I ask you ‘Is something wrong with your head?

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