Loving You SMS For Girl Friend In English (200+ Best LovingYou Msgs)

Lovingyou SMS is our latest collection of various lovely messages you can send to your girl friend. They include Love sayings, quotes, and phrases from different love gurus from around the world.

lovingyou Com
Lovingyou Com

They will help you better express your love to your GF. You can either send it as an SMS (Message) to her or update it on your WhatsApp Status or other social media platforms.

Beautiful Loving You SMS In English For Her

Loving You Is So Easy Because You’re Beautiful.

If Loving you is wrong, then I don’t ever want to be right.

I Promise To Never Make You Cry. I Love You So Much.

If Loving You Is A Crime, Then I’m Ready To Live In Jail.

A Single Text From You Has The Potential To Change My Mood.

I Love You So Much And Would Never Think Of Cheating On You.

I Just Want To Let You Know That Making You Happy Is My Destiny.

Woman, Your Love Is Life-Changing. It Catches Me Whenever I’M Falling.

She Is Too Beautiful For The Human Eyes And That’s The Reason I Love U.

Sometimes I’m scared Bcos I feel Like I’m dating an angel. You’re Beautiful.

I Love You Because You Came Into My Life, Made It Better & A lot Beautiful.

lovingyou sms
Lovingyou Com msgs

I Lack Words Enough To Express How Happy I’m When You’re With Me.

My World Started Revolving Around You From The First Time I Saw You.

For Me, Loving You Is Like Living. The More I Love, The More I Want To Love U.

Together We’ve Grown In Love. If Ever Apart, I Just Want You To Know That I Love You Back.

Romantic Love Messages For GirlFriend

Your Smile Makes The World Stand Still For A While.

Don’t ever think of cheating on her if you love.

Don’t Ever Make Her Cry If You Love Her.

Even If Things Fall Apart, Girl I Want You To Know Is That Your Love Is Life Changing And I Wouldn’t Be The Same Without You My Dove.

Whenever You Feel Lonely, Feel Free To Run Into My Open Arms; Right Where You Belong.

Lovingyou SMS (messages)
Lovingyou SMS (Messages)

I’m So Glad To Have A Beautiful Woman Just Like You In My Life. I Know Most People Are Not As Fortunate As I’m And That’s The Reason I’m So Glad.

Baby, I Just Want You To Know That You Are Quality Unlike The Others Out There That Are Nothing But Quantity.

I’m Happy To Share This Feelings With Nobody But You. I’m Glad You Are More Than A Friend.

You Are So Unique, So Geniue With Your Love So Sincere. I Just Want You To Know That I Deeply Love.

Loving You Happens To Be The Best Decision I Will Ever Make Till I Draw My Last Breathe.

I thought I’d Never Be With You, But Now That I’M, I Don’t Want To Lose Your Love.

Girl, I Want You To Be My One And Only True Love. Just Say Yes And I Will Love You For The Rest Of My Days.

Some Say “I Love You” But Only Pretend To Care. But If I Tell You That I Love You, I Mean It With All My Heart.

My Dove I Just Want You To Know That Unlike Other Men, I Love You Beyond The Flesh.

After Writing Our Love Story, I Would Title It “Affairs Of The Heart”. This is Because What We Share Is Beyond The Flesh.

Being inseparable doesn’t mean True love; it simply means being separated and nothing changes.

Every Time You Whisper My Name, I Want To Run Towards You. I’m Madly In Love With You.

It’s A Lot Easier To Fall In Love, But Harder To Stay In Love. But, I’m Forever Going To Be In Love With You.

Lovely Loving You Text Messages For Her

You Mean More Than The World To Me And I Wish To Spend Every Seconds Of My Life.

The Reason I Love You Is Because You Love Me And Never Let Me Down; Not Even Nearly.

Even Though We Are Million Miles Apart, You Are Always Near To Me Because You Are Always In My Heart. I Love You For Being You.

LovingYou SMS For Girlfriend
LovingYou SMS For Girlfriend

Our Love Story Will Definitely Be The Best Because It Contains Lots Of Suspense And Happened Between The Two Most Unexpected Persons.

I Have A Confession To Make. Honey, I Feel A lot Better In The Inside When You Smile At Me. I’m Truly In Love With You.

I Love You So Much My Princess. But I Want You To Know That Sometimes, Words Are Not Just Enough.

I love everything about you and I know you were the perfect match for me from the first time I set my eyes on you.

Through the good times and the bad times, I will be on your side forevermore.

Your beauty is second to no other. Your sense of humor puts a big smile on my face. You are completely all that I could ask for in all the women put together.

I’d rather die single than to spend the rest of my life without you.

There’s a void in my heart that no woman on earth can fill except you. I Love You From The Depth Of My Soul.

My Beauty, I Just Want You To Know That You Make My Life More Exciting In Various Ways That I Couldn’t Imagine.

Your warm embrace, the tenderness of your love and your charming smile are components capable of capturing even the most heavily guided heart. I Love You So Much, My One True Love.

In The Multitude Of People, My Heart Searches For Just You.

LovingYou Com
LovingYou Com

If you were a movie, I’d watch you over and over again without being bored because you look so beautiful beyond Imagination. I love you my Sunshine.

I Just Wonder What In The World Have I Been Thinking Before I Met You.

One of the most cutest things my eyes have ever behold is your smile. They are capable of suspending one’s breath.

There’s Only One Thing That I Wish To Give To You, And It’s The Power To See Yourself Through My Eyes Because That’s The Only Way You Will Realize How Much I Cherish You.

I Feel So Incomplete Without You Near Me. I Can’t Wait To Be With You Once Again And Share Those Intimate Moments As We Did Before.

There are two perfect words that I can use to describe you and it’s Simply Amazing.”

I Used To Think That Fairy Tales Weren’t Real Until I Met You.

I Only Want To Be With You In Two Season; “Now and Forever”. I Love You My Cup Cake.

You Have Brought Me Joy Far More Than I’ve Ever Imagined. I’m So Blessed To Have You In My Life.

You’re beautiful, strong, and also a capable woman that impresses all that you meet. I’m so proud to call you my own…

I have never known what true love was before I met with you. But now you are in my life I never want to know what it’s like to be without you again.

Thank you for choosing to be my lady. And I promise to be ever grateful to the almighty for sending me you. I love U my Shugar.

Thank you for keeping my heart safe and thank you for entrusting yours to me. I promise nothing will happen to it because I will guide it with my life. I’ll Forever and Always Love You…

If I’m given another chance to start this love of ours all over again, I promise I will find a lot sooner and will never let you go.

Your beauty is out of this world and I’m curious because I soon the heavenly bodies will come to take away their missing member soon.

My sorrows and frustration seem to immediately disappear as soon as I set my eyes on you. I’m happy you are mine.

You don’t need to worry if I will keep on loving you or not. I’m completely committed to you both today, tomorrow, forever and always.

No woman has been able to treat me the way you do. You treat me with great respect, understanding, and love. I hope to be an encouragement to you as you are to me. I love you my sportless dove.

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Above is a collection of our latest LovingYou messages (SMS) that you can send to your girlfriend. With the messages above, you will be sure to make her love you even more. Telling her you love her is sometimes not just enough. You have to put in the extra work to completely secure her love all to yourself.

With the list of LovingYou SMS we have listed above, we believe you will be able to make her see how much you love her. And if you are able to send her some of these messages occasionally or regularly, she will definitely fall head over heels just for you.

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