Love Status In English (650+ Best Lovely Statuses For Your Loved Ones)

Love Status is our special publication dedicated to people searching for the best words, phrases, quotes, or sayings to express their deep affection for SB /SMTH (somebody/something). We have carefully selected over six hundred and fifty (650+) Love Status Sayings.

love status In English
Love Status In English


True Love Status in English

1). True love will always wait and never surrender…

2). The luckiest man on earth is the one who finds true love.

3). True love has a habit of always coming back.

4). There is no ending in true love stories.

5). True love will always last forever.

6). When the heart takes over, there is nothing the mind can do!!

7). True love has no end. But if it ends, it’s never been true love.

8). Love is sweet when it’s new, but it is sweeter when it’s true.

9). The most precious thing in the world is to love and be loved in return.

10). This is the meaning of true love “Giving until it hurts”.

11). I never die because I have no age, no limit; I am called Love.

12). No matter how rare true love may be, it is less so than true friendship.

True Love Status
True Love Status

13). True love isn’t found, it’s built.

14). 8 billion people in the world, yet you are the only one I truly love.

15). Love + Loyalty + Trust = Unbreakable Relationship.

16). “How far is a person supposed to go in the name of true love?”

17). I believe dreams come true because mine did when I met you. I will always love you.

18). If I have one choice to make all through my lifetime, it will be to keep loving you for all eternity.

19). Not all friendships change into love but every love begins with friendship.

20). If you claim you love someone but rarely make yourself available to them, that is not true love.

21). True love is when she talks non-stop, yet you are still interested in listening to her.

22). Most times it’s easy to get discouraged, burning out your chances of finding out what true love really means.

23). No matter how “busy” a person is… If they truly love you, they will always make out time for you!

24). Every night I go to sleep hoping that my dreams come true. This Bcos I’m with you every night, in my dreams.

25). To meet you was fate. Becoming your friend was a choice. Falling in love with you was out of my control.

26). A True Friend Is Someone Who Knows All About You And Still Loves You.

27). I Might Have Been In Love Before, But It Never Felt So Strong.

28). When someone else happiness is your happiness, then it’s called true love.

29). You can’t fall asleep when you are in love, because the reality is far better than your dreams.

30). The most precious thing in your life is the person who loves you truly.

31). Falling in love with someone isn’t always easy. Tears, laughter, and Anger, it’s when you want to be together despite it all. That only comes when you truly love one another.

32). True love is growing as couples, learning about each other, and also never giving up on each other.

33). Psychology says, that you realize you love someone when you want them to be happy, even if it’s not with you.

34). True love is hard to find, once you see it, you must fight for it because it can never be replaced.

35). For once in my life, I don’t force myself to be happy. It just happens when I’m with you.

36). True love is said to be infinite, eternal, and always like itself. It is pure, pure, and equal without violent demonstrations.

37). True love status is something you’ll never have to chase

38). Don’t Be Afraid Of Waiting Because True Love will always Come Back.

39). Sometimes True Love Is Easy To Begin, But Very Hard To End.

40). I want you today, tomorrow, and the next, and for the rest of my life.

41). True love is not the number of kisses you share, or how often you get them, but it is the feeling that still lingers long after the kiss is over.

42). The ability to wait is one of the signs of true love. Exercise patience, and you’ll get everything you desire.

43). To love without condition, to give without reason, to care without expectation, to talk without intention; That’s the spirit of true love.

44). A true relationship is with someone who accepts your past, supports your present & encourages your future.

45). I’m among the biggest fan of your smile. But the fact that the reason for the smile is me, it makes me crazy!

46). True love is when you value the other person’s happiness more than yours, & make their happiness your first priority.

47). If you truly love someone, you wouldn’t judge them by their past. You leave it there and be happy that their future belongs to you.

48). As the ocean has no end, so does my love for you.

49). True love is simply the comfort of being stupid together.

50). True love never dies, but it only gets stronger with time.

51). I fell in love with you, just for who you are and not because of your looks.

52). True love begins when nothing is hoped for in return.

53). True love is like putting someone on a pedestal, even when they fall, you are there to catch them.

54). I fell in love with you, I just don’t know how and I don’t know why, but  I just did!

55). The reason I love you is that no matter what happens, I know you’ll always love me back.

56). The only person who deserves to be in your heart is one who is ready to give you theirs without limitations.

57). Someone who really loves you sees how moody you can get, what a mess you can be, and how hard you can be to handle but still wants you in their life.

58). I want to be the reason you smile because you are sure of the reason behind mine.

59). You’re not my number one, you’re my only one and I can’t do without you.

60). When love is real, it doesn’t lie, pretend, cheat, make you feel unwanted, or hurt you. It’s supposed to be a cure for all your worries.

61). Love is when you look into someone’s eyes and you see everything you need.

62). The reason why two people stay together is that they give each other something nobody else can.

63). A real man will always try to show a girl he cares about her, even though he already has her.

64). Love is not all about gazing at each other’s eyes, but about looking together in the same direction.

65). True love is hard to find, and it’s the only element that gives life real meaning.

66). I wouldn’t tell you the same love stories. Not because I do not love you. But, it’s because I’m going to make my own love story with you…

67). Count yourself so lucky if you are sad and someone is making effort to make you smile.

68). True is hard to find, but in the end, it’s worth waiting for…

69). True love is like a pair of socks which has to be two and they need to match.

70). The only time we truly love is when we love without a reason.

71). I love you because I was able to know the meaning of love because of you.

72). A great relationship is known for two things, appreciating your similarities and respecting your differences.

73). True love always makes a man better, despite what woman inspires it.

74). In true love, the greatest distance can be bridged and the smallest distance is too great.

75). I’d rather spend one moment holding you than spend a lifetime knowing I would never hold you.

76). I’ve fallen in love many times. But each time I fall in love, it’s always with you.

77). If a hug tells how much I love you, I’ll hold you in my arms for eternity.

78). You are my dearest friend, my dearest love, you are the best version of me.

79). If I had a flower each time I thought of you, I would currently be walking in my garden forever.

80). I don’t need a perfect person. I only need someone who respects me, loves me, cares for me, and understands me.

81). Some hearts can understand each other, even in silence.

82). To be able to find true love, you should be able to both forgive and also forget.

83). It’s easier to say the words “I love you.” But it`s hard to wait and prove the words.

84). Love her like you’re the worst. Make love to her like you’re the best.

85). Love is capable of curing both the ones who receive it and the ones who spread it.

86). A person that loves you truly will never let go off you, no matter how hard the situation is.

87). If Love is a drug, and I’m happy you’re my dealer!

88). Once in your lifetime, you find someone that you could turn your world around and bring you up when you are feeling down.

89). True love is knowing someone’s faults, and still loving them even more for them.

90). True Love is composed of one soul inhabiting two bodies.

91). Of all Passions love is the strongest because it attacks the head, the heart, and the senses simultaneously.

92). Love is the only element that has the power to make you smile even in your saddest state.

93). True Love is blind. It does not see the Religious, Rich, Caste, and Poor in life.

94). One day someone will be honest with you 100% and will love you forever. Thus, don’t give up trying to find them because they’re also looking for you too.

95). You In My Heart, Makes My Heart Perfect.

96). Only True love from a good woman can make even the worst man change himself.

97). The more I look, the more I see the reasons why I love You So Much.

98). True love doesn’t mean being inseparable; it simply means being able to be separate and nothing changes.

99). Real love can be compared with UFO:) almost everybody talks about it, but only a few have seen it!

100). True Love is not Self-centered under no circumstances. If you want to have true love, then be willing to sacrifice.

Best Love Whatsapp & FB Status

1). Show Me The Way To Your Heart…

2). I Love Anything That Makes You Happy.

3). My Plans Is To Be With You Until Forever Ends.

4). Real love begins where nothing is expected in return.

5). I don’t want to be your favorite or your best. I want to be your only & forget the rest.

6). Not everybody is as lucky as I am… To be loved by you!

7). If your heart was a prison, I would like to be sentenced for life.

8). Love was just a word for me until I met you.

9). The Best kind of Love is loving without a reason.

10). Don’t go hustling for true love, it will find you itself.

11). The Best Time To Love Is When You’re Ready, Not When You’re Lonely.

12). In love Never say the words “I’m Sorry”!…

13). Sometimes We Fall In Love By Chance. But Staying In Love Is By Choice.

14). True Love = No doubts + No worries + No jealousy then life is good.

Best Love Status
Best Love Status

15). I just wish time could stop when I’m in your arms because it’s the best feeling ever.

16). Nobody is too strong, no time is too long, and no distance is too far to keep two lovers apart.

17). Love is a mixture of care, love, and trust… Without those ingredients, love is like a phone with a dead battery.

18). Love happens to be the only game that can not be postponed due to darkness.

19). When a couple is arguing over who loves who more, whoever gives up is the real winner.

20). That One Person Who Never Shows They Love You… But You Know How Much They Care For You!

21). Last night I hugged my pillow and I dreamt of you. I just wish someday I’d dream about my pillow while hugging you.

22). 99% of the time we forgive people because we still want them to be part of our lives.

23). I can’t let you dictate who I am. But I’ll let you be a part of who I’ll become.

24). I am, unquestionably, positively, beyond any reasonable doubt, in love with you.

25). Don’t fall in love with the body and the face. They’ll all fade. But Fall in love with the spirit, heart & character.

26). I know I’m not perfect because I’ll annoy you, say stupid things, piss you off, then take it all back. But if you put that all aside, you’ll never find a person who loves or cares for you more than me.

27). I’ll allow you to appear every night in my dreams only if I am allowed to be in yours.

28). Love is only a word until a special person gives it a meaning.

29). When Love Is In Charge, It Controls Every Single Emotion You Have.

30). People are the ones that complicate the issues and not love.

31). Loving you is like breathing. It comes so effortlessly, so naturally and it’s so essential to life.

32). Real Life is a prize in the game named life.

33). My eyes usually get jealous of my heart. This is because you’re always close to my heart, but far from my eyes.

34). The heart that stays young is the one that loves always.

35). Everyone on earth will make you suffer, but there’s just one person worth suffering for.

36). The first thing that comes to my heart when I think about Love is You.

37). Time learns to go very slowly when you miss someone who loves you.

38). True love doesn’t have a happy ending. This is because it has no end.

39). True love is different. It’s a strong fiery and impetuous passion as well as a calm and deep feeling.

40). Love Is When The Only Reason I Want To Live For Is You.

41). True love doesn’t just happen suddenly. It’s a gradual and complicated process that lasts for a whole lifetime.

42). Loving You Is My Biggest Weakness Even Though You’Re My Strength.

43). The Only Thing I Need Whenever I’m With You Is Time. I don’t need other people or things.

44). You Give Me The Type Of Feeling, That Can Only Be Found In Novels.

45). Whenever You Are With Me, You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Woman.

46). You are usually the first thing I think of in the morning and the last before I go to sleep at night.

47). I Like It When You Smile. But I Love It When I’M The Reason For Your Smile.

48). If Explanation Is Needed In Love, Then What Is The Meaning Of Trust?

49). You Are My Heart. Losing You, Is The Same Thing As Dying.

50). Live Every Moment, Laugh Every Day Of Your Life, and Love Beyond Words…

51). A Hundred Hearts Would Be Too Small To Contain All My Love For You.

52). The Moment You’re Given A Second Chance, Try Not To Ruin It By Being the Same Person You Were.

53). You’re My Everything… And Everything Else Is Simply Everything Else.

54). The Formula For A Long-Lasting Relationship Is = Love + Trust + Honesty.

55). When I look at you, Sometimes I Can’t Even Speak Much Because My Mind Thinks More Than My Heart.

56). I would Advice You To Stick With Love Because Hate Is Too Great A Burden To Bear.

57). Life Is Too Short. So, Love While You Can, Live While You Alive, And Smile While You Still Have Teeth.

58). The Best Feeling Is When You Look At Her & She Is Already Starring…

59). Attraction Is Temporary Love. Meanwhile, Love Is The Permanent Attraction.

60). In You, I Have Found My Closest Truest Friend & Most Of All, The Love Of My Life.

61). Love Is Like A Game. Most People Choose To Cheat, While Others Prefer To Play It Fair.

62). If I was a tree, I would have no reason to love the human race.

63). I Fell So In Love With The Way You Touched Me Even Without Using Your Hands.

64). Love is the only perfect feeling that makes two imperfect people perfect for each other.

65). Love is a language that almost everyone speaks but only a few hearts understand.

66). Do you Know What The Bes Feeling Is? It’s Cuddling with you until we both fall asleep.

67). I Love It When I Suddenly See You Looking At Me Then You Smile & Look Away.

68). You fell asleep in my arms and woke up in my dreams.

69). My Love Is Not Completed Without You. Please Help Me To Make My Love Complete.

70). I’m May Not Be Your First Love But I Hope I’ll Be The Last For You.

71). You Know It’s True Love When You Don’t Look For Perfection.

72). I Love You Not Just For What You Are To Me, But for What I Am When I’m With You.

73). It Takes Millions Of People To Make The Word. But My World Is Completed With Just One & Its’ You.

74). Even when you push them away, people who love you will always choose to stay.

75). If you by any chance fall in love with 2 people, choose the second because if you truly love the first one, you wouldn’t have a need to fall into the other one.

76). The Only Way You Meet True Love Is When You Start To Value Your Partner’s Happiness More Than Yours.

77). I Love Our Story Because It’s So Interesting. It’s For Sure Messy, But It’s The Story That Got Us Here.

78). You may think that you’re one of the millions, but you’re one in a million to me.

79). Love Is Sometimes Like Wi-Fi, You Can’t See It, But You Know When You’ve Lost It.

80). Your Lips? I miss that. Your body? I hug that. My smile? You cause that. And Your heart? I want that.

81). Most Times, You Only Understand That You’ve Found True Love Only When You’ve lost it.

82). True Love Is Like A Falling Star… We Don’t Just Know How When & Where It Happens.

83). Technically I’m Single Even Though My Heart Is Taken By Someone Who I Can’t Call My Own.

84). If You Love Someone, Then You Just Do. There Are No Maybe, But’S, No, or Why’s.

85). With You, I’m Something, Without You, I’m Nothing, But Together, We’re Everything.

86). Love Doesn’t Make The World Go Around. Love Is What Makes The Ride Worthwhile.

87). Most People Finds It Difficult Letting Themselves Love Than Finding Someone To Love Them.

88). Just The Mere Silence Of Love, Has The Power To Drown Out All The Chaos Of Life.

89). You’re My Hopes, My Life, My Inspiration, And My Everything.

90). Love Is One Powerful Element With Enough Power To Make The Weakest Person Strong & The Strongest Person Weak.

91). I think you can be truly mad at only the person you really love.

92). Calling Me Cute Is Nice. Calling Me Sweet Is Great But Calling Me Yours Is All I Desire.

93). No Matter How Hard You Try, You Can’t Resist Love. If It Wants To Happen, Then It Will Happen.

94). Love Simply Means Exposing Yourself To The Pain Of Being Deeply Hurt By Someone You Trust.

95). When You Love Someone More Than They Deserve, They Will Surely Hurt You More Than You Deserve.

96). I Wish To Grow Old With You So I Can Be Bold Enough To Say That I Have Lived An Amazing Life With You.

97). I Want You. And I Mean All Of You. Your Mistakes, Your Flaws, As Well As Your Imperfections. I Just Want You & Only You.

98). A Small Amount Of Jealousy In A Relationship Is Good, It’s Nice To Know Someone Is Afraid Of Losing You.

99). You’re My Best Friend, My Human Daily, As Well As My Other Half. You Mean The World To Me & I Love You.

100). You Don’t Have The Slightest Idea How Fast My Heart Beats Whenever I See You.

I Love You Status

1). My “Heart” Will Always Be Urs.

2). I love you just as fat kids love chocolate.

3). You Are The Light Of My Life. I Love You.

4). I don’t even know why I love you so much. But I do.

5). I Love You Are The Three Words That Changed My Life Forever.

6). Nobody realizes the beauty of love until they are caught in it.

7). You are Too Beautiful For Human Eyes And That’s The Reason I Love U.

8). I believe that dreams come true because mine did when I met you. I love you.

9). Are you a camera? I Ask Because Every Time I Look At You, I smile.

10). You look most wonderful, amazing, smart, fantastic, charming, and dazzling.

11). I Love You More Than I Ever Found A Way Of Saying It To You.

love status
Love Status In English

12). Did you know I actually love the second word of this question?

13). I miss you, I need you, I want you, but most of all, I love you!

14). What I’ll never forget is the first time I saw you.

15). Speak out all your feeling loud for I can hear you, my eternal Love.

16). When you are close to me, you make me perfect and that’s the reason I love you so much.

17). I can only make one promise to you: To love you more than any other person who enters your life.

18). I Love How You Keep Smiling For Me Even When You are Tired Or Unhappy. That Is What I Call True Love.

19). I love the way u always make me smile even when nothing is funny.

20). Looking Into Your Eyes, I Noticed It Shines Brighter Than The Stars.

21). I find it difficult to restrain myself from admiring you. Your eyes are in fact, a glimpse of a magical world.

22). It’s usually sweet to be in someone’s thoughts but it’s a lot safer to be in their heart.

23). I love food and sleep so much. So, If I give u my food or text u late at night, then you’re special to me.

24). The person who truly loves you is the only person who has the strength to accept your mistakes & forgive you.

25). Those who care the most usually hide their feelings.

26). From the very first day I saw you, my world started revolving around you.

27). You are so beautiful and lovely, sometimes I’m scared because I feel Like I’m dating an angel.

28). Sweet Heart You’re My “KFC”… and I’m Your ”MCD”… bcoz you’re “soooo gooood” & “I m so loving it”…

29). Your smile makes me feel like I am already in heaven.

30). No True Relationship dies a natural death. They’re either murdered by Ego, Ignorance, and Attitude.

31). The best feeling is when you look at her and she is already staring at you.

32). I’m surprised at how butterflies miss a beautiful flower such as you.

33). Your Lovely smile is the first thing I want to see every morning.

34). All I want to do is hold your hand for a lifetime.

35). I promise to live in your heart and always call it home…

36). I love you because I see my world when I look into your eyes.

37). If I should send your picture to heaven, I’m sure all the angels will get jealous of you.

38). Your eyes are a gateway to your innocence and beauty.

39). When You Follow Love, It Will Flee… But When You Flee Love, it will follow.

40). with His love, there is nothing I cannot do. But without His love, I can do nothing…

41). There is only one happiness in life… To Love and Be Loved.

42). Girl, you are amazing just the way you are.

43). I want to have a family with you and grow very old with you.

44). You are still very perfect for me despite all the imperfections. I love you my dove.

45). You’re my best friend my everything and even more. I love You My Cup Cake.

46). Your eyes are not less than a killer and they can kill many hearts.

47). My life is incomplete and I want you to complete it for me.

48). I want you in my life, please do me the single honor of being my wife.

49). I am not perfect but all I want is you in my life so that my life can be perfect.

50). Because of you, I’ll be forever grateful. Thank you for coming into my life. I love you so much.

51). I love u because You’re the air I breathe and the reason I always smile & laugh…

52). First, I thought God removed all the stars from the sky and put them in your eyes.

53). I can’t sleep because of you. I think I am in love with you.

54). I’ve never loved anyone the way I love you. I just want to spend my entire life with you.

55). There is nothing better in my life than meeting you. I’m so in love with you.

56). It was fate that we met and I really appreciate that it was you that I fell in love with.

57). If you give me your heart, I will give you my name.

58). I’m deeply in love with you and it consumes me.

59). You’ve changed the world around me as well as myself.

60). I need you in my life because I can’t imagine my future without you in it.

61). I feel so complete whenever you are beside me, Will you marry me?

62). We’ll overcome these challenges and become happy till we depart from earth. I love you so much, heart.

63). You’ll always be my number one (#1) priority. This is to show you how much I love you.

64). I have chosen you as my partner for life, Do you wish to spend your entire life with me?

65). You bring me happiness every day and that’s obviously something you are really good at.

66). Whenever I see you, I feel like I’m in heaven & I want it to stay that way forever. I love you.

67). I find it difficult to explain how much I love you.

68). Sweetheart, I love you just a lot more than you know.

69). We’ve gone through so much but no matter what happens, I know we’ll make it through. I Love You…

70). Yet I know we’ll really meet Bcos we are fated.

71). I just love you because you make my life so sweet and happy.

72). You’re my sunshine and your presence in my life makes my life brighter.

73). All I want to do is be with you today, tomorrow, and every day. Please will you marry me?

74). If you truly love someone then every day is going to be like Valentine’s Day.

75). Love is made of one soul inhabiting two bodies.

76). You taught me the language of love and I’m craving to talk to you in that language for eternity.

77). A hundred hearts would be too few To carry all my love for you. Happy Valentines Day

78). I want the copyright to admire and love you. Please will you marry me?

79). A kiss is a lovely trick orchestrated by nature to stop speech when words become superfluous.

80). If love is great, and there’s nothing greater, then what I feel for you must be the greatest.

81). I love U because you’re the most important person I’ve ever encountered my whole life and I’ll be forever grateful that you are mine.

82). Within you, I lose myself completely. But Without you, I find myself wanting to be lost again.

83). There are 8 Billion people on earth but the thing is, you’re the only one my heart yarns for Bcos I love U.

84). She=”What do you want?” Me=”What I really want is for you to want me the way I want you”.

85). I love you more each day. Today more than yesterday and less than tomorrow.

86). She laughed at my dreams but I dream of her laughter.

87). I may be far away, but in my heart, I’m right by your side, and here’s a hug from me to you.

88). All I wish for is that I stay in your heart and also keep you in my heart for eternity. I love you.

89). Roses are red and violets are blue. I never love anyone the way I love U.

90). Your Time Is The Greatest Gift You Can Give To Anyone.

91. The Doctor complained that I lacked vitamin “U”.

92). Last seen: “In Somebody’s Heart”.

93). You only appeared in my heart, but a big smile appeared on my face.

94). Dreaming Of You Keeps Me Asleep, Thinking Of You Keeps Me Awake, and Being With You Keeps Me Alive.

95). I want you and everything about you. Please be mine because I love you.

96). Staying close to you gives me the greatest pleasure in life.

97). Thank Allah for merging our two souls together! I’ll forever love you till the end of time.

98). You are my favorite person in this universe. This is because I love you so much!

99). I miss you by every heartbeat, and most of all, I love you with all my heart and soul.

100). If I could, I would have constructed the world’s longest ladder so I can climb up to the stars and write how much I love you.

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Love Status Quotes

1). True love stories never have endings. Quote by Richard Bach.

2). “The course of true love never did run smooth.” Quote by William Shakespeare.

3). Nothing can bring a real sense of security into the home except true love. Quote by Billy Graham.

4). “So it’s true when all is said and done, grief is the price we pay for love.” Quote by E.A. Bucchianeri.

5). This is the meaning of true love, to give until it hurts. Quote by Mother Teresa.

6). True love is inexhaustible; the more you give, the more you have. Quote by Antoine De Saint-Exupery.

7). Important encounters are planned by the souls long before the bodies see each other. Paulo Coelho.

8). “Two things you will never have to chase: True friends & true love.” Quote By Mandy Hale.

9). The only true love is love at first sight; second sight dispels it. Quote By Israel Zangwill.

10). Lovers who love truly do not write down their happiness. Quote By Anatole France.

11). Ever since time began, people have recognized their true love by the light in their eyes. Paulo Coelho

12). You don’t love someone for their looks or their clothes, or for their fancy car, but because they sing a song only you can hear. Quote by Oscar Wilde.

Love Status Quotes

13). Let yourself be drawn by the stronger pull of that which you truly love. Quote By Rumi

14). When a man loves a woman truly, she becomes his weakness. When a woman loves a man truly, he becomes her strength. The process is called an exchange of power.

15). Sitting next to you doing absolutely nothing is all I want to do.

16). Where There is Love, There’s Life!!

17). I love your hair, I can play with them my whole life.

18). Once a cheat, always a cheater. Once a lover always a lover.

19). I love you a lot, but please just say yes once again and I promise you’ll never regret your decision.

20). True love can reach across any distance and endure any circumstance.

21). True love is expressed in patience, self-control, and even words left unsaid.

22). Without Love, We Will All Be Going Nowhere.

23). True love doesn’t need proof because the eyes told what is heartfelt.

24). A man pulls my hair. A gentleman holds my hand. A soulmate will do both.

25). “It is only with true love and compassion that we can begin to mend what is broken in the world. Steve Maraboli.

26). Love without sacrifice is like theft. Quote By Nassim Nicholas Taleb.

27). “For some people, “the point of no return” begins at the very moment their souls become aware of each others’ existence.” Quote By C. JoyBell C.

28). “True love is supposed to make you into a better person-uplift you.”

29). True love is finding your soulmate in your best friend. Quote By Faye Hall

30). I was made and meant to look for you and wait for you and become yours forever. Quote By Robert Browning.

31). “…it’s a blessed thing to love and feel loved in return”. Quote By E.A. Bucchianeri.

32). “True love is not a hide and seeks game: in true love, both lovers actually seek each other.”

33). If it’s possible to send a message straight from heaven, then I’ll send one to you.”

34). “In the vastness of space and the immensity of time, it is my joy to share a planet and an epoch with you.

35). “I’m done. I don’t need anything more out of life. I have you, and that’s enough.”

36). True love can’t be found where it doesn’t exist, neither can it be denied where it does”

37). To deeply love means a willingness to open yourself wide, and expose your vulnerabilities…

38). There’s nothing more fulfilling or frightening than complete love, it’s worth the risk. So, reach for it.

39). I do love you and that is the truth. Admitting it simply means opening myself up to all that pain when you leave.

40). You are to me what chlorophyll is to a leaf.

41). True Love can only be expressed by love itself.

42). Time Can Change Everything Except My Love For You.

43). The luckiest man on earth is the one who finds true love.

44). My problem is from my heart and the solution is you.

45). There is no mystery and that’s the beauty of it. We’re entirely explicable to each other, and yet we stay.

46). He was able to touch my soul long before I knew what his hands felt like.

47). When you fall in love, remember it’s with a real person with flaws. Not a perfect fairy from a storybook.

48). True love is an irrevocable act in which you give your heart away just once & after that, you give as much as you have left …”

49). It’s hard for most people to find true love, but when they do, you know it’s marvelous.

50). I Found a Way to Love everyone But haven’t learned how to Feel Others LOVE to me.

Cute Love States

1). In Your Eyes, I See All The Love I Will Ever Need.

2). If Love Is A Crime, Then I’m Willing To Live In Jail.

3). Flip the coin, if the head, I’m yours but if the tail, then you are mine.

4). Love is cute when it’s new, but love is most beautiful when it lasts.

5). You look so Cute. The More I Look At You, The Deeper I Fall For You.

6). Your cute smile is the only thing I need to battle all the struggles in my life.

7). Calling Me Cute Is Nice. Calling Me Hot Is Interesting But Calling Me Yours Is All I Want In Life.

8). I want to know what love is, and I want you to show me.

9). Insomnia can be a blessing if you have someone to talk with all through the night.

10). There are millions of reasons I may smile, but you are definitely the favorite one…!!

11). We talk like best friends, fight like couples, and flirt like first-time lovers.

12). Aspire to be that Cute person you’ve always wanted to meet.

13). Yeah… I’m Selfish Bcos I’ll Never Share You With Anyone Else.

14). Love is the seventh sense that destroys all the other 6 senses.

15). When I Close My Eyes, All I See Is You. And When I Open My Eyes, All I Miss Is You.

Cute Love status
Cute Love status

16). When you converse with a woman, listen to what she says with her eyes…

17). I Know I May Be Sounding Cheesy But It’s True I’ll Never Find Anyone Quite Like You

18). You are not fat my love, you are simply cute and I’ve never met a beauty cuter than you.

19). Love the guy who loves to spoil your LIPSTICK and not your EYELINER.

20). Without sacrifice, love will be so incomprehensible.

21). I’ll wait for you to find me again. Please don’t take too long.

22). I love the way you love me.

23). I miss your cute smile so much whenever you are not around.

24). Have you ever noticed that if you love life, life will love you back?

25). Love happens to be the only true adventure in life.

26). A wife is a wine bottle, A sweetheart is a bottle of wine.

27). I’m always someone else when I’m with you, someone more like myself.

28). Love was just a word for me long before I met you. But you’ve taught me the true meaning. Thus, I love you.

29). My only wish is your love as well as a chance to love U the way no one else will ever do.

30). I feel so jealous when you love our kids more than me.

31). The madness that I got from your love is the most beautiful blessing in my life.

32). You don’t have the slightest idea of how happy I feel when I am with you.

33). You are my first thought in the morning and my last wish at night.

34). I’m overwhelmed with excitement whenever I think of you.

35). I find it difficult to live without you. I think you are my oxygen.

36). All I want to do is hold you so close to my heart and tell you how much I really love you.

37). Whenever you need, just call on me and you know I will be there.

38). You are my love. The only one who understands every of my heartbeat and each of my unspoken words.

39). I want to hug you for eternity so you can always stay close to my heart.

40). I’m so glad because I found you. I want you to know that I love you with every beat of my heart.

41). You Mean A lot To Me, And I Assure You That I Can Leave The Whole World Just To Be With You.

42). Thank you for making it through. I’ve been patiently waiting for you, my baby.

43). There is no coincidence, on earth. It was meant for us to be. I love you, baby!

44). My little girl might have small fingers but has daddy wrapped around them.

45). Everybody Says You Fall In Love Only Once, But That’s Not True, Bcos every time I See You, I Fall In Love With You All Over Again.

46). Love Truthfully And Most Of All, Live Generously…

47). Waking up with a big smile on such a tiny face melts my heart.

48). Do What You Love And Love What You Do.

49). Dance like no one is watching, and love like you would never get hurt.

50). Children are gifts only waiting to be unwrapped and loved.

51). A single Text from you can change my mood entirely at any time.

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Romantic Love Status

1). The Good Things Of Life Are Better With You.

2). I don’t believe in magic, but I believe in love.

3). I’ve Been In Love Before, But It Never Felt This Strong.

4). Even When I’m Alone, I Don’t Feel So Alone When I Think About U…

5). Nothing is perfect, but when I’m with you everything is just so perfect.

6). My love, you are the reason I survive and I owe you my life.

7). If I Know What Is Love, It Is Because Of You.

8). I Tend To Lose Thoughts Each Time I Look Into Your Eyes.

9). I have tested many sweet dishes but none is as sweet as my lover is

10). Nothing Is Going To Change My Love For You.

11). With You, I See Forever So Clearly.

Romantic Love Status
Romantic Love Status

12). You’re all my heart ever talks about.

13). To The World You May Be Someone, But To Me, You Are The World.

14). Whenever you are here, there’s nothing I fear because I feel safe in your arms.

15). I’m naturally a funny person because my life is a joke.

16). Even in a sea of people, my heart will always be searching for yours.

17). My Days Will All Be Empty If I Have To Live This Life Without You Near Me.

18). Real boyfriends see no other females. Their eyes are only dedicated to their girl…

19). The last thing I’ll do is stop loving you. And no matter what happens, my heart will always be with you.

20). You’re so divine to me and your twinkling eyes make you even more beautiful.

21). I know you’re a dream… but I still believe that dreams come true.

22). If there’s anything I love so much in this world, it’s the way you love me.

23). I wish there was a word more than ‘love’ itself to express what I feel for you.

24). I love it when you act really silly around me.

25). Love everyone, so everyone loves u back. But be committed to only One, so that everyone can respect u…

26). You’re my love, my life, my soul has already said Yes to you, now it’s Ur turn. Heart, Will You Marry Me?

27). I Miss You a Lot And I Wish You Were Here

28). Let’s make it simple and short, I love you.

29). Feel free to rest in my life for all eternity.

30). The days I’m spending with you are definitely the best days of my life.

31). Your love happens to be the greatest blessing of my whole life.

32). you tripped me, so you see it’s not my fault that I fell for you.

33). You’re tattooed onto my skin. The more I try to erase you, the deeper you sink in.

34). I tried to forgive you, to hate you, all just to forget you, but I’m only capable of loving you.

35). My eight-word love story: I fell in love with Gift Samuel.

36). My angel, I just want you to know that I love you with every single beat of my heart.

37). I would still wait for you, even if it requires that I wait my whole life for you.

38). My love, how long will you keep hiding? Come out and let me into your life.

39). Your Love Is The Greatest Happiness Of My Life.

40). Love can touch just one time and last for a lifetime.

41). I’m so happy because I love you. But, I’m happier because you love me too.

42). You are the source of my joy and that’s the reason I can never turn away from you.

43). You are so important to me, I don’t want to share your love with anyone else. I even got jealous of our kids.

44). I may not be able to offer you a diamond ring, but I definitely can give you my heart & will forever love you.

45). My day is a lot better when you text me. It simply means you are thinking of me and I love it.

46). I’m too scared sometimes to look into your lovely eyes because I don’t want to fall even more in love with you.

47). Love was when I loved you one true time that I hold you.

48). God knows that I love you though some days all I want to do is just to ring your neck.

49). You Gave Me So Much With Your Angels Touch.

50). Would You Listen When I Speak Through My Heart? When Love Is True, It Will surely find a way always…

Lovingyou Status & Messages

1). All I need is your love.

2). Loving you is easy because you are beautiful.

3). There is nothing you can do to make me stop loving you.

4). I’m here to love you forever until the end of time!

5). Loving you is more than just a dream come true.

6). You are mine forever! And that’s the reason I can’t stop Lovingyou.

7). Loving you makes my dream come through.

8). I’m so blessed to have you in my life and every day of my life is filled with lovin’ you.

9). Bees love honey… And people love money… But All I LOVE is YOU…

10). Loving you makes me feel special and I can help but wish you to be mine for all eternity.

11). Every man deserves a good woman, that’s why I need you in my life.

12). If I’m Given The Chance To Live My Life AFresh Again, I’D Find You Sooner.

13). You Are The Dream That Saved My Life.

14). The best way to live is to let love be your motivation; the driving force behind everything you do.

15). You Are The Only Reason I Lose Sleep. I Love You My Candy Crush.

lovingyou status
Lovingyou Status

16). A.B.C.D.E.F.G.H.I.J.K.L.M.N.O.P.Q.R.S.T.V.W.X.Y.Z. Did I miss anything? Oh, yes, I miss You.

17). Falling in love with you is half of what I want, staying in love with you for eternity is the other.

18). You are the only that touches my heart and it`ll make me crazy. I Love You, My Queen…

19). Loving you is the best decision I have ever made in Life.

20). I will always love you, no matter where I find myself, and no matter what happens.

21). Everyday Of My Life Is So Perfect Bcos It Begins & Ends With Loving You.

22). I Love You To Infinity And Beyond…

23). Loving You Was The Best Decision Of My Life.

24). Making U Happy Is My Duty, Missing U Is My Hobby, Caring For U Is My Job & Loving You Is My Life.

25). The last thing I would never do is mess up all that we’ve labored to build together. I love you princess.

26). I  would never wish for anyone better than you because you are my everything, my world I love you.

27). Loving you is the one feeling I’ll never want to lose or forget.

28). If only I can love you even for a second. Then I can die in peace after that.

29). Loving you has changed me so much for the better. I can now enjoy life to the fullest because of you.

30). I’m so blessed to have you in my life, but I’m luckier that you found me and I’ll love you for eternity. You are loved…

31). Loving you is something I can’t stop doing knowing how far we’ve come. I Love You, Honey.

32). Loving you brought life to an empty heart where nothing once grew.

33). Words can’t explain what loving you means to me.

34). I Can Spend My Life Doing All That Pleases You Because Loving You Is My Destiny.

35). My dove, I just want you to know that you’re always in my heart right where you belong.

36). You the best thing my world has ever experienced. I Love U with everything I’ve got.

37). I wasn’t Planning on Loving you, but I’m so happy that I did.

38). Loving You Till The End Of My Day On Earth May Not Be Easy, But I’ll Do Whatever It Takes To Achieve That.

39). All I Want To Do Is Love The Hell Out Of You With This Burning Passion Inside Of Me.

40). I Want To Be The One Who Stands By You Through Your Good And Trying Times. I Love U More Than I Show.

42). When I’m In Your Arms I Just Want You To Know That I’ve Never Been This Close To Anyone.

43). For Me, Loving You Seems To Be A Natural Thing To Do. I Love You A Little Bit More Every Day.

44). If I had nine (9) lives, I would want to spend all of them with you my sunshine.

45). All I Want To Do Is Keep You Happy As Long As I Can. This Is Because My Happiness Depends on Yours.

46). The World thinks I’m insane, But they are correct because I’m deeply and madly in love with you. I Love You A Lot My Cup Cake.

47). Ever Since I’ve Come To Know You, Every Little Thing You Do Makes Me Want To Fall In Love With You.

48). You came into my life, brought me love, and took away all of my pains. I’m so madly in love with you.

49). When I Think Of You All I Want To Do Is Raise My Head And Shout Your Name And Pray You Run Coming To Me.

50). I Feel Joy, Happiness, Strange Strength, And More All When I Think About You. I Love You Because You Gave Me Love When I Thought I’ve Lost It All.

You Are The Magic Light. I Beg You To Come And Look Into My Eyes And Lighten My Whole Been.

Beautiful Love Status

1). Love in Life, Makes life more beautiful…

2). Loving you has made my life so beautiful.

3). You are Too Beautiful For The Human Eyes.

4). Love Is Just Love, It Can Never Be Explained.

5). Love is like an Air… We don’t see it but we feel it.

6). Every love story is beautiful, but my favorite is ours.

7). I’m A Lover Not A Fighter But I’ll Fight For What I Love.

8). True Love is cute when it’s new and most beautiful when it lasts.

9). You are so beautiful and that’s the reason my heart choose you.

10). Always give your energy and time to someone who will add sunshine to your life.

11). Even roses sometimes can get jealous of you after seeing your beauty.

12). Life can give us lots of beautiful people, but just one person is enough for a beautiful life…

Beautiful Love Status

13). Love looks not with ordinary eyes, but with the Heart.

14). True Love is like a Star, that shines from the deepth of the Heart…

15). The beauty of the moon is nothing compared to you.

16). You look so beautiful. The more I look at u, the more I fall in love with u…!

17). U and ME will definitely make a wonderful WE

18). Love is FAITH and faith is for Eternity…

19). Live, Laugh, and Love…

20). Love in your heart brings life to your soul.

21). Someday I’ll cover you in flowers.

22). I’ll always love you till I draw my last breath on EARTH.

23). In life, it’s only you that I need.

24). You surprise me, every day girl. You look more beautiful every day.

25). I’ll never be able to express how beautiful you are to me.

26). Don’t fall for anyone, they should be the ones falling for you…

27). Love in Life, Makes everything in life beautiful.

28). Love is when you have the chance to leave but prefer to stay.

29). I’m thinking it would be easy to love you. But easier to call you my friend.

30). All I can see is you when I’m with you.

31). will definitely leave but it will be only on my last day on earth.

32). Absence sharpens love, while presence strengthens it.

33). Your curly hairs are more beautiful than clouds.

34). I feel so complete whenever I’m Holding you in my arms.

35). Every lady has a weak point. For a few, all they need is a hug.

36). True love does not abuse. So, WAKE UP and see the monster who is in front of your eyes.

37). Distance is simply a test to know how far love can travel!!

38). The most beautiful blessing in my life is the madness that I got from your love.

39). I strengthened my heart very strongly with Iron but, I didn’t know your heart was a Magnet.

40). Your love is like a beautiful flower in my life and all I desire is your fragrance in my life for eternity.

41). I thought you were an angel When I first saw you because I’d never seen such a beautiful girl in my life before.

42). Everyone seems to want a happy ending except me. All I want is never-ending happiness with u.

43). There’s only one thing in the world that can take away my pains & keep me happy; Your Smile.

44). After All The sh**t we’ve been through, I’m glad we still found each other.

45). With you, I fall in love every day.

46). Stop wondering how it all happened. The truth is that we are meant for each other. I love you, baby.

47). The beauty of love is in truthfulness and not in perfection.

48). Don’t tell me you love me today and the next day you put bruises on my body.

49). Age doesn’t really count. What really counts is your true feelings and your connection.

50). Nothing hurts more than when the one you love tears you down even lower than anyone else and enjoys it.

Sad Love Status

You can find some of the sad love statuses you can use to send messages to your followers on FaceBook or Whatsapp.

1). Be Safe, Be Smart And Stay Away From Love

2). No Matter How Sad You May Be, Happiness Is Waiting At The End Of The Tunnel.

3). Life is too short to waste on the wrong one.

4). Better be alone and hurt less than be in love and hurt more.

5). My mind knows you are gone, But my heart doesn’t care.

6). A silent hug is more than a thousand words to an unhappy heart.

7). Will there ever be lovely people in this world of our own?

8). You can’t hurt a heart only till it loves you.

9). After when all is said and done, grief is the price we pay for love.

10). “How far should a person go in the name of true love?”

11). Though Time Fades Away, Yet, Your Memories Stays…

12). I Miss You More Than I Can Say. I Wonder Why My Life Is Filled With Sorrow?

sad love status
Sad Love Status

13). The greatest hurt that comes from love is loving someone you can never have.

14). I love crying in the rain because that’s the only time nobody can hear the pain.

15). Just because you know a lot about me, doesn’t mean, am still that person.

16). There will be sad songs to make you cry. But most times, love songs often do.

17). Love is the only thing that makes you cry even more than you laugh.

18). The problem is that I still care.

19). It Took Time But I Set Myself Free…

20). Where words fail, tears speak.

21). Don’t Be Scared Of Being Outnumbered. Pigeons Flock Together. While Eagles Fly Alone.

22). I Can Forgive But Don’t Forget. I Never Want To Be Hurt The Same Way Twice.

23). It’s better to be alone and be happy than to be with someone and be unhappy.

24). It’s better to be alone than surrounded by people who make you feel alone.

25). I Don’t Waste My Time Hating People, I Just Love Those Who Love Me

26). Here I’m in this empty room with your thoughts still lingering in my memories.

27). I don’t want to hear the songs we used to sing. Because I don’t want to feel the pain in my heart.

28). I don’t want to remember the things we’ve been through and all the thoughts that remind me of you.

29). If By Chance You See Me, I Will Smile & Say “Hi”. You will think that I’m fine, but I’m breaking inside.

30). Be good to everyone you meet. You don’t know what struggles they’re facing.

31). Love is like a rubber band held by two people at both ends when one leaves it, the other gets hurt.

32). Everybody thinks that love hurts… But it doesn’t hurt. What hurts is Rejection.

33). When a girl asks me are you single I feel like Moka Moka.

34). Loneliness hurts so much… Love is the only feeling that covers all the pain…

35). Love is a beautiful mistake of my life.

36). Don’t waste your tears on those who don’t know the value.

37). Sometimes a smiling face doesn’t always mean a smiling heart.

38). Don’t fall in love, but rather, rise in love every day.

39). Whether you love me or hate me, in the end, you’re gonna miss me.

40). Please don’t disturb me, I’m already disturbed enough.

41). I Do Love Our COUNTRY So Much, But What Scares Me So Much Is Our GOVERNMENT.

42). Don’t Waste Too Much Time Thinking About Someone Who Doesn’t Think About You For A Second.

43). One Day They’ll Wake Up and Realize They’ve Lost A Diamond While Playing With Worthless Stones.

44). Whenever you feel sad and alone just come to me & I’ll wrap you in my arms and won’t let any sadness touch U.

45). Goodbye my darling. I know we all make mistakes but I guess it was meant to be.

46). It’s not called “letting go”. It’s simply realizing what’s not meant to be & being strong to accept it and move on.

47). I’m sorry if I don’t talk to you anymore. I really can’t be close to you because everyone I get close to… ends up hurting me in return

48). Love means you don’t really have to ask for affection!.

49). Ensure you give her the love and attention she desires. Else someone else will do.

50). There is always a substitute out there waiting to replace you.

Status On No Love

Below are some of the no love status you can use to express your lack of affection for somebody or something.

1). There’s no love greater than that of a wagging tail, and a lick on the face.

2). There is no friendship, no love, like that of a mother for her children.

3). Without despair of life, there’s no love of life.

4). where there is no imagination, there’s no passion, and by consequence no love.

5). Bad food is made by cooks who have no pride and no love.

6). If there’s no pain, there will be no love. If there’s no darkness, there will be no light.

7). “I wish I knew how to quit you.”

8). There is no love that is not an echo.

9). On earth, there’s no love wasted. You must reap what you sow.

10). There is no love that doesn’t turn out to become help.

11). I am single because God is busy writing the best love story for me.

12). I happen to grow up in a house with no love or emotion.

13). Installing love… 44%. Installation failed. Error 404: install money first.

No Love No Tension
No Love Status

14). Love always ends for a reason and leaves with a lesson.

15). I searched for years and found no love.

16). FOREVER is the biggest lie that has ever been told.

17). I have no love for myself as a human being.

18). There’s no life guarantee in the journey of love.

19). She left him heartbroken with no love or hope.

20). There is absolutely no love without suffering.

21). He who has no love in his heart will try to possess everything for himself.

22). There’s No love that is complete without worth because even the base calls to the base.

23). Without Love, There Will Ne No Sacrifice.

24). Destruction reigns whenever there is no love.

25). A man with no love and ambition is a walking corpse.

26). Friends with no love will always leave without taking a second look back.

27). Just know I don’t hate you. I’m only disappointed.

28). No money… No Love…

29). There is no love without forgiveness.

30). The last thing you want to experience is a relationship without

31). There’s absolutely no love story without obstacles.

32). You will find no love in their eyes. That’s the first sign to remind you that it’s over.

33). It’s obvious that she has no love for me, but, I don’t mind.

34). Money makes your family and the world turn.

35). Becare of those people who wear a mask of lies just to look attractive.

36). Revenge constantly resides in the heart with no love.

37). Fake Love is Always known by the multitude of words without actions.

38). Your lies have constantly left me with a broken heart.

39). Even though I know there’s no love at first but I’m willing to risk it all to ensure she loves me.

40). Be careful of those who love you under certain conditions only.

41). I completely have no love for those who only pretend to care in my face, but spoil my reputation at my back.

42). I love her and I know she will definitely love me at the end of it all. But if she doesn’t love me back, then it’s not the end.

43). It’s better not to have no one than to have someone who is only half present or doesn’t want to even be with you.

44). I don’t let my loyalty make a fool out of me.

45). You promised to catch me when I fall but when I needed you the most, you were nowhere to be found.

46). You can’t hurt someone you truly love and that’s how I know you never had a love for me.

47). It’s a lot better to be unhappy alone than to be unhappy with someone.

48). We both said “I Love You” but the only difference is that I never lied to you.

49). If someone wants you, there will be nothing to keep them away from you.

50). I know we currently have no love for each other anymore, but can we go back to the days when our love was strong?

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