First Love Shayari For Girlfriend in English With Images

Love Shayari For Girlfriend in English: Being romantic and showing how much you care really goes a long way in strengthening a relationship, but most guys overlook that part. Actually, showing her that you care doesn’t cost much. Little things like complimenting her, sending her love text messages, and treating her respectfully can go a long way to show that you love her and can also make her feel special. Below are beautiful Shayari love quotes and text msgs in English that you can use to express how much you cherish her.


Love Shayari for Girlfriend in English

Love Shayari For Girlfriend in English
Love Shayari for Girlfriend in English

And in her eyes, I see the colors of the rainbows.

I’ve fallen in love several times, But it’s always with you.

Falling in love with you is easy because you’re beautiful.

There’s something I find more beautiful than the stars in your eyes.

I’ve wandered the earth in search of you, and now that I’ve finally found you, this is where my heart will stay.

Your love is the best gift I have ever gotten in life. You’re all that I’ve ever longed for and I’m grateful to God for making my dreams come true.

It doesn’t matter what you did in the past, neither what you have done, or what you will do; I’ll love you always, and I swear it.

Part of me feels like I’ve known and loved you for all ages. It’s likely we shared the same past life.

You have the nature of the human trinity: An amazing body, a beautiful heart, and a beautiful soul.

The times we spent together are the happiest days of my life. And no matter what happens in the future, I’ll always love you; and if I’m given a chance to do things right, I’ll do it all over again.

It’s amazing how you walked into my life, and now I’m wondering how I managed all those times to live without you.

I’ve studied my body and found out that the smile on my face let me know that I need you. There’s a truth in my eyes that says I’ll never leave you. But the touch of your hands says I’ll catch you whenever you fall.

I need you just the way a drowning man gasping for air. I need you more because a little of you will only destroy me.

Every day, I want to love you in my own special way. Please, allow me to take the time to show you that I truly care.

How do you feel when you are deep down in the water and can’t breathe for a long time? That’s the same way I’ll feel without you.

Never imagined I’d stay this long with just one person. Nevertheless, my love for you grows stronger with each passing day.

Honey, you are magic, and no words can describe how beautiful you are.

There’s no place or time for falling in love. It just happens accidentally, also in a heartbeat, and in a single throbbing moment.

I want to be a multi-billionaire. But If I’m given the chance to choose between you and my dreams, then I’ll immediately choose you.

You’re my compass star because where I go, I always effortlessly find my way back to your warm embrace.

The heat of love is too much. It sends a pulsing rush of longing, and lovers begin careless whispers, irresistible enough to send the magic of love that can drive even the sanest person on earth mad.

While others may not be contented with one, I choose just one, and that’s YOU!

without Wisdom, the mind will be empty. Without dreams, the eyes will be empty. And without love, the heart will be empty. But without you, my life is empty.

Knowing that you’re mine gives me all the strength I need to wake up every morning and face the world.

Here’s my heart, go ahead and take it,
Hold it carefully so you don’t break it.
It contains love, so pure and true,
And it’s exclusively reserved all for you!

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Short Love Shayari for GF in English

Short Love Shayari for GF in English
Short Love Shayari for GF in English

I’ve made up my mind to cherish and love you as long as I live.

Having you in my life makes me the luckiest man alive.

Everything about your flaws is so flawless.

My life officially started the day our paths crossed.

Thank you for introducing beauty and love into my life.

In the infinity of your beautiful eyes, my heart finds solace.

You’re my reason for living. My life is impossible without you.

I have forgotten if I ever had anything like happiness before I met you.

Every morning I wake up, I pinch my body just remembering you’re mine.

I was asked the definition of pure love, and I told them about being around you.

Your beauty is so natural and beyond comparison.

Whenever I think of you, I’m filled with inner peace. I’m sure you’re my soul mate.

It seems my destiny is to be with you because staying around you only feels so right.

Seeing your beautiful face makes everything in this world so perfect.

I’d be the happiest person alive to have the opportunity of spending a lifetime with you.

If I can’t have you in my life, then I think no one else would.

Your good personality captivates my heart and your beauty keeps me speechless.

I’m so in love with everything about you. And whatever you do is working.

All I want is for you to understand that I love you just the way you are.

I will walk through the night & through the rain just to have you by my side.

You’re just the perfect one for me, and I’ve not been able to imagine a better lover than you.

You deserve everything better, that’s why making you happy is my number one priority in life.

For this moment, as well as forever, you will remain my love.

You don’t have a set of blue eyes, but you’ve hypnotized me.

Whenever I see you, I notice there’re lots of butterflies running in my belly.

First love Shayari in English for Girlfriend

First love Shayari in English for Girlfriend
First Love Shayari for GF in English

You will always be my first love in this world and beyond.

From the first time I set my eyes on you, I knew you were the one for me.

Angel, love me like I’m your first love and I’ll love you as my one and only.

First love is the deepest and it helps you grow, but your last love is what completes you.

Stucked with me are the memories of our first kiss on our first date. And until now, I still love you.

She came into my life and made me her number-one priority. I’m in heaven when I’m with her and for the first time, I can tell it’s real.

Many people believe that you need to fail twice before you can find your true love, but some are lucky enough to have their first love as their last love.

Having you as my first love changed my life more than 360 degrees and despite how much I tried, the feelings never go away.

Not everyone is usually successful with a relationship with their first love. Nevertheless, that kind of love feels so perfect and seems almost like a fairytale. Though it may it may end, but it was definitely worth it.

It will be impossible to forget you, my first love, because you created a big impact in my life.

The love I have for you is the same as it was from the start. It wouldn’t fall back, but will forever grow stronger and will never lose its taste nor will it lose its sparkle.

First love can be very reckless. It doesn’t calculate anything, giving its pure and untamed passion, and eventually fails. Notwithstanding, it’s the same sweet experience that makes you want to fall in love again. But for me, I’ll do it all over again with you.

Even if I was married to you for a hundred years, I’ll be glad to experience first love with you over and over again.

Real love can be very tumultuous and passionate especially when it’s first love which usually seems like a brutal journey.

The pains of first love are like a sunset with blazing colors that comes in vibrant purple, oranges, and pearly pinks.

The sad thing about first love is that it never happens twice, but the good thing is that I’m sharing my first love with you.

The magic of our first love is our ignorance and it also will never end.

First love can be so amazing, especially if it also happens to be your last.

There’s always an exclusive place in our hearts reserved for our first love. Luckily enough, you still got your space reserved.

For me, the future is a thing of the past. For now, you’re my first love and I’m definitely sure you’ll also be the last.

Most men will always remember their first love with special tenderness. I’m glad I’m reminiscing ours together with you.

Remember that first love can also be the first to break your heart. But with you, my heart is insured.

Most men want to be girls’ first love, while most girls’ want to be a man’s last romance. But for me, I want to be your first love as well as your last romance.

Marriage doesn’t just begin in one day. It’s a lifetime affair that usually begins with love at first sight.

Sometimes I just look at you, then I look towards the heavens and ask Him “What did I do to deserve these pretty mermaids”!!!

Shayari Love Quotes For Girlfriend

Shayari Love Quotes For Girlfriend
Shayari Love Quotes For Girlfriend

She walked right into my life and then became my life.

You love her when she’s the reason you smile while looking down at your phone and then walk right into a pole.

Good nature and a good heart are two different things. While a good heart may win lots of relationships, a good nature will win so many hearts.

If you are orange and I’m an apple, then let’s celebrate our differences, and together we make an amazing fruit salad.

I can easily summarize my relationship with you in just three words: “Sweet And Beautiful”.

When I first met you, I never imagined that someday, you would be this important to my life.

Missing you happen to be my hobby, keeping you happy is my responsibility, and loving you is my full-time job.

I was wondering if love is worth fighting for, but then your beautiful face flashed before me and now I’m ready for war.

My house, my cars, my heart, my love, and all of my properties, I give you authority.

My love for you has no boundaries; it’s ever-expanding.

You loved me even when I had no revenue, and I was convinced that leaving you was something I’ll never do.

My love life with you is a story that will have no end.

If I had the power to have anyone I wanted in the world, I’m sure I’ll still choose you.

Every morning, there’s always something new that makes me love you a lot deeper.

In you, I have found both my best friend and the love of my life.

Most people think that I’m crazy, but they are actually right. I am really crazy about you.

When I say I love you, I want all of you. Your mistakes, your troubles, and all your imperfection.

I never try to hide the fact that I love you. And, I’m ready to keep loving you until I draw my last breath.

I’m helplessly in love with you and even though it sounds crazy, I don’t know another way of loving you except this.

I’m ready to face the whole world only if you decide to come with me.

If there’s anything I’ve done right in life, it’s giving my heart to you.

The reason I love my life is that it gave you to me. The reason I love you is that you’re my life.

I’m sorry if I act weird sometimes. The truth is that: “No one can Intelligently truly love” and this is because the true nature of true love is madness!!

Take my heart, but let it beat for you. Take my lovely eyes, but let it see just you. And now, take my mind but let it think only about you.

you’re the best thing that has ever happened to me and the most precious gift I have ever received is your love.


It’s important to always show the way you feel toward that special girl in your life. More than 65% of women prefer guys who treasure them more than the ones who buy them expensive gifts. All they want is your affection, attention, and love.

Above we’ve been able to provide you with a collection of beautiful quotes and text messages that will make her feel extra special and loved. I believe you enjoyed our collection of love Shayari for girlfriend in English. Don’t forget to use the share button on the left side to spread the love. Thanks for stopping by.

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