Long Deep Love Messages for Her from The Heart – 300 Love Msgs for GF

Do you know that sending your girlfriend Deep Love Messages can make her grow strong affection for you? yes, it can. Sometimes, it doesn’t need to be long messages, but the impact lasts even longer.

So, if you’ve not been sending messages to your girlfriend or wife, we advise you to start doing that to ignite her love and passion for you. Meanwhile, for those who have been searching for deep love messages that will be able to perfectly translate their feelings as well as the language of their hearts into words, you have just arrived on the right page.

We have a collection of long deep love messages that is rich in diversity and full of emotions. Choose any one from the list and make her fall in love with you over and over again.

NB: Love is an action word. Thus, you need to act as well as express love amid words. To thrive in your relationship try to form a habit of sending her romantic love messages. You can use the list below to send her heartfelt deep love messages or use them as a suggestion to form yours.


long deep love messages for her
long deep love messages for her
  • My greatest fear in life is not about death, It’s about waking up one day and not finding you beside me. I’m so addicted to you.
  • Every morning I look forward to seeing the sunrise because it reminds me of your face, the smile on your succulent lips. Please always stay beside me because I can’t live a day without you.
  • All I’ve ever dreamed of is the day I will love and be loved in return. Thank you for making my dreams come true. I love you with all my heart.
  • I can’t eat… I can’t sleep… If you are not by my side.
  • You are the answer to my every prayer. You’re the only one for me, my Eminado. I love you.
  • Your smile is the reason my days are always great. And the sound of your name, is the source of my inspiration. I just wonder what can I do without your smile – Absolutely nothing!
  • My love, I need to have you neigh me because there’s no other love like your love… And as long as I live, I’ll always love you…
  • Apart from being a happy man, your presence in my life brings me great luck… You’re my lucky charm.
  • I know you may doubt it, but I’ll say it anyway… “Your love makes the difference in my life”.
  • Who stays with me when times get rough? You… Who’s going to stay with me when there’s nobody else? You… And that’s how I know we belong together.
  • In times of trouble, you’re my comforter. In times of pain, you’re my pain killer. Your arms has always been my castle and your heart my sky. Thanks for being so sweet to me.
  • Through all my pains, my sufferings, my agony, and misfortunes, you stood by me and showed me the true meaning of love. Now I know that love never lies…
  • Hey princess… I’m so into you because you see far from my revenue and loving me for me. I just want you to know that leaving you… That’s something I will never do.
  • Other girls just want to get rich quick. Every man chopping them like biscuits because they’re fast food girl and their fish stinks. But I’m glad what we both have (love) is realistic.
  • If I have to live this life without you here with me… My days will all be empty and my nights so cold. But thank God I’ve got you, because with you I see our forever so clearly.
  • I’m a lover and not a fighter… But, I’ll always fight for the one I truly need… And, that’s you!
  • Baby, come closer and hear my heart beating for you… My heart and my body needs you, honey.
  • I always shine like a candle in the dark any time you touch me… And any time you kiss me, I become a hero.
  • You are like the blood running through my veins because you give me life. You are like the air that I breathe because I can’t live without you.
  • The sky may turn red, and the rain never seize to fall… Everything may change, but my love for you will forever remain the same.


long deep love messages for her
long deep love messages for her
  • There’s no deeper love than my love for you… There is no limit on how far I can go to make you happy… My love for you is true.
  • They say true love happens to everyone just once in a lifetime, but that’s not true… Every time I look at you, I fall in love over and over again.
  • Girl you know it’s true… I love you And I’ll always be right here whenever you need me.
  • My mission on earth is to make you happy… My love and attention is 100 per cent all for you. And it will keep staying this way until the end of time.
  • Allow me to express my true love coming from across the seven seas… Allow me to be your heart keeper and soul provider.
  • I realize I’m beginning to develop a very deep connection with you. All I do now is live just for you.
  • I consider my self the luckiest man alive. Do you know why? It’s because I’m so lucky to have you…
  • You are the answers to my prayers… You give me hope when I was down… You are my angel, my lover, and all I need to know.
  • I asked the Lord for a good woman, and He answered my prayers… But He didn’t give me just a good woman; He gave me a caring partner, a passionate lover, who has turned out to be my best friend… And that’s you.
  • I know most times I don’t call, neither do I text. But, in all this, I don’t want you to think for a moment that I don’t love you any more or maybe I’ve changed. I love you and I think of you all the time, and even though I currently have a lot going through my mind, it’s all for our future together.
  • Hey Pretty… I just dropped by to remind you that I love you more than life itself, and nothing is going to change my love for you.
  • It’s been a whole new world ever since you entered into my life. I love you so much and can hardly believe we made it this far just like shooting stars.
  • You inspire and fascinate me. You excite and thrill me. You walked into my life and gave me peace and love that has no boundaries. I’ll always love you.
  • Good morning to my sunshine – The first thing I see in the morning and last before I sleep at night. Have a wonderful day ahead and remember that I love you always.
  • Baby come into my heart and see what you’ve done to it – You rock my word. But you gotta believe me when I tell you that “I like it like”.
  • The wonders of your smile, the sparkles in your eyes, the joy derived from fulfilling your dreams makes me complete. I’m proud to call you my one and only true love.
  • I wake up every morning very excited knowing I’m the proud owner of a humble woman like you. Loving you is such a privileged and I wouldn’t abuse it. Good morning my angel… Wishing you a stress-free day.
  • You are everything that I can ever desire in a woman. You are my best friend, girlfriend, my everyday crush, and most importantly, my desire. Good morning pretty.
  • You are a rare gem; A combination of beauty and brain. Words ain’t enough to show you how much I love you.
  • Your presence in my life didn’t just add value, but it also added more riches making my seat among the richest men in the world. Thanks for accepting me the way that I am. I love you, honey.


long deep love messages for her
long deep love messages for her
  • You are the only person who perfectly fits into the space inside my heart. Maybe that’s the reason I feel you each time I touch my chest.
  • If loving you is a crime, then I’m ready to live in jail because a free life without you is useless…
  • The desire of every real man is to find a love like the type we share. Every day our love gets stronger – I just can’t get enough.
  • I feel solitude when you are near me, and I feel like I’m on top of the world when you hold me in your arms. My life now experiences a new vibe all because of you… I can’t thank you enough for coming into my life.
  • You are the finest thing that has ever happened to me. I will never give you up or relent in keeping you in my life forever.
  • Just a smile from you is capable of brightening my world. And just a look at you is capable of giving me the whole happiness in the world all at once.
  • Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone – Only darkness everywhere. Please, honey, don’t go for too long because this house ain’t no home without you in it.
  • Through good times and the bad times, I will be on your side forevermore. because my joy lies in your happiness. I love you my desire.
  • My only request from God is his understanding to rest upon us, so we can better understand ourselves as we travel down the road of eternity together.
  • I lack words to describe what I feel for you. I really love you so much, but how can I prove that? Nevertheless, whether you see it or not, my love for you will never decrease. And I’ll continue to wait until the day you finally realize who much we’ve wasted staying apart.
  • I will always make you smile because you look prettier when you smile. I will make you my queen because no one else is qualified for that position. I’ll give you my heart because no one else can handle it better than you.
  • I don’t want to be just a lover but I want to be the one who shows you what true love really means.


long deep love messages for her
long deep love messages for her
  • Your smile is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. I wish that you do that all the time because I really love the view. I just want you to know that I love you beyond measure and it will forever remain that way.
  • This feeling I have for you is forever and even if the Earth don’t rotate anymore and the sun makes a mockery of my being, I’ll keep loving you because, without you, I’m incomplete.
  • I’ll gladly provide you with everything you need, I will ensure you smile constantly and I’ll make sure you have my time 100%.
  • Your beauty is the most interesting thing I’ve ever seen. Your smile dazzles brighter than the sun, and I’ll forever love with all my heart just as long as you love me.
  • Even though I’ve been away for so long, it doesn’t mean I left you because you’re always in my heart. I want you to know that I’m saving all my love for you.
  • From the first day I said “I Love You”, I meant every word I said and I’m keeping my words forever and I’ll always be there when you need me because I love you endlessly.
  • The last thing I’ll do is regret all the moments spent with you. They are actually the best days of my life and I intend to make it last forever. I want to die in your arms.
  • Just like the flooded riverbanks, so is my love for you spreading to every part of your life… And every day it gets deeper, deeper and deeper.
  • The formula for my love for you is equal to “My Love For You Times Infiniti = Everlasting Love”.
  • Every morning is another opportunity to see your beautiful face. I’m forever grateful to God for bringing you my way. You such a wonderful gift from nature.
  • My life is now worth living because it has you in it. You occupy my mind every minute of the day and at night, I can’t stop thinking of you. I pray someday, you will wake up and realize how much I really love you.
  • To the world, you are just another person. But to me, you are my world and everything about me, revolves around you.
  • My love, I just need to tell you this… There’s no other love, like your love and as long as I live, I’ll keep whispering those words “I Love You”.
  • If I had just one wish to make, It will be to spend just one lifetime with you, my queen.


long deep love messages for her
long deep love messages for her
  • I hope heaven doesn’t count it as treason for stealing one of their most beautiful angels – You!
  • What have you done to me my baby; you’ve got me chasing after you. I’m getting so addicted to you.
  • Even if I have to reincarnate a thousand times, I will keep finding you and keep loving you every time I find you because you’re my everlasting soul mate.
  • There’s a famous saying that “Nothing last forever” but I can assure you that my love for you will definitely outlive everything here on earth. I love you endlessly.
  • You are the lover of my being and waking up next to you is the highest blessing anyone can receive. I don’t mind being a fool for you, and I’m sure…
  • Have you tried pronouncing your name with my surname? Please start doing it if you’ve not, so you can start getting used to it… Muah… You’re mine!!!
  • I’ve been wondering what is the meaning and colour of love. Nevertheless, I couldn’t find the answer until I found you. You are the answer to all my questions and my every prayer. I love you…
  • Whenever I say “I love you”, just know that it’s deeper than the surface. I’ve been searching for the right words to help me communicate this feeling I have for you but it seems I can’t find the right words. But, I just want you to know that you’re more important to me than the air I breathe.
  • The love you showed to me is no ordinary love. It’s my driving force and the reason I’m breathing. All I live for is to make you constantly happy because you deserve all the love and care in this world.
  • Good morning to the special woman who rocks my world and hold my heart in the palm of her hands. May your day be filled with the joy of fulfilling your dreams and the wonders of living. Carry yourself with pride and as you walk, do it with confidence and let your passion radiate to everyone you come in contact with. Dazzle with intelligence and let your wisdom keep them all in awe. Have a splendid day my cupcake.


long deep love messages for her
long deep love messages for her
  • You’re so special to me; a rare gift from the Lord, the answered prayers of our kids. You are far from the usual and I’m proud to call you my wife. I love you, my cupcake.
  • Whenever I see the sky smile, the withering flowers blooming once again, then I’m certain that you around the vicinity.
  • What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of me? Whatever it is, the feelings are mutual, my love.
  • A had a dream last night and our future kids were not happy with us because we are taking too much time. But don’t worry because I apologised on behave of you and promised them that we will be together soon. It’s up to you and me to make it work. I love you.
  • Wise men said “Only fools rush in” but I can’t help falling in love with you…
  • Just as the river finds its way into the sea, someday we will find a way to be together; not just for the moment but for eternity.
  • Wise men said love turns anyone into a fool. But I think that’s a lie because since I met you, I became mad…. madly in love with only you.
  • All the designers I get for you may likely fade away, as well as your beauty and your smile, but I promise that my love for you will forever remain the same.
  • You are the goddess of good luck because ever since you came into my life, everything has started turning around for good.
  • I’ve been wondering how I manage to survive all this while without you near me. Because as it stands now, I don’t think I can survive a day without your loving presence in my life – you’re my perfect significant order.


deep long love messages

  • It’s such a privilege to have such an awesome person like yourself as my friend. Every moment spent with you is precious and I don’t regret any of it.
  • The love I have for you is like coronavirus; eating me deeper and deeper until I’m so into you. I love you beyond words can express.
  • I can’t live without you because you are like the air I breathe. I may not know how to do anything right but loving always is my area of specialization. I love you my sweet teddy bear.
  • Honey every time you say you love me, I feel like a hero… And every time you kiss me, I reach for the sky. You are my dream come true.
  • I know I can’t be the most perfect lover for you, but I just one to be that special person that you run to whenever you in trouble and the one you can whenever you’re in need. I love you for being you.
  • Your love warms my heart and positively changed everything in my life. You feel my heart with laughter, take away all my sadness and ease my troubles that’s all you do.
  • Your presence in my life is priceless and there’s nothing that can be compared to it. Thanks for coming into my life and becoming the queen of my heart. I love you…
  • I see you even when my eyes are closed… I feel you in my heartbeat… You’re constantly in my heart and I love you as you are.
  • Your presence in my life is such an inspiration – bringing peace and joy. You are such an amazing person and loving you is all I want to do.
  • Out of the blues, you entered my life and currently the pillar of my world. I can’t carry on without you, my boo. Please stay in heart for eternity.


Just as we mentioned, love is an action word. It’s not all about saying “My Queen… my queen…” But when the Queen asks for $10 or your assistant, then the kingdom will scatter.

You have to always do what you preach. If you love her, then show it by caring for her both physically and emotionally. And luckily one of the ways to do that is by sending her love messages that show you really care and appreciate her every little effort.

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