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Kiss Status can be used to celebrate the World Kiss Day or tell someone that you love her or him. So, if you want a kiss message or famous kiss quotes that you can upload on your WhatsApp status, Tiktok Status, Facebook, etc then you are in the right place.

Our fine collection of Kiss status and quotes is second to none. You will definitely find one that best expresses that emotion and feelings that you’ve been searching for words to express. Enjoy It!


Kiss Status In English

Kiss Status In English
Your Kisses Are Addictive… I Need Them Everyday

Nothing Can Be Far More Pleasurable Than Stolen Kisses.

The First Kiss Are Memories That Lives In Your Head For Eternity.

A Kiss Is Just Like Happiness. You Must Share It In Order To Enjoy It.

True Friends Are Kisses By Angels. They’re Usually Blown To Us.

The Signature Of A Man Is In The Way He Kisses.

Though A Lips May Curve In Pains, But A Passionate Kiss Can Make It Smile Again.

A Kiss Is The Upper Persuasion For A Lower Invasion.

All You Have To Do Is Kiss Me To See How Important I’m.

A Kiss Is Something You Cannot Take Without Giving And Cannot Give Without Taking.

Just As Your Thirst Increases When You Drink Salted Water, So Does Your Desire To Kiss Increase After Your First Kiss.

Kiss Status In Hindi

chumban mein kya jhooth ghaat mein rahana.

meree chumban pakado yadi aap kar sakate gain.

aatma premiyon ke honthon par aatma milatee hai

choree chumban ek saathee kee aavashyakata hotee hai

chumban gyaan kee tulana mein ek behatar bhaagy hain

ek gale ke bina ek chumban khushaboo ke bina ek phool kee tarah hai

kissairs … pyaar premee chumban … aur khilaadiyon ko khelane ke lie

ek kaanoonee chumban ek choree ek ke roop mein achchha ke roop mein kabhee nahin hai.

chumban aansoo kee tarah, sirph asalee logon ko aap par niyantran nahin kar sakate hain kar rahe hain.

ek chumban ek sundar prakrti dvaara dijain bhaashan ko rokane ke lie jab shabd zaroorat se zyaada ho gaya hai chaal hai.

Kiss Status For Whatsapp

kiss status
A Kiss Is A Secrete Told To The Mouth Instead Of The Ear…

A Kiss Can Probably Ruin A Human Life.

Hopelessly Lazy People Are Those Who Throw Kisses.

Legal Kisses Are Never As Tasteful As The Stolen Ones.

All Kisses, Even The Ones Blown To The Air Are Beautiful.

He Understood All Her Stumbling Words Immediately His Lips Was On Hers.

Kissing Someone You Love Is Like Consuming Coffee With A Tea Strainer, You Can’t Get Enough.

Kiss And Make Up… But Too Much Makeup Has Ruined Many A Kiss.

Let Him Kiss Me With The Kisses Of His Mouth – For Your Love Is More Delightful Than Wine.

It Doesn’t End At The Butterflies You Get On The First Kiss, But How Many Are There In The Last.

The Gift Of Nature Is Life, The Gift Of Life Is Love, The Gift Of Love Is A Kiss.

Hot Kiss Status For FB

Kiss Quotes
Why You Wanna Marry Me Anyway? So I Can Kiss You Anytime I Want…

Soul Meets Soul Only On Lovers’ Lips.

Stolen Kisses Are Always The Sweetest.

Were Kisses All The Joys In Bed, One Woman Would Another Wed.

The Sound Of A Kiss Is Not As Loud As A Rocket, But Its Echo Lingers Longer.

Don’t Ever Close Your Lips To The One You’ve Already Opened Your Heart To.

There’s Only One Thing Worth Stealing In Life; It’s A Kiss From Your Sleeping Child.

No Legislation In The World Is Strong Enough To Abolish Kiss Day.

According To Henry Finck, A Kiss Is The Very Autograph Of Love.

The Sweetness Of A Kiss Can’t Be Denied. But When It’s Sold, It Tastes More Soared Than Vinegar.

I Suggest We Still Maintain The French Habit Of Kissing The Hands Of Ladies. After All One Must Start Somewhere.

Famous Kiss Day Status for Tiktok

kiss status
A Kiss Is Something You Can’t Give Without Taking And Can’t Take Without Giving.

The Softer The Lips, The Better The Kiss.

A Kiss That Speaks Volumes Is Seldom A First Edition.

Please Borrow Me A Kiss And I Promise I’ll Give It Back.

On This Kiss Day, I Wish Nothing But More Moment Like This.

Kiss Her Harder, Hold Her Tighter, And Love Her More Everyday.

If You Can Then Catch My Kiss. Kisses All For You! Happy Kiss Day!

Kissing Is The Contraction Of The Mouth As A Result Of An Enlargement Of The Heart.

Kiss Me Whenever You’re Happy, Kiss Me Whenever You’re Sad And Always Do The Same To Me Until Eternity.

Funny Kiss Day Quotes

Blown Kisses Are Wasted Kisses.

Stolen Kisses Always Requires An Accomplice.

A Kiss Is An Enjoyable Reminder That Two Heads Are Better Than One.

Mummy, I Swear I Wasn’t Kissing Him. I Was Only Telling His Lips A Little Secret!

Kissing Can Be Likened To Real Estate. The Most Important Thing Is The Location…

Smile! It’s The Second-Best Thing You Can Do With Your Lips. Nevertheless, I Love The First One.

Kissing May Not Possibly Spread Germs, But It Does Lower Resistance.

One Day You’ll Kiss Someone And Be Convinced Deep Inside Of You That Those Are The Lips You Want To Kiss For The Rest Of Your Life.

Kissing Is An Act Of Two People Observing Themselves Very Closely Till They Don’t See Anything Wrong With Each Other.

I Don’t Know How To Kiss, Nevertheless, I Wish To Kiss You. But Where Do The Noses Go?

Romantic Kiss Day Messages For Girlfriend Or Wife

Kiss Quotes
A Day Without The Touch Of Your Lips Makes Me Realy Sick. I Can’t Live Without You.

Come Quickly My Rainbow And Kiss Me, So I Can Fell The World Crack Open Under My Feet.

All I Wish Is For You To Be Right Here To Wipe This Tears Away And Kiss Me Deeply Until I Can Smile Again… I Miss You A Lot.

Your Night Kisses Are Sweetest For Sure, They Allow Me Dream Of A Thousand More.

Just Like Flowers Without Its Fragrance, So Is A Kiss Without A Hug.

The Only Real Kisses Are The Ones We Can’t Hold Back… Just Like Tears.

Just Like A Book Without Words Is Empty, So Is Love Without A Kiss.

Intimate Kisses Are Capable Of Opening The Floodgate For Everything Else.

Loving Me Without A Kiss Is Like A Rose Without Petals. Of What Use Is It?

Kiss Me Every day, Miss Me When I’m Not There, Huge Me When I’m There, And Love Me For Through All Eternity.

The Kiss Of Love Requires That You Take It And Also Return It.

Kiss Video Status

Kiss Video Status Download WhatsApp Status using any of the applications that allow you to download WhatsApp Status such as Status Saver and others.

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A Brief History About Kiss Day

Kiss days are observed two times a year; usually on July 6 and February 13. The practice was first initiated in the United Kingdom, and was finally accepted worldwide early 2000s. You can know more about this special day by clicking on the Wikipedia link which gives you a proper rundown of the Origination and History of Kiss Day.


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