I Love You Status for Husband, Boyfriend & GF [150+ Best I love U Status]

I LOVE YOU are three words that every person wants to hear from their loved ones. Saying those three words to them makes them feel special. Below are over 150 I Love You Status for husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, and others.


I Love You Status for Husband

#1. Ever since I met you, I now laugh stupidly at your funny jokes. I Love you, my dear husband.

#2. You are my brother, my best friend, my husband, my everything and more. I’m proud to call you mine. I love u.

#3. I’ll love you until the sun goes out and the tides no longer turn.

#4. The earth contains over 6 billion people, I was lucky enough to still locate you.

#5. We may be different but there’s something that stays the same. I love U in different ways I can’t explain.

#6. You may be different but that’s the reason I Love You.

#7. Whenever I say ‘I love you’, I’m making a promise with someone else’s heart. And I try as much as I could to honor it.

#8. Out of all the d!cks in the world, I decided to stick with just one and I don’t regret my decision. One d!ck for life!

#9. True love is one that experiences all the difficult experiences and still decide to stick together.

#10. You are the most important person that I’ve ever come across and that’s the reason I will love you forever.

#11. I forget the world each time I’m around and this because my whole world revolves around you.

#12. Whenever I look into your eyes, I see my now, and the rest of my days on earth.

#13. I love you because you’re a real man. Only real men love one woman in different ways.

#14. You are the reason I always smile… You are the air I breathe. No matter what happens I always love and cherish you.

#15. There was a great conspiracy with the Universe and then I found you my better half.

#16. I love you perfectly in my own imperfect way.

#17. Your eyes tell me how much you care for me. Thank you so much, my endless love.

#18. The flames of our love are strong enough to burn down a whole building.

#19. Your love is perfect and tender and it warms my soul just like the sun.

#20. You make me happy every day and it’s something you seem to be really perfect at.

#21. The greek gods are nothing compared to you when you smile at me. You look so cute.

#22. The love I have for you is so great. There is absolutely no scale to measure it.

#23. Blessed be the day I said, “I Do”.

#24. The journey of our love begins with forever and will end at never.

#25. Meeting you was the first experience and falling in love with you was the best experience I’ve ever had. I love u.

#26. Even if you had a twin, I will still choose you.

#27. There is no special place for falling in love. It just occurs and you both are stuck with it.

#28. I can’t promise to give you all the financial and material support you need at all times. But I can promise you, you wouldn’t have to face your challenges alone.

#29. My life has been able to positively change a great deal ever since I met you.

#30. True love comes and go and it’s so tragic. But I’ll put my life in the line to ensure this affair of ours continues to work for eternity.

I love u status

I Love You Status for Boyfriend

#1. You are so special to me. Unlike the other boys, you saw beyond my flesh. I love you my boo

#2. True friends are those that love you even when they have nothing to gain. I love U for being a true friend.

#3. I never intended to fall in love with you. But now that I did, I’m happy it all turned out this way.

#4. I fell in love with you because I had no options. All I saw in the whole world was you.

#5. If only you could search my heart, you will see how much I thank God for bringing you my way. I love U boy…

#6. All I want for breakfast is a cup of your smile and a plate of your kisses. I love you my crown.

#7. When I look into your eyes, all I see is a whole new world filled with you and me.

#8. The doctor brought the Stethoscope to read my heartbeat and it heard it screaming your name. It shows you’re always in my heart.

#9. If ever apart, all I want you to know is that your love is life-changing. I couldn’t be the same without your love.

#10. Meeting you was something that has already been destined to be.

#11. I find myself improving every day and this is all because of you. I want to spend my whole life with you.

#12. I was scared of falling in love with you, but now that I’m in love with you I’m scared of falling out of love with you.

#13. True love never fails. What it does is get better with time.

#14. Some for themselves but they don’t intend to share. But with you, I share my hopes, my dreams, and my life. I love U.

#15. Love never dies, and when it does, then it has never been loved from the very start.

#16. I’m so addicted to you and now you’ve finally become part of my daily routine.

#17. Loving you is the reason I’m strong. Being loved by you makes me courageous.

#18. I’ve been afflicted with heartbreak disease until you came in and healed me of this ailment. I Love U, my prince.

#19. No matter how what you do, or how far you go, my love will follow you to the ends of the earth. I love you.

#20. Getting a loving heart is the beginning of knowledge and passion in love.

#21. Despite being too careful, I still got infected by your never-ending love.

#22. I lack words to explain how cute you look standing in me.

#23. You are handsome and very cute, but there is something I love more than that. It’s your blameless heart!

#24. This is an affair of the heart, and I promise to never be apart.

#25. All I can think of is just you and how we can raise a family together.

#26. I’ve been in search of your love and now that I’ve found it, I’m not letting go.

#27. I want you to hold my hand for a lifetime.

#28. I just wonder what life will look like without you in it.

#29. Some will say they love you, yet only pretend to care. But I’m here to assure you that I’m for real.

#30. I’m finding it difficult to sleep and it’s all because of you. Maybe I’m in love with you.

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I love you status
I love you to the moon and back.

I Love U Status for Her

#.1 In a million girls… You’re the best I’ve ever had.

#2. If love was actually a storybook, I would have met you on the first page.

#3. The sun is nothing compared to the brightness of your eyes. I love you, my girl!

#4. I can’t resist myself from staring at you. Your eyes are a glimpse into the magical world.

#5. Speak out all your feelings… Make them louder for I can hear you my muse.

#6. I love your nose, they are always pointing towards the hills.

#7. I suspected an angel was missing in heaven when I saw you. Until you came and proved it even the more.

#8. I’ve found love for me. The one I’m proud to share my dreams with, and someday I hope to share our bed.

#9. Staring at you takes me to the dream world where I saw you caring our baby…

#10. I swear by the sun and the moon that I will be there whenever you need me. I love u, princess…

#11. I will give you my surname only if you give me your heart.

#12. I wouldn’t be surprised if the rose in my garden gets jealous of your beauty.

#13. I stand and stare deep into the crowd, yet it’s only you I see.

#14. I fall in love over again whenever I behold your pretty face.

#15. All I saw in them was quantity. But believe me, woman, you are quality

#16. All I saw in them was pretty faces, but nothing was a reality… Until I found you.

#17. You are the special one that Nature has chosen for me.

#18. You are so lovely and beautiful, I feel like I’m dating an angel sometimes.

#19. If only I could send your picture to heaven, I’m sure that all the angels will be jealous of you.

#20. I’m thankful for all the situations that have led to our union. Both the good and the bad. I love U my diamond.

#21. You’ve been my strength when I couldn’t carry on. I love you to the moon and back…

#22. You are the lover of soul and that’s the reason I love you.

#23. One of the laws of the Universe that has been tested and trusted is the law of attraction. Here I’m with You!

#24. I want you to stay permanently in my life as my beloved wife.

#25. I respect the universe that was the reasons I obeyed it to be with you when it asked me to. I love you babe!

#26. If there is anyone to fill in the empty space in your heart, please let it be me…

#27. You are the first thing that runs through my mind in the morning and the last thing in the night.

#28. I’ve found the gateway to your innocence and beauty. It’s your eyes.

#29. The beauty of a flower is nothing in front of you.

#30. I’ve been dreaming of you for some weeks now. The problem is that I want you in my life and not dreams. Please marry me…

#31. The greatest blessing that I have is your love.

i love u status for husband

I Love U Forever Status

#1. I’m for real and I just want you to know that. I swear, I will love you forever…

#2. When I was down you picked me up, when I gave up you gave me hope. You are my heart and I’ll love you forever.

#3. At first, your beauty was what attracted me to you. But now, your heart is the reason I’m staying forever.

#4. The brightness of the stars is nothing compared to the brightness of your eyes.

#5. I love you beyond infinity!

#6. Nature was the one that plotted the settings as well as the casts (Me and You) in its love story.

#7. The simple truth is that we are meant for each other. And… I can’t stop loving you.

#8. Amongst the four billion other reasons. I love you, my queen!

#9. Being in love and being drunk are like twin sisters. Both of them make you lose all control over what you do.

#10. I love everything about you, including your imperfections.

#11. Two stars are missing from the sky, and I think God put them inside your eyes.

#12. I wouldn’t want to alter anything on you because you are simply amazing just the way you are.

#13. I knew you were a thief from the first time I saw you, this is because you stole my heart at the spot.

#14. I finally found you. That’s all that matters to me!

#15. Once in your life, you will find someone who will turn your world around and pick you up when you’re feeling down. I’m happy I found you.

#16. You always show up in my dreams. Can you please get out of my dreams and come into my life!

#17. From the very first time I set my eyes on you, my world started to revolve around you.

#18. Love is the greatest element that makes life worth living.

#19. Without your help and love, I wouldn’t have been able to accomplish all the things that I was able to.

#20. My life is like a puzzle and the missing piece is you!

#21. How is it possible to have a future without you, when you are my future?

#22. I’m always complete whenever you’re beside me.

#23. I’m an imperfect man that needs you in my life to perfect all my imperfections.

#24. You are my sunshine. That’s the reason my life is now brighter because I’ve you.

#25. I learned the language of love from you and I want to speak it for the rest of my days with just you.

#26. I love you for everything that you have made me obtain effortlessly.

#27. True love will always find a way.

#28. The bridge between our soul and happiness is forged with love.

#29. Life is Good =No worries + No doubts + No jealousy = True Love

#30. I swear, I’ve never loved anyone as much as I love you.

Short Love Status

#1. We don’t see love, just like the air. But we can feel it everywhere!

#2. Everything can separate we can’t ever separate

#3. True Love conquers all.

#4. Love is an amazing beautifier.

#5. You can’t define love if you have not experienced it.

#6. There are no rules in love. Values are all that matters.

#7. Love is the beginning of all things; Happiness, heartbreaks, suicides, and others.

#8. Making the love we can give perfect is better than looking for the perfect love which never exists.

#9. In the school of Love, Trust is one of the most important course everyone must offer.

#10. Real is love, and Love is real.

#11. Thank you for being all that you are. I really appreciate you.

#12. My day is incomplete without hearing your beautiful voice.

#13. My day is always complete and better because it has you in it.

#14. Through good times and bad times, I will be on your side forevermore. That’s what friends are for.

#15. My day is incomplete without hearing your beautiful voice.

#16. I have wasted more than half of my life, but I found it all in you.

#17. I’m so grateful that life is exactly the way it is, I love you…

#18. Thank you for all the sacrifices you’ve made for me. Thank you for being my lifeline.

#19. I’m glad to have you in my life. And… I’m really sad because you didn’t show up in time.

#20. I thought you’d never believe in me which is the reason show you how much I love U in time.

#21.  I’ve decided I want you to be my life partner. Can you be my partner for life?

#22. You are the only woman I love. With you, I can share my situation with.

#23. I want the exclusive copyright to stare and love you. will you be mine forever?

#24. I just want to lock you down in my heart and I want you to do the same.

#25. Staying around you gives me the feelings and pleasure that I know is out of this world.

#26. All I wish for is your love and a chance to love you better than anyone has ever loved you.

#27. All of my heartbeats is simply for you.

#28. Love was just a three-letter word for me until you came into the scene and taught me the meaning of love. I Luv U.

#29. Finally, I’m swimming in the ocean of love and currently, I’m falling into you

#30. I love you with all every single beat of my heart.

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