150+ I Hate You Status Quotes for WhatsApp, FB and Instagram

Here are over 120 I hate you status quotes we have made available for you. You can use the various ‘I hate U statuses’ listed below to express dislike for people or things. Below are the various hate quotes that you can use to express your distaste for someone or something.


I Hate You Status for WhatsApp

1). I hate you for making me fall in love with you.

2). I hate you so much. Just in the same measure that I once loved you.

3). I hate stupid people and that’s all period!

4). I wish I could hate you.

5). I hate to be lonely. But I love to be alone.

6). My hate for you is undying and I’m very sure it will stand the taste of time.

7). I want to punch a wall so very hard and I wish I miss it and it hits your face!

8). Do you hate me?! Wow… And I didn’t even know you existed all this while…

9). It really hurts me to see that you are doing absolutely okay without me… I Hate you endlessly!

10). My greatest regret begins from the first day that I exposed my pure love, to a dirty heart such as yours. I really hate you.

11). I regrate hurting your feelings when I called you dull-brain. I was thinking you already knew.

12). Love: The first good feelings you feel before all the bad stuff joins in later.

13). The wild wind struck my ship ann now I’m drowning alongside with it, but I’d rather die than be saved by you. I don’t like you!

14). If people hate you for no reason, then give them one good one.

15). I just wished I had seen how much it would have hurt me now, I never would have told you I loved you.

16). B!tches like you are one of the reasons we have middle fingers. I hate you…

17). Calling you a fool would be an insult to all the stupid people out there. I just hate you!

18). You can only hurt a heart that loves you. Not one that completely hates you.

19). I will be too busy loving those who love me, than waste my time noticing people who don’t like me.

20). My Heart: Innocent, Pink, bubbly, throbbing with love and alive. Your Heart: unreliable, black, manipulative, deceiving and full of evil. I really do hate you.

21). Jealousy is an incurable ailment. It slowly eats up its victims. To all my haters out there… die well soon…

22). Supposing I treat you the way you treat me… I’m sure you would hate me long before this time.

23). I will get over my heartbreak with time, but I’ll never stop wishing you the worst. Let me just begin with I hate you.

24). Even if a monkey from Asia relocates to Europ, it will still remain a monkey. I hate U butt breath!

25). I hate it when my superiors put blames on me for the wrong they have done.

I hate U status
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Hating Life Status for Whatsapp

1). Life is divided into two equal parts, the miserable and the horrible.

2). From the center of my heart, it’s you that I hate.

3). Silence is always better than lies.

4). Most times its better to let go of good memories.

5). Life is an incurable disease.

6). I’m no longer a human anymore… I’m just sadness and stress.

7). The reason I hate myself is that I still thinking of you.

8). Everything wasn’t programmed to happens for a reason. Sometimes life just sucks.

9). I hate the fact that I will never have you.

10). There is absolutely nothing I can say. I’m just a pathetic disaster. I give up.

11). Hating me can’t make you as pretty as myself! And I’m sure not even a plastic surgery would too!

12). “I hate everything”. Lines from Famous teenager.

13). If only I could look in the mirror and love what I see.

14). You get hated for being real, you get hurt from loving someone, you get killed for trusting too much. But in the end, they are all worth it.

15). I can’t stop loving you even though I hate you so much.

16). I don’t like myself more than I like others. I’m miserly egoistic with hate.

17). From the depth of my heart, I super hate you.

18). I don’t know why I sometimes get in the mood where I hate life, myself, and the people around me.

19). From the first time I met you, I find it difficult to think about others. And I hate it!

20). I don’t hate you for not loving me anymore, in fact, it’s myself that I hate for still loving you.

21). The simple way to love better is to start with a friend you hate.

22). Friends will certainly hurt you once in a while, but don’t hate them for that.

23). I sincerely hate people who break their promises, although I hate myself more for believing in their sweet lies.

24). Dying doesn’t practically mean death. It’s the continues lose of life; minute by minute, day after day, and in every uncaring way.

25). What you think of me doesn’t count because you’ll never be able to hate me more than I hate myself.

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I hate You Status for Facebook

1). This is where the journey ends for breaking my heart. I hate you! and this is just the beginning.

2). I hate U, you and you too. Just try to figure out who this status is about!

3). I truly hate you that’s not the problem. The problem is I just can’t stop loving you.

4). That smile on your face when you look at me is what I really hate about you.

5). You’re so ugly. Even when you cry, your tears roll down the back of your head just to avoid your ugly face. I hate you!

6). When I say I love you it’s real, and when you get on my nerves, I hate you for real.

7). I would rather be alone than being with a looser.

8). Sometimes goodbye is just a painful way to say I love you.

9). I first got sad, then I got mad, then I got weak… And I’m currently exhausted.

10). I hate it when I take people as my priority and they only consider you as an option.

11). Do you know that the opposite of love is indifference and not hate. You can hate someone, and still care.

12). Wherever I go, whatever I do or despite how old I maybe, I will always hate you for tearing my heart apart.

13). Haters will always hate you because they hate to see you do better.

14). The vacuum in my heart would is better off empty than being filled with memories of a spineless creature like yourself.

15). Love for Love and Hate for hate. Make your choice carefully.

16). Love is simply Hate in Disguise.

17). I just want to come our simple and plain. I F**king HATE YOU!!!

18). Hate me and I promise to f*ck with you until you love me or die.

19). Whether you Hate or Love me, either ways you’ll be thinking of me

20). I’ve never disliked you all my life. The problem is that I just hate you.

21). I Don’t Hate on you, is just… I… Never Mind. I Hate You.

22). I hate maths but I enjoy counting money.

23). I still care no matter how much I say I hate you.

24). I thought you were the chosen one for me. I really hate the fact that I was absolutely wrong.

25). Goodbye is the most painful way to say ‘I love you’.

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I hate U status for whatsapp

I Hate You Captions for Instagram

1). I hate you with the same measure I once loved you.

2). I hate it when people change randomly.

3). It hurts to know that I will never have you.

4). One of the easiest things to do is Hate. It takes courage to love.

5). Don’t be deceived, I’ve never f**king loved you!

6). I hate feeling unwanted!

7). I love you, but I don’t like your attitude.

8). Sometimes I love you, sometimes I hate you, but I still miss you every day.

9). Hate is my constant friend. So, I love you from behind.

10). You can Hate a person seriously but never love people for fun.

11). Stupidity is not a crime. You are now free to go.

12). I hate it when the dumbest things are the things that bother me the most.

13). You, your drama, and your new chick, I hate you all!!!

14). Should in case it slipped your memory, I hate being taken for a fool!

15). I loved you far more than I love my own self. But, those days are gone. Now I hate you so really bad.

16). If I have offended you with words I say, please, let me know so I can do it some more!!!

17). Why smile in front of my face when you were busy gossiping behind my back? F*ck off b!tch… I hate you.

18). All I just want to do now is to forget your ugly face and that stupid name of yours! You certainly don’t deserve me.

19). No matter how long you hide your character, just like pregnancy, your true colors will show up. I f*cking hate humans. All of them are mother f*cking hypocrites.

20). You walked AWAY from me, even when I love you the most. I really hate you and hope someday someone walks all OVER you.

21). I’ve lived all this while for your happiness, but now I’ll have to live on my own. I hope someday karma makes you suffer, for betraying my trust. I hate you.

22). I think you need to be awarded as the best actor of the year. It took a lot of time to realize that you were lying and cheating on me. I hate you!

23). It’s amazing that your lovely voice which once sounded like music in my ears is now like the screams of the dead trying to tear my eardrums.

24). One good thing about you is that you’re so easy to ignore.

25). I like to see lovers but I hate love.

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Best I HateYou Status for Whatsapp

1). Haters will always want you to stay on their level. Unfortunately, I’m on a new level!

2). I don’t hate you, I only hate the things you do and the things you have done to me.

3). I hate him and love him at the same point.

4). I hate to fight. But I will definitely fight for what I love.

5). I would rather be hated for what I’m than be loved for I’m not.

6). Don’t spend time with people you don’t like.

7). Haters are my stepping stone. While they try 2 bring me down, I walk over them 2 go higher.

8). Don’t ever think we are going to be together because I hate you now!

9). There’s always one person you hate, but everybody else loves him.

10). I don’t waste my precious time on those hating on me. I’m too busy in love with those who love me back.

11). Unspoken words can mean everything and anything.

12). Just as I once loved you, so do I hate you now.

13). You will never be able to understand my words if you can’t understand my silence.

14). I don’t hate people. But, sometimes, my attitude depends on who is in front of me.

15). Haters are my only source of motivation.

16). If you don’t like sarcasm, then stop asking senseless questions.

17). I’m the boss and all my subjects have no option but to run their mouths at my back.

18). Haters want to transfer their self-hate to me, but unfortunately, I’m not in their category.

19). Haters run come suck my d!ck!…

20). It really hurts to find out your friend is the one leading the haters league.

21). I hate love, but I like people in love. Loving is not for me.

22). It’s obvious you would never come back, but it would take my heart a long time to accept this fate.

23). Life without mistakes can be likened to education without books.

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