I Hate Love Status for WhatsApp and FaceBook [150+ I Hate Love Status]

I Hate Love Status is another way of letting people know how much you dislike a particular person or situation. Hate is a feeling of disgust toward someone or something. It sometimes rises from being treated bad or in a way you didn’t like. Below are over 150 I hate Love Status you can use in expressing your dislike for something or someone.

I Hate Love Status


I Hate Love Status for WhatsApp

1). I hate love because it reminds me of the memories we shared together.

2). Pain and Love walk hand in hand. I Hate Love.

3). Love gets me out control. That’s the main reason I hate it so much.

4). I hate you with the exact same measure that I once loved you.

5). Of All The Lies You Told Me, ‘I Love You’ Was My Favorite.

6). I hate love because its wound takes time to heal.

7). ‘I love you’ hurts more than ‘I hate you‘ especially when I can’t have you.

8). I hate Love and never want to be in love anymore. I don’t want it to happen to me again.

9). I loved you, yet you tore my heart into shreds. I Hate Love

10). The reason I hate Love is that it changes me when I’m around you.

11). I hate you with every fiber in me but I can’t figure out what still pulls me towards you.

12). Don’t think I’m weak because I’m silent. I just hate fighting with you.

13). TRUST is the only FiVe alphabets for ME…

14). We all have only one Life please treasure it

15). True words are not always pretty and pretty words are not always true.

16). I know you loved me but your ego was what stopped you.

17). The people I hate more than bullies are those that standby and do absolutely nothing!!

18). Hatred is really deadly disease. To all my haters out there, please get well soon…

19). I was sad at first, then got mad, then I became tired… But I’m currently exhausted.

20). You can hate me if you want, but I swear I’ll keep f**king you until you either love me or die…

21). I recently realized that the opposite of Love is not hatred, but indifference. I hate him, yet I still care.

22). Haters don’t want to see you do better. That’s the reason they are hating on you.

23). Don’t let them hate you for no reason. Please give them one good one.

24). Knowing I’ll never be able to have you, is something I honestly hate.

25). I dislike mathematics, but I love to count money.

26). You run your mouth behind my back. …And smile at my face. F**k off b!tch!!! I hate you.

27). You think you know them until they show up their true colors.

28). I treated you good, but you took my kindness for my weakness. I hate you for that.

29). I’ve always hated you from the start. It’s just I didn’t realize in time.

30). Haters, please stay far away from me. You all have bad energies.

31). I hate that I love you so much.

I Hate Love Status for Ex

1). I hate you and the day I gave my heart to you.

2). I loved you, yet you tore my heart into shreds. I Hate Love

3). I’ll keep hating you for hurting me so much

4). I hate that I care for you so much. I hate you for not know it.

5). I don’t hate you because you don’t love me anymore, I only hate myself for still loving you.

6). I hate myself for still waiting for you to come back.

7). The thing I hate so much is that I thought you were the one for me. And I hate the fact I was absolutely wrong.

8). I don’t hate you, I only hate the things you do and the things you once did.

9). I want to punch this wall in front of me so hard. I just hope I miss it so it can hit your ugly face.

10). I’ve always seen you and me in the most romantic way. But now I realize love never gives anyone happiness.

11). You thought you hurt me when you said it was over? Nah… you didn’t. You just missed out on the greatest d!ck you will ever know.

12). I wish my brain has an option to block some thoughts, thoughts of you would have been the first.

13). If you dislike me, then simply get a map to Hell and have a safe journey.

14). I rather stay alone than roll along with losers…

15). Our memories will always be in my heart. But your face and name I’ll try not to remember.

16). F**k if you think I can’t do without you.

17). Ignoring you is one of the easiest things to do.

18). I hate you, even though I can’t stop loving you…

19). Despite hating you this much, I still care.

20). You can choose to hate me or love me, either way, you’ll be thinking of me.

21). Not even plastic surgery can make you beautiful when you hate on me. Stop hating me!

22). Don’t hate your best friends because they will certainly hurt you once in a while.

23). I hate feeling irrelevant to people who I take to be important to me.

24). I hate these haters, all their bullshit, and all their f**king alligations!!!

25). Just to remind you… “We’re never getting back together.”

26). At first, I thought you were the chosen one. And I hate the fact that I was wrong all along.

27). I don’t understand how come I hate him and love him at the same time.

28). It’s amazing how you could look me straight in the eyes and laired to me all this while.

29). It is better to remain silent than to keep telling lies.

30). I guess I’m not good enough for you. Go and f**k yourself!

31). It’s game over boo. I guess your playing days are over. So… get lost!

I Hate Love Status for FB

1). I hate you for making me love you.

2). I can’t stop loving you, that is the reason I hate you.

3). It doesn’t matter how long you think you know them. One day they will show their true colors.

4). Why do you smile in front of my face and gossip at my back? I Hate you so much

5). Do you want to learn how to love better? Start with your enemies.

6). If you don’t like sarcasm, stop asking stupid questions.

7). I hate Love, though I like lovers.

8). I have no reason to hate you all, this is because hate is my enemy.

9). Let’s just get it straight. I f**king hate U.

10). The only one I love hates me a lot. And… it sucks, but it’s cool.

11). Haters are my highest inspiration.

12). Goodbye sometimes is one of the painful ways to say I love you.

13). It’s obvious that I hate you, but why can’t get you out of my mind?

14). I hardly realize I’ve haters around because I’m too busy loving those who love me.

15). Haters are my true motivators.

16). It hurts to find out that your best friends have always been the leader of the haters’ crew.

17). Every single hater was a f**king stepping stone!!!

18). I hate liars… F**k love!

19). All I just want is for you to feel guilty, broken and pained from emotional pains that you put me through.

20). We started as strangers, moved on to being friends, and then close friends, then almost something more, and finally to nothing. I hate everything!

21). I don’t hate my family, but sometimes I feel I have better friends than family.

22). The only part of my body that can’t hide emotions is my eyes and I hate it!

23). I always have people around that claim they love and care for me, nevertheless… I feel like I’m the most hated person in the universe.

24). I hate people talking behind my back. Please grow some balls and say it to my face.

25). I hate People people who always have something to say about your person, but will never have anything to say about themselves.

26). I should have stayed away from love if I had known it would have hurt this much.

27). I was always there when they needed someone. But now I’m in need of someone, no one is here.

28). I hate Love. It’s my only weakness.

29). I hate being a victim of this daily curse called heartbreak.

30). I would be the last person to go back to that toxic relationship. I’m not a dog!

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Short Hate Life Status Quotes

1). I hate Love for how it brings me down.

2). Love is a bed of rock that hurts the more when you walk on it.

3). Love and Hate are two sides of the same coin. Each comes into play at different phases of life.

4). While you’re busy hating your life and the way things are going for you, someone elsewhere is busy praying to have a life such as yours.

5). Words can hurt someone’s feelings, but silence can break their hearts.

6). If I were to treat you the same way you treat me… I’m damn sure you will hate me.

7). I’m not supposed to hate anybody and I know that, but in this case, God will understand.

8). Just in a minute, you can hurt your loved ones, but it will take years for them to heal from the wounds.

9). We all have only one Life please treasure it.

10). Karma is a bitch and we all know that, but when the bitch barks, everyone complains about her being too noisy.

11). Friendship of many years can utterly change when one person reveals their true color. I’m so fortunate not to be color blind.

12). Love is simply Hate in Disguise.

13). I don’t like it when the remote is way over there.

14). Silence is better than lies.

15). “I hate everything” Quoted by Famous teenager.

16). Sometimes it’s better to forget good memories.

17). From the bottom of my heart, I hate you.

18). Life is sweet but if you hate yours at least we know where you’re going.

19). Even though I say I hate you, there is a part of me that still cares.

20). I hate myself for still thinking of you.

21). Haters hate themselves and that’s the reason they want you to partake in their business.

22). I Don’t Hate You, I… Ehm… Never Mind I Hate You.

23). My attitude is totally depending on who is right up in front of me.

24). You’ve got that one person you hate, but everyone else likes them.

25). Before I forget, let me quickly remind you that I hate being taken for a cunt!

26). Words that are unspoken can everything and anything.

27). I don’t like the way you smile when staring at me. I hate everything about you.

28). Never waste a single moment sitting around your haters.

29). I choose to be hated for being me. Instead of being loved and cherished for being someone else.

30). Haters always want you to stay on the same level as them and if you try to move ahead, they start hating you.

Short Hate Love Messages

1). I hate you because I know I can’t have you.

2). The main reason I hate you is that I love you to the point of passion that unhinges my spirit.

3). We both started as a single soul but love has brought us to this crossroad where we have to go our separate ways. I hate this thing called love.

4). We both took refuge under the canopy of love only to find out it was filled with holes which made us mad.

5). I hate all of you including you… Can you figure out who this status refers to?

6). People change a lot. That’s what I hate.

7). You will never understand my words when you couldn’t understand my silence.

8). It’s better you hate a person with all your heart than try to love for fun.

9). If I want to love I love with my whole heart. But, when you get on my nerves, I hate U.

10). I hate U for making me love U.

11). I still care No matter how much I say I hate you.

12). I hate you… Just more than anything you can think of in the world.

13). Life without mistakes is like a face without a name.

14). I hate all the heartbreaks… and all the bullshit!

15). How can I just beLIEve you when you find the word LIE in the middle of believe.

16). I can be your number one enemy with much devotion and passion as I can be your friend.

17). I hate feeling unwanted.

18). Always smile in the presence of those that hate you. Your happiness is a poison to their soul. Just let them die…

19). The best way to be sad is waiting for someone else to make you happy.

20). I don’t care whether you hate or love me. It’s my attitude and not yours.

21). Jealousy is ugly and I can see the resemblance boldly written on your face.

22). I wish I could hate you.

23). Hating someone is very easy, but love takes strength and courage.

24). I love being alone, but I hate being lonely.

25). You’re the reason I’m still standing here. Don’t make me hate you for wasting my time.

26). Think twice before you say it’s over because once I shut my door, they will never be open again for you.

27). You thought I wouldn’t have made it without you? As you can see I’m doing great.

28). I hate you and I don’t want any apologies from you. How could you do this to me after all we’ve been through?

29). I gave you my innocent heart containing all the love I had. What did you do? You tough it into shreds!!! I hate you.

30). I don’t think I need you anymore. You can see for yourself that I’m doing absolutely fine without you.

Topic Summary

Being in a relationship is not always a bed of roses for everyone. It may have started out right and sweet, but along the part, some begin to experience a change in attitude and a U-turn in the way it all started.

Most times the emotions of hate may not arise completely because of a bad relationship which may make you want to hate on someone or something. Sometimes it’s as a result of being deeply rooted in love in such a way that you feel trapped in this emotion of love just like Rihanna’s hit song Hate That I Love You.

Though there is no fear in love, when you listen to the song, you will understand that sometimes falling in love can be a little bit scary. You will also find out why most people usually update their social media accounts with I Hate Love status.

Above are the top best 150+ collections of I Hate Love Status and Quotes that will help you easily express the ugly, the good and bad hate-love relationship of yours.

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