How To Write a Cause and Effect Essay

For students, the word “essay” suggests that soon it will be a crucial time to prepare for exams. But the use of this genre is not limited to school tests. Many essay competitions prove that thanks to a well-written work, you can win valuable prizes and help yourself at the time of admission to the humanities specialities.

As you have already understood, essays and academic papers are not just for preparation for exams in all subjects.

An essay is an indispensable tool when you need to speak on any topic. But the main problem is that you need a clear structure. Professionals – authors and writers from the research paper service – can help you with it.

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If, for example, your students are taking part in the “How the Media Changed My Life” contest, the relevant stories will be about media or journalists who had a significant impact on them.

Your task is to help them figure out what they themselves are writing about, which is worth taking a course, and where to lead their ship of text words and division characters.

A Few Suggestions for Your Students on How to Focus on their Writing:

  • Set aside all your gadgets for a certain period of time, turn off the Internet;
  • Try to draw a 20-minute active writing and a 10-minute break for a walk, tea, or something else;
  • Decide what you want to say with your text, and what message you want to convey;
  • Just start writing your thoughts and keywords, because it will help you get rid of the fear of a clear paper.

Structural Parts Of The Essay

The essays are traditionally set up according to a standardized scheme that will help you as a teacher and your students in the competition to work on your work.

Everything starts with the title. It should be laconic and convey the essence of the story well. For example, the title “How Journalism Influenced Me” does not reflect the story of a local media outlet, which helped the government to obtain funding for a youth centre, and thus promoted the cause of young people.

Further – the entry. This should allow the reader to understand what the rest of the text will be based on, and to assume that the student will forgive or confirm.

The main part of the text should contain thesis statements and arguments to confirm their own thoughts. Of course, a pupil can narrate an essay more to the artistic style than to the oblique.

But the logic of the formulation and the way in which the words are arranged is a requisite of the genre, which must be respected.

Writing a good summary of what is said in the essay is an art! Explain to the student that the best summary is short and clear. It must reflect what was said above and ideally go together with the introduction.

Despite the fact that the structure is important, please tell the students not to fixate on their compliance with these words: maybe they start with the component from which they are easiest.


Help your children revise their work. Observe whether the logical progression is respected throughout, whether the words and ideas are finished, and whether what the child is trying to say is understood.

Give advice on how students can divide their text into paragraphs: one paragraph should tell one of the key themes of the story.

Encourage your students to write originally! After all, many texts come to any writing competition. Also, in order to adhere to the competition committee, you want to catch their attention from the first speech and the remaining speck.


The practice of beta-readers is widespread in the world. Students taking part in the competition can become the first readers or even editors of texts: tell them what style or spelling mistakes they made, or share their feelings about what they read. This exercise will be useful to both sides: those who read and those who write.

The Text Has a Place to Rest

When students have enough time to write, set aside the text for a few more minutes, a few more years, or a few more days.

After that, let them return to it with fresh thoughts. This will help them remember the previous mistakes and add a few new ideas.

Apply To The Competition

If you are assisting with the essay contest submission itself, tell your student the importance of a well-written entry form.

Teach them to enter all the necessary data and read all the standards for submission, advise them on how to format the work, and, if necessary, point out the mistakes in this delicate matter. Such mistakes play an important role in the selection of papers.

Correctly designed text often adds some points not only in the column of results but also in the scale of personal interest in the work of the committee.

Extra Tips For the Best Essay

  • After taking an essay on history, first, make up your mind about the topic. The next step in work – search for information on the topic. Try to learn about it in the most detail, even if at first you find it difficult, you will be able to. You can think of a plan for the response, and at the same time, stock up on factual material.
  • Then found, the information must be arranged. Plan. Circulation focuses on the cause-and-effect links between the events which will be discussed in your life. Do not bury the plan, no matter how tedious it may seem: the plan, depending on which your life will be built in the future, will help you avoid the illogical nature of your work. As a rule, for the violation of the logic of the ideas is very often the teachers are forced to lower the scores.

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