30 Hope You Are Feeling Better Messages & Quotes to Show you Care

Hope You Are Feeling Better Messages & Quotes is our latest collection of quotes and messages for an ill friend or family member to help them quickly feel better.

So if you want to send your get well wishes but are currently short of ideas and you are wondering how do you say hope you are feeling better to an ill person? Then you’re in the right place. Below you will find sincere but effective ways to say ‘hope you feel better’.

So if you’re finding it difficult to come up with more sincere get well messages for a family member or a friend, below are some suggestions for you.

How to Say ‘Hope You Are Feeling Better’ to a Sick Person

If your get well message is intended for someone who is a close relation or friend to you, then it should be a lot easier to offer your support. You can either offer your support in material form like a Get well Gift, or you can offer support through your kind words of emotional support.

  • I was just informed of what happened to you and I’m praying and hoping you feel better soon.
  • I miss you a lot and don’t wish to see you this way. You were always the happiest person in the class and we miss you so much. The whole class hopes you feel better soon.
  • I hope you find more strength with each passing and every other day after it.
  • I hope each day finds you getting better and better.
  • I’m so sure you will be feeling a lot better soon enough.
  • Sorry, you have been feeling not really well. But I hope you will be right back on your feet in a short while!
  • I just want you to know that you’re always in my warmest thoughts. And all I wish is that you recover quickly.
  • Hang in there! If there’s anyone strong enough to recover, it’s absolutely you.
  • Recovering can sometimes be hard. But if there’s anything you want me to do for you, please let me know.
  • Is there anything I can do for you while you are still recovering? I hope you get well soon.
  • Sending you the love and strength you need for this journey of recovery.

How to Say ‘Hope You are Doing Well’ to a Friend

Should in case you are struggling to come up with a more sincere way of saying ‘Hope You are Doing Well,’ then this guide is certainly for you. Ensure while creating your ‘Hope You are Doing Well’ kind of message that you put into consideration the person you’re sending it to and the nature of his illness. Below are some ‘Hope You are Doing Well’ ideas:

  • I hope you get back to doing those things you always love to do.
  • I’m hoping for the best of health for you in the nearest future.
  • Not being able to do all the normal stuff you used to do can be really challenging. But, I wish you all the best.
  • I’m hopeful your recovery will go down smoothly with every step of the way.
  • I truly believe that you’ll feel better soon enough!
  • You are as strong as Wonder Woman. I know you can handle this.
  • Sending you a bag of care and a trailer load of love. I Hope You Will Be Doing Well Soon.
  • Don’t worry. I’m sure you will be feeling great before you know it.
  • I hope you feel better Cherry soon!
  • I can only imagine how painful that can be. But I know you’ll be right back on your feet in no time

How to Say ‘Hope You Are Feeling Better’ to a Family Member

If you are addressing your get well message to your family member or relative, then it’s an opportunity to show them how much you love them. Remind them how much you think of them and how important their presence in your life is. See some examples below:

  • You are one of the strongest people in our family. So, I hope you feel better soon because I’m counting on you as a strong man.
  • Sending you good and healthy vibes only for your smooth recovery.
  • Here are my warmest wishes for a smooth recovery.
  • Sending you all the support and love required for your quick recovery.
  • Whatever happens, just know that your family is deeply thinking of you and we’re hoping you feel better in no time.
  • It’s one step at a time because there’s no need to rush. This’s hoping that you feel good soon enough.
  • You are surely one of the strongest family members I have! You’ll definitely pull through this one, I promise!
  • With man it may seem impossible, but not with God. I strongly believe you’ll make a quick comeback.
  • We are seriously missing your amazing sense of humor, but we all have faith that you are feeling better already.
  • I have so many reasons why I really want you to get back home to us. First of all, I want to beat you up for staying away from me for a very long time.

How to Say ‘Hope You Are Feeling Better’ to your Boss or Colleague

It’s important to always send thoughtful hope you feel better messages or gifts to your ailing Boss or coworker. It goes a long way to create harmony within the workspace. Most of all, offering your colleague or boss emotional or material support can go a long way to help them get better soon.

  • Don’t stress a bit about work. You should pay more attention to recovering very soon.
  • I hope you are once again feeling back to your positive self!
  • It’s really been difficult for me without your help. I just hope you feel a lot better soon!
  • I hope you get all the rest, sleep, and all the recovery you’ll need for a more productive you!
  • Keep holding on to positive thoughts only. You’re my biggest motivation.
  • I miss your daily jokes at the office. Get well soonest!
  • Prayer remains the best medicine, and God remains the best doctor.
  • I’m offering my prayers for your quick recovery. I Hope You Will Be Feeling Better In No Time.
  • I love you and I miss you so much! Feel better soon!
  • Hope You Are Feeling Better. Can’t wait to have you in this arms of mine that’s wide open to receive you.

How to Say ‘Hope You Are Feeling Better’ to Online Friends & Followers

The world has already gone digital, it’s therefore not strange to share this kind of sentiment with our online followers or friends. Below is some Hope You Are Feeling Better messages for online friends or followers. The messages ensure that you don’t appear flat since etiquette is no different online.

  • Your positivity and strength are my inspiration. Keep fighting, dear.
  • I’ve always imagined you to be invincible. It feels good to know you are also a human. Please feel better soon, dear friend!
  • Being sick can be so boring. Please hurry up and feel better soon.
  • Sickness may come and go, but our friendship is forever. I miss you!
  • Nothing is more important to me than for you to feel better soon.
  • I hope your tail is back to wagging once more!
  • I wish this sickness knows who it’s actually dealing with.
  • Though I may not have seen you face to face, trust me when I say I feel your pains. Please, get well soon.
  • Listen to those blooming flowers. They are asking you to get well soon.
  • Not a long message. Just a simple prayer for your quick recovery. Hope you feel better soon.

What to Say Instead of I Hope You Feel Better

Apart from saying things like ‘I hope you feel better,’ there are other ways you can still send a ‘hope you are feeling better message across. Below are other words to say instead of ‘I hope you feel better’.

  • I hope each day offers you a reason to always smile and the strength to carry on.
  • From the rising of the sun, unto the going down of the same, you will always be in my heart.
  • Don’t forget to always keep your head up even when the road is rough.
  • Staying in a hospital is very boring. But I’m hopeful the hospital will kick you out very soon.
  • Now I know why I don’t get sick at all. I’m not so good-looking as yourself who’s being loved by even bacterias.
  • I’m tired of staying so lonely. Can you get well soon so I don’t feel so alone?
  • Playing songs doesn’t feel the same without you. I’m begging you to quickly get back to good health!
  • I hope every day gets you closer to recovering instead of the other way around.
  • I’ve got the latest gist for you. But the thing is that I can’t tell you while you’re still feeling sick. I just hope you feel good soon.
  • I don’t think I can wait for you anymore. I’m wishing you a speedy recovery, but if you don’t come home before this week runs out, then I’ll have to come live with you at the hospital.

Always Offer To Help Or Send Words of Support

There are various supportive and amazing ways to say ‘I Hope You Are Feeling Better.’ Though sending generic feel better soon messages may be time-saving and easier, but it pays off to step outside of the box. Personalizing a feel-better message for your loved ones goes a long way to show how much you are thinking of them even in their darkest time.

You may not always be around for the ones you love. But acquainting yourself with some of these feel better messages above makes you prepared to always cheer your ill colleague or relatives to a quick recovery because you already know the right words to say. I believe together, we can make the world a better place for everyone.


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