Guide to Writing The Best Get Well Soon Message (Get Well FAQ)

Do you have a sick friend or relative and don’t know what to write to him/her in your get well card? Don’t worry because we have a complete guide to creating the best get well soon messages for your get well card.

Composing a good get well message shouldn’t be a thing to worry about, even though it’s an issue for most people. Below you will find out the proper things to write in a get well soon card and some of the things you need to avoid.


Meaning Of Get Well?

‘Get Well’ is a hopeful phrase often attached to a message sent to someone who is ill or not feeling fine. It is used to convey a message of hope and to wish a quick recovery to an ailing individual.

Get well wishes or messages are usually written in get well cards or attached with flowers. Other similar phrases to use includes ‘feel better’,’Get Well Soon’, ‘Wishing You A Fast Recovery’, etc.

How Do I Write A Get Well Message?

To write a great get well soon message, there’re certain things you must put into consideration. Below are some pointers on how to write a good get well message in a get well card.

1. Who Are You Sending It To: Before creating a get well soon message, you should be able to evaluate your relationship with the ill person who will be receiving the message. The tone of your get well message will be determined by how well you know the receiver. You can easily send a simple get well message to an acquaintance, but that can’t be the same for your best friend. The better you know the sick person, the personal your get well message becomes.

2. Start With A Warm Greeting: An effective get well messages often starts with a warm greeting. The generally accepted greeting includes ‘Dear’,’Beloveth’

3. Use Positive Words: Try to be encouraging in your get well message. Avoid using words that will kill the persons spirit and then make their healing process slow. Your positive and encouraging words should be able to bring them peace of mind and hope of getting well

4. Offer Your Support: If you think you are in a position to help the ailing friend or relative, then go ahead and offer to help him or her. It is during this time of pain that most people get to know those who truly love them.

Examples Of A Get Well Messages

i). Wishing you a speedy recovery!

ii). I hope you get a lot better wiith each passing day.

iii). You’re always in my thought and prayers. Get well soon.

iv). Sending you only good vibes and as well as good health.

v). You have to hange in there because better days are coming.

vi). You’re one tough cookie, and I’m sure you’ll feel well soon.

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What To Write In A Get Well Soon Card?

If you are totally lost on what to write in a get well soon card, then below are some amazing get well soon ideas that you can send to your friend at the hospital or your ill relative at home.

i). Sending my best wishes for the fastest recovery.

ii). I wish the road to your old self is easy and smooth.

iii). You are always on my mind… Feel Good Soon.

iv). Nothing can stop the one who doesn’t give up.

v). Attached with this card is a packet of hug and a bunch of kisses to help you recover quick.

vi). Sending good, healthy vibes your way.

vii). While you are still recovering from your accident, I want you to know “you are in our warmest thoughs as you”.

viii). All I want is for you to feel good soon and be happy once again like you used to.

ix). Sending you more kisses and love for a quick recovery.

Get Well Soon Idea After Surgery?

Whether it’s a heart surgery, knee, shoulder, etc, it’s always good to send a get well soon message after a major or minor surgery. Below are some creative get well soon ideas that you can write in a card after sugery.

i). I was please to hear your surgery went smoothly. Wishing you a quick and pain-free recovery.

ii). Now the surgery is over, I’ll urge you to relax and get enough rest. Wishing you a fast recovery.

iii). I and my family were glad to hear that the surgery was carried out successfully and we’re patiently waiting for your return.

iv). I hope this kisses and hugs can help you get better soon enough!

v). I’m yet to see anyone as brave as yourself. Congratulation on a successful surgery.

vi). I’m happy to hear you are back after the surgery. God actually hears our prayers so I’ll be praying for your quick recovery.

vii). I Hope each day finds you stronger and full of joy. Remain Blessed.

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Things Not To Say In a Get Well Message?

Mind you, there’re certain words and phrase you should avoid mentioning in your get well message. They include:

i). Death – Let this phrase be as far as possible from your get well message. It shouldn’t be mentioned in any way or in any form. Your message should carry with it hope and not put fears in the mind of the receiver.

ii). Don’t Be Too Religious: It’s good you avoid sounding religious in your message, except the message is for someone you share the same faith with, or someone you’re sure has a strong faith.

iii). Don’t Sound Negative: The whole essence of sending a get well message is to encourage a sick person with your positive words that will spur him or her to feel better soon. So, if your message doesn’t preach hope, then you’re getting it all wrong.

iv). Avoid using phrasess like “things happen for a reason”, and “God has a plan”, this is because some people can actually find this offensive.

Best Flowers For A Get Well Message?

If I will be sincere with you, there are no laid down rules on the type of flower you can give as a get well gift. Nevertheless, a bright and cheerful flower such as pansies or daisies are amazing choices.

The truth is that clear colors can aid in lifting someone’s spirit and brightening their day. Some of the vivid colors includes peonies which represents healing and hydrangeas which represent perseverance. Also, Yellow roses can be considered a very friendly and cheerful flower often suitable for sending a get well soon message.

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