Good Night Prayers To Send To Your Loved Ones Before Going to Sleep

Good Bed Time Prayers: Have you been thinking about a good prayer to say before bed? Don’t worry because below, you will find the best good night prayers to say before bedtime. Our collection is made up of unique good night prayer that you can send to loved ones, or use to update your WhatsApp Status before going to sleep.

Short Good Night Prayers for Everyone

Good Night Prayers SMS
Good Night Prayers

Below are some of the best Short Good Night Prayer for Everyone. It covers the general prayer points and almost all subjects. We are certain you will definitely love the list of bedtime prayers that you can send to everyone that matters to you.

1). Good night, I wish you a very awesome sleep and every moment full of peace, passion, joy, and love.

2). May it be well with you all through the night. And may the Lord keep you secured like Zion’s mount in Jesus’ name. Amen…

3). May you see your desires accomplished over your enemies in Jesus’ name. Have a pleasant night’s rest.

4). First of all, you were a familiar stranger who moved on to become a friend and now you’re more than a friend to me. Goodnight my dearest, I love you.

5). As you go to bed tonight, I pray that the stars shine brighter for you tonight and forever. Goodnight my dearest friend.

6). If I decide to repay you back for what your friendship means to me, then I wouldn’t be able to pay you completely and I’m happy to be your friend. Have a wonderful night rest my sweet friend.

7). We bless the King for his blessings and we pray that His lessons mould us to be better persons. Good night my dearest.

8). Forget every disappointment you experienced today, tomorrow will surely be better. Do have a peaceful night, my love.

9). No amount of candies mixed together can be as sweet as you nor your friendship to me, you’re my dearest friend. Do have a good night’s rest. Goodnight my wonderful friend. And a reminder: You are sweet!

10). Thank You, Lord, for providing rest for my soul that’s not attached to any experience or person. You actually created me for this rest, and now, I accept it. Help me completely trust you with my heart. IJN, Amen. ~ Glynnis Whitwer.

11). Your life may not be going the exact way you’ve planned it, and you may likely be getting tired. I just want you to know that God is watching every move and step you take and he is going to surprise you soon. Just keep trusting and believing in Him and you will be shocked when your time of breakthrough comes.

12). The path of the righteous keeps shining brighter and brighter. I just want you to know that today’s glory is nothing compared to what tomorrow will bring. Have a beautiful night, my queen. Sweet dreams my sugar.

13). I will be forever grateful to God for blessing me with a smart and awesome friend like you. Goodnight my dearest friend, I cherish you a lot.

14). I have always desired someone who will like me for who I am and not who they want me to be, and I’m glad that person turns out to be you. You’re indeed a true friend. Goodnight my bestie, I love you.

15). The Lord has started a great thing in your life, and it will be manifest any time from now. Sleep peacefully, my love. God’s got your back.

16). There’s no weapon formed against you that shall prosper as you lay to sleep. You will continually prevail over all your enemies and the blood of Jesus shall avail for you.

17). Your friendship is irreplaceable and come rain or come shine, you will always be too special and beautiful to be replaced as your kind is rare. Goodnight beautiful, I miss you.

18). Tonight as you lay to sleep, may divinely inspiration with fresh ideas locate you. May you receive unusual insight and find a solution to all your challenges. Have a lovely night, my heartbeat.

19). I pray that the Lord gives you the grace to forgive every wrong done to you today. Have a restful night, my love, and may tomorrow bring with it fresh hope and a brand new great start. Sleep tight my desire.

20). A special greeting to a special friend that I respect so much. Wishing you a beautiful night’s sleep filled with calmness and freshness. Good night dear.

A Powerful Bedtime Night Prayer (VIDEO WITH WORDS)

Credit To Grace For Purpose.

Good Night Prayers For My Love

Love is a strong feeling of affection towards someone or something. Action is the best way to express how much you love a particular thing. If you love somebody or something, stand up and do those little things that make a big difference. Some of them include complimenting her good looks, buying her gifts once in a while and also texting goodnight prayers to her.

1). I have said a prayer for you, my love. So, go to bed peacefully because nothing shall by any means hurt you. Good night, my love.

2). I am sending you this wish to you my dear friend, with great love. I pray the Lord to bless you with all of your heart desires. Have an awesome night rest and wake up stronger than you did yesterday. Good night, the love of my life.

3). Tonight, I Say A Prayer Just For You,
I Pray To The Lord To Give You A Beautiful Night Sleep,
To Also Give You A Bunch Of Good Night Dreams,
And To Ensure That You Make Your Dreams Come True.
Good Night! My Sleeping Beauty.

4). Forget about every disappointment you’ve experienced today, tomorrow will definitely be better. Have a peaceful night, my love.

5). At the centre of everything in your life, you will always see the lord, even from this night, till eternity. Sleep peacefully, my love.

6). Have a splendid night ahead, may your night rest be full of happiness and joy. Put a smile on your beautiful face and have a wonderful night rest.

7). Now the day is over and night is drawing near,
O Lord the Holy one, Look down upon Thy little one!
O Great Light of the World,
Keep me this night, And shed round me Thy bright presence.

8). May the angels of God lie round about you and watch over you as you sleep. I declared that all of your enemies must be scattered and put to shame, IJN. Good night my love.

9). Every hour of your life shall bring you happiness and joy. I beseech the Lord for maximum success, and that all your generations will find no difficulty forever. Sleep tight, my love.

10). May the Lord put all your enemies under your feet. You shall sleep peacefully like a newborn baby and in the morning, your mouth shall be filled with new songs of praises. My love, good night.

11). I thank Thee Lord, my Heavenly Father, through Jesus Christ, Thy beloved Son, that Thou hast preserveth us this night from all dangers and harm; and I pray Thee to keep me and my loved ones this day also from sin and all evil, that I may please Thee in all my doings. For into Thy hands, I commend ourselves, spirit, soul and body, as well as all things. Let Thy holy angels constantly be by our side, that the Wicked Foe may have no power over us, IJN. Amen. Goodnite my lovely angel.

12). I pray for a good night’s rest as you lay your head to sleep this night. Good night my love, may the Lord protect you from every predicament coming your way.

13). May your night be filled with lots of roses and flowers, may the sun and moon smile on you for eternity. Do have a pleasant night my love.

14). Nothing is impossible with God. Therefore I decree, before the day breaks, every impossible situation in your life and work shall be made possible, IJN. Good nite my precious one.

15). Oh Lord, My Father, Go with each of us to rest; if any awake, temper to them the dark hours of watching; and if finally, the day returns, we pray thee to return to us, our comforter and sun, and call us up with morning faces and with morning hearts, eager to be happy, eager to labour, and if by any means the day be marked for sorrow, strong to endure it.

Good Night Prayer For Her

Before I send a good night prayer for my lovely wife, I wait a while to ensure that the time is right. Finally, after sending her the prayers via text message, I stay by the window to watch her as she smiles while reading my good night prayers for her. So, if you also want to create that good relationship with your wife or girlfriend, then below are some of the best prayers we’ve provided below.

1). May the angels of the Lord watch over you, surround you, and scare away every evil spirits and demon with their presence. Good night dearest companion.

2). Even as the darkness draws in, you remain the light in my heart.
Even as the air turns colder, you remain the warmth in my soul.
Even as the stars are revealed, you constantly renew my spirit.
Even as the moon shines, I know I’m held safe in the palm of your hands.

3). I am wishing you a night filled with endless cheerfulness, a day filled with uncommon conquest, and noon filled with smoothness. Good night dove.

4). You are such a good friend worthy of been celebrated, a wonderful angel, and I pray that in every second of this life, may your desires be fulfilled. Have a wonderful night’s sleep my fairest one.

5). I pray that every second of your life shall come with unique happiness, joy and a fulfilling moment of love between you and everyone genuinely connected to you. Good night hearty…

6).  May your nights be peaceful, and your days filled with great success, satisfaction, long life and prosperity, continuous wealth, and children of your choice.

7). I am so weak and tired my lord. Help me to sleep now, as you restore my energy. Cover my feelings lord and also watch over my mind. Tonight, I rest in you, Oh Lord.

8). Have you ever wondered why I run to you whenever I need to talk to someone? It’s because of your patience in understanding me. You’ve always been there for me, and I’m thankful to you for being my confidant. Goodnight my lovely angel.

9). May the king of all the earth hear and accept your prayers. May he grant you all your heart desires and draw you closer to Himself. Goodnight my candy crush.

10). As you rest your head to sleep, no Coronavirus shall locate your place. The lord will by Himself guard and protect you from every disease of China and that of the Egyptians. Good night my sugar girl.

Good Night Prayers For Him

There are little things we do that go a long way to win the heart of your husband or your boyfriend. Some of them include bedtime prayers for him, love messages that you can send whether morning or night, and more. Below are lots of beautiful good night prayers that you can send to that your special man.

1). Expect a night full of happiness and joy; a great night that ushers you into a promising day with lots of fortunes and endless happiness. Good night my king.

2). I am sending this in order to wish you, my dear friend, the blessings of the Lord to bless on every single thing that you lay your hands to do. Have an awesome night rest in preparation for a great day ahead.

3). Wishing you the best in this blessed morning, wishing you all the best in this life. I ask the Lord to honour you for everything you want.

4). The sun shall not smite you by day nor the moon by night. That’s all the promises of God towards you. May you receive the grace to sleep just like a baby. Have a blissful night rest, my love.

5). I pray for the peace of the Lord which passeth all understanding to come upon you this night as you go to bed. I command every enemy of your peace to be put to shame. Good night, my desire.

6). I need not fear If Thou art near; Thou art my Savior Kind and dear.

7). May the Lord who keepeth in perfect peace, those whose mind is stayed on Him, may He keep you in perfect peace tonight and always. Good night, my Mr Right.

8). Whenever I see the moon in the sky, I say my evening prayer: Praise be to the king of Life, for His goodness and His kindness.

9). May your home be filled with prosperity and success; and may your days be filled with happiness and joy. Good night, my cupcake!

10). Just mount Zion which has been planted by the Lord and can not be removed, let the lord plant and also keep you safe, in Jesus’ name. Good night my dear.

Good Night Prayer For Family

1). The day was a blessing indeed, we bless the Lord Almighty for the gift of life. Tonight as you lay your head to rest, may all your daily pursuits and investments yield bountifully for you. God to bed my dear for God is your guide. Goodnight.

2). I declare undiluted calmness and peace as you lay your head tonight to sleep. And, may the Lord by Himself wake you up tomorrow morning with joy and new strength for the new day. Good Night.

3). May the Lord protect and guide you all through your journey in life. All your journey including the shortest journey shall be peaceful for you. Good Night.

4). The Highest shall give his angels charge over you and they will protect you all through the night and also bring you joy unspeakable and a success-filled day ahead. Sleep tight, dear brother.

5). Just as Jesus was able to stop the stormy sea and bring calmness to it, so shall he bring peace to every trouble part of your life. Enjoy your night rest my dear sister. Good night.

6). May the peace of the Lord which passeth all understanding envelop you and your family as your all rest your heads to sleep tonight. Good night my beloved. Let the joy of the Lord wake you up tomorrow morning. Sleep tight.

7). May God’s mercy and favour rest upon all your pursuit and labour. May His blessing come upon you beyond your wildest imagination. Have a peaceful good night rest.

8). As you rest your head tonight, may the divine wisdom and ideas on the right path to take towards God’s purpose for your life, rest upon you. Sweet dreams dearie.

9). Let the grace to succeed fall upon you mightly and direct you towards the source of blessing that the Lord has prepared for you. Sleep tight, dear mother.

10). Every tormenting spirit and turbulence that has been assigned to disrupt your night peace, we command it to be destroyed, IJN. Amen. Enjoy your night rest. Dear father.

11). In every area of your life that you are struggling with, may God give you rest on all side, IJN. Amen. Sweet dreams my dear son in whom I’m well pleased.

12). When the Lord is on your side, nothing is strong enough to hinder you from your blessings, and every barricade on your way to success let God smash it. Good news… The Lord is on your side oh daughter of Zion. Good night my lovely daughter.

Good Night Prayer Quotes

1). Father, thank you for holding me together today. I needed you, and you were there for me. Thank you for every bit of love, mercy, and grace that was shown to me though I did not deserve it. Thank you for your faithfulness even in my suffering. To you alone be the glory. Amen. Prayer Quote By Topher Haddox.

2). Lord, you bless us as we rest
You care for us as we drift off
Restore us as we sleep
And make our dream sweet.

You are the God of Grace
You are the safest place
Forgiven, loved and held by you
Is each small seed of faith.

You know our thoughts and feelings
You understand our weariness
You see our deep desires
And catch each tear we cry.

You are a constant friend
You walk beside us every day
You stay with us all through the night
On you, we can completely depend. Amen…

3). Bless us, Lord, with peaceful rest tonight and a good night’s sleep. Please have mercy on us for all the wrong things we did today that you took no pleasure in. Thank you for the intense love that you have for us. We need your assistance every day, and we are grateful for the strength you’ve given to us and for also helping us know that with you, even the impossible, is possible. Dear Lord, please keep us safe all through the night and bless our family and our home, and. May your angels watch over us, just like you promised.

We are glad that despite being so many and despite doing so many wrongs that hurt you, yet you know our names and love us in a special way. Even when we are not feeling well, you help us quickly get better and make use feel so loved. We are also grateful to you for providing us with our [pastors/dad/mom/parents/foster parents] to help. Thank you for always guiding, teaching and talking to us through your words (The Bible). My honest desire is for you to help the word. Thank you, dear Lord, for providing us with those who are willing to help us so much such as our teachers, fireman, doctors, and so much more.

Dear Lord, please help us to continually love and obey all your commandments. Our king, we thank you for putting smiles on our faces as well as your purpose in our lives. We are grateful to you for giving us the grace to start a new with lots of love and positivity. Blessed be your holy name, In Jesus Name. Amen… Good night.

4). My king, I can’t sleep.
I’m turning and tossing. Again.
I’m so thankful because you’re always here with me.
I’m thankful that You never grow weary,
And You never sleep.
Even when my mind won’t stop churning
And my head won’t stop spinning.
I completely know that worrying gets me nowhere
And my heart needs to always rely on You.
I need You always because you’re the Shepherd of my soul.
Because counting sheep just doesn’t work.
Would you comfort my heart as only You can?
Will you also rescue me from my own spiral of thoughts?
I know that when I rest in You, I have
peace like a river flowing all over my soul and
I can praise You in advance for sweet rest. Amen.

Good Night Prayer Quote By Rachel Wojo.

5). Jesus, my tender shepherd, hear me.
Please bless this little lamb tonight.
Through the darkness be down near me,
And also keep me safe till morning light.

Good Night Prayer Quote By – Mary Duncan

6). Dear Father,
I know I often forget what you’re like. I often forget that you are with me. I pray that you please forgive me for that. I desire to know your Word and your promises better. I need to know you better. Help me to always put you first in all aspects of my life. Help me to live each doing all that you desire. Help me to continually focus on what you’re doing in my life right now instead of worrying about tomorrow. I desire to trust completely in your promise to take care of every one of my needs — physical, financial, spiritual, relational, social, and emotional. Help me to worry less and trust you more. I pray in Jesus’ name, Amen.

Good Night Prayer Quote By – Rick Warren

7). My friend, and my God, it is time for bed.
Time to rest my sleepy head.
I pray that you please guide me down the path that’s true.

My good God, my friend, please bless my daddy,
All your children — brothers, sisters.
Oh! And then there’s mummy, too —
She told me that I’m her gift from You.

My good God, my friend, it’s time to sleep.
I thank you for this unique soul,
And thank you for leading me all through the day,
To run, jump and laugh and play!

My good God, it’s time to go,
But before I do I hope you know,
I’m grateful, and thankful for my blessing, too,
And God, my friend, I love you a lot.

Good Night Prayer Quote By -Michael J. Edger III MS

8). Dear Lord, grant me a good night’s sleep tonight, so that I may sleep and wake refreshed and ready to begin another great day loving you. Thank you, my father, for the too numerous and undeserved blessings. Did I forget to tell you that I love being your child? And I also long for the word “faithful” to describe my services to you, each day of the year. I pray each day I wake, it should be with a joyful smile and not a grumpy spirit. May your presence and your protection bathe this place with peace and safety against all the devices of the enemies. Good night my king. IJN, Amen. Good Night Prayer Quote By ~ Rebecca Barlow Jordan.

9). My loving father, I can hardly lift up my eyes to you. It’s all I can do to cry out for help. I pray that you extend your grace to me this day. I know you are in my boat, I, therefore, have no fear. I know that you are not taken off guard or surprised by the events of this day. I pray you to forgive my unbelieves and fears.

I’m sorry for complaining and also muttering about how hard this day has been for me. I’m sorry for not realizing that you were with me all those while. I’m also sorry for forgetting my heritage in you through the finished work of your Son, Jesus Christ. Please forgive me for not remembering the glorious riches and truths I have because of the gospel. My king, please hear my prayer and grant me gospel hope even in the midst of the hard days. Help me to constantly cling to your unfailing grace, wisdom, and strength. Good Night Prayer Quote By ~ Christina Fox.

10). My day is almost drawing to an end, heavenly Father, and I’m totally ready to turn in. But before I do, I just want to thank you for your faithfulness for the day. I know with you, it’s always a good day, even though things may not go the way we’ve planed. I’m always at rest even when the world seems in chaos because you are in control.

I thank you Lord for For all the times when your unseen presence seemed so near, and for all the times you saved me today. I’m so glad having you as my father and friend, and for all the ways you worked behind the scenes, without my knowledge, even when heaven-sent angels on my behalf and helped me in ways I’ll never know, thank you for all that. Amen. Good Night Prayer Quote By ~ Rebecca Barlow Jordan.

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Good Night Prayer Quotes
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Good Night Prayers SMS

How To Pray The Night Prayer

If you have been wondering how do we pray the night prayer, then you are in the right section. To pray a good night prayer, all you have to do is communicate your heart desires for the night to the Lord. If you want Him to protect you throughout the night, then go ahead and tell him to send you guardian angels that will watch you through the night and constantly stay by your bedside. You can also get ideas from the list of prayers we have provided above if you want a unique good night prayer yourself.

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