Get Well Soon Messages for a Pet (Dog, Cat, Rabbit, Guinea Pigs, etc)

Sending Get Well Soon Messages to a Pet may sound kind of crazy for most people, but if you understand that our pets are just more than animals, then you’ll see reasons why most people can take the stress of writing a get well message to a pet.

Pets ain’t just animals for me, they are family members, and they are also as important as the other of our loved ones. Almost all pet owners are usually not happy when their pets go through some physical pains or some illness of some sort. And, I think that’s actually the best time to write them a get well message for their pet.

I believe every pet owner will definitely appreciate the such kind gesture and emotional support that your message for their sick pet provides them.

get well soon messages for a pets

For all those who are stranded at what to write to a sick pet, or why you should even send a Get well card to the owner of a sick pet? Then below are the reasons why you should send get well soon messages to a sick animal, and examples of messages you can send to a sick pet.

Why Do I Need To Send a Get Well Card to the Owner Of a Sick Pet?

Apart from the love your pet has for you, they also entertain you, which in turn relieves you from stress and loneliness. So, whenever you write a get well message to a sick pet, you are acknowledging the sickness and provide emotional support to the owner of the pet.

So, whether it’s a dog, cat, rabbit, reptile, or pets in general, it’s always good to sympathize with both the pet and its owner. Below are examples of some of the messages you can write in a get well card for a sick pet.

get well soon messages for a pets

Things to Write In a Get Well Card for a Sick Pet?

  • I pray that your furry friend gets to feel better soon.
  • Being a pet can be a very big responsibility. But, I hope you get back to work stronger than ever.
  • I’m hopeful that I’ll see ___ back to her/his shenanigans.
  • When a special friend is sick, he/she needs a special get-well card. And, that’s why I send you this!
  • Life is much better with pets. So, I hope to see your pretty little girl get better soon for the sake of everyone.
  • I’m always thinking of your little friend, let her know that I am wishing her well.
  • It’s hard to see someone who loves a pet more than the owners, but I surely like yours a great deal. So I’m praying and wishing it gets well soon.
  • No one deserves to be sick, especially little, cute, innocent pets!
  • Please help me take care of that little gorgeous furry friend of mine. I’m so fond of him.
  • Both animals and humans get sick, but animals seem not to receive enough get-well cards.
  • If there’s anything I can do to comfort your cute furry friend, please let me know. Her company is so amazing.
  • Pets shouldn’t be getting sick. They are even supposed to help us get better, and  I hope yours feels better soon.
  • Give your cute pet some additional treats and hugs for me. Tell her that I want it to feel good soon.
  • I can’t believe the most gentle and comforting member of our family is now in need of comfort the most. I hope we all contribute to helping her get better soon.
  • If one apple every day makes the doctor stay away for humans, I just wonder what it takes to keep the vet away from this cute pet?
  • Pets usually give us a lot whether we are sick or not. When they are sick, I think it’s a good time to offer back our little support.

Get Well Messages for Cats

  • Me-ow!! That’s the language of a cat when it gets hurt. Feel better soon, buddy.
  • I hope our cute cat doesn’t spend any of its 9 lives trying to recover.
  • I hope your lovely cat springs back on its feet. I hope it feels well soon.
  • Whenever a cat is hurt, you hear “Me-Ow” which shows its hurt.
  • I hope our beloved cat smoothly recovers without any CAT-astrophy.
  • Cats are powerful soul survivors. And, I’m hoping those survival nature kicks in and she feels fine soonest.
  • Every cat is a natural fighter. That’s the reason they all come with claws, sharp teeth, and fast reflexes. I’m hopeful your cat will fight through this frenzy!
  • I was worried about your ill cat until I remembered, cats have nine lives!
  • Does your ill kittie need a CAT- scan? Lol… just kidding! I hope she feels better soon.
  • With a little of your loving and care, I’m sure your ill kitten will be feeling purr-felt once again.

Get Well Wishes for Dogs

  • I hope that our lovely dog’s injury heals quickly!
  • I just wanted to know how my four-legged friend is fairing. I hope it feels better soon.
  • “Ruff, Ruff!, bark, bark!” When translated to English, it’s Get well soon!
  • I’m hopeful that you’ll get back to chasing mice in no time.
  • I’ve got a sick friend with a lot of furs. I just hope she feels better as soon as possible.
  • There’s absolutely no shame in feeling bad except you’ve got to wear a cone of shame.
  • I think Bingo deserves longer hours of petting to help him heal faster.
  • I’m sure in a little while _____ will be fine and be back to wagging her tail again.
  • I think all that our furry friend needs while still recovering is more love and attention.
  • Praying for the quickest recovery for our baby pup.
  • Can someone help me translate this message into a dog bark language? “Get better soon!”
  • Floppy ears, four paws, and a wet nose have so much good to offer the soul. I hope our lovely friend heals soon!

Get Well Wishes for Reptiles

  • The good thing is that you don’t have to worry about reptiles getting a fever! I just hope your reptile gets well soon!
  • Reptiles are resilient. I believe that anything that has the power to regenerate is strong enough in my opinion. So, I hope your reptile gets back fully and quickly to its original condition!
  • I can’t wait for you to get back on your paws!
  • I thought I should send ____’s special treats while she recovers.
  • Help me tell that cold-blooded friend of mine to get better soon!
  • Even though they don’t ever shed tears, reptiles do have feelings. We know that because they shed their skin instead.

What Not to Write in a Pet’s Get-Well Card

There are some things that may offend or otherwise be inappropriate to include in a pet’s get-well message. Here are a few:

  1. Do not minimize the importance of the pet. Writing something like, “Hey, look on the bright side—maybe you’ll get to get a new puppy soon after this one dies!” is insensitive.
  2. Never compare the pet to your own pet. Your pet is different. The fact that your pet went through something similar is not necessarily comforting. Focus the message on the pet that is currently ill or injured.
  3. Never mention any negative qualities of the pet. Even if the owner has talked negatively about the pet in the past, there’s no reason to bring it up. Many people complain about some quirk that their mom has, but that is not an invitation for others to talk about their mom. If the pet is ill, assume it’s the best pet the person could ever have.
  4. Never make a suggestion to euthanize the pet. Saying things like, “I think it may be time to put him down” is not smart. The owner can ask you for that advice when he or she needs it.


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