Get Well Soon Messages after Surgery (60 Msgs For A Get Well Card)

Sending someone Get well soon messages after surgery can be more valuable for most people than even sending them money. I’m not saying aiding someone with money is a bad thing but there’s time for everything.

Going through surgery can be a very horrifying ordeal and I think what anyone who is going through; or has gone through such a situation needs is nothing but care, love and some positive words to lift their spirits.

It’s true those uplifting messages may not necessarily heal them completely, but it shows that you’re thinking about them, and most importantly; care about them.

I know most people know the effectiveness of encouraging words on sick people but they are often caught between what to write in a get well card and how the receiver may perceive it. Don’t worry if you fall under this category, the reason we created this page is to provide you with tips on what to write in a get well card as well as ample examples you can use outrightly or as an inspiration for creating your own unique get well soon messages after surgery.

How To Write A Get Well Note (Message) After Surgery

Coming up with what to write in a get well note or message for your friend or relative after surgery can be a bit tricky. Finding those comforting and reassuring words for your Get Well card without causing any trouble with the wrong words isn’t completely easy. But below are some pointers that will make the process too easy for you!

Empathize With Them: It’s important you’re empathetic when sending your get well messages, it will help produce the right words that you’ll use.

Stay Positive: It’s all about motivating them with your words of encouragement. The proper words at the proper time will definitely produce the proper result.

Suggest To Help In Way That You Can: I know it might not convenient you but you have to go out of your comfort zone and try to be supportive. You can offer your support. Tell them you can help them out with anything they want you to. Let them know you can be of help if they need you.

Close With A Warm Greeting: After the whole message, you can sign out with a heartfelt greeting such as “Get Well Soon”, “Feel Better Soon”, “Hoping To See You Soon”, “Wishing You A Quick Recovery”, etc.

get well messages after surgery
Get Well Soon Messages After Surgery

If the tips above are not enough to get you started on composing a great get well soon messages after surgery, then below are some unique examples. Feel free to copy and use them in your get well message or use them as an idea to create yours. They are encouraging enough to make your newly operated friend or relative feel better!

Best Get Well Messages After Surgery

  • The short story is that I miss you. And, after your surgery, I notice I now think about you a lot. Please, if you need my assistance, just count on me like “1,2,3” and I’ll be there!
  • I was so relieved to hear your surgery was successful and soon you’ll be heading back home. I pray your recovery goes smoothly and you’ll be back to your normal life in no time. Rest up and get better soon.
  • Surgery can be physically and emotionally exhausting, I know this because I’ve also been through it. But not to worry, I’m fervently praying for your quick recovery. Get enough rest and feel good soon.
  • I have always known you to be one tough cookie. And, I’m sure you’ll pull through this one again. Cheers to a quick recovery!
  • So excited to hear you’re home already following a successful surgery. Try to get enough rest and don’t even dare go back to work so soon. I’ll be praying that your recovery goes easy and smooth. Get well soon
  • I know how hard this may be for you. Nevertheless, I’m happy the surgery was successful and I hope once again you’ll soon regain your complete potential.
  • I wish to see you smile once again and be happy the way you used to be. Wishing you a rapid recovery. #StayStrong.
  • You’re the bravest person I’ve ever seen and you proved it by the way you handled the surgery. I’m sure you will be feeling a lot better in no time.
  • I pray each day brings you brighter moments and may you find renewed strength. I’m aware that being laid up after surgery can be hard, but I know soon enough, you’ll be a lot stronger than you’ve ever been.
  • I’m sorry that you had to go through all the pains during the surgery, but I’m also grateful it was successful. If there’s anything you want me to do for you, please don’t hesitate to call me.
  • If I had a magic wand, I would have waved it and restore you back to your normal healthy self within a split second, but I don’t. So, I’m praying that you get better a lot faster than even a magic wand can heal.
  • You’re my superhero and I’m feeling depressed now that you’re sick. But I thank God the surgery was successful. I don’t how I would live this life without you. Please feel better soon and get back to me!
  • Friends, family and your colleagues are thinking and praying for you to recover quickly. We all love you, and wish to see you get well soon so you’ll be able to resume your normal life again.
  • From the look of things, it seems this illness just messed with the wrong guy! I guessed you kicked its a$$ because I see you recovering faster than everyone thought.
  • Getting surgery is the least of the things I want to go through. So, I wanted to wish you a speedy recovery and to tell you that I’m available if you want my support. Don’t hesitate a second to let me know if you need my support. Have a smooth recovery.
  • Sending you good vibes only for a bright day and a speedy recovery. Wishing you God’s blessings and good health that will stand the taste of time. Get well soon, dearly beloved.
  • I’m glad to know that you’re doing good after your surgery. So I wanted to use this medium to send you all my love alongside my get well wishes for your quick recovery.
  • I’ve been thinking of you and I’m so happy for every little step you take towards total recovery. Keep those spirit high and get well soon.
  • Best wishes for a fast recovery. And I hope your healing process becomes the fastest recovery ever recorded.
  • My best wishes for a fast and furious recovery. Lol.. just kidding… But I know you’re a lot stronger than you can imagine. Get well soon, my dear friend!
  • I’m quite sure that you’re currently driving all the nurses crazy with your cute look. Surgery is over and I think you need to get back home to the people who truly love you. Get well soon.
  • I was glad to hear that your recovery from the surgery was going well. Keep up the good fight. I’m that sickness doesn’t have an idea of who it’s messing with!
  • I hope you don’t have to endure the hospital food for much longer. Wishing you a fast recovery.
  • I hope you know we’re here for you through your trying times? Wishing you complete and fast recovery from your heart surgery. And, I also want to let you know that I’m here if you want anything.
  • I hope you know you’re one tough cookie!
  • I just can’t wait to see you smile again just like you once you used to do. I miss you and wish that you get well soon.
  • My wish is that you get well as soon as possible from your surgery. I’ll keep sending my prayers and good thought your way. Take some time to rest and recover fast.
  • I’ve known you to be a workaholic, that’s why I’m using this medium to ask you not to stress too much. Rest well and heal fast.
  • It’s clear to me now how much everyone loves you. You needed to have seen how family and friends were so thankful you made it, including me. I wish all the love they’re pouring on you becomes the catalyst that will propel you to get well soon.
  • I’m glad to know that you are okay after coming out of the surgery. I’m hoping you’ll make a complete recovery and once again start your normal life ASAP.
  • I’ve been thinking and praying for you from day 1 of your day at the hospital till date. I’m happy the surgery was successful and I pray that God blesses you with good health that will stand the taste of time.
  • So glad to hear you were recuperating fine from your surgery. I want you to know that you have your family members as well as me your best friend; but most importantly, you have God on your side. Get well quick.
  • The first mistake of this illness was picking you! It chose the wrong guy! And I can see you’re effortlessly recovering already. Soon enough, I know you’ll recuperate fully.
  • Getting through surgery is not an easy thing. And, that’s the reason I’m sending you my good wishes to help brighter your world. I declare good health unto you both for today and for many years to come.
  • Surgery is not even in the least of the fun things I want to do! The stress and the pains can be very overwhelming, and that’s the reason I write you this message to remind you that I still got your back. Don’t forget to reach out to me if you need me to do anything for you.
  • I’m happy to hear that the surgery carried out on you went well, and I hope that you recover fully soon enough! I pray God to compensate you with many years of good health. Get well soon.
  • Just heard about your surgery and I’m sorry about that. Thank God it was successfully carried out and I hope you fully recover.
  • It came to my notice that you’re recovering fast and well from your just concluded surgery. I’m so excited about it and can’t wait until I set my eyes on you.
  • Sending you my warmest wishes and love after your successful knee surgery. I hope you recover soon because we all miss you.
  • I’m sending you a healthy vibe after your surgery, and while you’re waiting for your complete recovery, don’t forget to rest enough.
  • Thank God for making your surgery pain free. I wish you recover soon so we can all resume our normal life.
  • I had thought of writing a fun kind of thing on this “Get Well” card, but the surgery had to undergo had no fun attached with it. Now, all I want badly is that you get well soon.
  • Just wanted to send you the best get well messages after your recent surgery. All I wish is that you recover as soon as possible.
  • Seems everyone around you is concerned about you. It seems they all treasure you and they are hopeful that you would be on your back to full recovery in no time. I’m glad you’re okay, please get well soon.
  • The good thing about undergoing surgery is that both the nurses and your loved ones get to treat you special. Just kidding… Get well soon.
  • It’s unfortunate that you had to undergo this surgery. Nevertheless, I know you’ll over all these obstacles and recover in no time.
  • While you’re still at the hospital ensure that you don’t worry or think too much; I’ll be taking care of things from this end. The only job I’m asking you to do is Take Care of Yourself and get better soon.
  • I never expected someone like yourself to fall sick up to the point of needing surgery! That made me realize that you’re human too! So, here’s my get well soon message dedicated to the toughest guy I have ever known.
  • I’ve always known you to be an iron peg stuck deep down on earth; unmovable. Nevertheless, your illness and recent surgery have shown me you’re only, but I know you’ll definitely get well sooner than everyone knows.
  • Not a single day passes by that I don’t think of you; you’re my dominant thought. I hope you recover quickly and smoothly.
  • It’s sad to hear that you’re now feeling crummy just after the surgery. I hope you get to feel super healthy again.
  • I pray that you find strength with every new day. You’re always in my thought and prayer. Get well soon.
  • Wishing you nothing but a speedy recovery, my dear friend.
  • Congratulations on a successful surgery. I hope every single day from now on, brings you closer to full recovery.
  • I pray that every day brings you a little more sunshine, a little more strength and a little more healing.
  • After a long consideration on what to write in this “Get Well Soon” Card, I decided to pure out my heart to you, “I Miss You, And Wish You Get Better Soon”.
  • After your surgery, I created this get well soon card just to let you know that you’re stronger than you know. Get well soon, buddy!
  • It’s not totally common for people to go into the operation room and come out so easily. But, I thank God the shoulder surgery was successful and I know you’ll soon break the record for the fastest person to recover from illness.
  • I just wish you recover faster from your recent surgery and feel better soon enough. Sending you good vibes and many more years of happiness and good health.
  • Do you know the bad part about surgery? It’s not the pains, but the hospital food they serve! Don’t worry, get well soon so you can start eating decent meals.

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