Funny Get Well Wishes: 100 Hilarious Ways to Say Get Better

Funny Get Well Wishes can be another lovely way to say get better soon to your ill loved ones. Don’t forget that laughter is the best medicine. Actually, that adage originated from Proverbs 17: 22 KJV “A merry heart doeth good like a medicine.” And it goes a long way to show us how important laughter can be to our health. I enjoy sending my ill friends and relatives funny get well soon wishes because, for me, there’s nothing more beautiful than a smile that has struggled through tears. And that’s what has also inspired me to create this page that contains 100 best hilarious ways to say get well soon to your unwell family member or friend. If you also love to see other people smile during their hard times, then below are funny get well wishes and text messages to add to a get well card.

NB: Not everyone finds sickness to be something you can poke fun at. So, ensure the message is sent to someone who wouldn’t pick offense. If sent to the right person, they’ll greatly appreciate it and in the end, you’ve been able to put joy in a gloomy heart.


Funny Get Well Soon Wishes

Get well soon dear. I’m eager to really know what hospital food tastes like.

I stopped at the grocery shop and bought you your favorite chocolate. Nevertheless, the doctor said you can’t eat them now. So, I’m confused; should I eat them or will you get well soon?

There’s only one thing you know better than anyone else – Getting sick. Lol… Just kidding. Get well soon.

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Sending you this get well soon wish just to encourage you. I know you’re a nervous person. Wishing you a quick recovery.

I’m sure you’re really enjoying all the attention. Please recover fast because I also need some attention.

Mom told me you were ill, therefore I prepared you a get well cake. But on second thought, I ate it.

Wishing you to get well soon wouldn’t be real soon enough. So, I’m praying that you get well now!

I informed you, mum, that I was offering prayers for your fast healing. So, get well soon, or else I’ll stop praying for you.

The best good medicine can do is fix your health issues but not your ugly face. So, stop wasting your time on a hospital bed and get well soon.

I really hate to see you blue, so help me kick those bugs in their butt and have a quick recovery.

It suddenly came to my mind that lying helplessly on your bed makes you vulnerable whatever I wish to do to you. Are you ready? Lol… Get well soon.

I just discovered that falling sick is the best way to get a vacation from school, paid offs at work, get quality sleep, and most important of all, fun our poor doctors.

I would rather prefer you die from all my troubles than from common germ. Smile. That’s great for your health!

I’m sick and tired of your regular sickness which usually comes whenever you’re seeking attention. Please get well soon.

Congrats! You’re now officially sick! Get enough relaxation and get well soon so we can also have the opportunity to fall sick too.

Funny Get Well Soon Messages

Seriously praying that God grants you a quick recovery. Please at least show us some sign of improvement soon, or else I’ll have to break your hand once more. Lol… Just kidding, please get well quickly.

It’s so funny that even like humans, germs also find you irresistible. Get well soon!

I’m begging you to get well soon because I can only be nice to you for so long.

Please smile a lot, I heard it’s the best medicine or gin… Whatever just keep smiling.

If I say “Get Well Soon,” then it may not be soon enough. So get well Now!

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It’s unfortunate that your sick day turns out to be caused by an actual sickness.

I really can’t wait for you to come back home so I can make fun of you and not feel bad. Get well soon.

Your foolish sickness is robbing me of my own attention. Please Get well fast.

There’re other easy ways to get off work, and I’m glad you’re on the mend!

Don’t forget to enjoy this while it last – Because soon enough, you’ll be fine.

Hey brother, how are you doing? I just want to remind you to milk this while you can – It’s time to demand all they didn’t give to you when you were healthy. And don’t forget to get well soon so I can begin mine.

“Laughter is the best medicine” – the kind of joke they tell you that moment you’re lying on that hospital bed with a zombie’s face. Get well soon!

Praying that you completely get well soon. I really don’t want to visit the hospital the second time.

You really have to get well soon because we have a big match coming up next week. I’m sure you don’t want to miss that too.

The nurse informed me that you’re presently on a soft diet. So, I’ll be eating all the cakes and fruits on your table.

Funny Get-Well Messages For Loved One

Get well soon, but in the meantime keep a long-distance! Just kidding…

I heard you were sick. When will you die? Just kidding! I’m sure you’ll be fine soon.

Get well soon mother, I don’t think I can stand missing your food for too long.

Getting sick in this COVID19 era kind of raises everyone’s suspicion. While you get well soon, I think it’s only wise you keep a safe distance from me. Hahaha… Just kidding.

Feel better soon, dad. I really don’t want to miss your wonderful birthday party coming up this week. Mom and I are already on a diet for that.

Mommy, all the family members are praying that you recover quickly. Otherwise, we all have to eat dad’s food.

I’m glad you’re sick. At least you can now go to bed early while I watch my favorite show late at night.

funny get well soon wishes
Get Well Soon. I’m Really Tired Of Taking Care Of Myself.

I heard your hospital has hot nurses! I think you might not want to get well too soon if that’s true.

You absolutely have no right to be sick. You’re supposed to be my hero dad, so get well soon.

I think you forgot to clean up yourself and that’s the reason you were infected with lots of bacteria and viruses. Come closer let me disinfect you.

Honey please get well soon and come back to me, or else I’ll break your head again. Hahaha… That was just a joke! Get well soon.

Your illness came to me as a shock, so last night, I had a beer in your name and the toast was to you. I can’t wait until I don’t have to consume these drinks alone.

Just went over to your house to see your parents, and I told them I was praying for you to recover soon. Please, don’t put me to shame, and feel good soon.

Wishing you recovery fast Mom, because, in the meantime, we’re managing dad’s meal.

You forgot to take your daily application and now you have to visit the doctor. Hope you don’t forget next time and get well soon.

Funny Get Well Wishes for Girlfriend

Every sick person needs to be quarantined during this period. You’re not even supposed to kiss your girlfriend.

I know you don’t feel like you’re in the hospital, especially when you have lots of hot doctors attending to you. Lucky you!

Please feel good soon. I’m missing those snacks you usually bring along to the classroom.

I’m so sick of seeing you sick all the time. Can you please get a grip and get well soon?

I’ve always believed both now and again that you are some kind of strong being, nevertheless, I now realize that you’re also human. Feel good soon.

If wishes where pills and love can heal, then I will pray exhaust all ways and hope you feel good each day.

There’re several ways you can actually get fluffy and fat, nevertheless lying on a hospital bed is not one of them. Wishing you a fast recovery.

You actually look bad, not just because you’re sick, it’s because you’re not allowed access to makeup now. Haha… I was just joking!

They said money answereth all things, and I’ve always known you love money. So, take this $20 inside this get well card, and get yourself good health. Expecting to see you get well soon.

I may not be the best boyfriend on earth, but at least I’m a lot better than those tasteless hospital foods and some white bedsheets. Get well soon dear.

The doctor taking care of you the other time looks really cute. I hope his heart looks as good as his face. He’ll surely get you recovered soon!

The whole team is missing their most awkward player. Lol… Just joking friend, please get better soon.

I hope you get rid of all those boring jokes you tell during this your downtime. Recover soon with something really funny.

Why is your healing time taking more time than the others? I hope you don’t miss the trip that’s just one week ahead. Get well soon.

I’m longing to see your beautiful and contagious smile. I hope you feel good soon and keep smiling all through the ages.

Funny Get Well Wishes for Boyfriend

The doctor’s prescription for your wholeness is a pack of KISSpirin and to pack of HUGacetamol. I’m sure you’re sick because you kind of miss me.

I’m sorry you had to eat hospital food.

See? You look so good, even germs now like you.

David told me there were lots of really hot nurses at the hospital. I’m beginning to wonder if that’s the reason you’re not getting well. I hope you already know what will happen if it’s true!

Missing you is now becoming boring. Please feel good soon and come back home!

I heard you’re getting so much attention these days. Just to inform you, I’m also getting lots of attention from unexpected people. Better get better soon before it becomes late!

I miss my great companion who helps me create the most perfect crimes. I think you need to recover quickly because I need you so badly.

I’m missing the only person I’ve chosen to torment till the end of time. Please get well soon there’s no one to start troubles with.

I pray you Get better quickly because we have a huge assignment on your most disliked subject.

If I was the hospital bed you’re currently lying on, I would push the sickness out of you and finally, kick you out of me.

I overheard someone saying that pretendinitis sucks. I pray that you manage to get over it.

If all the doctors are as hot as your nurses, I would prefer I get sick every day.

It’s easy getting back to health… Where the problem lies in is getting back to work.

Feel good soon or I would find someone else who would take up the job of getting me ice cream and waking me up every morning with a lovely text.

Ever since you were ill, I now individually understand the meaning of peace. No more sharing of the remote, no more noise, but no more you and that’s something I really don’t want to miss, so get well soon.

Funny Get Well Soon Messages for a Colleague

I know you wanted some time off work but this was a bit extreme!

I wish you get better soon so you can finally come back to work and immediately feel worse.

Don’t think of it as a hospital stay. Just think of it as a VIP spa package that also includes regular meals and health evaluations and some jello cubes.

Hope you get well soon. I’m really missing my partner in crime.

Don’t forget to exercise your body once in a while. Don’t just lie down on the hospital bed and be adding weight anyhow! Get well soon because I miss you.

The boss has promised not to let you die. Not until you finish this job! All you need to do is get well soon and finish the job, then you can go and die in peace if you wish. Lol… just kidding! Feel good soon.

No sickness is strong enough to take you away from us as long as you still have some unfinished work here at the office. Do get well soon.

This is indeed a long vacation for you. Feel good soon so you can come back to us. I just hope you don’t get sick again by the time you see the amount of work piled up for you here!

Congratulations, you’re now finally sick. Now, enjoy the royal treatment. You are so lucky!

Everyone is busy telling you to get well soon without anyone telling you how. But I know how: Just take some rest, sleep, sleep some more, and keep sleeping.

I would fire your immune system if it were to be a layer. It’s practically not defending you well.

Just take as much time as is required for you to recover fully. Whenever you feel you’re ok, just come back your work will still be here. It will only be extremely pilled up on your desk.

Do you think you can just fall sick because you’re tired of taking care of your own self? Please get well soon I’m getting taking care of you and your huge appetite.

It really pains me that you fell and broke your leg. Anyway, don’t let those crutches make a lazy person of you! You still have to do your house chores.

I wish you recover quickly. My schedules are tight and I think I’ll be too busy to be attending your funeral.

Funny Get Well Text Messages

I’m praying that you get well soon and I’m hoping you don’t make me come back to the hospital the second time.

One apple each day can keep almost anyone away… provided you throw it hard enough.

I’m Sorry you currently feel like s***.

It’s better you get better. I’m sick of you being sick.

Can you feel yourself again so I can find the attraction again?

I’ve always known you were sick, but not in this way.

I’m Sorry you currently feel like sh!t.

funny get well soon wishes
Funny Get Well Soon Wishes.

I promised that I’ll always stand by but that doesn’t mean you should break your legs.

Even the flowers miss you. They are not blooming because of the garner sick.

How long can it take to get you well again? I’m really missing watching our show together.

Your laziness is way too much and it’s piling a lot of work for me in this house! Ensure that you get well soon.

I actually sent those flowers for the nurse and not you! Just joking anyway! Hope to see you get better soon.

I’m sure at those chocolate ice cream without me and now see how sick you’ve become. Anyway, I’ve forgiven you. Get well soonest.

Stop being impatient!. Sickness is constant event in human life.

I saw the sweet delicacies they’ve been serving you at the hospital. No wonder you’ve refused to get well. Please get well soon so you can go back to eating veggies.

These funny get well messages and wishes above are one of the best ways you can offer your emotional support to your ill friend or family member. When people are sick, sometimes material things may not necessarily be what they need at the moment; sometimes all they need is someone who can love and care for them. Luckily, one of the ways to show you care for them is by saying those things that can put a smile on their sad faces while wishing them a speedy recovery.

Our collection of funny get well soon messages are second to none, and is compatible with both a get well card, or get well flower bouquet. You can even share them on social media like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

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