50 Facebook photo comment and how to Post Photo Comments on Fb

Facebook photo comment allows you to use images to say more than a thousand words without even writing a single word.

Some people only know that you can post photos on your Facebook as your Facebook Status, but don’t know if they can also use the same photo or any other picture as a comment on a Facebook post.

Facebook supports the use of images and photos as comments on a post. At first, this feature wasn’t there until June 2013. Now, whether you’re using your Facebook directly from your computer or using the Facebook mobile app directly from your Android phone, the Facebook photo comment feature is always available.

Below are some amazing and funny photos that you can use to comment on any Facebook post that you like. And, if you don’t know how to comment on a Facebook post using a photo, you will also find a guide that shows you exactly how to comment on Facebook using images.

Facebook Photo Comment

Best funny Comments for Photos on Facebook
I Know This None Of My Business, But I’m Just Here For The Comments.

Facebook photo comment

Facebook photo commentfunny photo comment on Facebook

Best Comments for Photos on Facebook
Best Comments for Photos on Facebook

Funny Facebook Photo Comment

funny Facebook photo comment

Facebook photo comment

funny facebook photo comment

funny get well soon msg for facebook photo comment
Credit To: Wishesgreeting
Funny Monday quotes and images
Facebook Comment Photo

Monday Coffee Quotes
Yep… It’s Definitely Monday… Stay CAFFEINATED, My Friends.

Awesome Comments for Facebook Photos in Hindi

#1. बहुत अद्भुत bahut adbhut

#2. कौन परवाह करता है? kaun paravaah karata hai?

#3. वास्तव में सुंदर vaastav mein sundar

#4. कानूनी लग रहा है kaanoonee lag raha hai

#5. मैं इन्हे प्यार करता हूॅ main inhe pyaar karata hooai

#6. पृथ्वी पर सर्वश्रेष्ठ युगल prthvee par sarvashreshth yugal

#7. आप अलग और क्यूट लग रहे हैं aap alag aur kyoot lag rahe hain

#8. मेरी आपकी पसंदीदा तस्वीर meree aapakee pasandeeda tasveer

#9. आप आलसी दिखते हैं aap aalasee dikhate hain

#10. वे जूते आप पर अच्छे लगते हैं ve joote aap par achchhe lagate hain


How to Add a Photo in a Comment on Facebook

Below is how you can comment with images on a Facebook post. The process is very simple and soon, you will be able to easily comment on a Facebook post with a photo.

Whether you’re using a browser on your computer to access Facebook, or an Android smartphone, or the Facebook App, the steps below is the same.

Step 1: Go under any Facebook post you like and Click On Comment to respond to a particular post.

Facebook comment screen shot

Step 2: You can add text if you want or just click on the Facebook camera icon located at the right side of the comment box.

Camera Icon On Facebook Comment Section

Step3: Choose any Image, Photo, or Video you want to use as your comment.

Step 4: Finally, submit it just the same way you would submit your text comment.

Video Of How To Post Photo Comments On Facebook for Android Smartphones

The video will guide you on how to post images as comments on Facebook using your Android smartphone.

Video Credit To: YouTube – WebPro Education

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