Emotional Status for Her or Him [100+ Emotional Whatsapp Status]

Emotional Status for Whatsapp is our latest collection of statuses that will help you easily express your emotional state.

Emotional Status for Facebook

  1. Flattery wins more friends these days and truth beget hatred.
  2. No one listens anymore… What’s the point in screaming?
  3. That moment when you think things are perfectly falling in place, suddenly everything falls apart.
  4. I’m not gonna fight over what’s wrong or right with the very same person who made all my wrongs right.
  5. Not even a million words can bring you back bcos I’ve tried, nor will a billion tears because I’ve cried.
  6. Quantity is what you count, while quality is what you count on.
  7. Most times you have to learn how to forgive people even when they don’t deserve it.
  8. Without your consent, no one can make you feel inferior.
  9. Smile because it happened and stop crying because it’s over.
  10. You have to let go in order to keep moving on.
  11. Two things that usually cry; An eye with dust and a heart with too much trust.
  12. Unsensible people will never know the mental and emotional damages they do to other people.
  13. What changes a man is not love but situations.
  14. There are most people who deserve to stay in your heart and not your life.
  15. I may hold no value to you again, but your name is still my password.
  16. If you are strong enough to say ‘Goodbye’, life will be bold enough to present you with a new ‘Hello’
  17. A heart which never loved can not be broken.
  18. It’s in the dark that you see how bright the stars shine.
  19. Sometimes you just have to embrace the changes in life and move on with your life.
  20. My only friend is my misery.

Emotional Status for Whatsapp

  1. Emotional girls are girls with a kind heart which shows true feelings.
  2. Your permanent decisions should not be based on your temporary emotion.
  3. More than 80% of humans buy things for emotional and not logical reasons.
  4. Don’t ever build your emotional life on other peoples weaknesses.
  5. You only experience emotional troubles over those things that you’re emotionally attached to.
  6. There are millions of interesting games out there way better than playing with peoples emotions.
  7. Sometimes staying alone is better than being in a wrong relationship.
  8. Courage is not the absence of fear. It’s the ability to move on even in the face of fear.
  9. Sometimes another word for my pain is my silence.
  10. Sometimes, it’s not the music that makes you emotional, but the pictures of the people in your mind.
  11. Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.
  12. Sometimes you need to run away just to find out who will follow you.
  13. They only broke the wrong part of me. After breaking my wings, they forgot I had claws.
  14. My tears are like anchors that sink my heart to the depths of the deepest ocean….!
  15. Never worry whenever you feel low; even the sun has a sinking spell every night, neverthless, it rises again all right the next morning.
  16. Success is having the determination and courage to become the person that you want to be.
  17. It’s easy to say “sorry” when you hurt someone, but it’s difficult to say “I m fine” when you get hurt.

Emotional Status for Friend

  1. I’m my only friend.
  2. The king’s court is full of men but empty of friends.
  3. People suddenly change and forget to tell each other.
  4. However scarce true love may be, it’s less so than true friendship.
  5. Tears and Truth are the two elements that clear the way to a lasting and deep friendship.
  6. Depite the distance between us, we all stand under the same stars.
  7. You come to know who is helpful only when you are helpless.
  8. Struggling is an option, but change is inevitable.
  9. Love like you will never get hurt and dance like there’s no one watching.
  10. The loudest voice of the heart is silence.
  11. Do you know you can if you think you can?
  12. The man who is truly rich is the one whose family will always run into his arms even when his hands are empty.

Emotional Status About Life

  1. Our lives are defined by opportunities, including the ones we missed.
  2. Life is a tragedy to those who feel, and a comedy to those who think.
  3. I’m always on the run because I got a weight to burn.
  4. One of the vibrations the universe uses in checking if humans are still alive is sorrow.
  5. Just live your life the way you want it because the world is going to judge you whether you live right or wrong.
  6. It’s sure painful, but I get the message.
  7. Crying is the language of the heart to express how broken it is.
  8. Your eyes speak through crying when your mouth can’t explain how broken your heart is.
  9. It’s sometimes better to be alone and be happy than be with someone and be unhappy.
  10. We often find it easy to say “Busy” when people need us. But it hurts to hear “Busy” when you need someone.
  11. Goodbye is not the reason for the emotions, but the flashbacks of all the memories.
  12. Surrounded by many yet no one notices your pains.
  13. No one sees your tears when you are crying in the rain.
  14. All I can ever ask of myself is to do my best wherever I find myself.
  15. Having a heart alone doesn’t make you human, you have to have emotions in it too.
  16. It doesn’t matter how much you have, but how much you use.
  17. Silence is the loudest voice, yet the only few hear it because only a few listens.
  18. You said you will always be there for me. But now you’re not…
  19. Most people didn’t change. It’s just that you didn’t know the real person they were.
  20. Whenever your name appears or is mentioned to my hearing, my heart begins to beat a little bit faster than usual.

Emotional Status About Love

  1. If you love me, please let me know. But if you don’t, gently let me go.
  2. If I had just one wish to make, it will be to take back every ‘I love you’ ever said to you.
  3. How much it hurts to only have someone in your heart that you know you can’t have in your arms.
  4. I wonder why they call it heartbreak, because it feels like all part of my body is broken too.
  5. She broke my heart, but I still love her with its every little piece.
  6. If you get hurt in love, it will heal, but just like a cut… The scars will still remain.
  7. Acting is quite a physical and emotional sensation.
  8. Life goes on. With or without you.
  9. I’m simply tired and sick of being strong.
  10. Sometimes, it’s okay to pretend everything is ok.
  11. I’m no longer surprised at fake people, I’m only surprised at loyal people.
  12. I have millions of tears to cry and a thousand reasons to die.
  13. We don’t see people’s emotions and pains and really don’t know what they feel deep inside.
  14. Be careful how you treat people, not all scars show, and not all wounds heal.
  15. Sometimes letting go makes us stronger than holding on.
  16. Grief is the price everyone has to pay for love.
  17. Smiling doesn’t mean I have a perfect life. It means I’m thankful to God for all that I presently have.
  18. Every breath that I take is proof that I can still live without you.
  19. Just one hello can sometimes never want to say goodbye.
  20. You use to tell me that you hate to see me cry and you hate to see me hurt. Where your eyes closed all those while you hurt me?

Emotional Captions for Instagram

  1. If I can still breathe, then I will be fine.
  2. Even when your whole world falls apart, stay positive.
  3. One good thing about music, when it hits you feel no pain.
  4. Do you think I’ve changed? The truth is, you didn’t really know me.
  5. When you are crippled inside, there’s no way to hide it.
  6. And… My heart finally told me to stop wasting my time.
  7. You enjoy the music when you are happy, but you understand the lyrics when you are sad.
  8. I’m doing just fine, and every breath I take goes a long way to prove that I can still live without you.
  9. The only thing on earth that loves you far more than you love yourself is a dog.
  10. I’m Surrounded by many yet I feel lonely.
  11. Rain falls because the cloud can’t bear the weight of water. The same way is how the tears fall when the heart can’t bear the weight of the pains.
  12. Pains are feelings you never understand until you experience it.
  13. Crying does not reveal weakness, it only shows that the person has a heart.
  14. It hurts to see the friends you once knew, act like a total complete stranger.
  15. Respect every single drop of water whether from the eyes or from the sky.
  16. I’m far better than the person I was yesterday.
  17. Life is the various incidents that happen to while you’re still making other plans.
  18. I’m done crying. I’m gonna wipe my eyes if he doesn’t care then why should I?
  19. One of the most terrible poverty in life is Loneliness.
  20. It’s usually interesting from the beginning until the sorrows.

Emotional Statuses is various sayings and quotes that anyone can use to better express their emotional feelings. Sometimes in life, things don’t always go the way we expected it making us sometimes very emotional and can even make us break down and cry.

We are more emotional when the disappointment or whatever made us emotional is coming from the people we love; those that are dearest to us. We have provided a great collection of emotional Status that will allow you to better express your emotional feelings and vividly communicate with your friends and people around you the way you feel at the moment.

We have provided over 100 emotional status quotes that you can use on your Facebook post, Whatsapp status, on your Instagram pictures and others. You can also send the emotional status as a text message or even Twitter account to pass the heartfelt emotional feelings to the others.

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