Comments For Girls On Instagram That Will Make You Stand Out!!!

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Want to know what the best comments for girls on Instagram are? You’re at the right place where you’ll find 285 types of Instagram comments that girls like more.

The truth is that these days, many young men are not afraid to comment on pretty ladies pictures unlike before; the art have become very common. But what makes your comment outstanding is its uniqueness and how good it is presented.

Before commenting on her picture you have to decide what you want to comment and how does it suit her post. If it’s her personal picture or video, you can decide to capitalize on her looks, her accomplishments or her personality.

If you’re searching for the best comment that you can use to impress her, then you just hit a gold mine. Below is a list of amazing comments for girls on Instagram. You can either use them upfront or as a suggestion to create your own unique comment.

50 Amazing Comments For Girls On Instagram

Comments For Girls On Instagram

Instagram is quickly growing in popularity and is currently among the best and most preferred social media platform where you can freely share your life experience and other wonderful moments in the form of video or pictures.

You can easily become influential on the platform when you engage in various activities such as commenting, sharing and liking people’s post on Instagram. Below are some amazing and best comments for girls on Instagram that will make you stand out.

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List of Amazing Comments for Girl Pic on Instagram

  1. Just when I thought I had seen it all! Wow… What a beauty!
  2. You are so far from the usual.
  3. Hotter than the sun.
  4. Your beauty is a consuming fire – too hot!
  5. Amazing legs.
  6. Really jaw-dropping.
  7. Goddess of the screen.
  8. Your beauty trivializes the word “pretty”.
  9. Astounding Pics you’ve got here.
  10. Your smile is virtually the most beautiful thing I’ve seen…
  11. Just ‘WOW’ for your natural beauty.
  12. The best my eyes has behold so far.
  13. That moment I thought I couldn’t love her any further… But here comes another amazing pics with a thousand reasons to love her deeper.
  14. You are an epitome of beauty.
  15. Usual outfit with an unusual beauty.
  16. Here she goes… The most beautiful woman alive.
  17. This pics got me numb for about a minute. Girl, you are beautiful!
  18. Heart this pics.
  19. Flaming queen.
  20. She is hot!
  21. whenever the word “beauty” is mentioned, the first picture that comes to my mind is you.
  22. The kind of lady I would I do anything for!
  23. Flawless beauty.
  24. You are a genius.
  25. Smartest girl ever.
  26. Electrifying beauty.
  27. I love the way you carry yourself.
  28. Pretty mermaid.
  29. Sparkle White.
  30. If looking immensely beautiful was a crime, I’m sure you would be in prison by now.
  31. Shining brighter than the sun.
  32. Your beautiful face is incredibly stunning.
  33. Wonderful figures you’ve got there.
  34. You look so great in that outfit.
  35. This is the peak of it all… You look so good.
  36. You look so good… I just wonder why I can’t have you!
  37. Your looks are so mesmerizing.
  38. As long as I live, I’ll keep whispering those words “I Love You”.
  39. I’m so much in love with this pics.
  40. Your curly hair is so amazing.
  41. If ever I find you in my arms, I would never let you go.
  42. You’ll forever remain the sweetest girl.
  43. I heard the beautiful ones are not yet born, but I can’t imagine any beauty more than yours.
  44. Your mode of dressing says it all; beautiful both in and out.
  45. I believe God specially created you on a Sunday.
  46. The word pretty would sure be undermining your beauty. You’re a goddess.
  47. Your figures are so amazing.
  48. This pics of yours just rock my world.
  49. If loving you is a crime, then I want to go to jail.
  50. And she still looks good even without makeup.

Types Of Instagram Comments that Girls Like

  1. You Shine Bright Like A Diamond.
  2. The kind of beauty I would kill for.
  3. If you were a twin, I’ll still choose you.
  4. Killer smiles.
  5. Killer figures.
  6. Your eyes, they shine brighter than the sun.
  7. You’re so beautiful and you know it.
  8. With such a beauty, what more can I ask for?
  9. Your sweet figures were specially created just for you. You look good on them.
  10. Your legs are hot.
  11. You have a great sense of fashion.
  12. Classy Lady…
  13. I don’t mean to be rude, but you’re so beautiful.
  14. Behind that pretty face is a beautiful heart.
  15. Beautiful both outside and inside.
  16. When you smile, the whole world stands and stares for a while.
  17. Girl, you’re amazing, just the way you are.
  18. This pics here, took my breath away.
  19. Your looks are strong enough to beautify even the ugliest place in the world.
  20. Behind that amazing looks, lies a beautiful soul.
  21. You’re earth’s whisper of perfection.
  22. Your looks are so refreshing.
  23. I like those lovely set of eyes of yours.
  24. The possibilities of your beauty are endless.
  25. You know what I love most? Those beautiful and enthusiastic nature of yours.
  26. I see the power of your grace.
  27. You’re a present from divine.
  28. You shine brighter than the rays of the sun.
  29. Beauty is just a small part of the beautiful features you have.
  30. Your expression is lovely.
  31. You’re cute, pure and beautiful.
  32. That smile is breathe taking.
  33. When it comes to competition, I don’t see a need. Your the best.
  34. The beauty of life all displayed in my very before.
  35. You captivate my heart with your style.
  36. Superwoman.
  37. Quality Girl.
  38. The Irresistible one.
  39. Confident and strong.
  40. Impressive shot.
  41. Your figures are lit!
  42. Too much light.
  43. Out of our league.
  44. Loadsa Elegance.
  45. Beauty without boundaries.
  46. The gorgeous lady.
  47. The most amazing thing I’ve seen today.
  48. You’re supposed to be among the seven wonders of the world.
  49. You look so phenomenal.
  50. Wow… Such an innocent look.

A unique comment that is creatively organized can make any lady feel special and also attracted to you. The good thing is that, once she begins to notice you through your comments, she becomes comfortable conversing with you, and at this junction, you can decide to take things a little further.

Whenever a lady you are crushing on post a picture on Instagram, I think that’s another avenue to leave her in awe. So, whenever you’re crushing on a lady and she uploads a picture, below are great comments that you can use to impress her.

Creative & Unique comments that Girls Love

Comments For Girls On Instagram

Sometimes you can try being creative when commenting on a girls picture or video on Instagram. Your comment on the lady’s post should depend on the type of post she’s sharing. For instance, she shares a beautiful picture of herself, then complimenting and appreciating her would be wise. Appreciate her loveliness.

If she’s carrying out an activity on the picture, then your appreciation and compliment should capitalize on what she is doing; you just have to be creative with these things. Below are some lovely comments you can use to comment on her picture or use as a suggestion to create your own unique comment.

  1. Your looks tell me you’ll be fun to be with.
  2. Killer smiles like no other.
  3. No ordinary lady.
  4. Three times a lady.
  5. The fallen angel.
  6. Angel on earth.
  7. What I have for you is “No Ordinary Love”.
  8. You’re a Magic.
  9. My life will be more meaningful if it’s got you in it.
  10. I’ve got a dream that only you can make come true.
  11. So lovely.
  12. Hello Miss world.
  13. Girl, you are amazing just the way you are.
  14. Perfection in its fullness.
  15. Speechless… is how you make me feel.
  16. Oh… how wonderfully made.
  17. Pretty enough.
  18. Your beauty is so ravishing.
  19. I can’t imagine any beauty as yours.
  20. Pretty beyond imagination.

Best Instagram Comments Girls Like the Most

Girls love men who are sincere with them. So, you have to present your comment in the most sincere way that you can. A combination of pure Genuity and a handful of adoration will do the trick. Below are some genuine and adoring comments for girls on Instagram.

  1. Your awesomeness keeps me speechless.
  2. How come you look these good?
  3. You were created on a resting day.
  4. I See your beauty.
  5. From your eyes, I can see you’re a genius.
  6. I don’t think you were born, it seems you were made.
  7. The Masterpiece.
  8. Sportless dove.
  9. The Morning star.
  10. You are wholly inexplicable.
  11. Made of so much beauty!
  12. You are very pretty.
  13. You’re so made of special ingredients.
  14. If I was asked to modify you, then there’s nothing I would want to change.
  15. You’re a combination of milk and honey. You look sweet.
  16. You pretty enough.
  17. Such an enchanting beauty.
  18. You are so engaging.
  19. You look damn so pretty.
  20. Your looks are so stunning.

Witty Instagram comments for girls

  1. As short as your memory.
  2. I know you’re always up to date with the best Instagram filters.
  3. Such a cute monkey.
  4. Beautiful face with no brain.
  5. Beauty and a beast.
  6. Gentle girl on a high way.
  7. You’re definition of beauty and trouble.
  8. Such a precious fool.
  9. I was about to say “amazing”, not until I found out it was you.
  10. Beautiful face with an ugly brain.
  11. Nice make-up.
  12. I didn’t know you could be this beautiful. Thank God for makeup.
  13. So beautiful. It must be the handwork of a photo editor.

More of compliment than just comment

Comments For Girls On Instagram

When commenting on a girl’s picture or video on Instagram, it’s important you know there’s a clear difference between a compliment and a comment. While Comment is only used to express opinion and respond, compliment is used to show approval, shower praise and appreciation.

So, when next you want to comment on that girl’s picture on Instagram, try adding some compliment into the mix. Below are some amazing compliments that you can use on a girl’s picture on Instagram.

  1. My Precious diamond.
  2. Keep shining girl.
  3. You’re such an angel.
  4. Keep burning up with that joy.
  5. You look like one of the muse from the Greek myth.
  6. You’re the queen 100gram.
  7. Mind-blowing beauty.
  8. Where did you get those hot figures from?
  9. You’re beautiful and it’s the truth that I speak.
  10. Cool.
  11. Respect Ma.
  12. I’ve only heard about the seven wonders of the world. I’m glad to see the 8th, and that’s you.
  13. How can someone be this Fantabulous!
  14. This figures are just so perfect.
  15. Your beauty is so out of this world.
  16. A lovely post from a lovely lady.
  17. Elegant pic.
  18. Incredibly attractive.
  19. Such an exotic look.
  20. Impressive pics.

Instagram Comments that can Attract a Girl to you

  1. Flawless looks.
  2. You’re beautiful but your true beauty lies inside you.
  3. Words ain’t enough to describe how beautiful you are.
  4. Keep grinding girl.
  5. You have the key to every man’s heart.
  6. Big waist and fine face.
  7. Instagram hasn’t been the same since you are so distance now.
  8. Enveloped in beauty and style.
  9. The exemplification of Awesomeness.
  10. That beautiful face with a killer smile.
  11. Treasury house of good looks.
  12. How can somebody rock this good looks!
  13. impressive my queen.
  14. I’m mcuh favored to see your magnificence.
  15. The queen in all her glory.
  16. With this good looks of yours, I don’t mind walking through the fire for you.
  17. Your smile is magnificent and fair enchanted.
  18. Those eyes can hypnotize a whole army.
  19. If you were a meal, then you would be food for the gods.
  20. Your smile makes you look so charming.

Special Comments for Girls on Instagram

  1. Outstanding beauty.
  2. Dem other girls are no match compared to you.
  3. You are exquisite
  4. Just one word for you “Elegant.”
  5. I’m proud to call you mine.
  6. Your great looks can make a man go crazy.
  7. I think your original name should be beauty.
  8. Cutiepie.
  9. Rock on honey.
  10. Mesmerizing beauty.
  11. Gracefully dressed.
  12. Your eyes are charming.
  13. Your charm is irresistible.
  14. That look is so captivating!
  15. Babe, you’ve got the style.
  16. Your smile is so charming.
  17. Your looks are so alluring.
  18. Such a plenitude of magnificence.
  19. I can tell she’s a queen from the way she carries herself.
  20. The only two ingredients used in creating you is “Beauty and Character.”

Best Flirty Comments for Girls on Instagram

Comments For Girls On Instagram

If you’re searching for some of the best flirty comments that you can use on a girls picture on Instagram, then look no further. Below are some exceptional flirty comments for girls on Instagram. You can either use it to comment on your lady’s picture or someone you crush on. The job has already been done for you.

  1. So endowed!
  2. What more can a man ask for?
  3. Food for the real men
  4. I’m so sick, and you’re all I need to be alright.
  5. Made for only real men.
  6. I would gladly offer 20years of my life for your behind.
  7. A woman like you deserves nothing… But the best.
  8. I’m sure your mama gave you those heaps.
  9. Your elegance is indescribable.
  10. You’re so blessed all around.
  11. Your beauty is indescribable.
  12. Your good look indicates a touch from divinity.
  13. Levelled up!
  14. Simply sophisticated.
  15. Such an elegance!
  16. 50 shade of awesomeness.
  17. Black is the new white.
  18. Marvellous creature.
  19. Exceptionally awesome.
  20. That good looks makes me want to gasp for air.

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