Catholic Prayer For Newborn Baby Boy and Girl

Powerful Catholic Prayer For Newborn Baby: Children are actually heritage from God. It’s therefore important that we offer prayers of blessings on the children that the Lord has given to us, and also thank Him for giving us such a precious gift. Below are 50 powerful Catholic prayers for newborn babies.

Catholic Prayer For Newborn Baby

May the blessings of the Lord always be with you.
I pray that the Lord instil His fear upon you
And just as Jesus grew in wisdom, strength & stature, so shall you.
Where ever you step your foot, you shall be blessed.
You will be blessed in the morning, blessed in the night.
I pray that your guardian angel shall watch over you 24/7.

May the Lord that keepeth Israel away from all enemies keep you safe.
In the hollow of His hands shall you find rest.
You are blessed in your going out and coming in.
Just like a palm tree planted by the rivers of water and flourishes without season
So shall even you flourish without season.
Blessed is every man that blesses you.
And, cursed is every man that curses you.

Blessed Be the name of the Lord who has been gracious in dealing with us.
We glorify the Lord who has delivered to us a newborn bouncing baby boy.
We pray that the Lord who has given us this precious gift also provide
materials for his upkeep.
Thank you, Lord, for your provision.

It’s written that ‘Every Good Gift cometh from the Lord.
And we are assured that this one too is also a good gift.
As everything produces according to its kind,
So shall this new baby produce everything good for its parents?
He shall always be the first among His/Her peers.

Oh Lord, we thank you for answering our prayers with this beautiful Child.
Thank you for blessing our wombs with your fruit.
And according to your word, Isaiah 54:13, you promised to teach all our children
I pray that you teach this special child with your word.
Let there be a mark of distinction between him/her and his peers.

May the blessings of the Most-high continue to be with you.
May all your heart desires never be caught short.
Let every one that sees you bless you.
Let the angels of the Lord constantly surround you.
May the light of the Lord light up your path
And may His words direct your steps everywhere you go.

May the strong hands of the Lord hold you strongly.
Let His countenance shine in your life.
I pray that the uncommon grace of the Lord follows you all through your life.
May uncommon favour be your portion frow now and unto eternity.

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Catholic Prayer For Newborn Baby Boy

catholic prayer for newborn baby
Catholic Prayer For Newborn Baby Boy

Oh Lord, our creator thank you for another great time like this.
We humbly call upon you for your grace,
And eternal love upon this infant.
May your eyes of love and care be upon
Him both now and for eternity.

Bless is the name of the Lord who is worthy to be praised.
From Him comes all blessings and good gifts.
Bless is the protector of all infants.
Bless is the one whom all life springs from.
We are here to thank you for adding another member to this family
And we pray you to look down on him with grace and favour.
Hold him in your gently but powerful hands.

Blessed be the name of our Lord Jesus Christ
He has added another life unto us.
May His blessings continue to rest upon us as well as upon this infant that has been given unto us.
We pray you to watch over this young one just as you watch over Israel.
May your favour continually rest upon this child.

Hallow be your name oh father of creation.
We thank you for safe delivery, we thank you for preserving both the mother and child.
I pray that as the baby grows through life, that you walk with him and order his steps in your word.
I pray that everything needed for his well being should be divinely supplied
Through Christ our Lord. And everyone will reply Amen…

May our Lord Jesus Christ, who derive so much please in children,
Preserve you, and bless you,
Both now and forevermore.
And everyone replies Amen.

Dear Lord, I thank you for choosing today as the day this cute baby will be given birth to.
I pray you to order the steps of this baby and that you also perfect your plans for his life.
We praise you for your loving kindness upon this child.
Wrap him in your goodness and always be his comfort in times of trouble.

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Catholic Prayer For Newborn Baby Girl

Catholic Prayer For Newborn Baby Girl
Catholic Prayer For Newborn Baby Girl

Righteous king, I bless your holy name on behalf of this infant child.
I pray that you do great and mighty things in her life.
I know that your plans for her are good and not evil, to give her a prosperous life.
Marvellous God, I also pray that you protect her from all harm and keep her safe in the hollow of your hand.
Thank you for I know you answer us when we call upon you.

Eternal rock of ages, I know you already know this beautiful girl’s future even before she was conceived.
I pray thee that you grant her good speed and prosper her in all that she will do.
I also pray that your word should serve as a light unto her path.
Gift her with your constant presence and let the holy spirit minister everything good into her heart IJN Amen.

Everlasting Father, we thank you for another joyful day like this,
We celebrate you for the successful delivery of this newborn baby that is now amongst us.
Thank You for gifting this family with a beautiful bouncing baby girl.
We are saying may all the glory, adoration, and thanksgiving be ascribed onto your holy name.
Thank you for receiving our praises through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Our blessed Redeemer, our help in times of need.
Thank you for this special child You have given unto us
I commit her salvation into your able hands
You said in Your word that “Salvation Is of the Lord”.
I, therefore, commit her body and soul into your mighty hands.
Fill her with Your power and grace, and let everything she touches, turn to gold.
Thank You for answering the prayers of your people. IJN, Amen.

May the name of the Lord be praised among the people of the earth.
Let His peace which passeth all understanding befall mightly on this newborn child.
Thank You for giving her to this family,
And we know that every resource that will be required for her upbringing will be divinely supplied IJN. Amen.

Powerful Prayers For Newborn Babies

Powerful Catholic Prayer For Newborn Babies
Powerful Catholic Prayer For Newborn Babies

Heavenly Father, Awesome Wonder is Your name,
And I bless You for providing us with this child.
You who have provided us with this child will also protect her for us.
Build your wall of H around her and let all the evil arrows shot by the enemies.
Give me the strength to raise this baby in all your ordnances and fear.

Blessed be Your name, my master and my friend. You are the impossibility specialist and today, You have shown me your wonders. Thank you for giving me, my own promise child. You said in Your word that “The gift of the Lord addeth no sorry”. Father, this baby will not bring pain to this family or society. You will use him for signs and wonders, and wield him as your instrument.

Thank You, great protector, of the universe.
Thank You for this infante you have given to me.
I know Your presence is everywhere and right now as I speak,
You are standing by my newborn baby’s side.
This baby is exclusively reserved for signs and wonders.
Thank you master for answering our prayers IJN, Amen.

Blessed be the name of the Lord who has turned our weeping into joy.
I praise Your holy name for providing us with this cute child,
You are indeed a wonder-working God – Master of the universe.
I pray You will be the one to teach this child because it’s written that our
‘Children shall be thought of the Lord.
Therefore, Lord, I pray that you teach this baby your ways IJN, Amen.

Jehovah Rapha, the God of all flesh.
Is there anything too difficult for You? No!
You are the one who says a thing and it comes to pass.
Thank You for fulfilling your promises concerning the fruit of the womb,
Thank You for giving me this baby which has always been my heart desire.
You who has provided him will preserve him with long life and prosperity, IJN. Amen

If you believe in those prayers that have been offered above, then you will see it working in the life of your newborn baby. Don’t forget to share this page with other families who just had a newborn baby. If you have any suggestion or question, feel free to use the comment section for that purpose.

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