Best Comment for Girl Pic on fb (Facebook) to make her crush on you

Do you want some of the best comments for Girl Pic on FB? Or do you want to learn how to compliment a beautiful girl’s picture on Facebook? We’ve got you fully covered.

We have over 300 amazing comments that will make it easy for you to catch her attention and make her comfortable starting a personal conversation with you. Among our collection of the best comment for a Girl Pic on FB, you will find a friendly, flirty, creative, and funny type of Facebook comment for a girl’s picture.

The truth is that most times while scrolling through our news feed we come across pictures of beautiful ladies on Facebook, and even though in our hearts we desire to compliment her, we find it difficult to put words in order. Some guys are even scared to comment so they don’t say something that will make the girl write them off; thus killing their chances of even shooting their shot at first.

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The truth is that you lack the appropriate words to say. Men who know how to use their words right can easily captivate a ladies heart and can even make her start crushing on him in no time. If you are finding it difficult complimenting a girl’s picture whether on Instagram or Facebook, then below is a quick guide on how to comment on a beautiful girl’s pics on social media.


How To Properly Compliment A Girl

Best Comment for Girl Pic on fb

A good compliment (comment in this case) can easily impress a lady and make her incline that you have a good personality. Almost all the girls love attention, so it’s almost a sure win for anyone who flatters them and showers them with praise.

But while dropping your compliment or comment, don’t exaggerate things, because women love sincere men. So, if you have an intention of winning her heart, then you have to be careful with the kind of comments you drop on her post.

Below are some tips that will guide you in creating killer comments that can easily make her comfortable with you and can also win her heart.

NB: The tips below on writing the best comment for girl’s pic on FB can also be applied when you’re commenting on a girl’s pics on Instagram or other social sharing sites or apps.

Don’t Be Rude: Avoid making obnoxious and rude comments that could turn out to be harmful in the long run. Be a gentle Man.

Don’t Be A Pervert: Being a flirt and being a pervert are two different things. Don’t drop comments that suggest that you a pervert. Words like You are so $exy should be avoided, especially when you don’t share a close relationship with the person.

You Have To Creative: It shouldn’t be just a comment rather, it should be more of a compliment. Thus, you ought to pay close attention to little details such as her bags, her hair, shoes, clothes, etc, and give her a compliment for that. You can even use poetry or quotes to tell her how beautiful she is.

Try To Be Unique: Don’t follow the crowd; stand out. Try to do something interesting and different from what others have already done. Don’t copy other people’s comments on her comment box and paste them there. You can even use funny comments that can crack her up a bit; it’s a plus for you.

Don’t Judge: Finally, you don’t need to be judgmental when dropping your comment. You don’t necessarily need to criticize her or start judging her; you’re not a judge after all.

Best Comment for Girl Pic on FB [The Legendary List]

#1. You are so incredible.

#2. One word for you “Extraordinary”.

#3. You are my inspiration.

#4. You’ve got an irresistible smile.

#5. Honey, you’re a whisper of perfection.

#6. Still super pretty even without makeup.

#7. What a powerful radiation of beauty!

#8. Those looks can hypnotize almost any man.

#9. Those eyes are capable of casting a spell on anyone it beholds.

#10. Miss World in the making.

#11. This pic is impressive.

#12. I like your curly hair.

#13. You are so adorable.

#14. An embodiment of eternal beauty.

#15. You are such a scream of cuteness.

#16. Prettiness in all its glory.

#17. You look gorgeous.

#18. You look charming.

#19. What radiation of charisma!

#20. You are such an awesome wonder.

#21. Very impressive.

#22. I’m mesmerized by your looks.

#23. Cuttie.

#24. Sportless dove.

#25. Sparkle white.

#26. The most wanted.

#27. I’m so impressed.

#28. My soul desires you.

#29. You are such a Magic!

#30. I love those crazy looks.

#31. What more can any man ask for?

#32. My classic lady.

#33. I appreciate you.

#34. You are toping the chat.

#35. Always at the front sit in the Fastlane.

#36. My slay queen.

#37. Killing Dem Boys.

#38. Your eyes are irresistible.

#39. You’ve got a great jaw.

#40. What a flawless skin.

#41. You can light up my world with your smile.

#42. What a pretty set of eyes you’ve got there.

#43. Those figures suit your pretty face perfectly.

#44. Those eyes of yours are enchanting.

#45. Your dress is stunning.

#46. Your hair is like a golden halo

#47. It seems smiling is your hubby.

#48. That dress fits you perfectly well.

#49. Those eyes of yours are so expressive.

#50. This pics just took my breath away.

50 Best Comments for Girls Pic on Facebook

Facebook can be so interesting especially when you’ve got lots of beautiful girls pictures loitering on your news feed. The truth is that some of the guys wish to comment but don’t really know what to say. Don’t worry we’ve got just exactly what you need “The best comment for girl pic on FB.”

Below are some nice things that you can comment on a lady’s picture on Facebook that will make her feel important and in turn may make you her main attraction.

#1. 50 shades of awesomeness.

#2. You’re simply Nature at its best.

#3. You’re an epitome of beauty.

#4. What a captivating beauty!

#5. Girl, you’re so amazing just the way you are.

#6. You’ve got a very pretty smile.

#7. Your latest look is lit!

#8. You are a better definition of beauty.

#9. The queen of my heart.

#10. All I want is you.

#11. What an alluring beauty.

#12. You’ve won my heart with just that look.

#13. Whenever I’m asked to define beauty, I’ll just come and look at this picture.

#14. You’re killing me softly.

#15. All I want to do is sit down and just stare at you. You look so beautiful.

#16. Such a stunning appearance.

#17. Your beauty knows no boundary.

#18. Saw your beautiful pics and now I’m scared to fall asleep else I fall for you.

#19. You’re so perfect and I wouldn’t have created you any better.

#20. What a stunning look.

#21. Beauty without boundaries.

#22. If I must be honest, you look extremely beautiful.

#23. The most beautiful girl in the world.

#24. Your beauty is so refreshing.

#25. This beauty ranges from deep within your soul.

#26. I’ve never imagined such endless possibilities of beauty.

#27. Rose flowers are nothing compared to your beauty.

#28. What indescribable awesomeness.

#29. You’re passionate and beautiful.

#30. I like your style.

#31. That cute girl with the prettiest smile.

#32. Your good looks are breathtaking.

#33. Such an amazing figure.

#34. The warehouse of beauty.

#35. Your beauty is enthralling.

#36. You’re such a pretty queen and I wish I can be your king.

#37. You are such a rainbow.

#38. Your beauty can be seen even by a blind man.

#39. Your gorgeous look is a show stopper.

#40. This pic is capable of making the whole world still for a while.

#41. What a rare gem of beauty.

#42. Looking good is an understatement; you look lovely.

#43. This beauty has earned my praise.

#44. This is a jaw-dropper.

#45. I’ve never seen such a riveting beauty.

#46. What an addictive good look!

#47. You pass for a model for beauty.

#48. That moment I thought I had seen it all, then this beauty shows up.

#49. Your good look increases every day.

#50. I love this impeccable beauty that I see.

Best Comment For a Beautiful Girl Picture On Facebook

#1. You reflect true beauty.

#2. So far, this is the best I’ve found.

#3. You’re nothing but prettiness at its best.

#4. Looking good has always been your business.

#5. It’s obvious that you look so good, and I think you should be proud of that.

#6. I draw so much inspiration from your beauty.

#7. Gorgeous smile.

#8. You’re always amazing.

#9. Those Pairs of shoes resemble that of Cinderella.

#10. You have the cutest set of eyes ever.

#11. Seems you were born for this dress.

#12. Those eyes of yours are capable of giving light to a whole room.

#13. I’ve known you for a while now, and I know you’re also beautiful all the time.

#14. The brightness of your eyes is simply amazing.

#15. Apart from a pretty face, you also have a beautiful heart.

#16. You are beautiful inside and outside.

#17. I love your personality, but your beauty speaks louder than it.

#18. You’re such a rough driver because you are driving me crazy with those eyes.

#19. The beauty of the flowers withers as the sun rises stronger, but your beauty my dear seems to be eternal.

#20. I never imagined that someone this beautiful ever existed on earth.

#21. Your awesome physic deserves a round of applause.

#22. Girl, you look beautiful… Did anyone ever mention that to you?

#23. I know you must have been hearing it a lot, but I must add mine, “You look gorgeous.”

#24. Beauty was only a word to me until you came along and gave it meaning.

#25. This photo deserves to be loved multiple times. I wish there was a way of achieving that.

#26. While people are busy praising your looks, I’m busy praising your personality.

#27. I can’t find words enough to define how beautiful you are.

#28. You’re all around pretty. I just don’t know where to begin.

#29. Seeing this beauty was a pleasure!

#30. You’ve got good taste.

#31. What a beautiful creature!

#32. Your confidence and strength are second to none.

#33. See how bright your eyes are; like a twinkle twinkle little star.

#34. Strapping since day one.

#35. Priceless jewel.

#36. You’re like a diamond in the sky.

#37. Such a great display of charisma.

#38. Elegance queen.

#39. What a wonderful creature.

#40. You’re a pure gift from heaven.

Funny Comment for Comment for Girl Pic On FB

  • You look so booty-full
  • Enough of this beauty! It’s too much.
  • Hehe. Cute baboon.
  • That monkey look thou. Lol…
  • Oh! What a precious fool.
  • In the end, you’ll still remain my brainless cutie…
  • Hello idiot!
  • My pretty little b!tch… lmao
  • You’re too short, just like your brain.
  • You look adorable when you use Instagram filters.
  • Nice pics… Please which photo editor did you use again?
  • Beautiful picture made up of various combinations of the latest Instagram filters.
  • I’ve been wondering about your beauty. Now, your beauty is about to turn me into a wonderer.
  • It beats my imagination how you look this cute even though you’re a bizarre human being who is cute.
  • I just search google for the most beautiful girl on earth, and I was redirected to your FB profile page.

Best Lovely comment for a girl’s picture on Facebook

#1. Rock on girl… You shine brighter than the sun.

#2. You’re pure, true, and beautiful.

#3. You dazzle when you’re smiling.

#4. Loving you is easy because you’re beautiful.

#5. Just staring at your picture is enough to make me smile.

#6. You’re such a breath of fresh air.

#7. That special lady with so much potential.

#8. You’re such a beautiful soul.

#9. Always keeping it real.

#10. I think your happy nature is the strong strength behind your beauty.

#11. I can feel your positive energy.

#12. Good vibes only.

#13. No one is perfect but honey you’re imperfectly perfect.

#14. You’re a divine touch of perfection.

#15. You are a sigh of love.

#16. You shine brighter than the sun.

#17. You’re a shooting star.

#18. I’m sure you’ve got those good genes from your mama.

#19. It seems that pink is your favorite color.

#20. You rock those shoes better than the Kardashian sister.

#21. You’re always the best fashion of yourself.

#22 Your real nature keeps you beautiful.

#23. Classic lady.

#24. Having you in my life is the most beautiful thing that has ever happened to me.

#25. You’re so cute. Thanks for making me a better person.

#26. My life means nothing without you.

#27. I’m not grateful for anything except having you in my life.

#28. You bring me so much joy.

#29. What an adorable look.

#30. Even if you were a twin, I’ll still choose you.

#31. You’re the only woman who makes me feel like a man.

#32. You are a constant in my life and to stop thinking of you seems almost impossible.

#33. Please stop showing off, everyone already knows you’re very beautiful.

#34. No matter how beautiful your pics are, they can never replace you. I can’t wait to see you.

#35. I wonder why people are permitted to look this good.

#36. Your charming look is one of the things I just can’t deal with.

#37. You rock my world.

#38. You’re so pretty… Amazing, lovely, and extremely awesome.

#39. Your looks are wonderful.

#40. It seems your parents are bakers because… Just imagine what a cutie pie they’ve made!

The truth is that everyone loves to be praised. As a matter of fact, women to be precise feel honored when they are being complimented. And that is the reason we have provided mind-blowing and top-notch best comments for girl pic on Fb.

Best Comment for My Girlfriend Photo on FB

Best Comment for Girl Pic on fb

Don’t just scroll and pass even when it’s your girlfriend’s pics. While other guys are busy trying to win her heart, it’s good you drop your own unique comment to show them that you’re the chosen one. When you appreciate her in the public, it shows that you’re not ashamed of her and it also shows you’re not taking her for granted. It’s time to flex muscles!!

Below are some powerful arsenal (comments) that you can use to destroy all your competitors. Enjoy!

#1. My rare gem.

#2. My one in a billion.

#3. You’re my muse, and I love you.

#4. In those pretty eyes of yours, all I see is us.

#5. I’m Glad You Are Mine.

#6. The queen of my heart.

#7. The prettiest girl around the block.

#8. You are sure the next miss world.

#9. That innocent look tho.

#10. Slaying since day one.

#11. You spunky.

#12. The look in your eyes they say you’ll never leave me.

#13. On my honor as your lover, I will do my best.

#14. Woman, I adore you so much.

#15. This pic makes me want to fall in love with you over and over again.

#16. You are so special to me in every way.

#17. You’re amazing just the way you are.

#18. You mean the world to me.

#19. The smile on your face lets me know that you need me.

#20. You’re the rainbow in my storm.

#21. Your smile brightens my day.

#22. So pretty… If loving you is a crime, then I’ll love to stay in jail.

#23. You’re the torch in my dark world.

#24. I may not have seen you, but it seems you grow more beautiful every day.

#25. Can you send me your picture so I can give my wish list to Santa?

#26. If Van Gogh had you as his subject, then the Sunflowers should have been in the garbage by now.

#27. You’re so irreplaceable.

#28. There’s only one thing I can’t avoid in this world and it’s you.

#29. You’re such an embodiment of goodness.

#30. Your good looks make me speechless.

#31. You’ve got a special place in my heart that is specially created for only you.

#32. A million-dollar smile!

#33. My guiding light.

#34. The most beautiful girl with a charming smile.

#35. Whoever is your man, is indeed the luckiest man in the world.

#36. Tell who made it possible. Oh…What a beauty!

#37. Those necklaces properly seat well on your neck.

#38. One huge from you and my day is blessed.

#39. Lucky are those who have you in their lives.

#40. I’m spellbound by your good looks.

Best Creative Comments for a Girl Picture Post on FB

#1. My favorite FB Famous.

#2. Don’t Stop slaying.

#3. I’ve been crushing on you since day one.

#4. Wonderfully and fearfully made.

#5. Your face is more glitter than gold.

#6. Oh my Goodness! Is this a goddess?

#7. Nice dimples.

#8. I think being a fashionista is your calling.

#9. Your beauty can’t be criticized.

#10. You appear even a lot better than the bride.

#11. I’m sure you still look good even in a broken mirror.

#12. Whether they love it or not, you’re damn beautiful.

#13. What an eternal glow.

#14. It seems uniqueness is your style.

#15. Awesomeness spoke to me about you.

#16. My girl, your beauty is charismatic.

#17. The boss lady.

#18. Levelled Up.

#19. Your beauty captivates my heart.

#20. Such alluring pictures you’ve got here.

#21. You are the leader of good looks kingdom.

#22. God bless your mama for bringing something like this into the universe.

#23. I’m forever going to be your super fan.

#24. So amazing and I like it like that.

#25. I’m so in love with every inch of you.

#26. You are so endowed.

#27. I’m in awe of your smooth skin.

#28. Keep slaying, I’ve got your back.

#29. Your loose hair brings me a sensual feeling.

#30. Your beauty is your power.

#31. My heart will be forever loyal to your command.

#32. You are worth more than the jackpot.

#33. You look super beautiful.

#34. My all-time favorite.

#35. Insta Model.

#36. You’re such an amazing soul friend.

#37. You’re so hot. I must have to stay away from you else I get burnt.

#38. No border is strong enough to withstand the strength of your beauty.

#39. You’re so amazing and I’m ready to kill anyone just as soon as you give orders.

#40. I don’t really know you, but I think ‘Awesome Wonders’ should be your name.

Best Comment For a Special Girl Pic on FB

#1. 50 shades of good looks.

#2. You really know how to love yourself.

#3. You are the 8th wonder of the world.

#4. Just when I thought I had seen it all! Girl, you’re beautiful.

#5. What an astounding magnificence.

#6. Stay calm and rock on, my lady.

#7. You look smart. I love it.

#8. This lockdown really looks good on you.

#9. I am speechless when I look at you.

#10. You’re an indispensable part of my life.

#11. You are the complete definition of excellence.

#12. A shot that has also captured my heart.

#13. Your dimples are mindblowing.

#14. Beauty galore.

#15. What an excellent curve.

#16. Those looks can drive a man insane.

#17. Treasury house of good looks.

#18. The exemplification of good looks.

#19. With a brilliant heart and a natural beauty, what more can one ask for?

#20. Such a plenitude of gorgeousness.

#21. Even your grin makes me excited.

#22. These pics are so impossible to just pass by without leaving a beautiful compliment.

#23. What an outstanding beauty.

#24. What an exotic look.

#25. Sportless skin with an out of this world awesomeness.

#26. Where can I get these same good looks for myself?

#27. Pretty mermaid.

#28. An angel should be missing in heaven, and I think you’ve to go back.

#29. Your bright smile gives more meaning to your beauty.

#30. A single shot with more than a thousand words.

#31. There’re no words that can describe the magnitude of your beauty.

#32. It’s impossible to have an ugly heart with this kind of pretty face.

#33. Defining the word “Beauty” without you will be impossible.

#34. Mrs. Glamorous.

#35. This pic is dope.

#36. What a stunning appearance.

#37. Damn girl, you are flawless.

#38. The posture of a power queen.

#39. Rocking the best look ever.

#40. Your face has a moon shape.

Best Comment for Girl Pic on FB on her Appearance

Best Comment for Girl Pic on fb

When commenting on a girl’s picture on Facebook, you have to capitalize on any of her features that caught your attention. If her eyes seem bright enough for your liking, then let her know; if it’s her smile, also let her know.

Below are some beautiful compliments that concentrate on appearance. You can use any of the comments below when you notice any of the features on her picture.

#1. Your eyes glitter like crystals.

#2. Your smile is my healing balm.

#3. Pretty stunning shot

#4. This is so amazing.

#5. OMG! You are so on fire…

#6. I love the caption as well as you.

#7. You are such a motivation.

#8. The proper motivation is just seen at the right time.

#9. Every cloth you put on seems you were made for this clothes.

#10. You look phenomenal in every dress you wear.

#11. You are the cutest.

#12. I’ve been trying to take my eyes away but it’s not working.

#13. These photos are so gorgeous.

#14. Damn! dear friend, you look so beautiful.

#15. Your dressing sense usually makes sense. I Love it.

#16. What a slayer you are.

#17. You are a superwoman.

#18. This photo is extremely stylish!

#19. This shot is beyond awesome.

#20. You’re indeed a natural woman.

#21. There’s no B!tch as hard as you can.

#22. You’re so amazing, darling.

#23. The prettiest girl on the planet.

#24. pearls are nothing compared to those sets of eyes.

#25. Lovely pair of shoes.

#26. I miss those smiles.

#27. This look looks good on you.

#28. You are beautifully beautiful.

#29. Incredibly attractive.

#30. You’re the perfect combination of beauty and character.

#31. Nice shot. But can you do me the favor to meet this beautiful face?

#32. Are you a model? Because you sure look like one.

#33. What an immeasurable beauty.

#34. Just staring at your pretty face is more than enough to brighten my day.

#35. No man is strong enough to resist this beauty of yours.

#36. You’re ethereal. And not even a million orchids can be compared with you.

#37. You even look better than the new bride.

#38. Your body glitters than gold.

#39. What an enchanting beauty. I hope the groom doesn’t change his mind to choose you.

#40. According to my evaluation, your demand will definitely increase in the future.

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Finally, I’m glad to provide you with some of the best comments for girl pic on FB. They are capable of driving almost any girl crazy when you drop it as a comment under their pictures. With our unique collection of amazing and creative comments for girl pics on FB, you are sure to soon have a huge portfolio of girls crushing on you.

Don’t forget to share our post when the girls begin to see you as a superstar in the making, and they start rushing in for the taking.

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