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Beautiful Status for Whatsapp, Facebook & TikTok has been provided for everyone in search of words to represent the beauty inside of them as well as outside their body.

There is beauty all around us and while others may find theirs in another human like themselves, others may find theirs in nature, arts, music, etc. Nevertheless, in whatever way you find your beauty, just ensure that you find any of the quotes below that will help you express this beauty you feel to the world.


Beauty Status
Beauty Quotes & Status.

Simplicity is beauty.

Genuine beauty is one that can be perceived without the eyes.

Everywhere that I go, the only thing I see is beautiful people.

Most times beauty is not only perceived with the eyes but with the heart too.

Beauty is not all about having a beautiful face. The most important element in beauty, is having a beautiful heart, mind and a beautiful soul.

External beauty is the beauty seen only with our eyes, but internal beauty is the beauty we feel with our heart.

Everyone is beautiful in their own special ways.

Ladies stop faking beauty because your true beauty lies inside you.

Don’t let anyone talk you down. You are amazing and beautiful just the way you are.

External beauty is sometimes the mask used in hiding the ugliness inside.

Confident people are always beautiful people.

A smile is the cheapest but most effective beauty makeup anyone can afford.

Do not be deceived by the external beauty because it will only fade and vanish with time and you will be left with only character, values, and personality.

A smile is the cheapest way to enhance your appearance.

Imperfection is beautiful.

True beauty is simply staying confident and comfortable in your own skin. Beauty is accepting who you really are.

There are lots of artificial makeup that can enhance your beauty, but you will never find a makeup that can enhance your personality.

Everyone is pretty except in the eyes of an insecure.

Nobody is ugly they are yet to discover how beautiful they are. We are all beautiful in our own special ways.

Do you know what is true beauty? That wrinkled face that reflects life experiences, that withered body that stands proud no matter what happens, and that jagged hands which mould the world.

Be your own kind of beautiful.

Whatever makes you special makes you beautiful.

Understanding, good attitude and talents are the foundation of true beauty.

Feel the way you want to be perceived. Confidence is what makes you beautiful, so always be yourself and put on your confidence.

Happiness is the most essential ingredient for staying beautiful.

Beauty begins with you. Thus, until you believe you are beautiful, we will never recognize it.

Always be your best version both inside and out – that is the ultimate beauty.

In the land of Beauty, the colour of your skin or the colour of your hair does not matter. The only thing that matters is your values and character – The real person that you are.

No time is better than now, so enjoy every moment of your days – It will make you look beautiful all the time.

I’m the prettiest cupcake in a world of muffins. I’m the golden pot at the edge of a remarkable rainbow. I hope you see how beautiful I’m!

All creatures have beauty inside of them, though not all of them can see nor appreciate it.

Self-confidence requires you trusting yourself. Now… You have to trust me when I say you are beautiful.


If you don’t feel pretty, you will never look pretty. The exterior beauty is an echo of the interior beauty.

You are the most valuable and beautiful. Don’t ever let anyone make you believe differently.

Some of the most beautiful feelings and things in the world are usually not seen with our eyes, but felt with our heart.

Beauty without a heart is ugliness.

A lady whose expression is a pure happiness and whose smile not hidden has a kind of beauty regardless of what she wears.

The way they think has nothing to do with the way you look. You are beautiful and it’s true!

Don’t lust after the outward beauty, rather glance at the beauty inside.

Don’t accept anyone’s judgement of how ugly you are or not. The only way to look beautiful is to know that you are beautiful.

Adoring only the beauty that you can see deprives you of the experiences from the beauty of the soul.

A beautiful soul is always prettier than a beautiful face.

Your heart can see things from a million miles that your eyes can not see.

Sometimes you don’t need to hear the opinion of others about you. You are simply who you are, and you are most beautiful in that form.

Only those who have the ability to see beauty in everything will forever remain young. You will never feel beautiful outside if you don’t have a beautiful heart.

Understanding the beautiful work of art is not enough. You must have to feel and be affected by it.

Beauty will only capture your attention for the moment but personality will capture your heart for eternity.

An old but useful junk is more beautiful than a piece of gold.

Learn to live your life in your truest form – It’s the most beautiful form you can take.

True beauty never fades away.

Endeavour to always find meaning in every life situation for it contains grace and beauty.

Beauty doesn’t take one form, it comes in different shapes and colours; It’s always special and irreplaceable.

Staying confident is what makes you really outstanding and beautiful.

The ideal beauty is like a fugitive who is never found.

The voice of true beauty is so soft, and it can only be heard by souls that are awakened.

Beauty is the only thing stronger than red wine, it intoxicates both the beholder and holder.

Folly and beauty are old companions.

And then… Our hearts were filled with great beauty that our eyes could not even see.

The future belongs only to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

You will never find any cosmetic for beauty such as happiness.

True beauty is a kind soul, warm heart, and a listening ear.

You can hardly find great virtue and great beauty living inside one apartment, they are hardly together.

A witty woman is a treasure a witty beauty is a power.


My beauty secret is absolutely no sun.

A girl should be two things in one; beautiful and classy.

Beauty itself is nothing but the sensible image of the Infinite.

The true form of beauty is one that no picture can express.

All the freaky people are the ones that come together to form the beauty of this world.

Beauty is adorned the most when it’s unadorned.

Kindness is its own form is a perfect beauty.

The beautiful is always bizarre.

A beauty without flaw is a flaw itself.

The rhythmical creation of beauty in words is called poetry.

It is necessary that we have great respect for ageing because it has such an amazing beauty.

Beauty has almost everything to do with character.

True beauty stands the taste of time and becomes more obvious only when it gets older.

Who would not give up wit for beauty and power?

It’s better you give me the hurtful truth than to offer me a beautiful lie.

There’s always beauty in anything that makes you happy.

Beauty is a commodity that anyone can afford, but not everyone has it.

The only time you know how beautiful people are is when you know them from the inside.

The only way to see beauty is with your eyes closed.

Confidence is the 5exiest thing any girl can wear.

If looking beautiful is a crime, then I’m going to be in jail for the rest of my life.

They call me sparkle white, the glamorous queen, the beautiful diva.

External beauty is capable of blinding the eyes of the mind, though not forever.

From the onset, people always judge others based on how they look.

Beauty is good from the outside but best from the inside.

If not for the corrupt individuals, the whole earth is beautiful.

The eyes are the entrance to the heart… Maybe that’s the reason most people only appreciate the external beauty that can be seen with the eyes.

Others see only her beauty. But all I see is her wit.

Mankind will favour beauty if only all humans had the same abilities.

Take a look inside. Don’t be fooled by the beauty outside.

Sometimes all that glitters is not gold.

The world is full of deception. Thus, don’t completely rely on your eyes because it can easily be deceived, but trust in your heart for the beauty it sees.

The world will be a better place if only people will start seeing with their hearts instead of their eyes.


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Only the lover sees the beauty.

Loving you, I see your soul come shine… You’re beautiful.

When you fall in love with someone’s personality, everything about them becomes beautiful.

The Love of beauty is a taste but the creation of beauty is an art.

Don’t find the beauty of a woman in the clothes she wears – You wouldn’t find it… Do not find the beauty of a woman in the expensive accessories she uses – You wouldn’t find it… Don’t find the beauty of a woman in the figure of her body – You wouldn’t find it… A woman’s real beauty lies in her eyes because that’s where her love dwells.

Don’t force yourself on anyone, because if they really love you, they will see the beauty inside of you.

Do you want to know the secrete of always staying beautiful? Love yourself!

True beauty is like true love – It doesn’t see any imperfection and even when there’re flaws, it doesn’t see any nor changes.

Love does not see any unattractive or beautiful appearance. In its eyes, we are all equal.

Love is many splendid things. It takes us up where we belong. All you need is love beauty!

Everything is beautiful only for the person in love.

No matter how beautiful others may think that you are, if your loved ones doesn’t see it that way… It doesn’t matter.

If you say you love me, will you still love me in the future? Would I still remain this beautiful to you?


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