Best Attitude Status for Boys in English [200+ Cool Attitude Status for Boys]

In search of the Best Attitude Status for Boys you can use on WhatsApp or Facebook? Then today is your lucky day! Below are over 200 best handpicked Cool Attitude Status for Boys.


Best Attitude Status for Boys

1). The best part of being me is that I’m a limited edition with no other copies.

2). Take it or leave it, I’m the best among the rest. Get used to that.

3). My girlfriend asked me to be caring… Now I have 3 Girlfriends!

4). A smooth sea will never make a skilled mariner.

5). A beautiful face, beautiful body, and horrible attitude. It was the holy trinity of hot boys.

6). Don’t call it my attitude, call it my style.

7). Set your goals very high, and don’t stop until you get there.

8). What I stand on is what I stand for.

10). You miss out 100% of the selfies you don’t take.

11). Just do the act and the attitude will automatically follow.

12). Girls don’t realize how much one little thing can hurt a boy.

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boys attitude status
Boys Attitude Status

13). The devil saw me coming and was scared of competition.

14). Stop hating on me, get to know me first.

15). Hate me or love me, I’m back

16). Champions constantly train, losers constantly complain.

17). I’m a winner. I’m the true competitor who can compete with anybody.

18). One naughty thought a day helps keep the stress away.

19). I want a girl who sees the fires burning in my eyes and want to still play with me.

20). The question is not who will let me; it’s who is going to stop me.

21). I can always forgive but I can’t always forget.

22). Forget the haters… cause somebody loves you.

23). Like the lion, I stay focused, chase after my dreams and keep moving toward my destiny.

24). Boy’s don’t have the slightest clue how long things they said can stay in a woman’s heart

25). One of the two reasons why men stay out late is either they have no wife to meet at home, or they do.

26). Winners keep trying until they get it right.

27). 82% of boys have a girlfriend. The remaining 18% are having a brain.

28). Boys lie more, but girls lie better.

29). Get Lost! Yes, you! – The one reading my status.

30). Love me or hate me, it really doesn’t matter.

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Whatsapp Attitude Status for Boys

1). Boys are amazing, Every girl needs to have one.

2). My parents ought to be proud of me. At least I’m addicted to WhatsApp, not drugs!

3). Excellence is not a skill, It’s my attitude.

4). A gentleman is nothing but a patient wolf.

5). The best answer to a fool is silence.

6). Don’t get it twisted between my personality and my attitude!

7). I’m the boss in my house, my wife is only the decision-maker.

8). There is only thing worse than a boy who hates you: it’s a boy who loves you.

9). Black as night, sweet as sin.

10). I hate girls except for the one who is reading this.

11). I come from the Devil, others from God.

12). I’ll win maybe not immediately, but Definitely.

13). A man in love is not complete until he’s married. Then he’s finished.

14). I may be looking fat, but you look ugly – I’m happy I can lose weight!

15). If ‘A’ plan doesn’t work, there are still other 24 Alphabets.

16). Patience is a virtue, I need to find one.

17). A man who has mastered patience is the master of everything else.

18). I usually arrive late at the office, though I make it by leaving early.

19). I know I’m simply amazing, I don’t care about your opinion.

20). I burned my bridges down so the devil wouldn’t follow me.

21). If you think small goals, expect small achievements. But, think big goals and you’ll win big success.

22). I have an amazing personality but you can see it from the other way when you mess with me.

23). Don’t judge me with my past, look at my present, and I’m sure my future is really rocking.

24). A mistake is proof I’m trying.

25). I’m a gentleman at heart.

26). Not always “Available”… But try your Luck…

27). If I want to be good I’m always at my best.

28). If I want to be bad you’ll always find me at my worst.

29). I’ll be back with the same attitude. So get ready!

30). Silence is always my attitude.

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Funny Attitude Status for Boys

1). I love my job only when I’m on vacation.

2). Only fools make the same mistake twice. I simply make it five or six times, just to be sure.

3). A gentleman is any man who wouldn’t hit a lady with his hat on.

4). I’m Clever than the Devil and twice as pretty.

5). Behind every successful man is a surprised woman.

6). She has been following me on Instagram and I just wonder where we are going to.

7). Many of the funny people are intelligent, this is because their brains work fast.

8). Only good people make good places.

9). Boys are amazing, every girl should have one.

10). We all originated from the gutter, though some of us have our gaze fixed on the stars.

11). Live fast and die young. Be wild and Have fun.

12). Gentlemen, please come on let’s drink to our stupidity.

13). Most people like me gentle, others like a savage. But all that matters is that I like myself.

14). Be as smart as you can, Nevertheless, don’t forget that it’s always better to be wise than to be smart.

15). Tell me I’m smart, kind, funny, cute, graceful and wise – But tell me the truth.

16). I can’t really say yes… (Gentlemen never tells). But I’d be lying if I said no.

17). I’m no savage. I only have a violent reaction to stupid people.

18). Your attitude will certainly hurt me, but you’ll surely die from mine.

19). I always dream of being a billionaire like my father… He’s dreaming too.

20). Boys: I’d turn gay if she weren’t so sexy.

21). I’m not saying you shouldn’t follow your heart, but please go along with your brain

22). The road to success has never been completed before. It’s always under construction.

23). perfume is to a flower what Personality is to a man.

24). I was born to express not to impress.

25). I’ll be sending your Selfie to NASA because you’re such a star!

26). I wasn’t created handsome, but God gave me something because I always felt: funny bones.

27). Some people are so poor to the extent they can’t even pay attention.

28). Life is too short to waste it by reading someone’s status…

29). If you’re in love with me raise your hands. If you’re not, raise your standard.

30). I don’t get drunk, I only get chemically off-balanced.

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Boys Attitude Status for Style

1). Born to be Stylish…

2). Staying single is my attitude and style.

3). Attitude is simply everything.

4). Style is a reflection of your personality and attitude.

5). Trendy is the last stage before moving on to tacky.

6). Your style is the expression of your personality without words.

7). Is true your attitude hurts me, but mine can kill you.

8). Only those with a great mind can afford a simple style.

9). Fashion fades with time, only style remains the same.

10). Looking good is not self-importance; it’s actually self-respect.

11). I don’t need to be perfect to be me.

12). Why are you always checking my status? Please go get a Life!

13). If you dislike my attitude then stop talking to me.

14). I’m not the best but I can prove myself. If I can… you too can.

15). I am more than you see, and a lot more than you think

16). I’m a nice person by default…Until you get me pissed off.

17). I’ve been trying to lose weight, but it keeps finding me each time.

18). People who are organized are simply too lazy to search for things.

19). Ask me no questions, and I will tell you no lies.

20). I am not arrogant, I’m simply better than you!

21). Your attitude towards life will determine life’s attitude towards you.

22). Fashion was supposed to be a form of escapism and not that of imprisonment.

23). When it comes to a matter of principle, stand firm like a rock. When it comes to matters of style, swim with the current.

24). Simplicity is the highest sophistication.

25). When it comes to character, manner, style, and everything, the supreme excellence is simplicity.

26). Manufacture your style. Let it be unique for you and also identifiable for others.

27). All wars are boyish and are fought by men.

28). Keep your nose away from my matters, It’s my life.

29). Intelligence is the quality of being able to adapt to change.

attitude status boys

Attitude Status for Handsome Boys

1). I’m very handsome, and I don’t need any ‘ands’, ‘buts’ or ‘ifs’.

2). Looking good is good business.

3). The best description for me: a handsome boy with a charming personality.

4). Anybody can be heroic at any time, but a gentleman is something you have to be at all time.

5). I’m smart enough to know that I am smart.

6). Excellence is not a skill, it is my attitude.

7). They think I’m lazy, but I’m just on my energy saving mode.

8). Always appear well dressed, well behaved, and keep your shoes well shined.

9). My determination is far higher than my smartness.

10). I personally don’t have an attitude… Just a personality you can’t handle.

11). Leave me or Take me. It’s as simple as that.

12). I wouldn’t engage in a battle of wits with an unarmed person.

13). Sooner or later, those who win will only be those who think they can.

 14). If you can’t change something you don’t like, then change your attitude.

15). I didn’t grow up feeling super handsome. All I did was learn, worked and now I’m.

16). I wasn’t born as handsome as some other guys, though I’m OK with that.

17). Being handsome wasn’t much of a burden for me. It simply worked for me.

18). I’m just the way I am; handsome or hideous, it depends on who is made judge.

19). I know I may not be handsome enough to be Rambo, but maybe I could be a villain.

20). Never complain, never whine, don’t ever try to justify yourself.

21). I don’t argue with fools, it only proves there are two.

22). Fashion is something that comes out from within you.

23). Beware of the clever man who makes the wrong look right.

24). Being hated for what you are, is a lot better than being loved for what you are not

25). Being a male child depends on birth. Being a man depends on age. Being a gentleman depends on choice.

26). I don’t consider myself extremely handsome. I just figured a way to charm you into liking me.

27). It’s obvious I’m not the world’s most handsome man. I’m just the second world’s most handsome man.

28). I’m very confident that I’m handsome. I am one handsome guy who doesn’t lie.

29). I’m not especially clever nor especially gifted. I’m simply very very curious.

30). Everyone was born to win, but if you must win, you must plan to win, prepare to win, and finally expect to win.

Cool Attitude Status for Gentle Boys

1). I’m the hot dude with a cool attitude.

2). Always trying to cool myself

3). I’m a cool boy but Summer period has made me hot!

4). Being a gentleman is a worthy goal.

5). Just like the sun, I keep shining and let the world burn.

6). With time Attitude weakness leads to a character weakness.

7). I’m not especially clever nor especially gifted. I’m simply very very curious.

8). The more you complain about me, the harder I’ll annoy you!

9). I’ll be outside waiting. If anyone asks about me, just tell them I’m outstanding.

10). I’m a guy whose words are like China phones. There’s no guarantee!

11). Show me your attitude and I’ll show you my middle finger.

12). Dream big. Dare to fail!

13). I’m the king of the town you don’t need to ask anybody, just look around.

14). Drink more beer and together we will save water!!!

15). Just walking in a fog. I’m happy no one knows I’m smoking!

16). Not all men are fools, Some stay bachelor.

17). I didn’t change. I just grew up and you should try too.

18). It doesn’t matter what you think of me provided I’m happy, that’s all that matters.

19). Most guys prefer their phones than girlfriends because phones can be switched off.

20). I like dealing with a better class of people that’s you find me always talking to myself.

21). Life taught me too many lessons but as usual, I bunked those classes too.

22). My attitude is not constant, it’s based on how you treat me.

23). My Life My Rules.

24). Smartness is simply the perfect beauty.

25). There are two things you share in common with your rumors. You both are fake and also get around.

26). You only know my name, things I’ve done, but you don’t know my story and things I’ve been through.

27). When a guy is good, he is good. When a guy is cool, he is me.

28). No man is capable to know all the evil he does no matter how clever he is.

29). Think like a man of action, act like a man of thought.

30). Smart people always have two things in common. They are always informed and intelligent.

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Attitude status for boy
Attitude status for handsome boy

Attitude Captions for Boys

1). Attitude is everything!…

2). One little thing that makes the big difference is Attitude.

3). I’m the master of my destiny: Captain of my soul.

4). You’ll miss all the fun if you obey all the rules.

5). Time is precious, waste it wisely.

6). I can’t play with me because I know I can play it better than you.

7). How can you know what it is like to be stupid if you have never been smart?

8). Success makes the loudest noise.

9). Follow your heart but don’t be stupid.

10). There is nothing special about me. I’m Just a Limited Edition.

11). My eyes are very beautiful and shy. That’s the reason I wear glasses.

12). A champion is always scared of losing. Everyone else is scared of winning.

13). One of the proofs that I’m trying is Mistakes.

14). If I had just an hour to live my life, I will spend it in Physics class because it never ends.

15). Have pride, show class, and display attitude. Winning takes care of itself when you do all this.

16). If you can’t Love me for who I am, then don’t love what you want me to be.

17). If you want me to control my temper… You have to help me control your stupidity.

18). Why women live longer than men is because they would never have to live with women.

19). I don’t focus on obstacles nor what I’m up against. I simply focus on my goals and I ignore the rest.

20). Have you ever wondered why people are prisoners to their phones? It’s because it’s called “cell” phone.

21). Don’t ever bend your head. Always keep it high and look the world straight in there eyes.

22). Boys with a positive attitude are always ahead of the game because they know how to manage everything.

23). When I’m good I’m best, when I’m bad I’m worst.

24). Try to always be smarter than those who hire you.

25). Be smart as much as you can but never let it show.

26). It’s been about winning my whole life. I don’t often lose. In fact, I almost never lose.

27). There are two types of idiots those that try to be smart and those that think they are smart.

28). If you don’t like something, simply change it.

29). Only people below you will try to bring you down, simply walk on their head and move to your destination.

30). Status: Currently experiencing technical difficulties with attitude. I apologize for the inconvenience this may likely cause you. Avoidance is highly recommended.

Attitude is one important thing that greatly differentiates someone’s personality and lifestyle. That’s why it is very good that one develops a strong and positive attitude enough to make you unique. It’s necessary we show off some attitude occasionally.

Your attitude could be inspiring to someone or can even be used to dismiss your haters. You can also use some of the great attitude statuses for boys we listed above to caption your cute photos or selfies. Our list of cool attitude status contains some of the best funny, and short attitude status for boys in English.

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