100+ Latest Alone Status for Whatsapp & FB Status with Images

Alone Status is our latest publication which was crafted out specifically for all the people who feel comfortable staying alone. We have provided over 100 Alone status which can be used on your WhatsApp and Facebook to inform people that you like to stay alone.


Feeling Alone Status in English for Whatsapp

1. Time to be strong. Time to walk alone.

2. I’m Trying To Walk Alone Without Feeling Lonely.

3. I’m Not Alone But I Feel Lonely Without You.

4. Being Alone Sometimes Is More Painful Than Getting Hurt.

5. There are Some Walks In Life You Have To Take Alone.

6. It’s Feels So Lonely When You Don’t Really Know Yourself.

7. I’M Not Alone, My Imaginary Friends Are Always With Me.

8. You Ain’t Gonna Leave Me Alone, Are You?

9. It’s Better To Stay Alone Rather Than Be In A Bad Company.

10. When I’m Left Alone By Other People, That’s When I Work Well With Them.

11. I’m That Person Everybody Replaces After A While.

12. I Restore Myself When I Am Alone.

13. There Are Some Walks Which Must Be Taken Alone.

14. Fake Friends Will Always Ignore You, Until They Need Your Assistance.

15. I Just Wish I Could Ignore You, In The Same Manner, You Ignored Me.

16. I’m Tired Of Waiting Alone For Nothing.

17. Even When You’re Alone, Never Lose Your Hope.

18. Most People Feel So Lonely Until  They Discover Themselves.

19. I’m Tired Of Falling In Love All by Myself.

20. Leave Me Alone, I Know Exactly What To Do.

21. You Will Sometimes Find Yourself Alone In The Right Direction. The Wrong Direction Is Crowded Already.

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Alone and Lonely Whatsapp Status

1. Sometimes, I Feel So Lonely.

2. I hope you’re doing just fine all alone?

3. Sometimes, only patience And Pains can prove it.

4. I’LL Be Fine With Or Without You!

5. I Have Never Been Alone Because Loneliness Is Always With Me

6. I Let You Go Doesn’t Mean It Was From Heart.

7. Most People who are always Seen Online Are The Loneliest People. Do You Agree?

8. Sometimes To Find Your True Self, You Have To Stand Alone.

9. Why Don’t We Let Go?

10. You Sit With Your Past When You Sit Alone.

11. I Enjoy Listening To Lies Just When I Know The Truth.

12. It’s Better To Be Alone And Be Happy, Than Be With Someone And Be Unhappy.

13. Most Times In Life, It’s Too Difficult To Stay Alone.

14. I Care So Much For Someone Who Doesn’t Even Know That I Exist.

15. I Would Rather Be Lonely Than Played By The Wrong People.

16. Walking With Friends In The Dark is Much Better Than Walking Alone In Light.

17. Please Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me. I Can’t Leave Alone Without You.

18. Don’t Let Me Go Because I’M Tired Of Feeling Alone.

19. Once Upon A Time, I Was Stupid Enough To Let You Walk Into My Life.

20. I Just Need Some Time Alone… So I Can Recharge.

21. The Feeling Of Being Unwanted and Loneliness Are The Most Terrible Poverty.

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Alone Whatsapp Status

1. It Wasn’t From My Heart To Let You Go…

2. I Care So Much For Him Yet He Doesn’t Even Notice Or Care.

3. The Fearful Thing About Distance Is That You Can’t Tell Whether They’ll Miss You Or Worst Forget You.

4. Staying Alone Is More Painful Than Getting Hurt.

5. If You Want To Be Strong, You Must Learn How To Fight Alone.

6. Strong People Are Not Afraid To Be Alone.

7. With Me By Your Side, You’ll Never Feel Alone In This World.

8. I Think Too Much And Make Myself Sad When There’s No One Beside Me.

9. Dear Feelings, I Need You To Move On.

10. I Still Care About You Even Though We Are Not Close Anymore.

11. I Hope You’ll Always Retain All The Lovely Memories We Shared Because I Will.

12. I Would Rather Stay All By Myself Than Stay With Someone Who Makes Me Feel Alone.

13. The Biggest Smiles Sometimes Contains The Most Pain.

14. I Never Feel Alone Because Loneliness Is Always By My Side.

15. Only Weak People Are Afraid To Be Alone.

16. I Always Find My Strength In My Solitude.

17. It’s Difficult To Find Someone To Blame When You’re Living Alone.

18. Life Would Be Beautiful If Only People Would Leave Me Alone.

19. Sometimes I Feel Like I Am Completely In The Dark.

20. He Who Can’t Make It On Time Should Stay Alone. Life Goes On

21. Deciding To Be Single Isn’t Selfish. It’s Sometimes The Smartest Decision To Be Alone Than Be With The Wrong Person.

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Alone Status For FB

1. I’m Not In Search Of Who To Share My Bed Or Dreams With. I’m Okay Alone.

2. I Love To Be Alone. But I Would Rather Be Alone With Only You.

3. Don’t Be Scared To Walk The Path Of Your Destiny Alone.

4. I Never Walk Alone For My Shadows Are Always With Me.

5. Staying Alone Makes Me Feel I’ve Been Locked In The Outer Darkness.

6. May Be I Was Designed This Way, To Always Be Alone.

7. Some People Will Never Change No Matter How Hard You Try.

8. We May Not Want To See The Person, But Memories Stay There Forever.

9. Every Time You Ignore me, I Regret Sending Every Text Messages That I Ever Sent You.

10. Sometimes Sorry isn’t What Is Always Required. You Just Have To Change.

11. Nobody Can Hurt You When You’re Alone.

12. You’re Always Right When You Speak Alone Only To Yourself.

13. Whenever She Ignores You, That’s The Best Time You Need To Talk To Her The Most.

14. I’m Never Alone Because I’m Always There When I Need Me.

15. Feel Free To Hurt Me With The Truth But Never Comfort Me With A Lie.

16. Do You Know What It Means To Stay Alone? It Means You’ll Never To Close The Bathroom Door.

17. You Call It Loneliness, But I Call It Relishing My Own Company.

18. I’m The Fool Who Always Lied To Himself That You’ll Never Leave Him.

19. Leave Me Alone… Stop Calling My Phone… You’re Invading My Home.

20. Don’t Ever Depend On Anyone Too Much Because Someday, They Could Leave You Alone.

21. Fight The Hardest When You Feel Like You’re Alone.

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More Alone and Lonely Status for Whatsapp and FB

1. Some People Will Just Walk Into your Life, Change It For Good And Then Walk Away Without Any Explanation.

2. I Hate Allowing People Into My Life Because They’ll Always Leave.

3. Lonely Is Sometimes The Feeling That No One Cares.

4. Walking Alone Is The Hardest Walk Though, It’s Also The Strongest.

5. Some Relationships Will Make You Feel Worst Than When We Were Alone.

6. I Came Into This World Alone. I’m Going To Be Leaving Alone. It’s Therefore Better To be Alone.

7. Sometimes You Feel Bad When You’re Alone And Sometimes You Feel Really Good To Be Alone.

8. The Person Who Tries To Keep Everyone Happy Is In Most Cases The Most Lonely Person.

9. Always Stand For What You Believe In, Even If You Must Stand Alone.

10. I Want To Stay Alone But I Still Want People To Feel And Notice My Absence.

11. Best Definition Of A Bore: A Person Who Deprives You Of Solitude Without Providing You With Company.

12. Never Waste Your Tears Over Someone Who Can Never Cry Over You.

13. The Worst Feeling Is Being Ignored By That Person That Means The World To You.

14. Trying To Be Alone Is Not A Bad Thing. It Often Helps To Solve The Unanswered Questions.

15. I’m More Productive When I’m Alone.

16. One of the Best Way To Protect Your Heart From Being Broken Is To Pretend You Don’t Have One.

17. Staying Alone Is Simply Distancing Yourself From The Voices Of The World So You Can Hear The Voices In Your Head.

18. There Are Some Days I Find It Difficult To Stop Thinking Of You, While Other Days I Wonder Why Am I Wasting My Time.

19. There Are Times When I Pretend Not To Care But Those Are The Times I Care Far More Than Anybody Will.

20. You Said You’ll Always Be There For Me, But Now You’re Not.

21. I Completely Understand Why You Left, But What I Don’t Understand Is Why Am I Still Waiting For You?

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Alone Whatsapp Status Images Wallpapers Pictures with Quotes

Some of the Alone Status for Whatsapp Images that we have provided below is very heart touching. Some of the alone WhatsApp status pictures will show our friends how empty we are behind the walls of our smiles. Ensure that you use our fine collection of Alone Status Images Pictures with Quotes whenever you feel lonely.

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Alone Whatsapp Status DP with Quotes

alone status

I Only Want To Be With Those Who Know Secrete Things.

alone status for fb

I Came Into This World Alone. I’m Leaving Alone. Everything else Remains Optional.

alone boy wallpaper

You Feel Nothing At All Most Time When You Don’t Feel Lonely.

alone girl wallpaper

Sometimes I Wish Someone Out There World Find Me. Nevertheless, I Will Be Walking Alone

I Didn’t Say I Want To Be Alone. I Just Want To Be Left Alone. There Is All The Difference.

Crying Doesn’t Leave Any Good But That’s The Only Way I’ve Found.

Lonely People Usually Have Personal Interaction Of Any Kind.

alone status

It’s Easier To Walk Away Than Fight For What You Want.

alone wallpapers pics

When I’m Alone There Are So Many Things I Wish To Say To You, But Now You’re Here, I’m Speechless.

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Alone Whatsapp Status Video

Video Credit: S M Thought zone

Summary of Feeling Alone and Lonely Status for Whatsapp

One good thing about our alone status is that they will help you properly explaining your internal feelings to all your friends on WhatsApp or FB. There are different reasons why one may want to use alone status. Some use alone status when they are emotionally hurt, while others may use it because their loved ones are not around at the moment.

There are most people who despite having so many people around them still feels lonely. Some of the times, the causes of this loneliness may not be material things. Some people just naturally like to stay alone. Meanwhile, some loneliness is caused by depression but whatever the reason may, we have the best form to communicate your message to your friends and followers on FB and WhatsApp.

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